DIY Rainbow Doormat Tutorial

DIY Rainbow Doormat instructions - #DIY #rainbow #doormat

a couple of years ago i received the Lowes Creative Ideas magazine in the mail and saw this great rainbow doormat. i told my husband that i wanted it, and he promised to make it for my birthday. he decided he not to use the directions, and tried to make it on his own. needless to say…it didn’t go very well. flash-forward two years later to the present, and he still hasn’t finished my rainbow doormat. and with my birthday last weekend, i decided i was finally going to get a rainbow doormat!

so i came up with plans for a more simple doormat. it would just be 2 x 2’s strung together with ropes, and stainless steel nuts to act as spacers, keeping the boards separated. i figured that we could accomplish making this doormat in just a few hours. and we did…and i love it.


i thought i would share how we made it, since many people have been asking. so continue reading below for the complete instructions on how to make it. i was able to buy everything i needed at my local home improvement store.

to make this doormat, here is what you will need:

•  (4)  2″ x 2″” x 8′ Lumber cut into (16) 23-1/2″ boards
•  (30) 5/8″ Stainless steel nuts
•  7′ of Rope (i used cotton clothesline)
•  Drill with 1/4 – 3/8″ drill bit
•  Sandpaper
•  Paint  (i used Plaid FolkArt Acrylic paints from my local craft store. i like the range of colors they offer. but you could also use spray paint or house paint)
Clear Polyurethane Coating (i used Krylon Clear Polyurethane Coating Spray)


first, cut the 2″x 2″ x 8′ lumber into (16) 23-1/2″ boards. you can probably find inexpensive pine for $.99 per 8′ board. however, i felt that the soft pine wouldn’t be durable enough to withstand all the foot traffic at my house, so i opted to buy the more expensive kiln dried wood. even though it was about $8 per 8′ board this was the best decision. not only is the wood smoother and straighter, it also doesn’t dent or ding as easily.

also, it was awesome that home improvement store cut all the boards for me…i didn’t even have to make a mess with the saw at home.

next, drill two holes in each board by measuring 4 inches down on each side of the (16) boards, and marking the center point. drill all the way through.


once all the boards have been cut and drilled, use sand paper to sand all the rough edges. you can now paint the boards any color that you want. i recommend two coats of paint.

when the paint is completely dry, spray two coats of clear polyurethane coating to seal the boards. you can use gloss or matte. whichever you prefer. let the spray completely dry.



now is the fun part….putting the doormat together.

start by tying a knot at the end of the rope, and wrap masking tape on the other end of the rope to make it easier to thread through the boards. lay the boards out in the order that you want your finished doormat to be. thread the rope through the first hole, then add a nut spacer.


 repeat threading the rope and then a nut spacer until you have used all the boards.


finish by tying off the rope and cutting it leaving 1″ tail.

repeat these steps with the other set of holes at the other end of the boards.


here is the finished product.

How to make a Rainbow Doormat

i am thrilled with how it turned out….and everyone who has come to my front door has commented on how great it is. people have even offered to pay me to make them one. luckily, they can just come here and learn how to make their own.

DIY Rainbow Doormat tutorial

i just love my RAINBOW doormat.





How to Tie Bows for Presents


every year i host a Wrapping Party for some of my close friends were we get together and wrap our Christmas gifts. it is one thing i look forward to every year. i like to make a nice dinner, we sit and chat for a bit and then get to wrapping…helping each other get all our gifts ready for giving. i usually end up with the task of the bows, i love making large pretty bows…i also think that gifts that look prettier are more fun to open.

to get ready for my party, i went over to Walgreens to stock up on wrapping supplies. i love having all the presents under my tree match, so each year i pick out a color scheme and buy 4-5 wrapping papers, ribbons, and tags that all match. Walgreens had all sorts of great items to create some beautiful and creative gifts. lots of wrapping paper choices…and they weren’t those cheesy grandma prints either.

i was able to find 4 different but matching wrapping papers, coordinating ribbon and tags…plus i found some great novelty items to top my gifts.

let me show you some of my finished gifts. for this one, i used sparkly fabric ribbon and red snowflake wrapping paper. to add a little bit of excitement, i attached this Santa hat ornament i found at Walgreens for just $1. it really made to present look festive.


then i found this great polka dot wrapping paper and some red wrapping yarn. i also loved this “no peeking” gift tag.  adding a small novelty item on top of your presents can really make them stand out. when i saw these holiday gum balls, i knew they would look great with the polka dots. i really love how this present turned out.


if you don’t want to spend a lot of time wrapping, Walgreens has these great large stick-on bows that are 7″ round. so much better than the little ones (however they have those too). i decided to use a hologram candy cane striped wrapping paper. i topped it off with this gigantic 12″ candy cane i found for just $1. perfect combo.


using a red and green striped paper, i used one of those large stick on bows and a Santa tag for this present. i also added this cute mini stocking i found for a $1 and placed a gift card in it. i am really not a fan of gift cards because i like to spend the time finding the perfect gift, but adding a gift card to a gift is great. and the stocking made a great holder for it.


these are just some of the many options i found at Walgreens. there was so much more….like this Hallmark line of holiday bags, wrapping papers and pre-tied ribbons.


and it was even better that some Walgreens are opened 24-hours a day. i did all my shopping at 12 am.  i had a little too much fun…cheek it out.

now to show you how to make pretty bows for your presents. it’s pretty simple, and i am not an expert at it, but nevertheless, here is how i do it….


first, you are going to want to tie the ribbon around your gift with a simple knot.  then cut the ends leaving 6-8 inch tails.  you can use any type of ribbon to do this technique, but I love to use wide ribbon (with or without wired edges) to wrap my gifts with.  i purchased the sparkly wired ribbon at Walgreens. beside being my favorite color for the holidays, i also love the glitter and wired edges because they help the bow stay big and full.

second, make the first loop of your bow. hold the end of the ribbon and fold it over to make a loop.


next, continuing to hold the first loop, make more loops by folding up the ribbon back and forth and holding it in the center. you can make as many loops as you want or can hold. cut the ribbon after your last loop leaving an extra inch long tail. for this bow, i made eight loops….four loops on each side.


now, place your almost finished bow on the center of your package on top of the knot you created. continue to hold the center of the loops.


using the tails of the ribbon tied around your package, tie a knot around the center of your bow loops. your bow will now be attached to your package.


trim the tails to look nice…either at a slant or a “v” like the photo below. you now can fluff up your bow by opening and rounding out the loops. continue to do so until your bow looks pretty and polished.


i am thrilled with how my gifts turned out! thanks Walgreens for the great selections.


DIY Vacation Memory Book Tutorial

Elmer's Summer memory Book-15

This summer, we took a fun family trip to the beach. I took a ton of photos, especially on my phone since I love to post on Instagram. So, I thought it would be fun to make a Vacation Memory Book for the photos that I posted.

The Vacation Memory Book I created is the perfect size to display 8-1/2″ square photos. I just printed them out on regular computer paper and trimmed. on the other side of each page, i put some simple wording onto 8-1/2″ square cardstock to correspond to each photo. I am really happy with the result of a clean and simple memory book to display my photos. I wrote this DIY Vacation Memory Book Tutorial so you can also make one.

To create your own vacation memory book, it is easier than you think.  you will need to get the supplies listed below, and then follow the complete tutorial.

• Elmer’s Tri-Fold Display Board
• Spray Adhesive (i like Elmer’s Craft Bond multi-purpose spray adhesive)
• 2 – 12″ x 10″ pieces of fabric
• 10 pictures (cut to 8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″)
• cardstock with corresponding wording for pictures (cut to 8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″)
1 (cut to 8-3/4″ x 9-3/4″)
1 (cut to 8-3/4″ x 8-1/2″)
1 (cut to 8-3/4″ x 1-1/4″)
• ribbon
• 1 package double-fold bias tape
• embellishments and/or tag to decorate cover
• hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
• scissors
• Exacto knife

Directions to Make a Vacation Memory Book

For the pages:
Cut the display board into 10 (8-1/2″ x 9-3/4″ pieces) & 2 (9″ x 10″) with an Exacto knife.

Glue your photos onto the right side of the smaller boards leaving 1-1/2″ of left side of the board uncovered. turn the photo board over and score that side in 1-1/4″. (the scoring will help the pages bend better. Be careful not to cut all the way through the board.)

After you are finished scoring each page, put your pages in the order you want your book to read.  then, using spray adhesive, glue the colored cardstock with words onto the other side of each page. Make sure you put the right wording onto the correct pages.

Cut double fold bias tape into 8-1/2″ strips. Hot glue each piece over the outer left side edge of each page.

Once each page has been cover by double-sided bias tape, using a glue gun, glue all the pages together along the spine. make sure they are in the right order.  while the glue is still hot, you can adjust to make sure they are lined up well.

You will end up with a fully glued stack of pages that are ready to place into the cover of your book.

Directions for making the cover
Using the spray adhesive, spray the wrong side of the fabric and place one of the larger pieces of cardboard on top, white side down.

First, fold up each of the 4 corners making a 45º angles.

Then fold up the sides to completely wrap the board. do this to both of the large boards.

adding the ribbon tie to the cover
Take the board that will be the bottom cover and glue the ribbon to it with hot glue. leave at least 1′ of ribbon hanging off the right side. Do not cut the ribbon on the left side. leave on the spool.

Using spray adhesive, glue cardstock over the ribbon to the inside if the bottom cover.

Then using spray adhesive, glue the spine of your stack of pages to the bottom cover with hot glue.

Take the front cover of your book and score the side that will be the spine, 1-1/2″ in (you will cut the fabric, but do not go all the way through the cardboard.). By scoring, your top cover should bend nicely.

This part is a little trick to explain. For the top cover, you need to allow enough ribbon slack to go accross the spine. approximately 1-3/4″. then lay the next part of the ribbon accross the cover and glue down the section on the spine. (the 1-1/2″ before the score.)

Using spray adhesive, glue the 8-3/4″ x 1-1/4″ cardstock over the ribbon and cover. then bend the cover back creating ribbon slack. continue to glue the ribbon across the rest of the cover. using spray adhesive, glue the 8-3/4″ x 8-1/2″ cardstock over the ribbon and cover.

You are almost done now! close the cover of your memory book and cut to ribbon to the desired length. If you would like to add ribbon and a tag to the top of your book, here’s how…

Add the top ribbon by tying the tail to the top ribbon with a knot.

Then slide your cover tag onto the ribbon. you may want to then glue down your tag to the cover.

Continue to wrap the ribbon around the album and tie the other end to the ribbon attached to the back cover.

Tie all the ribbons together to close your book. and with that you Vacation Memory Book is finished!

{ Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™.}

Happy President’s Day Craft | Photo Booth Prop Tutorial

Presidents Day Photo Booth Props | Tutorial  #presidentsday #craft Happy President’s Day! 
i hope that you all had a fabulous president’s weekend. just for fun i made these president photo booth props with my boys, because of course you need to dress up like a President on President’s Day. they love taking photos, so they were excited for this craft. these presidential photo props were VERY easy to make…and i was able to make them with supplies i already had n had. it can be a great President’s Day craft to do with the kids. here’s how to make your own….

Abe Lincoln Hat
you will need:
1 sheet of black card stock
1 strip of grey card stock
wooden stick
glue gun and/or glue

• cut a 1.25″ x 9.75″ piece off each side of the black cardstock to make the hat
• glue a 2.75″ x 6″ band of grey cardstock onto hat
• glue wooden stick to back of hat

George Washington Wig
you will need:
3 sheets of white cardstock
wooden stick
glue gun and/or glue

• cut white cardstock into wig shape.
• cut 2 sheets of cardstock into 4.25″ x 1″ strips. (that makes 44 strips)
• staple the ends of 22 strips together to make flat loops
• glue 22 strips into circles
• glue the loops to the bottom half of wig shape
• glue the circles onto the top half of wig shape
• glue wooden stick to back of wig


once you are finished, be sure to take some fun pictures. i set up our pictures in front of the flag we fly at our house just to add that patriotic touch.

say cheese!

DIY Homework Supply Caddy Tutorial

DIY Homework Caddy to Hold all your Homework Supplies -
i have to admit that i am pretty lucky when it comes to homework time. my children always get it done without too much complaining. however, i was starting to get pretty annoyed by the daily whining “where is a pencil” “where are my colored pencils” “i need a glue stick” “where is the sharpener!” i decide some organization tactics were in order!

i saw a bowl full of school supplies on one of my friend’s dining room table during a visit, and thought….”why didn’t i think of doing that?”…….now that i think about it, i bet i am the only one that doesn’t have some sort of homework supply bowl or caddy of such. so, i decided to make a really cool one to put on my kitchen table….where the boys do their homework everyday.  i wanted it to be fun and colorful, i wanted it to spin, and have enough space to put everything they could need to do their homework. yes…i was going to make a homework supply caddy!

i ended up using empty cans from our canned food, a wooden circle plaque, and a lazy susan. a coat of colorful spray paint and a few screws later…..whala! a cool homework caddy.

what do you think?!?!

it’s colorful!

it spins!

and it sits on the table ready for homework time!

Make Your Own Homework Supply Caddy

• wooden circle plaque (i used an 11″ wooden round from Michael’s Craft Store)
• empty canned food cans  (i used 7 medium and 1 large)
• 1/2″ Self Drilling Screws
• Spray Paint
• lazy susan (i got one at Home Depot)
• little rubber feet thingys  (i got them at Home Depot next to the chair floor protectors)
• screwdriver (electric is best)

• clean your food cans, making sure there aren’t any sharp edges
• spray paint your cans and lazy susan in the colors you like.
• affix the lazy susan to the bottom of your wooden circle
• place the rubber feet on the bottom of the lazy susan to prevent sliding
• arrange your cans on the top of the lazy susan
• screw the cans onto the lazy susan. the self drilling screws are so easy and go right in.
• whala! you now have a cool homework caddy. fill it up with your homework supplies.

• i placed small cans inside of the medium cans to create a little riser, so that shorter school supplies would show
• a magnet is a great why to affix a pencil sharpener

happy homeworking,
jill, jack, kyle & vann