Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch is Here and It’s So Fun to Play

Luigi's Haunted Mansion 3 Review

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We are always looking for fun Nintendo games to play on our Nintendo Switch, and on October 31st, a really fun one was just released. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is now available for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, and your whole family is going to love playing it.

We got to attend a special Luigi’s Mansion 3 event in Los Angeles at an old vintage hotel to celebrate this fun new game. Since Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes place inside the Last Resort, a haunted hotel. So this old hotel was the perfect backdrop to check out the new game.

Oooh! It’s getting spooky in here.

We headed into the party through the old elevator, with ghostly bellhops and ghoulish fog. The boys were so excited to check out the new game. We love our Nintendo Switch…especially because it’s so family-friendly, and it being a brand I’ve trusted for so many years.

Then we got to check out the game!!! In our mustaches of course.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the third in a series of fun Luigi games. In this episode, Luigi is at the Last Resort hotel and he needs to find his friends. It’s up to him and his green doppelgänger, Gooigi, to save them. Your job is to help Luigi to ascend through Last Resort’s differently themed floors and solve puzzles to find his friends…but beware!!! Along the way the the Last Resort is full of quirky contraptions and haunting enemies such as ghosts and ghost bosses that will try to stop you.

Game play moves in Luigi’s Mansion 3 include – the suction shot, slam, burst, Strobulb, and Darklight. Luigi has a vacuum, the upgraded Poltergust G-00 with new improved functions. It acts as the essential ghost-hunting tool to slam and blow away ghosts and also contain them.

Throughout the hotel, you will help Luigi use his vacuum to defeat the ghosts and ultimately save his friends.

Fun characters in the game include Gooigi. A goo-version of Luigi. He can do what Luigi can’t, such as slide through tight spaces while keeping his human shape. You can switch between him and Luigi during gameplay, or have a friend play him as your co-partner. And then there is Polterpup, who helps Luigi track down important items for Luigi and give him clues along the way.

Up to 8 players can team up together or online in the Scarescraper part of the game. Use the mini map to keep track of your teammates and race against the clock to defeat the ghosts, find all the toads and pass challenges.

What a fun time we had checking out Luigi’s Mansion 3, it’s our new favorite game and the boys have been playing it non-stop. Even my husband and I love playing it. I would say it’s a great a great game for parents who are learning to play the Nintendo Switch to learn on.

The holidays are coming up, and I highly recommend Luigi’s Mansion 3. You can go wrong with it. Happy Gaming!!!!

Fun Products to Up Your Tailgating Party Game

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Football season is finally here, which means a favorite past time of so many football fans. Tailgating! There’s nothing better than pulling down the hitch of your truck, setting up the barbecue and spreading out your favorite fixings for a game day meal. Even better is doing it all with your closest friends.

Now, there are always the standard game day favorites such as burgers, hotdogs, chips and dip. But sometimes you got to mix it up and add some new mouthwatering favs. How about some bold new flavors and a kick of heat. Check out these fun products that can make your annual tailgate party at little more exciting!

First up we have Légal Brazil’s Original Hot Sauce! It’s handmade in Brazil from all natural ingredients – Malagueta Peppers (which are native to Brazil), Carrots, Vinegar and Salt. Légal, pronounced /Lay-Gal/ means “cool” in Portuguese. But this Brazilian hot sauce is anything but cool. Your tailgating guest will love adding a kick to all their game day foods including their hotdogs, burgers, sides and snacks. Since it’s gluten free and vegan, all your guests can enjoy a helping or two or three.

Right now, you can get Légal Brazil’s Original Hot Sauce for a special offer@ Use promo code TAILGATE to Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Offer valid September 9 – September 30, 2019.

This next product is one of my all-time favorite party snacks! popchips. They make the perfect game day snack – a great-tasting, crunchy, better-for-you option that won’t leave you feeling greasy or guilty. In particular, I am LOVING the popchips ridges buffalo ranch because it has a spicy, tangy buffalo sauce combined with creamy, cooling ranch on thick, ridged chips.

The authentic buffalo ranch flavor has a great kick…I like the spicy. Bold & Crunchy! Just how I like my chips. And did you know they are non-GMO, kosher, have nothing artificial and are gluten free! popchips ridges are popped, not fried, which means they are full of flavor but with only half the fat compared to fried chips. Use special promo code 25BUFFALO on to get 25% off your order of buffalo ranch popchips ridges. (Promo starts 9/15)

Next up, we have Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary Mix! Bloody Mary’s are all the rage these days. And now, whipping up Bloody Marys for a crowd of tailgaters is as convenient as it is delicious with the premium-quality, made-from-scratch taste of Mr & Mrs T® Original Bloody Mary Mix.

Here’s a really fun idea! How about a Bloody Mary bar, where guest can get a freshly prepared Bloody Mary and top it with their favorite garnishes. Simply combine Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix with vodka and ice – on the rocks or blended. You can also enjoy it non-alcoholic like I do. Set out different bowls of your favorite garnishes, and let your guests go to town. It’s a delicious game day favorite is ready for enjoyment in less than a minute.

You can find Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix in multiple sizes, from 1-liter bottles to single-serve cans, Mr & Mrs T Original Bloody Mary Mix can be used to easily prepare the cocktail for multiple tailgaters or simply for one.

Finally, it’s not a tailgate party without something savory and meaty! Your tailgate party will be a hit when you make these Roasted Garlic Short Rib Stuffed Ciabatta sandwiches. Made with the new RAGÚ Simply™ Roasted Garlic Sauce, simplicity meets flavor with this easy recipe.

New RAGÚ Simply™ Roasted Garlic is made with 100% Olive Oil and has no added sugar. It’s just simply delicious flavor. Grab a jar and enjoy the rich taste of roasted garlic, plump tomatoes and onion.

Use RAGÚ Simply™ Roasted Garlic to make this Roasted Garlic Short Rib Stuffed Ciabatta recipe…the perfect tailgater meal.

Perfectly seasoned and tenderly grilled boneless short ribs nestled under a marinade of sauce and vegetables make for the perfect tailgating treat. Cook the meat before leaving for the game and marinate them vegetables and sauce in advance for enhanced flavor and easy transportation.

This is such a simple tailgating recipe, that you’ll want to make it again and again. And the best thing about it is that it is a prep ahead tailgate recipe.

I hope these awesome products have given you a bit of tailgate party inspiration! After all, a tailgating party sets the mood before the game and leave some of the best memories…probably even more so than the game.

So enjoy the food, enjoy the company, and finally, enjoy the game! Hope it is one to remember.

Organizing Your Sunscreen for Your Summer Adventures

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S U N S C R E E N! if you live in the OC, you probably have a giant stash of it. with it being sunny all year long here in Orange County, it’s very important to protect yourself and your babies with sunscreen. but if you’re anything like me, you either tend to leave it at home when you need it, or you run out and forget to stock back-up. well, now is the time to stock up on all your sunscreen needs AND organize it for your summer adventures.

summer is here, so it’s prime time to start buying all your suncare needs! first, you are going to want to head over to Walmart and pick AVEENO® Baby CONTINUOUS PROTECTION Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50. Walmart has a twin pack at a value price, you can use the Ibotta offer for$5 back, you’ll have double the protection, double the moisture, and double the fun this summer!!

i have trusted these products for all my kids. as you probably know, i have written about it many times before. the AVEENO® Baby CONTINUOUS PROTECTION Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50products have 100% Zinc-Oxide UVA/UVB Mineral Protection, are hypoallergenic, and free of parabens, phthalates, dyes and fragrance. they also lock in moisture to nourish skin, and are gentle enough to use everyday…even on baby’s sensitive skin. plus, they have the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. finally, something that most parents can appreciate…are tear-free, easy to apply, and the non-whitening formula goes on without stinging.

Places you need to remember to bring sunscreen

now that you have stocked up on sunscreen, it’s time to organize it. you don’t want to be without it when you really need it…which is pretty much ALL the time here in Orange County.

Diaper Bag or Summer Purse. this is the number one place i keep sunscreen. with a baby in tow, i always have my diaper bag with me. So it’s great to have sunscreen with me all the time.

Sports Bag or Summer Camp Bags. when sending those kiddies of to sports practices and summer camp, make sure to keep the sunscreen stocked. and don’t forget to remind your kiddies to applyas necessary throughout the day.

Car. great for those quick trips to the park, or backyard playdates.

Backyard. i can’t tell you how many times we’ve been playing in the backyard and i realize we need to apply sunscreen – especially since we have a pool. you don’t want to have leave the kids alone in the water, and they don’t want to get out of the water for you to find the sunscreen. make a fun basket full of sunscreen products, hair ties, bandages, and non-perishable snacks to have on-hand in the backyard. this will keep you and your guests supplied with everything they need to have a fun playdate.

Grandparent or Babysitter. make sure to have a bag of essentials for kids that the grandparents or babysitter can use. don’t forget the sunscreen, because in my experience, they don’t always think to put it on the kids when they are out. i have had kids come home with sunburns after a day of fun with the grandparents. oops!

Beach or Pool Bag. i like to keep a bag of towels, swimsuits, goggles, sand toys and sunscreen in the car for impromptu trips to the beach, splash pad or pool with friends. then we are never without our swim stuff when we are out and about.


Where you keep your keys. having a bottle of sunscreen near the door where you keep your keys or leave your house, it will help remind you to apply sunscreen to your kiddies or yourself before you leave.

Now you are covered! (in sunscreen)

by stocking up on sunscreen and organizing it for your summer adventures, you won’t have to stress about looking for that one bottle you bought, or being without and having to cut your sunny playdate short. it will make summer easier, less stressful and hopefully sunburn free. don’t stress about sunburns or dry skin… with AVEENO® Baby CONTINUOUS PROTECTION Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50, you can nourish and protect your family during everyone of our OC sunny days!

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Celebrating National Princess Week with LEGO DUPLO

did you know that the week of April 22nd – 28th is National Princess Week!!! our family is so thrilled that we finally have a little princess in our house. we’ve had almost 16 months with our little princess, and it’s been so much fun. playing with dolls and girly toys is something i have been dreaming of doing with a little girl, and it’s been especially fun dressing up Miss Dani Kat in ruffles and bows. she is definitely our little princess.

to celebrate National Princess Week, i dressed Dani in a Belle inspired party dress and we had a tea party with the LEGO DUPLO Belle’s Tea Party. Dani is just getting old enough to play with LEGO DUPLO. she has been watching her brothers play LEGOS since she was born, so it is exciting for her to be able to join in the fun. her motor skills are getting stronger each day, and watching her little fingers put together the DUPLO pieces is so fun. LEGO DUPLO has some pretty adorable Disney Princess sets such as Cinderella’s Magical Castle and Rapunzel’s Castle.

but Belle reminds me of Dani, so this became our first DUPLO LEGO® set.

LEGO DUPLO products are specially designed to be fun and easy for little hands. they are suitable for ages 2-5, but i supervise Dani at 16 months while she is playing with them, and she is loving them. i enjoy them just as much. did you see the cute skirt that Belle can wear.

the LEGO DUPLO Belle’s Tea Party includes the Disney character figures – Belle, Mrs. Potts, Chip and Cogsworth. plus it includes DUPLO pieces that are easy-to-build into a castle, fireplace or magical kitchen. it also features a fireplace with opening door and a table with 2 chairs. by playing with DUPLO LEGOS at an early age, i am sure Dani is developing early construction skills and will be ready to play with regular LEGOS sooner than later.

we can’t wait to collect the rest of the LEGO DUPLO Disney Princess sets! they are so cute and perfect for us Disney fanatics…psst, i probably want them even more than Dani.

Grandma Is Staying Active in the OC with Bay Alarm Medical

This is a sponsored post.last June, i wrote about how we got my grandma a Bay Alarm Medical alert device. she lives alone and still is very independent, so we wanted to make sure that in the case of an emergency, she’d have the help she needed. it’s been 8 months since she’s been set up with the Bay Alarm Medical alert device, and so far, she loves it. it’s been such a great experience, and i wanted to share with you how things have been going. plus, i wanted to share about the new addition that we got for her device.

we spend a lot of time with grandma out and about in Orange County. it’s so beautiful here, i would hate for her to be cooped up at home. she needs to enjoy the sunshine just like we do. just a few weeks ago, me and the boys…and baby Dani too, took her out for our weekly date night. it was a build-your-own pizza kind of day, so we headed over to one of our favorite local pizza joints. we always LOVE the time we get with grandma. and it’s very special to have my boys spend time with her…i hope they always remember these special dates.

grandma has been living on her own for the past 5 years since my grandpa passed away, and we always worry about her safety. she has had a falls…luckily not too terrible. but it’s scary thinking about if no one was there to help. this is why it has been a great piece of mind having her use a Bay Alarm Medical alert device. what would she do if she had an emergency and there was no one there to help?

just recently, she told me a story about one of her cousins. her cousin, who lived alone, fell in the hallway of her home. she was very overweight and was unable to pick herself back up again. it was days later until someone finally found her. they came to pick her up for church but she never answered. unfortunately, she had already passed away when no one came to her aid. the doctor said that she had been laying there for at least two days before she died.

this is a horrible story. and to think that if she would have had a medical alert device, she maybe still would have been alive today. this is one of the reasons why my grandma agreed that setting up Bay Alarm Medical was the best idea. hopefully she’ll never have to use it, but it gives her the piece-of-mind to know that if she needs help, it’s just a click of a button.

we’ve added GPS to grandma’s Bay Alarm Medical alert device.

after using the medical alert for a few months, my grandma expressed interest in being able to us the alert system when she was outside her home doing errands and going places. her regular device is not meant to be worn outside the home…although she likes to wear her bracelet at all times. so we recently added the outdoor GPS feature to grandma’s Bay Alarm Medical alert device. it was very simple to upgrade to The Bundle Package, which is a great (cost-effective!) option for individuals looking for at-home and cell coverage. it includes the GPS medical alert device that is made for outdoor use – if she is out and about and has an emergency, she can just push a button for help. we have loved having the in-home device so much, that this was the logical next step.

basically, its a handheld device that you can wear or put in your pocket or bag. it’s great to have at night, especially when you are driving. if there’s an accident or you get lost and are in danger, you can press the button and Bay Alarm Medical’s trained 24/7 emergency operators will be there to contact family, friends, neighbors and if necessary, local 911 emergency services. you can choose your emergency call list. in my grandma’s case, her son and daughter will be called.

now we have piece-of-mind that when grandma is out of her house, she can call for help immediately if she needs it.

at lunch, i asked grandma how she has liked having the Bay Alarm Medical alert device.  she told me that she will continue with the service for the rest of her life. she loves it that much! having a Bay Alarm Medical device in her home has not only given her family piece-of-mind, but her as well. it has calmed her nerves. she also mentioned that by wearing it all the time, it has reminded her to be more careful in her footing – not to take corners too fast and to pay attention more to her balance. this has helped prevent some falls she probably would have had.

i would never forgive myself if something happened to my grandma and she didn’t have the access to call medical personnel. she really likes her Bay Alarm Medical alert device, which will help her stay independent for as long as possible. help is just a click away. for anyone who has aging family members or friends, i highly recommend Bay Alarm Medical…piece-of-mind is a priceless thing. don’t forget to read about our journey to getting Bay Alarm Medical here.

we love our grandma…she deserves the best!

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