Lilly Pulitzer for Target Madness

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Orange County

sometimes i don’t get things…like why certain people do the things that they do. but then again, i bet people don’t always understand why i do the things that i do. everyone has their own interests and own way of doing things…whether it be because of the way they have been raised or just what they are plain comfortable with. like these special collaborations with Target.

i can’t believe how crazy everyone gets when these collections become available.

maybe it’s because i am not one that has to have name brand clothing or accessories, that is just not something that is important to me. my mother never had designer purses or shoes while i was growing up, so i never felt i had to have them either. yes, there are certain brands i love and designers i like, and i do buy certain designer items, but i don’t get things just because it has a designer label attached to it.

but that doesn’t mean that someone else can’t like designer labels.

i guess that is why these collections at Target are so desirable. being able to get your favorite designer’s designs at a discounted rate could be very exciting. but what is sad about this is the way everyone is behaving to get these items. the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection had everyone up in a frenzy. to seesome of the madness, just check out this post on Buzz Feed.

for some reason, i actually hadn’t heard much about the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection before the launch, but i when i saw some people talking about it on social media, i decided to run over to Target and check out what all the fuss was about. since Target is literally within a block of my house (lucky me), it wasn’t out of my way to swing on over to the store. when i arrived at 7:50, there were about 15 people in line. not too bad. maybe the hype on the internet wasn’t all that. but when the doors opened, everybody crashed in a started grabbing everything in sight. wow. during the minutes from 8:00am – 8:10 when everything Lilly had been pulled from the displays.

i couldn’t believe how many items people were putting in their cart, they were filled to the brim and overflowing. surely not all of it could be for one person? i mean….how much girly pink florals can one person have? the clothes and decor were CUTE, but definitely had a Miami resort feel. i couldn’t imagine having so many items in that particular look. and looking on Instagram at the hashtag #LillyforTarget, some people had literally bought like 10 dresses…who needs 10 dresses in similar styles!

luckily, at my store, everyone was being fairly civilized. it was much calmer than this video shown on Facebook of a Target in Manhattan Beach.

The struggle was so real this morning! The first Target collab that I left empty handedeverything wiped out by 8:03! #lillypulitzerfortarget#target#crazybitches#fashionistasgonecrazy#soldout#gone

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kind of sad.

what i hope that everyone can learn from these crazy “black friday-ish” designer collection launches, is to just be a little more kind to one another in the stores…..

it doesn’t hurt to say “excuse me”.

it doesn’t hurt to wait your turn.

it doesn’t hurt to share.

it doesn’t hurt to respect other’s space.

it doesn’t hurt to treat your neighbor how you would like to be treated.

selfishly grabbing more than you need so that you can price gouge people on ebay isn’t kind either. that defeats the purpose of the Target collections entirely…to be able to give those who may not be able to afford designer brands a less expensive option.

when my Target opened, i didn’t feel to need rush since i hadn’t been waiting for this collection. because of that,  i was able to be much more purposeful in my selections than those grabbing as much as they could. i still ended up getting six great items: a Lily Pulitzer caftan, 2 different bags, a set of bobby pins and a cute clutch and makeup bag that i planned on giving to a friend for her birthday. i would have loved a cute set of napkins with pom pom trim and set of plates, #1 on my list, but they were gone gone gone before i even got to that section.

i would like to go with my theme of being kind…so i am going to giveaway one of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target bags i was able to get. this was one of the favorites…but i don’t need two bags and someone would probably like to have it!

to enter giveaway: leave a comment below and i will randomly pick a winner. contest ends Thursday, April 23, 2015 at midnight. winner must be a U.S. resident and respond within 24 hours of notification of winning. good luck!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Giveaway




  1. What a fun print on this canvas bag! It seems perfect for the warmer weather.

  2. Wendy M says

    Cute, love the colors. I’m definitely a purse girl this would go nicely with my wardrobe. lol Hope I win!

  3. Katie Porter says

    Great tips on being a reasonable shopper!

  4. Super cute! Would love to win!!

  5. sarah says

    I would love some lily for my imaginary daughters but am so anti-crowd, it was not happening. the bag is cute though!

  6. sean solomon says

    Bag is cute. Would love to win

  7. Katybeth says

    The bag is beautiful and I love your blog 🙂

  8. Justine Burgess says

    It’s super-cute! Some of the collection was a little too retiree for my taste, but this bag is awesome.

  9. Heather Toller says

    I love Lilly! So cute!!

  10. Kimberly says

    Every summer I buy sundresses. I’m always looking for decent quality & colorful prints at reasonable prices. That’s how the Lilly Pulitzer for Target got on my radar. I didn’t know, nor do I fully understand the “feeding frenzy” the collaboration created. Like most other people who didn’t get a chance to participate, I’m disappointed in how this was mishandled. Thanks for the giveaway. This was actually one of the items I wanted!!

  11. Katrina says

    Your awesome to do this…thanks for the chance!

  12. Chitsamay says

    This is the bag I was looking for! My daughter would love this!!!

  13. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for giving us the chance to win such a cute bag!

  14. Emily says

    Such a cute bag would love to win! My boom boom bag got cancelled! 🙁

  15. I think the Lilly P. designs for Target are so pretty. I don’t typically go after designer stuff either, but I think the bags and scarves are really beautiful. I went to two different Target stores, and I didn’t have luck at either one!

  16. Pamela says

    So pretty, and so sweet of you to share! Thanks for the opportunity and for all the work you do on your blog – love it!

  17. Deborah G says

    I missed all the hoopla until the sale was over but it sounds crazy! I love the bag’s bright design! Thanks for the amazing chance.

  18. latanya t says

    I would love to win!! Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  19. Susan says

    Um this bag is beautiful!

  20. Mackenzie Fagan says

    Love your blog, thanks for having this giveaway!

  21. Kelly B. says

    What a cute bag! Would love to win this 🙂 Unfortunately my Target experience wasn’t so great…people’s baskets got stolen, people took every size in a style of dress…it was crazy!

  22. Kim Henrichs says

    What a lovely bag, I love it!! It is really sad when people turn into monsters over retail situations…

  23. Donna Claxton says

    Such a beautiful bag!

  24. Alexandra says

    I think the madness that comes with these colabs is crazy as well. It’s sad that people are so greedy & are only looking o make a quick buck. Luckily, I live near a Target not many people frequent and when I got there I was able to try on most of what I was interested in…although there was certainly a lot gone. I ended up getting a pair of shorts for myself but put other things back I thought I would wear only once. All of the sandals, scarves & bags were gone by the time I got there ( a hour after opening) and that is what I was most interested in. Thank you for offering this as a giveaway!

  25. Janae R says

    You embody the true spirit of giving. Of course the bag is darling, but it is your kindness and willingness to share with others that is so special. You must be a great mom teaching these values to your kids. Good job!

  26. Nicki J. says

    Crossing my fingers**

  27. Emily says

    I love the tote and collection! I completely agree about the frenzy but love the cute, affordable styles offered.

  28. Denise says

    This is super cute!

  29. Leila Conner says

    Such a cute bag! Thanks for hosting a giveaway

  30. Beverly N. says

    That’s so sweet of you to offer a bag to someone! Would love it, for sure! 🙂 I was online for four hours and the site kept crashing. Neither my phone, nor laptop would let me add anything to my cart! And there’s no Target in my town, so I was out of luck there. Was hoping to get a few items as gifts, but was completely empty handed. 🙁 Glad you had better luck!!!

  31. Ashley C says

    This so cute for spring!!


  32. Linda G says

    I would love to win this cute bag.

  33. Starla B says

    AMEN to every single thing you said in this post. Some people just can’t be civilized and shouldn’t be allowed out of there homes sometimes, lol. So generous of you. I wanted a few items but sadly I had work at 7AM that morning. Bummer!

  34. Katherine says

    So cute – pink and girly! Would be great to take to the beach!

  35. Sandie says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  36. Super cute bag and I didn’t hear about all this fun stuff until after the Target frenzy occured. I’m sad that Target won’t restock the items either.

  37. Georgia English says

    I AGREE…well said! If we are meant to have something, it will happen, no need to fight or be less civilized.

  38. Beautiful tote!! <3 Perfect Spring and Summer Tote I Love it!!!!

  39. Erica says

    This bag is very cute for the beach, but nothing is worth fighting over in a store!!!

  40. Lindsay F says

    I adore this bag!! I was hoping to get this, and the matching sandals for my two night c section stay when I welcome our newest little dude in July. I’ve been scoping out ebay, but the sellers are just ridiculous with greed. Thank you for sharing your lucky purchase with someone!! You are awesome!

  41. Joan C says

    Very cute but not to fight over. Well said Jill

  42. I didn’t know who the designer was, someone told me about it and I looked at it with my daughter on Sunday on Targets website and I told her we should buy something, but I guess there is nothing left. Oh well don’t care, they have cute stuff but I’m not dying to get them. I like the giveaway purse- thank you for want to share with us 😉

  43. Sydney says

    Such a cute tote! I have been looking for something other than my backpack to carry things around in!

  44. Christiana says

    That is so nice of you to give away the bag! I was lucky enough to get the romper and maxi dress that I coveted. Please do not enter me into the drawing! I just wanted to thank you for having a good heart person. You too could post it on ebay, but instead you are choosing a different route. I hope lots of good karma comes your way!

  45. Kathe Harvey says

    Super cute – what a great beach bag!

  46. I took my daughter and her friend to Target Sunday morning. We got there a few minutes after 7 and were about 20 back in the line. My daughter headed to the girls section and managed to snag a few things she had wanted. Super cute bag- all of those were gone at our store in a matter of seconds. Never really saw any of them!

  47. Laura mueller says

    Love this bag! It would be amazing for the summer!

  48. ellen ross says

    love that bag! hope i win!

  49. karen says

    Love it! Thk u, Thk u.

  50. Lisa Seitz says

    That is so gracious of you to give away the bag. It’s sad how greedy some people can be

  51. Kenny H. says

    So adorable! Thanks for the great giveaway

  52. Dianne says

    This is such a cute bag!! I love Lilly!

  53. Montana says

    This bag is adorable and perfect for summer!!!

  54. Sivan says

    Perfect for summer!

  55. Such a cute bag! I love the collaboration with Target!

  56. Mary Lopez says

    Love the bag! Hope I win!

  57. Erika P says

    How exciting. I really wanted a dress for my girl but I’m not going to pay $$$ on eBay for one.

  58. Nicole T says

    I would love this bag… Pretty please!

  59. Stacy says

    Would love to win! It was a frenzy at my Target, and it sure looked like people were purchasing to sell on ebay 🙁

  60. Kristin Gonzales says

    Would love!! So STINKIN cute! ❤️❤️❤️

  61. Barbara says

    i haven’t seen anything like this. I hope I win:)

  62. Nigar F. says

    Adorable bag! I love your blog!

  63. Jen F. says

    I saw something about this new line, but had no idea there was such a following! This is a super cute bag!

  64. Reyna Gonzalez says

    Super cute!!!, I really enjoy your blog and all the ideas and tips you give:-)

  65. Jennifer Krebs says

    love this bag! Would be cute for summer. Thank you for doing the giveaway 🙂

  66. I REALLY wanted this bag but only shopped online and it was not being sold online. Boo. 🙁 I will say that being plus sized did put me at an advantage since all those items were online only. I did wait up to 12:30 am to shop but from the comfort of my bed and away from crazies. I also wanted the bobby pins! Are they cute??? By the time I hit up our Target, there was still some stuff left but nothing I really wanted.

  67. Rosi Reyes says

    So mommy chic!!

  68. Jenny says

    Sometimes the fuss isn’t about it being a designer name, but that they like that designers style and never can afford it until it comes to Target.( This is usually my reason.) Another reason I think is some people buy a bunch to resell for more money on ebay. I hate when people do that. Cute bag, i hope i win.

  69. Karen kaufman says

    Love this bag! And love that you’re giving it away!

  70. Amber Romero says

    How cute I hope to win!

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