Back to School with OshKosh B’gosh

finally…the kids are back to school. it was no easy feat getting them ready for school this year. having a new little one and a son going into high school for the first time, left my middle boys getting less attention than previous years. as a mom, i try my best, but things don’t always go smoothly. luckily, i was able to sneak each of them out individually to do a little back-to-school shopping. they were very excited to get a few outfits for the school year…ones that show their personalities…because boy, they both have big personalities. so, i have partnered with OshKosh B’Gosh to share with you my back-to-school shopping trip with little Vann.  (make sure to enter the giveaway below!) i love OshKosh B’gosh for many reasons….first the quality, but also that they make clothing that is easy for Vann to mix and match and create stylish outfits. he loves to be fashionable with a quirky twist. graphic tees are alway his go-to. so i let him browse the tees while i picked up some of the essentials he will use all year long. i was excited to see all the jeans on sale…plus i signed up for emails. so i received a great coupon to use with my purchase. the prices are awesome. and i was happy to pick up two pair of skinny jeans…each under ten dollars! PLUS a pair for the B’gosh Jeanious campaign.

B’gosh Jeanius

in 2014, OshKosh B’gosh launched The B’gosh Jeanius Campaign as an annual effort to support their customer’s local communities with donated clothing and school supply needs. Since then, they’ve partnered with, Delivering Good (formerly K.I.D.S. fashion delivers), OshKosh Moms, families and friends to collect over $1.1 million and distribute more than 66,000 articles of clothing to impact the lives of over 260,000 students. you can join the effort by donating a new pair of jeans in-store or making a cash contribution in-store or online at from July 25 through September 18. And, share your “shop to give style” on social media using #BgoshJeanius. need some style tips? OshKosh B’gosh has you covered. just check out the cuteness. we left with a great new fall wardrobe…and shhhh! i couldn’t help myself from stopping by the little girls section to pick up Miss Dani Kat a few goodies. wanna see what we got? next stop was the park, for a little fashion photoshoot.  we got so many great pieces to mix and match!and not to forget Miss Dani….i am in love with her little dress. and this fall we can pair it with some leggings and a little sweater for a nice transition piece.the detail! ooops! i bought one more outfit for her. she’s celebrating back-to-school too.

OshKosh B’gosh Coupon Code

OshKosh B’gosh is one of our favorite stores. have you been lately? here is an OshKosh B’gosh Store Locator to find a store near you. and to make your shopping trip even more successful, here is an OshKosh B’gosh coupon code for 20% off! either print, or us code: OKBG3352   Happy shopping! hope your back-to-school shopping trip is as fun as our was. now we are off to school!

OshKosh B’gosh Giveaway

SaveSave enter to win a $50 OshKosh B’gosh Gift Card via rafflecopter below! contest ends September 27, 2017 at midnight. winner will be chosen randomly. must be 18 years or older and a resident of the U.S. Good Luck!!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway { This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of OshKosh B’gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”}


  1. Brittany Whitley says

    I’m nearly 30 & remember OshKosh from my childhood days!

  2. Bea Alexandra says

    I like that they have been a reputable company since I can remember and yet they always stay in style!

  3. Maria Beas says

    I like the quality and the affordable clothes that Oshkosh B’Gosh offers.

  4. Samantha Martin says

    Ive never been able to afford a first hand osh kosh b gosh for my son but this would be so nice !! He is always well dressed but usually second hand ! 🙂 😉 <3

  5. Sarah Mayer says

    I love how affordable they are.

  6. Tabathia B says

    i like that they have fashionable clothing for girls

  7. Jillian Too says

    I love how easy it is to mix and match OshKosh pieces.

  8. Sarah Hayes says

    I like that they have nice styles in bigger sizes. its tough finding clothes we like in my LOs size

  9. The styles and the quality are superb.

  10. Karla R. says

    I love their jeans for tots.

  11. James Robert says

    You can’t wear their clothing on. I have had many of their clothing items for my kids and passed it down to the next one.

  12. Laurajj says

    What I love most is that they have such cute matching outfits! I love when I can buy the whole outfit together! Makes it so easy to know what goes with what!

  13. Natalie says

    I love how comfortable their clothes are and that they are at a good price!

  14. Heather Dawn says

    I like that you can mix and match their clothes!

  15. Marilyn Nawara says

    Good quality clothing that is stylish and affordable.

  16. Anna Pry says

    What I like best is that their clothes will last through several hand-me-downs. I have a pair of OshKosh jean shorts I bought used for my daughter and they have been worn for several summers and still look good!

  17. Gillian says

    I love OshKosh’s affordable prices and adorable clothes! OshKosh is definitely a classic!

  18. hannah says

    I like that they have unique and fun designs for kids

  19. DEb JENSEN says

    I love their denim overalls!!

  20. Sarah O says

    I love the cute overalls

  21. Jill says

    I love the great prices and quality of clothing!

  22. Cheryl B. says

    I like the quality of their clothes, the shoes are very cute!

  23. Elle says

    I like that they have some trendy items but also a lot of basic staples that last years.

  24. Carrie says

    Very cute

  25. Carolsue says

    I like how well this brand fits my kids! Plus the style and prices!

  26. Katie Bellamy says

    They have the cutest outfits!

  27. Chrissy says

    I like that their clothes are reasonably priced but yet still hold up really well. I also like how cute their clothes are!

  28. nickie says

    I love the quality of there clothes

  29. Betsy Domingue says

    The style is sleek and the quality is on point!

  30. Latanya says

    the quality is superior

  31. Lauren says

    I like that the clothes are both stylish and durable.

  32. Tiffany Banks says

    I love the styles and quality of their clothing!

  33. Melanie Morin says

    I like that the clothes look comfy for kids to move around, jump and play and that they are long lasting too.

  34. Tee Anderson says

    I love their styles and the large range of sizes.

  35. Susan Nuttall says

    These are adorable. I started buying OshKosh in the 80’s for my kids. I love seeing your posts and suggestions and the give-aways are wonderful to help people who can use it to supplement their needs. Thank you for sharing. Your blog is so full of fun ideas to make, create, and do for families everywhere.

  36. dianne hall says

    I love Osh Kosh because they always have cute styles and the prices are reasonable!

  37. Melissa Estrada says

    I like the quality of the clothing! By boy is HARD on clothes! Thank you for doing the giveaways!

  38. Rachel says

    I like the quality and selection that Oshkosh B’Gosh offers.

  39. Will G says

    I like that they are affordable.

  40. meredith says

    I like that they have modest clothing for kids that are still stylish and affordable

  41. Kelly D says

    I like that their clothes are stylish and comfortable for my kids.

  42. the cute overalls!

  43. mami2jcn says

    I like their vibrant colors.

  44. sandra says

    I like the quality and styles.

  45. Ruth Anne says

    Your site has become one big advertisement for anyone and anything willing to give you something for free. Super disappointing.

    • I’m sorry. I have a family to support and have to do what can to make sure they have what they need. I only take on campaigns from brands I love and support. I have worked very hard for almost ten years sharing things for families…most of which I do not get paid for. If I could do it entirely for free I would, unfortunately I would have to go back to work and shut down the blog if I did that. I hope you understand.

      • p.s. Please let me know what you would like more of, and I will do what I can to write more of that!

        • Susan Nuttall says

          Jill, you post so many amazing ideas, crafts and activities that are fun for all. You are amazingly talented and I know you work exceptionally hard. You only work for sponsors you believe in. I get sooooo many compliments on your mega talents. Keep up the great work!

      • Melissa Estrada says

        Don’t be sorry for YOUR awesome Page & your blog! It’s yours & I personally love it! Thank you for the giveaways! I think it makes it extra fun to follow you! ????

  46. Erica says

    I like the variety they have for both boys and girls! It’s nice not having to go to multiple stores when you ha e a girl and a boy in your home 🙂

  47. Jessica Gipson says

    I love the quality and style of their clothes.

  48. Rosanne says

    I love the quality of everything at Osh Kosh. That is what motivates me to buy there, I know I’ll get my money’s worth.

  49. Surbhi K. says

    I love that they have cute overalls for my toddler and cute leggings for my daughter

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