How I Curl My Hair…Plus 2 Cool Brushes to Get the Job Done

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people who i hang out with, know that i usually always curl my hair when i go out. the one pet peeve i have about my hair, is that it is baby fine and doesn’t have a lot of volume. i don’t like my hair when it is just hanging flat, so that’s why i prefer to curl it. when it comes to styling products, i don’t need a lot of things, just a brush, a curling iron, a blowdryer, hairspray and a heat protectant spray.

i go through a lot of brushes…my boys have long hair, and they’re always loosing or breaking the brushes. but i am happy to say that i just stocked up on these great Goody® Quikstyle and TangleFix hair brushes! so it looks like we are good to go for the holiday season coming up when we have to have nice hair for events we attend. and i was is luck….because Walgreen’s has a special deal of “Buy 1 Get 1” on all Goody® products including the Quikstyle and TangleFix brushes (while supplies last from 9/28/14 – 11/01/14). you must have and use the Walgreens Balance Rewards card to get the promotional BOGO offer, but you can sign up in store if you’re not a member already. it’s easy peasy.


i was really intrigued with this new Goody QuikStyle Half-Round Styler Brush. it has super absorbent microfiber bristles that interact with wet hair like a towel removing 30% of water, while the half-round shape makes it the perfect blow-out brush. the convex half-round shape allows hair to curl around the microfiber base, removing water while adding lift and body as you blow-dry (something i always want). check out the fun bristles and side vents that help hair dry quicker. this is awesome because i can get ready faster….a big plus for a busy mom.goody-microfiber-round-brush

my boys have been using the Goody® TangleFix brush. it gently untangles their hair easily and without pain. it has soft, super-flexible bristles of three different lengths to eliminate knots quickly. This brush works with the hair, not against it to ensure comfortable detangling and styling. it’s easy enough for my old boys to use on themselves or for me to detangle my littlest’s hair without the tears.goody-tanglefix-brushgoody-tanglefix-brush-for-kids
now onto “How I Curl My Hair”. something i would have never thought i would be sharing on my blog….but people always ask me how i curl my hair and get it to last so long, so here am i doing a hair tutorial. i am not a hair expert at all…i just know what works for me. i may even be doing it all wrong, but it does work. so here goes nothing.

Step 1:  after i have washed and dried my hair, i brush my hair out smooth and part it on the side. I like it parted in a side diagonal as shown.


Step 2:  i pin up the top half of my hair on top of my head with a clip or hair tie.


Step 3:  i then curl the bottom layer of hair in about 8-10 curls. for each curl, i first lightly spray each piece with heat protectant, and then curl the piece with a curling iron. while the hair is curling, i spray it with hairspray…then gently release the curl from the curling iron. i repeat this until the entire bottom half of my hair is curled.


Step 4:  next, i let down the hair that is pinned onto of my head. i then section the top half of that hair and repin it back on top of my head. now i curl all the hair on that middle section, the same way as i did the bottom. for these curls, i make sure to curl them towards the back, making sure to twist the curling iron away from my face. i then hairspray it all.


once i have finished the middle layer of hair, this is what it looks like.


Step 7: now i let down the top layer of hair. since the top layer of hair shows the most, i make sure to brush the top again to make it smooth. also, i make sure i still have the side part i made in the beginning, and then get to work curling the final pieces of hair.


Step 8: i like to start on the smaller side of the part and curl those pieces (just like i did the others), also making sure to curl the pieces towards the back, curling away from my face.

hair-curling-tutorial-step-55i then curl the hair on the other side of the part leaving the very front section for last.


Step 9: i pay extra carefully to the last pice of hair, making sure to curl it towards the back and making sure the hair is smooth and curled spiraling the curling iron. spray that piece really well with hair spray.

and release. you will end up with a head full of ringlets. but don’t pull them apart yet. first spray them all with a final coat of
Step 10: finally,  gently with you fingers, spread the curls apart and tassel them to look nice. you don’t have to do too much as they will loosen up by the time you leave the house. i like to take the front sections that swoop across my face and twist all the curls together in the same direction (towards the back).

hair-curling-tutorial-step-7 the final result is a fun and classic hairstyle of soft curls that flip back around your face. hopefully yours will last all day as mine do.curling-fine-hair-tutorial

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