Disney and Roxy Girl Little Mermaid Collection

We were so excited to be able to attend the Disney and Roxy Girl The Little Mermaid Collection Event Launch in Huntington Beach this month. If you’ve lived in the OC for a while, then you know that Quicksilver and Roxy are iconic brands here. So it is so fun to have a collaboration with two brands we feel all started here in SoCal…Roxy and Disney!

It’s Disney’s The Little Mermaid’s 30th Anniversary this month, so what better way to celebrate than a cute beachy clothing collection. Let me the you…the clothes are ADORABLE! They come in girls sizes 8 – 16, and are available online and at Roxy Stores. Unfortunately, Dani is too little to wear this collection (she would have looked adorable in it), but we still enjoyed looking at the cute outfits and even got a couple of hats that she can wear soon.

The launch event was a blast, and Dani got to experience all things mermaid. We enjoyed music from the The Little Mermaid, playing with bubbles, made shell necklaces, got her hair done in mermaid braids (her first time ever with braids) and put messages in bottles. It all put us in the mermaid mood.

Now, let me share with you some photos of the collection and some of the pieces that are in the collection. There’s so much to choose from, including shirts, shorts, swimsuits, bags, hats and even shoes. Some of the pieces have images from The Little Mermaid, and some of the pieces have subtile details of The Little Mermaid. It’s totally perfect.

What a fun day celebrating Disney’s The Little Mermaid’s 30th Anniversary with Disney and Roxy Girl. We are sure that we will be seeing lots of girls around Orange County wearing the new collection.

This is not a sponsored post. We were invited guests of Roxy and Disney to attend the launch. All opinions are 100% my own.

New OshKosh B’Gosh Spring Looks plus Coupon

This is a sponsored post.

OshKosh B'Gosh Spring LooksSpring is in the air here in the OC, and I am so excited to finally start dressing for the occasion. The weather in Orange County has been cooler than other winters. We actually had to dress in warm clothes. I have never been so happy to put on my spring clothes and feel the warm sunshine on my skin. The kids too! This year, we headed over to check out the new  OshKosh B’Gosh Spring Looks because I have an obsession for little kids in overalls (which is OshKosh’s signature). They also have a whole lot more. I had a bawl picking out Dani’s entire spring wardrobe for spring, including a couple great looks for Easter!

Make sure to read to the bottom for a chance to win an OshKosh Gift Card!

This week we met Dani’s little cousin Kota at the Lab in Costa Mesa for a little photoshoot of some of the cute OshKosh looks I bought them. We had so much fun exploring and checking out all the artwork. It made the perfect backdrop for our photos. These two have so much fun together as they are both two years old. Isn’t it fun to have cousins the same age!

This little black and white heart romper is so sweet and dainty. It’s a very easy look because its just one piece. The shoulders slip right down so that potty breaks or diaper changes are very easy. I am trying to find an outfit similar to wear so we can be twinning with this look.

OshKosh offers next level looks with lots of fun and unique details. They have styles that fit 3 months to size 14. My favorite is that they have lots of bright colors and kid appropriate styles. The fits are super comfy, which is especially great for our busy lifestyle.

My Favorite OshKosh B’Gosh Spring Looks

Besides the looks on the kiddies, here are some of my favorite pieces from the spring line at OshKosh.

Shirt | Tank | Purse | Shorts |  Hair Accessories  |  Shoes  | Romper | Overalls  | Bracelets

OshKosh overalls are my absolute favorite items from OshKosh. They are a timeless look that can be worn throughout the years. I remember wearing them when I was little. I have had my eye on this little dress with the denim bib with white eyelet skirt since before Dani was born. And it is as cute as I had imagined it on her. You can pair with a top, or wear it alone during the warm summer months. Perfect for here in Orange County.

Kota has on the vintage frayed denim shorts that are made from super soft demin which makes them easy to wear and play in. They also have an adjustable waist which is really important for some kids. I love the bright rainbow colors of his graphic tee. OshKosh has endless choices of tees and tops that are priced perfectly to stock up on them.

Here are some of my favorite pieces for boys in the spring line at OshKosh.

Tank | Top | Shorts |  Water Bottle  |  Glasses  |  Shoes

Love these looks for Easter

Along with their cute an comfy play clothes, OshKosh also has some casual dressy clothes that are perfect for Easter egg hunts and visits with the bunny. Again, I couldn’t resist this overall dress…thins time with it’s skirt in PINK! I also picked up a couple tutu skirts and a bunny shirt. For boys, you can find all the pastels in these dapper little button ups. dress up with kakis, or casual with denim cutoffs.

Don’t forget the Swimwear

I don’t know about you, but every Easter I find it’s the perfect time to get my kids swimsuits and new towels. I like to put them in my kids Easter baskets along with a pair of flip flops and goggles. It’s already getting hot enough to head to the beach and take a dip in the pool. Yay!

Girls Swimwear  |  Boys Swimwear

OshKosh has Pajamas too!

You can complete your entire clothes shopping list at OshKosh, because not only do they have clothes, but quality pajamas for girls and pajamas for boys in a range of different styles. From long sleeves to short sets, OshKosh has you covered.

 Pajamas for girls  |  Pajamas for boys

As you can see, the OshKosh B’Gosh Spring looks are ADORABLE! Now that you have seen Dani’s and Kota’s new spring wardrobe, you probably want to run over to OshKosh yourself! As you can see. someone is super happy to be playing in her new clothes.

Save 20% with this Coupon Code

You are in luck, because you can save 20% OFF your $40+ purchase using the coupon codes below both online and in-store. So now you can fill your little ones closet for spring. There are some exclusions with this coupon, so make sure to check out on the fine print below. Happy shopping!

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How to Throw a Moms Only Pool Party

Photos taken by Short & Sweet Photography.

if you’ve never had a moms only pool party, TRUST ME. you. need. to.

moms are often neglected when it comes to pool parties. during summer, us moms spend all our time packing-up the kids for swim playdates, swimming lessons and pool parties. when we get there, we have to try to put sunscreen on wiggly, whining kids…mulitple times. then during the pool time, we spend the entire time making sure that none of the kids drown, fight or run on the pool deck. if we are lucky enough to get in the water, we spend the whole time getting splashed and watching kids show us their mediocre tricks in the pool. so much fun for the kids….but not always as much fun for the moms.

Time for a Moms Only Swim Party

at a Moms Only Swim Party, you don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself! no wrangling kids, no whining, no kids begging for food, no crying, no fighting…talk about AMAZING! last year i went to my first Moms Only Swim Party and had such a blast, i knew i had to get more moms onboard with having one at least once a year.

How to Throw a Moms Only Pool Party

rule #1 – no kids allowed. unless it’s a baby…and even then, try to get a sitter. you will be glad you did.

rule #2 – have your Moms Only Pool Party BEFORE the end of the school year, during school hours. 11:00am is the perfect time to have it. that way you can enjoy lunch at the pool party and still have time to have fun before it’s time to pick up the kids.

rule #3 – invite all your mom friends. send out an evite, or start a Facebook event. this way everyone will be on the same page and can start chatting with each other to make plans. make sure to be inclusive of everyone…its the perfect time to invite a mom who may be shy or in need of friends. i can’t tell you how many times i have heard a mom tell me that she’s been lonely or doesn’t have any friends.

rule #4 – everyone must wear a bathing suit AND go swimming. no party poopers here. leave the bathing suit shaming at the door. us moms know how it is. so put on a bathing suit and enjoy yourself.

rule #5 – food. you must have yummy food. making the pool party potluck is even better. that way you get to experience a little bit of food from everyone. which equals – different tastes, different cultures, and different varieties.

rule #6 – drinks. you need lots of drinks…non-alchoholic and alcoholic are great! you can even mix drinks or make soda floats.

rule #7 – be silly. there is no shame in playing pool games and acting like kids. when is the last time you jumped off the diving board or slid down a waterslide.

rule #8 – take lots of pictures and video. with your phone is just fun. have your heard of Boomerang app? make sure to take some Boomerangs too. They are so much fun, and everyone will have a ball reminiscing over your fun photosafter the party is over.

rule #9 – chill. use this time to enjoy your mom friends. there will be no interruptions since the kids are at school, and you don’t have to worry that someone is going to drown.

rule #10 – most importantly…HAVE FUN. this is your time…and most likely, the ONLY time you will have to yourself with your friends between now and the end of summer! school is almost out….the kids will soon be around all. the. time.

last years Moms Only Pool Party was one of the best times i had with my friends. we are still talking about it now. and you can bet we already have this year’s scheduled. too bad the kids will still be in school…NOT!  now…go plan your own Moms Only Pool Party! trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Baby Baths and Pampers Pure

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam’s Club

as a mom of a baby and three older children, i always like to share with other parents about the products i feel are great for babies. i often have parents messaging me for advice on good products i use on my kids, so today, i’m happy to share with you some happy news about Pampers. they now offer a new collection of diapers and wipes called Pampers Pure. this is great news for me, because when it comes to products i use on my children, i want them to be safe and without things like parabens and unnecessary fragrance. Pampers has always been one of the diaper brands i trust for its high quality and performance…which is pretty important as a parent. we just don’t have time for leaks and messes.

with Pampers Pure, i get to use a great diaper that is high quality and performs well and features thoughtfully selected materials! Pampers Pure diapers still offer that 12 hours of leak protection but are free of chlorine bleaching, fragrance and parabens. they have been clinically proven hypoallergenic and are cotton- and plant-based.

plus, they have the feel that parents and babies love, that Pampers-level softness and adorable prints!

and Pampers Pure offers wipes, too. Pampers Aqua Pure wipes are made with 99% water and contain 0% alcohol, parabens, dyes and fragrance. this is a biggie for me because i have babies with sensitive skin. they are also cotton enhanced, so they are nice and soft.

luckily, Pampers Pure diapers and Pampers Aqua Pure wipes can now be found at Sam’s Clubs nationwide and on samsclub.com. i say luckily because Sam’s Club packs are 14 percent larger than at other retailers, offering a greater value.

this is the first year i’ve had a Sam’s Club membership, and so far i am really enjoying it. there are different brands available that I can’t get at other warehouse stores and new products that are really cool…plus the prices are great too. last weekend we went as a family and the boys loaded up our cart with all sorts of goodies for their lunches, and i loaded up the cart with supplies for the house and family including Pampers Pure Diapers and Pampers Aqua Pure Wipes.

i am so excited that Pampers has raised the bar with Pampers Pure. throughout the years of being a mom, i’ve become more concerned about the products i use with my children. having a diaper company that i trust take the steps to make their products more “pure” makes me very happy. and Miss Dani Kat too!

{This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.}

Dani LOVES Spencer by Jaclyn Smith – New Baby Collection at Kmart

This is a sponsored post.

a few weeks ago, Miss Dani Kat and i were invited to check out Jaclyn Smith’s new baby wear line – Spencer by Jaclyn Smith. the entire line was designed by her and her daughter Spencer Margaret, and inspired by her new granddaughter Bea…who is super adorable BTW. and it is NOW available exclusively at Kmart.  you didn’t have to ask me twice to go shopping for baby clothes. that is one of my favorite things to do! plus, after having three boys, shopping for a girl has been a dream.

so Dani and i headed off to Kmart in Burbank to meet Jaclyn Smith and her daughter Spencer, and also see her new baby wear line in person.

well “HELLO” Kmart!

the store was filled with fans excited to meet Jaclyn. if you aren’t familiar with who Jaclyn Smith is, she is known for her role as Kelly Garrett in the television series Charlie’s Angels. she is a mom, grandmother, actress, philanthropist, and the woman behind the brand Jaclyn Smith which is found at Kmart. this is her very first baby line though.

i made sure to dress Dani up in Spencer by Jaclyn Smith for the occasion. she looked so cute. and when it was our turn to meet Jaclyn, her and Spencer were so excited to see her in their designs.

it was really fun to meet them. they were very sweet, and oooooed and ahhhed over Miss Dani Kat. they even played with her and wrote her a special autographed message. i talked to them about the new baby wear line, and they told me how fun it was to design it. Jaclyn is a new grandma, so this was a special experience.

now let me introduce you Spencer by Jaclyn Smith….

look at how adorable these baby clothes are – the colors and prints are classic and timeless. just perfect for fall, and they look like they belong in an upscale boutique. each piece is designed with high-quality fabrics, ultra-soft 100% cotton and cotton blends, making the pieces as durable as they are adorable. the best thing about the line, is that it’s affordably priced from $19.99 to $29.99 and includes many layette essentials. there are onesies, pajamas, hats, blankets, outfits, and the cutest little sweater with animal ears. just my style. it truly celebrates the magical moments of childhood.


Spencer by Jaclyn Smith ranges in sizes from newborn to 12 months. all of the items in the collection come beautifully packaged in gift boxes, and even include a cute signature fox ribbon with a gift tag ready to address for gift giving. this makes it easy for Kmart members to find the perfect gift for baby showers or to welcome a new little bundle of joy. PLUS, there are even more cute styles online.

before we left, i took some pictures of Dani in the special “Spencer” set up inside K-mart. Dani wants to whole line LOL!!!

Dani and i had so much fun shopping for cute clothes. even though she is still just a baby,  it kind of gave me a glimpse into the future. i have always dreamed of spending time shopping with a daughter and in just a few years my dreams will become a reality! can wait to share some more photos of Dani wearing “Spencer”,  so stay tuned!

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. }

Photo credit: PRNewsfoto/Kmart