Our Dad Wants Tile for Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, and of course the boys and i have been trying to figure out the perfect gift for dad. he isn’t the easiest to shop for because he only likes practical gifts….plus it seems like he already has everything. then, we remembered how much he loves Tile!

what is Tile you ask? it’s a simple and sleek location-tracking app that can be used to track any item you don’t want to misplace. just place a Tile on an object you want to keep track of, and if that object gets lost. if you are within bluetooth range, you can ring your item with the app. if you are out of range, you can use the app to see where you last had the item. if the item has been moved from the last know location, you can mark it as lost. that taps the Tile community to help you find it. any time someone running the Tile app goes near your lost item, you’ll be updated with its most recent location.

why does our dad want Tile? it all started last year when we lost all three sets of car keys. it was awful. we spent hours looking for those darn keys and ripped apart the entire house to find just one set. plus, it took over two weeks to finally find all three sets. i was telling my friend about the situation, and she told me about Tile. i then told my husband about Tile…and within a couple of days, a set of four tiles arrived at our door. we added a Tile Mate to all of our key rings and the rest is history. we have now used Tile to find our keys too many times to count. it’s amazing and life changing, not to mention how much more organized we feel.

Tile is more than just a gadget – it’s a practical time-saving tool for every day life. my husband wants to take our Tile use to the next level.  we lose a lot more than just our keys in this house, and my husband and i are tired of it. every time we lose something, he always exclaims “we need to put a Tile on that so we can find it!”

here are some of the items we lose on a regular basis – cameras, camera chargers, keys, phones, remotes, wallets, our stroller at amusement parks, sunglasses, luggage, computer case, bike helmets, lunch boxes, homework folders, books, iPads. you name it, we lose it. so why not get dad some more Tile so that he can put them on everything. he would LOVE IT! think of all the extra free time dad will have. no more searching the house for lost items…and more time to spend together as a family.

and the great thing about Tile is that they are affordable and small. they come in two styles – the Tile Mate, which has a hole in it so you can ring your things, and the Tile Slim, which can easily stick, slide or tuck into things. you can also get money clips or adhesive packs for your Tiles. and did you know that there have been over 8 million Tiles sold?!!!  Tile’s helps locate more than two million items every day. WOW!

Tile Scavenger hunt

the boys and i wanted to make our Tile gift giving fun, so we came up with this scavenger hunt idea to give dad his Tiles for Father’s Day. we bought the Tile combo pack which comes with 2 Tile Mates and 2 Tile Slims. we bought dad four gifts and placed a Tile on each of them. we then hid the gifts around the house.

a wallet…some socks…a tie… and dad’s FAVORITE candy! PLUS he gets to keep all the Tiles.

we already have the Tile App on our phones, so we programed the new Tiles into it, naming them Gift 1, Gift 2, Gift 3, and Gift 4. (we can change the Tile names after he finds them). we gave dad the phone, and using the app, he found each one by pressing “FIND” and listening for the music.

it was so much fun searching around the house to find daddy’s presents….the boys loved it. and so did dad!

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

Tile is a gift that any dad would love for Father’s Day, and would have to be my top gift recommendation! if you think a dad in your life would love it too, visit the Tile website to purchase one! all of the products are available at www.thetileapp.com. PLUS, it is also a top seller in retail stores, such as Apple, Best Buy and Target. hurry soon…there are just a few days left till Father’s Day.

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}

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Easy Father’s Day Superhero Gift with Free Printable

Superhero Fathers Day Gift IdeaI’m so happy that I was finally able to make a Father’s Day printable to share with you this year. We’re cutting it close to Dad’s Big Day, but this is actually a very easy gift to create! Hopefully you’re able to make one for the dad in your life too. This year’s theme is SUPERHERO. I got an overwhelming response from people asking for a superhero theme this year, so that’s what I went with. Here is the Superhero Father’s Day Kit with free printable that I designed for our dad this year.

To make your own Superhero Father’s Day Kit you need:
• mason jars with 3″ inch lids, any size is fine.
• cardstock
• box or container to put jars in.
• scissors
• candy, snacks or items that will fit in the jars
• Superhero Father’s Day Printable

I made 12 different superhero jar toppers that you can pick and choose from. Luckily, I found this great box at Michael’s craft store that holds 12 small mason jars in it perfectly. It was under $8, and the 12 jars were only $8 as well from Target. Mason jars are awesome because they are reusable. There are many things you can use them for after dad is finished with them.
Free Printable Superhero Mason Jar Toppers

Just print out the toppers, cut them out and slip the ones you like between the jar lid and the jar ring.

Easy Superhero Father's Day Gift IdeaFill each jar with something dad loves. Candy, snacks, gift cards, photos, etc. I chose to color coordinate each treat with the superhero’s colors….but that is not necessary.Father's Day Superhero Printable Gift IdeaMake sure to also print out the 5 x 7″ fold-over Superhero Card. I included a few different versions in case you want to give one to Grandpa, too. Just cut out the card, fold it in half and write a special message inside for dad.

Superhero Fathers Day Card PrintableSuperheroes Free Printable
Here is an example of another container option that uses only 4 superhero jar toppers, and larger pint sized mason jars. It is just as cute!

Father's Day Superhero Free Printable Free Father's Day Superhero Free PrintableHopefully this is a fun and easy gift to make your superhero dad this year!

Superhero Free Printable

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Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit | Father’s Day Gift and Free Printable

daddy-zombie-survival-kitso, i hate to admit it, but before this week, i didn’t really know what exactly a zombie was. my boys and husband are constantly talking about a zombie apocalypse, and how we would be moving into Costco if there was one. they also play that iPad game, Plants vs. Zombies…and i hear every one talking about the hit show The Walking Dead. so you would think that i would have learned a bit about zombies. but i guess i didn’t really care to until now. apparently, they are pretty popular now days.

every year i make a special printable for Father’s Day to share with my readers. i have done a Father’s Day Star Wars printable, a Father’s Day Mustache Printable, a Father’s Day Angry Bird printable and i even made a Father’s Day La Luche Libre printable for my friend Pattie. this year, since all of my boys, including the hubby have been talking about zombies so much, i figured that i would make a Father’s Day Zombie Printable. apparently zombies are dead people who want to eat our brains. the only way to kill them is by killing their brain at the brain stem (i think). and if there was a zombie apocalypse we would need to take matters into our own hands and live off of what we had. we would need lots of supplies and rations to get us through the apocalypse.

so in keeping with that theme, we made a Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit with all the things he may need if there ever was a zombie apocalypse. it was pretty fun to make, and the boys are super excited to give it to their dad. luckily…if you have a zombie loving dad or kids, i have included this Zombie Father’s Day printable for you to download as well!

to make the kit, you will need 7 sheets of colored card stock. i used wood textured kraft paper…i love how it looks. then just print out the printable on the card stock, cut out the labels and attach them to your gift items with tape, glue or twine.


i started off our kit, by buying a cool vintage bin to put all the survival items in. i was going to use an old tool box, which would have been great, but i thought this would work too. i tied a tag that said “Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit” to the front of the basket. i have also included tags for Grandpa, Papa and Father, just in case you use a different name for your dad.


then i packed the kit with food items, utility items and a few fun things you could use for a “zombie apocalypse”.


for fun we got dad a new hat and called it “Brain Protection.” i guess zombies really like to eat brains…and we don’t want them to eat ours.


beef jerky, an energy bar and a bag of trail mix make good sustainable foods for when you are on the go. i got this great bag of trail mix at Target, and made the label to fit perfectly over the existing label.

besides food, you will also need some survival  items to get you through the hard times.


you will definitely need a knife to kill the zombies! how about getting dad a nice blade or pocket knife. i attached a nice one to a card with thick twine. i think it looks pretty cool. and our dad loves Duck Tape. he can make and repair most anything with it…so that was included in the zombie survival kit. plus a flashlight to see in the dark.


ammo (aka party poppers) and Pops! (little poppers of gun powder) will serve as ammunition against the zombies. these are really fun to play with dad…under the proper supervision that is!zombie-ammo-free-printables

and don’t forget to hydrate. water and energy drink are a must during a zombie apocalypse.

zombie-walking-dead-free-printable-water-bottle-coverswhen asking people about a zombie apocalypse and what you may need, someone jokingly said Twinkies…because they last forever. so yes, we got some.


to finish off our Father’s Day Zombie Survival Kit, i designed this fun card to give to dad. it says “Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for loving us even when we make you feel like a zombie.” it’s a fold-over card, so once you print it out, you can write a nice message to dad inside.


and with that, our entire Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit is complete. of course you can add whatever you would like to your own, and change around the tags to go on whichever items you are giving your daddy. and if you do make one for your dad…i hope he enjoys it!

Happy Father’s Day

click here to download the Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit

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DIY Father’s Day Tie

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Father's Day Zombie Gift with Free Printabless

Lucha Libre Father’s Day Gift | Free Printable

lucha-libre-free printable-fathers-day-gift-1

one of my bestie’s Pattie from Living Mi Vida Loca has told me stories about her father being a Lucha Libre before he passed away 5 years ago. i have been telling her that i wanted to make her a special Father’s Day Printable to share with her readers that reminded her of her father…and i finally had time to  create one.

La Luche Libre is Mexican Wrestling, and a Lucha Libre in the wrestler. they wear great masks with all sort of designs, and this printable celebrates those masks. The printable has paper bands you can use to cover Jarritos or other soda bottles, and a printable card that says ¡Feliz Dìa de Los Padres!


you don’t have to be Mexican to love La Lucha Libre, i know many dads out their love it. so i thought i would share this La Lucha Libre Father’s Day printable with all of you. you can get the printable and directions on how to create it over at Living Mi Vida Loca. it’s a fun and easy gift you can make with the kids and give to your papá. 


click here to get the free La Lucha Libre Father’s Day printable at Living Mi Vida Loca

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DIY Father’s Day Tie

Would your dad wear a tie like this?

you may think that people would laugh at dad wearing a tie like one of these. however, every year, the boys and i make their daddy a “new” custom tie to wear on Father’s Day and he gets quite the opposite reaction.

it may be because he wears it with pride, or that he just likes the attention, but each Father’s Day my husband makes quite the buzz. everyone comes up to check out his tie, and i hear the words “awesome” “rad” and “look how cute” from those admirers of his special Father’s Day gift.

DIY Father's Day Tie

not only is my husband filled with pride, showing-off his most prized possessions (his boys) displayed on his tie, but so are my kiddies. they are filled with joy seeing their daddy wear something they made…proudly showing it off to family and friends, making them feel loved, and happy that their daddy is happy.

DIY Father's Day Tie Gift Idea

and these ties my husband receives each year…they may be silly, might not be professional looking, and might have glitter a bits of feathers glued to them…but he loves them. because sometimes it’s the little gifts that matter most. Happy Father’s Day.