Getting Outside with Our Oceanview Wooden Swing Set and Giveaway

Best Wooden Swing Set For Childrenhaving my boys play outdoors is something that is very important to my husband and i. we love the outdoors – camping, hiking, playing at the park and having the boys play outdoor sports. these outdoor activities are a big part of our lives. luckily, living in Southern California allows us to play outside all year round. it never really gets too cold to play outside. but we can’t always be on the go, there are times when we are home and i want the boys to get out of the house…off the electronics and outside. i want them to play in the backyard, as i don’t feel comfortable with them playing in the front yard due to our semi-busy street. so i am thrilled to have partnered with Backyard Discovery™ to help my boys get outside and play.

our backyard was just fitted with the Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Backyard Discovery™. it’s been a very long time since we’ve had a nice swing set. the one we currently had was second-hand, and the wood was starting to warp. it was old and gross…not something the boys wanted to play on. they didn’t want to go in the backyard and play. but that is about to change. they are beyond excited to have received our new swing set. they have been asking me about its arrival for weeks, and finally, this week it did!!!!

Best Swing Set For Kids

we had an installer set up the swing set in our yard to make sure it was properly installed, put together correctly, and had a six-foot perimeter safety zone around it. i highly recommend getting an installer to put together your Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Backyard Discovery™, but if you decide to put it together yourself, allow at least two-three days for installation. all the lumber is pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained, has Safe-T-Fuse Hardware and a helpful instruction manual included to help you get the job done. keep this in mind if you plan to get one for the upcoming holidays.

once the swing set was put together, i let the boys check it out. they had the biggest smiles on their faces. you could see just how excited they were to have something this cool in their very own backyard. i could see the wheels turning in their little heads – thinking of all the adventures they would have on their new swing set. my youngest LOVES imaginative play, and i am so excited for him to get to enjoy such a fun swing set. i might have even been more excited for the boys to have it than they where, it really is super cool.

Kids Excited About a Swing Set

i’ve got to show you some of the great features of the Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Backyard Discovery™ that really sets it apart from other swing sets. it has some of the nicest details i’ve have ever seen on a swing set – it actually compliments the backyard and since it is wooden, it looks so much better than a metal swing set. check out these great features….

first, the boys favorite part of the swing set, the open, airy clubhouse. it’s nice and big…the upper deck is 76″ x 52″ by 5′ high.

Oceanview Swing Set ClubhouseOceanview Swing Set Fort

the clubhouse has wide windows AND curtains. play time is going to be a lot of fun up there. the boys are already talking about starting a club.

Oceanview Swing Set Curtains

and check out the beautiful staircase leading up to the clubhouse. the details on this swing set are awesome.

Oceanview Swing Set Stairs

just below the clubhouse, you will find this adorable comfy hammock. the colors are nice and bright, and compliment the smooth cedar wood.

Oceanview Swing Set Hammock

on one side of the clubhouse, there are challenging monkey bars that lead to the clubhouse deck…perfect for my active boys looking to burn off some of that extra energy.

Oceanview Swing Set Monkey BarsBest Oceanview Swing Set Monkey Bars

and on the other side, there are two belt swings and an acrobat bar.

Oceanview Swing Set SwingsOceanview Swing Set Trapeeze

finally, what is a swing set without a slide?! the Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Backyard Discovery™ has a fun 10’ wave slide. weeeeeeee!

Oceanview Swing Set SlideBest Oceanview Swing Set Slide

as you can imagine, the boys are going to be having a ball with their new swing set. i am beyond thrilled with our choice to get it. getting to the park is not always easy, so now it is going to be much easier as they can play at home. i look forward to the boys getting away from the electronics and getting some healthy play time in the OC sunshine. their imaginations are going to soar.

Oceanview Swing Set DetailsBest Wooden Swing Set For Kids

if you’re in the market for buying a swing set, i would highly recommend the Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Backyard Discovery™. it has everything a kid needs to have fun in the backyard, and it’s great for many ages. they are available for purchase at Sam’s Club, on Amazon and on the Backyard Discovery™ website.

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the holidays are just around the corner! so you know what that means…

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Backyard Discovery™.


  1. Candace says

    This is beautiful! My oldest would love the monkey bars the best and my youngest would love the slide the best 🙂

  2. Christina Brundick says

    My daughter would love the slide! We would have to get a special swing with harness for my older son who has autism. Once we install that he would be thrilled!

  3. deanna says

    My kids would love everything. They love to swing, slide and play outside. This would be very much helpful. thanks for the chance to win the awesome product that we can not afford to buy.

  4. Ashley N says

    EVERYTHING! She would love the hammock to read and swing, she would love climbing up and sliding down the slide, and she would love to kick her feet up on the swings. Every child’s dream!

  5. Ashley N says

    EVERYTHING! She would love the hammock to read and swing, she would love climbing up and sliding down the slide, and she would love to kick her feet up on the swings. It’s every child’s dream!

  6. Donny says

    I don’t know who would love this more…me or my kids!!

  7. Terry Maigi says

    This is so cool!!!! I definitely think the clubhouse would be the biggest hit at our house! Our girls would have a blast playing on this swing set!

  8. erin dear says

    My yougest kids (ages 6 and 4) would have a blast playing in the clubhouse!

  9. Katie w says

    What a great giveaway! My kids would love this!! Thank you

  10. Just one thing? well they would love the swings for sure!

  11. Cindy Cowan says

    I think they would love the slide the most!

  12. Cassandra Eastman says

    This swinget has so many great features!!! My 6 year old would love the monkey bars, and the fort! My 4 year old would love the comfy hammock and wavy slide! This would be so much fun for our entire family.

  13. Jenny Lloyd says

    my kids would love everything about the swing set but my 7 year old would love having the stairs instead of the ladder….he is terrified of the ladder!

  14. joyce says

    The hammock,lol.

  15. Micheline says

    My granddaughters would be in seventh heaven! They’d play for hours in the little house up top and they love to slide! Thank you for the chance to win such a fantastic prize.

  16. Jessica Lynn Michalski says

    This would be very very cool to win!!! What an awesome playset!

  17. Debbie Garrett says

    They would love the swings, they can never get enough swinging.

  18. Louly Kristine says

    Honestly, I think she would like the clubhouse the best, that is where she likes to read.

  19. My 3 kids would be SO THRILLED with this AWESOME playset! From swinging to sliding to climbing it’s got everything my outdoorsy adventure filled kids need for years of fun play!! @MAKINGMOMMYHOOD

  20. Tonya Atkinson says

    My son would love this he loves climbing all over everything and then he would be able to go outside in his own backyard and have his own playset

  21. Stephanie M says

    My daughter would love the slide and monkey bars the most!

  22. K Smith says

    Omg this set is amazing!

  23. I would love to win this for my nieces. They would flip over this set in their yard.

  24. Donisha Golden says

    Man oh man, if my kiddos had this they would flip!!! I think they would love the fact that they can finally climb something lol

  25. Priscilla says

    The slide

  26. Nidhi Chauhan says

    My son love to swing. This set would be perfect for him. Thanks for the chance!

  27. ashley abbott says

    my son would love it all really!! he would love climbing and sliding the most I think!!

  28. Brandon Knapp says

    My kids would love this to let their imaginations run wild. Right now we have a pretty barren yard with a few toys. They would go nuts over this.

  29. Julie FIelds says

    Being able to play out side and have something fun to do. My daughter loves to swing but we’ve never been able to afford a swingset. I would love for her to have one before she gets too old.

  30. Jessica says

    This would be a dream come true!

  31. Nadine Bongio says

    This is awesome! My grandson would just LOVE it!!!! He loves slides!! And the fort!!!

  32. Anne says

    I would love to win this! I know a few kids that would have so much fun on this!

  33. Gabriela Anderson says

    My son would absolutely go crazy over the Hamic and slide!

  34. Gabriela Anderson says

    The kids would go crazy at my house if I had this beauty in my back yard!

  35. Heather B says

    My son would love being able to run up the stairs and go down the slide!

  36. Cami v says

    Umm what wouldn’t they love… the swings, slide, and tree house 🙂

  37. Oh my kids would LOVE the slide. No doubt about it. I’d have to set myself up with a lawn chair, table, cold drink and watch em play! Sounds perfect ♥

  38. Alicia says

    I have actually been wanting one of these types of swingsets for years. I would absolutely love to be able to win this swingset for my children.

    Our older two are 7 and almost 8, and they love to swing and go across monkey bars at the park. My daughter loves slides, so that would be her favorite part of this swingset. My youngest is only 6 months old right now, so he’s a bit young yet, but will get to play on one sooner or later!

  39. @daddyandababy says

    My son would have a blast. He was born with Cystic Fibrosis so a lot physical activities such as jumping and running and playing is necessary. Thanks for the great blog @Popsicle!

  40. chad vankeuren says

    My maesyn would love this she loves slides, swings, pretty much anything to do with playgrounds. Hope to win for her would be a great x-mas gift. Thanks for Chance 🙂

  41. Sandy VanBuskirk says

    my kids would love everything about this swing set so much to do and so much fun to be had

  42. Nora C says

    My son will love the slide and the swings!

  43. Jennifer D says

    My boys would love the slidE!

  44. Tiffanie Sorrell says

    youngest (almost 2) would love the steps and slide the most the other two would love the clubhouse!! (so do I)

  45. Tiffanie Sorrell says

    my granddaughters would LOVE this!! Great way to get children OUTSIDE! and staying healthy!! Thank-you SO much for the chance to win!

  46. Crystal says

    They would just love having a set in the backyard again! We had one but left it at our house when we sold it. We definitely need a new one at the new house! Thanks for the chance.

  47. Lauren says

    Mine would love that wiggly slide, its like having the park in our garden!

  48. Carol says

    My granddaughter would like the treehouse part best. Thanks

  49. Deborah Cochran says

    So much fun for kids of all ages! I can see it bringing the whole family together for fun times 🙂

  50. My grandkids would love this swing set to play on when they come over for a visit.

  51. Ashley Chassereau Parks says

    My oldest would love everything about it, especially the monkey bars and swinging!! My youngest would LOVE the stairs and the slide!! I think she would do that over and over! lol

  52. Marissa C says

    My boys would love the slide since that’s their favorite thing to do at the park!

  53. Our family spends quite a bit of time outdoors, and this fun swing/fort would give the children something extra to do when at grandma’s house.

  54. My little guy would definitely love the slide and climbing the stairs!

  55. Natalie S says

    My kids would adore the club house and the slide!

  56. Marla Hoffman says

    My son would go nuts over the whole thing!!

  57. This swing set would be awesome! We have a retro 1979 metal one now that will soon be out grown

  58. Heart of a Philanthropist Blogger Kim says

    My son is an imagineer. He would love to imagine this as a pirate fort or Peter Pan’s playhouse. That is what I am most looking forward to – watching his imagination grow!

  59. Kellyanne says

    My son would love everything! he’s 4 & thinks he’s the champ of climbing & hanging! the ladder & monkey bars would be a huge hit!

  60. I’ll have 4 boys soon! This would be great because we currently don’t have a swingset and typically go to the park. They could use this every day!

  61. Scott says

    My kids would pretty much love everything about this play set. It has everything they love at the playground, which is swings & a slide.

  62. Debbie Clauer says

    They would love the slide the most. Left that out of my first comment.

  63. Debbie Clauer says

    There is so much playing that can be done on this play set. It is one of the most beautiful that I have ever seen!

  64. Wendy Jensen says

    I think they would enjoy the slide the most.

  65. sally salzer says

    The slide most definitely-my girl is OBSESSED with slides and playgrounds!

  66. Charlotte Stacy says

    This would be awesome for my 1 y/o, 2 y/o, 6 y/o, & 9 y/o! I’m sure my 12 y/o would enjoy it also! This would be such an amazing way to keep them active and entertained, throughout the summer.

  67. Noelle Carroll says

    Wow theres so much to love! Its huge and amazing and theres so much to do for active little bodies! I just love the climbing features, and I know my 3 year old would too!

  68. Nicole Stotts says

    We currently do not have anything for my very active 2 1/2 year old boy to play on in our backyard. This would be so amazing to grow with him and his 8 month of sister. We would be so grateful for something like this.

  69. My 4 boys would LOVE the monkey bars, swing, and play house!!

  70. Emily says

    This looks great!

  71. Ashleigh says

    The clubhouse would be a fun place for my boys to hang out and play!

  72. Elizabeth says

    My kids would think they had a park in their backyard! This would be amazing to have!

  73. Tabitha says

    Wow that’s amazing! My kids would love the house and hammock! So cool!

  74. Sarah says

    My kids would love that hammock.

  75. Selena says

    My boys would love this! Looks like a perfect play set!

  76. We’re buying a house for Christmas, which is awesome, but it also means there will be very little under our tree. This would be an amazing gift for our little boys!

  77. Bridget says

    Everything!!! That height measure for sure!!!

  78. Hilary Wallace says

    I would love to win this!! My so would be so excited for the playhouse area up top and the slide.

  79. My three year old would love this so much. The slide would be his favorite!

  80. Rachel says

    My son is 4 and he would love this play set! We don’t have much to play in our backyard so it’s really hard to get him to go do anything outside. If we had this, that would change in a hurry! That loft area would be perfect for him and his boy pals to play and hide from us evil moms! And maybe having a slide of his own would keep him from sliding down our stairs headfirst! ? What a fun giveaway!

  81. This looks awesome! my kids would love it!

  82. Jenny Loya says

    So great!! My boys would love this!!

  83. My kids will love to have this!!!! So great product!!

  84. Hilarry says

    We would LOVE to win!!

  85. I homeschool my kids and this would be great to release the extra energy. 😉

  86. My boys would love sitting in the clubhouse making dens with blankets!

  87. Melissa G says

    I have three busy boys two and would love to have a high quality play structure in our yard! What fun!

  88. Samira says

    This set is amazing! My son and daughter would have so much fun playing on it everyday!!

  89. vena silverstein says

    My kids would love hanging on the clubhouse area! This is the sweetest swingset!

  90. What an amazing giveaway!! And your photos are great! The boys look like they are having a blast. If I win, I’d be giving it to my friend and her family of three daughters.

  91. Would so love to win this for my daughter thank you for the opportunity

  92. Monica says

    Awesome set! Would love to win!

  93. Laura says

    My son sees these playsets in catalogs and says mommy I really want that. I would love to win it because he’s such a good boy!

  94. Sandra says

    Omg my kids would love this and it would go perfect in our backyard. Fingers crossed what a grand Christmas present this would be.

  95. Alison says

    This is awesome! My girls would play in our large, under-used backyard more with this!!!

  96. Donelle says

    What’s not to love!!! I have always wanted something like this for my kids…

  97. Chrissy says

    My 3 year old will love everything about this and my 9 year old will love the endless ways to climb on this as he wants to start training now to be an American Ninja Warrior.

  98. Aysun kilic says

    My two little monkeys would love this amazing swing set.

  99. This would be the best gift ever for my little kids this Christmas!

  100. Brandi says

    My boys would love to play on this swing set and it looks perfect to grow with them!

  101. Nicole says

    OMG, my 4 kids would love to have that in our backyard!!!

  102. I have an almost 2year old niece and another niece on the way. My brother would love this. The girls would have so many years of fun!

  103. Carrie Martin says

    I have 2 kids who are all about the monkey bars lately and, of course the slide and swing are their all time favorites.

  104. Melissa X. says

    My daughter (and nieces!) would love this playset! I already know their favorite part would be the clubhouse – I can see lots of storytimes and meetings of the minds up there! Fingers crossed…thanks for giving us this opportunity! ❤ your page!!!

  105. What wouldn’t they like?! Omg it looks amazing.

  106. Blanca says

    My youngest would love the slide while my 7 year old would love the monkey bars 🙂

  107. Leticia molina says

    This looks,like such fun.

  108. Janeen says

    My daughter would love the slide and swings and my son would love to hideout in the treehouse! I would love the hammock 🙂

  109. Jen F. says

    These are beautiful play sets! My kids would genuinely love everything about it. I would love having something so fun in our backyard, which is ready for something like this!

  110. Rosalyn says

    My kids love dramatic play and would love the wide variety of options all in one playset. Plenty of active options plus a treehouse/fort to play out all kinds of adventures.

  111. They love to climb! It is a very clean looking swing set. I love the steps on it.

  112. Jenny C. says

    This set is amazing! My kids would never want to come inside if we had this!

  113. Candis says

    Oh my goodness! My kids would love the swings and the slide and the little hammock. This is awesome!

  114. Alexandra says

    I would die winning this.

  115. My kids would die for this swing set! They love the monkey bars.

  116. Daisy Munoz says

    My 2 kids will be so excited, thanks for the change to enter to win.

  117. heather Durham says

    How fun!! This would bring so much joy to my kids! What a great product

  118. Leah Siapin says

    I have 3 boys too! My kids would love the treehouse. I can see them playing in their, hiding, reading, everything! This looks like an awesomely built play set.

  119. Anna Barler says

    This swing set looks like fun… Good luck to everyone!!?

  120. Rachel Johnson says

    Love this, what an awesome give away!

  121. Tyneda says

    My nephew loves swinging! He would be beyond happy with this incredible swing set/play house.

  122. Kristen says

    My girls would have so much fun on this awesome playset! I think they would love the clubhouse and the slide the most.

  123. We would love the clubhouse most.

  124. Allison says

    It would be so great if my son could grow up with this, I can imagine the adventures he would have!

  125. Heather Talley says

    My oldest would love the monkey bars and acrobat swing/bar!

  126. Joscelyn Wu says

    We just moved to a new house a few months ago and I keep saying we need to buy a fort for the kids. This one is amazing! The kids would love everything about it and would spend hours using it!!

  127. Reyna Gonzalez says

    My kids would love to have this awesome swing set at home!!!!

  128. Genevieve Larson says

    My lil girl would be over the moon is we won this! She loves monkey bars so that would probably be her favorite part

  129. Jessica Dynice says

    This playset looks awesome! We have been thinking about getting one for my 2 year old and 4 year old son. I would love to have one of our own so they could have wonderful adventures together in the safety of our own backyard!

  130. Valerie Crozier says

    Oh wow, our kids would flip for this! We moved here from Colorado and they were dying for a play set in our backyard. It would be great to win this!

  131. Laura says

    Ooh!!! My son just asked for one of these for his upcoming birthday! This one looks awesome!

  132. Sharon B says

    What a completely awesome swing set!!! My girl would be thrilled beyond belief to have this in our backyard!!! Thank you for having this incredible giveaway.!!! Good luck to all !!!

  133. Heather T says

    How fun! My kids would LOVE this, and so would I! We all get so stir crazy and the best way to burn energy is outside!

  134. Danitza says

    My boys love playing outside, we take out all their toys and let imaginations run wild 🙂 I’ve always wanted them to have their own backyard playground this looks perfect ?

  135. Sarah O says

    My girls live to swing and slide. They would just go crazy if we had this in our backyard

  136. Lisa Berg says

    I have 4 little boys who would l love the swing set as they can’t get enough of playing outside. One boy has been working so hard on the monkey bars and needs more practice. Another boy who swings and swings and swings. He is care free and loves the wind as he swings. My other two boys climb and slide. We go to parks as much as we can but having this in the back yard would be a blessing.

  137. Amy Gray says

    everything about this looks awesome!

  138. Rosanne R says

    My guy would LOVE this since we moved away from the park behind our house!

  139. Amy Bednarczyk says

    My 5 little monkeys would love this!

  140. This looks amazing! My kids would love this!

  141. Cindy H says

    My 6 year old would LOVE the tree house, and my 4 year old would love the slide!

  142. Julie Schweers says

    It’s so important to get the kids outside, and with a set like this. … I think it’d be hard to get them inside!

  143. Sunny S says

    the treehouse part

  144. Sarina Gallon says

    This set looks amazing! My kids would LOVE this.

  145. My daughter is obsessed with monkey bars. She’d love this!!

  146. Katie says

    What fun!!! My littlest would loooovvve having one of these in our new backyard!!!

  147. Nataly Herbas says

    This would be nice for my boys.

  148. Rachel says

    I hope we get this and our bland/boring backyard will get a major overhaul!

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