Yoobi – SoCal’s Awesome New School Supply Store

Yoobi Store in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall

this past weekend, the boys and i took a trip to Westfield’s Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia to check out Yoobi’s first-ever retail location. our family has been big fans of the school supply company, since they first launched in June 2014. we love that they give back to classrooms in need across the U.S.! Yoobi, pronounced “you-be,” means “one for you, one for me.” there are many kids in the U.S. that don’t have access to basic school supplies, unless teachers pay for them out of their own pocket – typically spending nearly $500 each. Yoobi doesn’t think that’s right, so their goal is to ensure that one day, all kids in need have access to fundamental tools for learning.

for every Yoobi item you purchase, 
a Yoobi item will be donated to a classroom in need, right here in the U.S.!

this is one of the reasons we LOVE Yoobi! they really make a difference in the lives of children and teachers through their give mission. until now, you could only buy this brand find Yoobi online or at Target stores, so i partnered with Yoobi to get the word out about this AWESOME new store that brings the Yoobi experience to life!

Westfield Santa Anita Mall Yoobi Store

just a short drive from Los Angeles and Orange County, the store features a hyper-localized giveback component – turning everyday shoppers into local change-makers and community builders. for every item purchased in this store, Yoobi will donate an item to a classroom in need WITHIN a ten mile radius! just in time for back-to-school shopping, we can all feel good about helping schools in our own communities.

One for You One For Me School Supplies

if you love school, office or crafting supplies, you’re going to love Yoobi’s products – the brand offers more than 450 items total! here’s a sneak peek….

Yoobi School Supplies

my boys were in school supply heaven. everything they could imagine, from backpacks to markers to binders, are designed to be vibrant and colorful, sparking learning and creativity. Yoobi does an awesome job of making school supplies fun!

Yoobi School Supply Store in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall

my boys were in school supply heaven in the Yoobi store. everything they could imagine, from backpacks to markers to binders. everything has been designed to be vibrant and colorful, and to spark learning and creativity. Yoobi does an awesome job of making school supplies fun!Yoobi School Supply StoreYoobi Blue School Supplies

Yoobi Pink School Supplies

Yoobi Gives

you can bet it was hard to choose from so many great items and colorful choices.

Yoobi Helps Kids

within the store, there are interactive game areas where you can play with Yoobi school supplies and learn more about the local give.

Yoobi Store for Kids in California

the pen and writing station was the boys’ favorite part of the Yoobi store.

Yoobi Store in Santa Anitapens, pencils, markers and crayons in lots of cool new designs. you can pick and choose them out individually…just like a candy store.
Yoobi Pick Your Own Pen BarYoobi Pens and Pencils

some of the other items i love were: this elementary school supply pack with all the essentials you need for back to school…
Yoobi Elementary School PacksYoobi School Supply Packs
this roller backpack, with such a nice design and durable frame…
Yoobi Rolling Back Pack

the fun eraser station that has endless erasers in different unique shapes and colors…even animal and food designs….
Best School Supply Store in California

and the adorable animal rulers. little Vann had to get this kitty ruler. my boys LOVE cats.

Yoobi Kitty Ruler

there are also school crafting supplies! from rainbow paint…
Yoobi Finger Paints to colorful glitters.Yoobi Glitterand even gift wrapping supplies, great for birthdays or holidays.

Yoobi Gift Bags
Yoobi Charity School Supplieswe also spent some time exploring a brand new collaboration…


this season, Yoobi teamed up with Usher for Yoobi X Usher, a cool limited-edition collection mixing street smarts with school smarts. curated by Usher and featuring artwork by artist Jonni Cheatwood, the line features five new prints and more than 20 new items, all available at the Yoobi retail store, yoobi.com and in Target stores nationwide.
Yoobi X by Usher School Supplies

here are a few of the items in the collection:

Yoobi X by Usher

remember, everything you buy at the Yoobi retail store helps local schools in need. Yoobi is trying to solve a very big problem…and together we can help in our very own community!
Yoobi Blog Post

if you don’t live near the LA area, you can still help give back to U.S. classrooms in need by purchasing Yoobi online or at your local Target store.

Yoobi Teacher SuppliesYoobi Store

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. }


  1. Parker says

    I LOVE the Yoobi items! I haven’t been to the store though but it sounds AMAZING

  2. Makayla says

    I love the gel pens i need to go!!!

  3. Goldie says

    All the stuff in the store looks so cute.. mini hghlighters is a nice idea. I like them.

  4. Laura says

    I am a matchy person when it comes to my supplies. I really love that I can customize my craft room with everything Yoobi!

  5. Rosanne R says

    I love all the bright colors, what a great way to make school and studying fun, and how purchases also benefit other students!!

  6. Candice Dominguez says

    Would love to win for my 9 year old daughter. She loves bright colored everything and I think she’d really like it at Yoobi.

  7. Susan says

    My grandkids would love all of these colorful supplies, especially those animal rulers!

  8. Soncie says

    I ♥ the way the products are organized by color, making it a fun experience to shop for school supplies and not the chore that it really is! Heck– I’ll take one of everything!!

  9. Soncie says

    Holey-moley!!! This is school supplies heaven!

  10. Michelle says

    We love yoobi!!! We try to get as many things as we can, but I love the pencils and paint kit. The pencil colors give that extra flare that other #2 pencils don’t have, and my kids say they sharpen and write well too. The led doesn’t break like many other pencils. Great products!

  11. Jenn Garner says

    So much to take in at one time. Can’t wait to look at their website . I love all the different colored pencils. This is a great place to buy from to get my little first grader excited for school.

  12. I’ve never been there before but I’m loving the awesome spiral notebooks! So many cute designs to choose from!

  13. Becca says

    I pretty much love everything from yoobi, like the bright colors, but I love the Pencil pouches because of the fuzzies and how much it can fit in it! It’s very handy!

  14. Lizzy says

    My favorite product from Yoobi are definitely the gel pens!! Nothing is better than color coding all of my notes and assignments in my agenda with some super fun, bright colors! It helps keep me super organized. Yoobi is such a great company with their colorful products and their mission to help schools in the U.S.!

  15. Shana says

    There isn’t anything from Yoobi I don’t like… I Love it all. Their products are great quality and even my 8th grader (boy) has picked every color for his back to school pack. He wants to promo his goods to teachers to get them on their desks so it helps everyone who’s needs it. He tells me “mom you know the more we buy the more we give…” Sad Puppy dog face… Really?! I’m a sucker! We shopped and shopped. I’ve always have a reason to shop Yopbi. Thanks Yoobi and everyone who keeps its going!

  16. Surbhi Kasbaum says

    Love the Yoobi cat ruler! kitty kute! 🙂

  17. Jennifer O. says

    I love the polka-dot composition books!

  18. Ali Celestino says

    The Neon paints!! I like it all though very nice stuff!

  19. Donelle says

    The first thing that popped out at me are the awesome bright colors. Super cool for getting kids excited about school supplies and school! What a fun place!

  20. Monica Z says

    I love all the markers! But the layer markers are my favorite! So many fun things you can do with them. My little has fun making all sorts of designs and pictures with them.

  21. Cristy Johnson says

    Love all the bright colors! The backpacks are my fav.

  22. Miriam Eufracio says

    I’ve never have shop there, but looking at your blog im in love with it all and im sure my girls would too. I have five kids, one being special needs and the thought of school supplies is out of the question especially this year since we lost it all in house fire. Seeing this amazing opportunity I had to comment and hope I am the one randomly selected. Good luck to all of you moms!

  23. nicole says

    I had never heard of Yoobi until my son picked out some of their glue sticks at a target last week. I’m so excited to hear about what they’re doing in our communities and we will definitely be shopping at Yoobi often!

  24. Debi M says

    What I like is you can buy the same item but a different color so everyone knows which one is theirs. Love all the colors and there are so many products. And the company gives back, win win for all.

  25. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    The back packs look great.

  26. Ileana says

    I love all their products. What I truly love is being able to find everyone’s favorite colors in one place!

  27. My kids love the glue sticks, but their favorite item is the pencil sharpeners!

  28. My kiddos and I are super excited to learn that we have a Yoobi store so close to home. I personally love the color coordinated desk items, tape dispensers, scissors, etc., to match my company brand. My kids love that they can pick and choose just like kids in a (healthy) candy store! We are excited to come school shopping, and would love to win $100 towards our shopping spree. From my 3rd & 4th graders, up to my high school junior, and me (Mommy), we look forward to visiting soon and helping to make an impact on children in need in the U.S. My heart is happy and we plan to share this colorful news with all of our friends, and invite them to shop with us!

  29. How fun are these colors! Would love to have my 2nd grader try them out! She would just swoon over the fun erasers!

  30. Karrie says

    I loving the journals

  31. Tabitha says

    oh wow!! love the bold colors and I totally want a ruler in every animal!!!

  32. Jim B. says

    The colors and selection look great. I’m going to have to make a visit with my son.

  33. Kim Anzevino says

    Wow!!!! I am in love with these products! I am not from CA do these products are new to me. Love those cute rulers!!!

  34. Alex B. says

    My favorite is the Rolling Backpack!

  35. Amy Bednarczyk says

    I love their rolling backpacks!

  36. Danielle C says

    I love the look that Yoobi has. I think everything is my favorite!!!

  37. ana b says

    Love the Yoobi rulers!

  38. Florianne says

    Never actually never been to this store yet but I can totally get lost in this store and buy lots of EVERYTHING! 🙂

  39. Monica says

    Love all the bright colors! The Usher line is great…love the backpacks!

  40. Kristy says

    We love the shaggy pencil cases in neon green. Love everything about the products and store! What a fun place to shop and give back!

  41. Julie G. says

    This store kind of reminds me a little of Sanrio for school school supplies! ha I LOVE school supplies so much. I even end up buying stuff for myself, and haven’t been in school for years! It’s my favorite part of back to school shopping with my kids, and could easily see us going crazy in this store! I think I too would like the pen section the best. How fun to individually pick out the pens/pencils you want most! Thank you for this opportunity,. and thank you even more for sharing your awesome discovery!

  42. Vanessa says

    I love the Yoobi glue sticks because they’re in the shape of a triangular prism, so they don’t roll off the desktop!

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