Sharing Meow Moments with Our Kitties

Tracking PixelBoy Hugging a Kitty my boys love cats…like, absolutely LOVE them!!! when we are walking in a store and they see a cat or kitten on a card or a t-shirt, or if they see a cat knick-knack, they run and show it to me. did you know how many cat items there are in the store?!!! there’s a LOT. believe me, i’ve seen them all LOL. luckily, i love cats just as much as my boys, so a couple of years ago, we decided to add some kitties to our family. we even had our Popsicle Blog readers help us name them – Phineous and Ferby. with these kitties, our family has had a lot of “meow moments“. so i have partnered with Fresh Step® with the Power Febreze™ to bring you this post to share some of our meow moments with you.

Cute Boy Petting a Cute Cate

the boys and i spend a lot of time playing with our kitties, and often visit shelters to offer help to other cats. we even went to a pet sanctuary on our road trip a few years ago. we like to create a lot of meow moments. they have lots of clothes with cats on them. my youngest even has kitties on his shoes….aren’t they adorable! we just can’t get enough cats.

Kids Cat Shoes

our two cats, Phineas and Ferby are brothers. but they are practically opposites in every way. this is Ferby. he’s completely white with short coarse hair. he is moody, doesn’t like to be picked up, and is especially fond of my husband and my nine-year-old Kyle. he loves to climb way up high, and often gets stuck and can’t get down.
White CatHugging a cat

every night like clockwork, Ferby climbs onto the top bunk with my Kyle and sleeps at the foot of his bed. its the sweetest thing. without any coaxing at all, when he hears my son brushing his teeth, he heads into the boy’s rooms and gets settled for the night. this has to be one of my favorite meow moments.

during the day, you will often find him laying on one of my son’s shirts. i know he misses the boys during the day, even if he doesn’t act like he loves them while they are home.

Beautiful White Cat on a White Rugthis is Phineas. he is mostly black with long, soft hair, and has the most adorable white tipped paws and white bib. he looks very dashing with a bow tie (now that was a cute meow moment). he is loud and likes to meow to get attention, and head butts you until you will pet him…but only on his terms. he loves to play with toys such as string and furry mice. and he is a big ball of fur.Cat Peeking Through the Stairshe especially loves my oldest son Jack, and spends a lot of his time in Jack’s room. he is feisty, and loves to watch the birds through the window. he also likes to create lots of naughty meow moments when he rummages through my cupboards to chew on bags of cereal or when he sneaks into the garage and gets stuck under things.

Pretty Cat with Floral RugCat Playing with a Toy Fresh Step Cat Sand Review

and recently, i got new couches. these kitties decided to claim them for their own and use them as scratching posts. i definitely was not a fan of these meow moments, so we got this giant cat tree. can you believe that they would go near it for almost two weeks! geez, the boys were so excited to get it set up and have the cats play on it. but it didn’t go as planned. but finally, they started to explore it, and now we find them playing on it every day. that it our newest meow moment with them.
Cat Playing on a Cat TreePopsicle Blog Kitties

yep, these two boys are sure funny cats. and we love creating meow moments with them every day.

Fresh Step Cat SandCute Catbut having a cat…especially more than one, means there are plenty of meow moments with the cat litter box. this is probably the only meow moment that people do not particularly love. i know that this is my boys least favorite chore to do. but it is possible to eliminate litter odors, and make the job of having a little box better. new Fresh Step® with the Power Febreze™ odor control doesn’t just mask odors, but eliminates them.

Cat Playing with Cat Litter

it’s the only cat litter that feature the power of Febreze and has many paws-itive attributes such as long-lasting 10-day odor control GUARANTEED* it has low dust for cleaner air and surfaces, it clumps tight with Fresh Step ClumpLock™ Technology, plus it leaves behind a fresh clean scent. i also like that it locks in liquid and odor on contact to form tight clumps and make scooping easy….which is important to me because i don’t want a mess when i have the boys doing this chore. finally, Fresh Step® with Febreze™ is created with cat’s health and happiness in mind. 

we have been very happy with using Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™ products. it comes in these four offerings – and all of them do not just mask litter box odors, but eliminate them and leave behind a fresh clean scent. Fresh Step® Odor Shield Litter with the Power of Febreze™, Fresh Step® Multi-Cat Litter with the Power of Febreze™, Fresh Step® Extreme Litter with the Power of Febreze™ and Fresh Step® Lightweight Extreme Litter with the Power of Febreze™. so there is a formula that is perfect for your kitty needs.

thankfully, Fresh Step® with Febreze™ Freshness has made having kitties even more enjoyable, and is helping us make many more meow moments in our home.

Fresh Step Odor Shield

{ This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™.}


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