Free First Day of School Printables

First Day of School Free Printables

my boys go back-to-school in less than a week. i totally bummed and excited at the same time. i don’t want summer to end….(most days hee hee). but they are very excited, especially to see their friends and wear their new clothes. new clothes are a big thing around here, as my boys are really into fashion. they decided to throw me a fashion show wearing all their back-to-school clothes, and while doing so, i decided i needed to make some signs to document the first day of school.

so i decided to created these fun Back-to-School signs for them to hold up in their first-day-of-school pictures. you know the ones that everyone takes as their kids leave the house on the first day. i have seen so many creative ways to take first-day photos on instagram, from their kids holding up chalkboards, magnet boards signs, to full on photo shoots…i’ve always wanted to do something special. i guess these signs will have to do! simple and to the point. my kids are growing up way too quickly. i can’t believe that i have a fifth grader.


and as a special gift to my readers, i have created a set of Free First Day of  School Printables. the set includes grades up to 6th, including preschool, pre-K and kindergarten. all you have to do is print out the year that you need and snap a picture of your kiddie on their first day of school.


Here is where you can find the PDF files that contain the Free Back-to-School printables.
Click here for the Back to School Printable set without #backtoschool
Click here for the Back to School Printable set with #backtoschool

and check this out! i know that there are kids who attend bilingual schools. in fact my bestie blogger friend Pattie’s son is going to a Spanish bilingual school. so i made her a set of Spanish Back-to-School printables. if you have a child at a school who language is other than English or Spanish, email me and i will create a set for the language of your choice. i would love to have sets in many languages to share with my  readers.

Click here for the Spanish Back to School Printables

hope you enjoy your first day of school!

Honey Teacher Gift

Every year, i try to give my boy’s teachers a beginning of the school year gift. I don’t know…..I think that it makes the teachers excited to start the year with my kiddies and to know that i am an involved parent. I want them to know that I am willing to help them out during the school year and that I appreciated them.
This year, I decided to give them honey bears. and designed a little circle tag that said…
“This is Going to BEE a Great Year! – And I loved how they turned out. A sweet and simple gift.
I’ve also designed a square tag that looked nice on this beehive shaped bottle that I found at the store.
I love the hive shape of the bottle, however, the honey bear is my fave.
If you would like to make this gift for your teacher, i have included this free printable for you to download.  it includes two sizes of the circle and square tags so that you can choose the best size for your honey bottles.
I can already tell, this is going to BEE a great year!

Back to School Messy Party

to celebrate going back to school, or should i say our last day of summer….boo! we decided to have a Messy Party! we invited a few of my boy’s friends over who were going to start school with us….and set up our yard for the party. complete with ice cream, toppings, water guns, a kiddie pool and shving cream. yes…..shaving cream!

and that when things began to get messy!

then we got chocolatey….

and we got messy….


what a great end of summer party! our Messy Party was awesome….and the kiddies will be left with the best summer memories.

p.s. don’t let the mess scare you. we set guidelines at the beginning of the party asking all the kiddies to keep the mess contained within our yard. with a quick spray of the hose, and everyone working together to clean up, the yard was cleaned up in ten minutes flat.

yippee for summer fun!

DIY Homework Supply Caddy Tutorial

DIY Homework Caddy to Hold all your Homework Supplies -
i have to admit that i am pretty lucky when it comes to homework time. my children always get it done without too much complaining. however, i was starting to get pretty annoyed by the daily whining “where is a pencil” “where are my colored pencils” “i need a glue stick” “where is the sharpener!” i decide some organization tactics were in order!

i saw a bowl full of school supplies on one of my friend’s dining room table during a visit, and thought….”why didn’t i think of doing that?”…….now that i think about it, i bet i am the only one that doesn’t have some sort of homework supply bowl or caddy of such. so, i decided to make a really cool one to put on my kitchen table….where the boys do their homework everyday.  i wanted it to be fun and colorful, i wanted it to spin, and have enough space to put everything they could need to do their homework. yes…i was going to make a homework supply caddy!

i ended up using empty cans from our canned food, a wooden circle plaque, and a lazy susan. a coat of colorful spray paint and a few screws later…..whala! a cool homework caddy.

what do you think?!?!

it’s colorful!

it spins!

and it sits on the table ready for homework time!

Make Your Own Homework Supply Caddy

• wooden circle plaque (i used an 11″ wooden round from Michael’s Craft Store)
• empty canned food cans  (i used 7 medium and 1 large)
• 1/2″ Self Drilling Screws
• Spray Paint
• lazy susan (i got one at Home Depot)
• little rubber feet thingys  (i got them at Home Depot next to the chair floor protectors)
• screwdriver (electric is best)

• clean your food cans, making sure there aren’t any sharp edges
• spray paint your cans and lazy susan in the colors you like.
• affix the lazy susan to the bottom of your wooden circle
• place the rubber feet on the bottom of the lazy susan to prevent sliding
• arrange your cans on the top of the lazy susan
• screw the cans onto the lazy susan. the self drilling screws are so easy and go right in.
• whala! you now have a cool homework caddy. fill it up with your homework supplies.

• i placed small cans inside of the medium cans to create a little riser, so that shorter school supplies would show
• a magnet is a great why to affix a pencil sharpener

happy homeworking,
jill, jack, kyle & vann

Back to School: Spelling Tests

it’s friday…and this is the last day of our first complete week of school. its been a long week for my youngest, Kyle, who just started kindergarden. this is the first year that our school has gone to all-day kindergarden. it sure makes for a LONG day for these little guys.

so, now that the school routine has come into full swing….i’ve got to get back into making sure all the homework gets done, papers get signed, lunches are made (to order) and spelling tests are studied for. luckily, my oldest is very good at doing his homework….my youngest…..let’s just say i hope things go better than this week. i assume starting school is just an adjustment….and he will start enjoying it soon.

and since today is friday, friday = spelling tests. we try to get a little practice in everyday…..and i even try to sneak it in wherever i can. here is a great way to get a little more practice in during the week.

How to Study For Spelling tests

spelling words printed on a sheet of paper + plastic page + ribbon = study guide


just slip it over the car seat headrest. each week we just slip a new word list into the plastic page for that week’s spelling test.

now, all that time driving in the car now has a purpose!