The Time I Learned Some Great Tips for Mens Health

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Tips for Mens Healthever since my husband and i found out we were expecting a baby, we’ve been joking around about how old we both were getting, and wondering if we would have the same amount of energy to take care of our new baby girl like we did with our boys. we aren’t in our twenties anymore! and now that our baby girl is finally here, reality has set in that yes, we are older. we really need to take care of ourselves so that we will have our health as we now navigate through taking care of a newborn and beyond.

Tips for Mens Health

i’ve been working with Kaiser Permanente Orange County hospitals in Irvine and Anaheim since last year, and have learned lots of great ways to live a healthy life. i was able to speak to William Woo, M.D., who is board-certified in Family Medicine, and addressed the topic of Men’s Health so that i could share some healthy tips with my hubby. i found him to be very informative and knowledgeable – i learned when it’s the best time for men to get certain health screenings and what things men should do to keep themselves healthy.

unlike women, it is found that men tend to wait longer to get the care they need when they feel ill or sense a problem with their health. many times, men will go to the computer to try to find a cure for their symptoms. they are more apt to turn to energy pills or testosterone supplements to make themselves feel better. this can often be dangerous and not an effective way to cure themselves. just like women, men also benefit from yearly physicals from a physician. here they can find the correct solutions to any symptoms they are feeling.

Tips for Mens Health

Tips For Mens Health

Midlife for men is 40 years old. this is when most men start to see changes in their bodies. some men will feel more tired than usual, see weight gain, have changes in their body functions, have sore joints and or muscles, or just not feel like themselves. this is when it’s time to check in with a doctor to see what or if there is something going on. at this appointment, men should have their weight checked and blood drawn to measure sugars and cholesterol. it is also good to get skin checked for any abnormalities that could lead to skin cancer.

also, Dr. Woo suggested 4 Things that Men Should Do for Their Health

Eat right – avoid fast food and sweets. eat a balanced meal, drink lots of water, and get more fiber into their diet

Exercise – physical exercise is important every day. it doesn’t have to be rigorous, just a 20 minute walk after dinner with the family can be beneficial to their health.

Tips for Mens Health

Sleep – make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

Avoid Stress or Find Ways to Decompress – stress increases blood pressure which is not good for anyones health. try to avoid stress, or find time for healthy things that blow off steam. Dr. Woo explained that men often have jobs that are stressful or feel pressure to provide for their families which leads to health problems. they often don’t do anything to relieve their stress when they are home. it is important that men take some time to do stress free-time activities outside of work. even if they have a job they love, it’s still important to enjoy some stress free activities. my husband loves to surf, so i often encourage him to get out on the weekends to catch some waves.

Tips for Mens Health

and here’s a fun fact: did you know that married men live longer than men who aren’t married?!!!

When Men Should Get Milestone Health Screenings

since my husband is reaching his mid 40’s, we had some questions about when he should start getting certain health screenings. Dr. Woo shared with us some recommendations of when he should be getting them.

at 40 years old, men should get a physical that screens for cholesterol, blood pressure, weight gain/loss, heart disease and diabetes.

during their 40’s or later, many men start to think about getting a vasectomy. they should know that this is a very quick procedure. it is out patient, low risk, and there is minimal pain involved. if they are interested in getting a vasectomy, then this is a good time to speak to your doctor about this.

at 50 years old, men should not only get a physical that screens for cholesterol, blood pressure, weight gain/loss, heart disease and diabetes, but also colon cancer. the American Cancer Society/U.S. Preventative Taskforce recommends this. unless there is family history of colon cancer, then 45 years old is recommended.

at 55 years old, men should not only get a physical that screens for cholesterol, blood pressure, weight gain/loss, heart disease and diabetes, but also prostate cancer. unless there is family history of prostate cancer, then 45 years old is recommended.

my husband will be following these guidelines, because i want to make sure that he takes good care of himself. the kids and i want him to be around for a long time. i am so glad that my husband and i were able to speak to Dr. Woo and learn some great tips on mens health. i have been pretty impressed with the Kaiser Permanente Orange County doctors and the services that they offer not only their patients, but also the community.

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Mom Time at Dunkin’ Donuts


wow…what a month it has been. time seems to be flying by leading up to the holidays, and i have been completely overwhelmed with helping at my boys’ schools, getting ready for Halloween and all the Halloween activities. has it been that way for all of you parents? well, a much needed break was in order, so one of my besties and i met over donuts the other morning to catch up on life and rest our minds. i’ve partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts to check out some of there Fall offerings, because there is no better way to relief stress than to eat a donut.


can i say how nice it was to meet for breakfast! you tend to forget how much you need adult conversation when you are engulfed in taking care of a family and all the needs of you kids. plus, the yummy food was perfect for this prego mama.

right now, Dunkin’ Donuts is offering Salted Caramel flavored coffee, lattes, and macchiatos which can be served hot or iced. they are the perfect way to combine sweet and salty in a delicious blend. and all of Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee and espresso beverages are brewed using high-quality, 100% Arabica coffee beans, always freshly ground and brewed to order. and best of all, you can get your coffee and espresso beverages just the way they like it with yummy flavor choices like pumpkin spice, dairy and sweetener. i’m not a coffee drinker (but i am a donut eater), however my friend Pattie LOVES coffee, so she was in coffee Heaven at our Dunkin’ Donut meet-up.


my favorite has always been a simple maple donut and some milk, but this time i tried their iced hot chocolate. super yummy!!!!

dunkin-donuts-fall-menuwe ended up spending two hours chatting…we totally lost track of time, but it was just what my soul needed.

dunkin-donuts-pumpkin-spice-lattedunkin-donuts-ice-hot-chocolatebefore we headed out for the day, we both picked up some yummies for our boys….and some for ourselves to enjoy later hee hee. so many great choices…and right now the Halloween colors are on point. pumpkin spice, vanilla bean cream filled, peanut butter cup, apple spice and lemon curd were some of the flavors i got to surprise the boys with. they were very happy campers when they got home from school…and i looked like a super mom for getting them for them.

halloween-donuts-at-dunkin-donutsa-box-of-dunkin-donuts fall-menu-at-dunkin-donuts

i definitely see more donut dates in my future. i forgot how much i enjoy time to myself with good friends. and if you can’t meet up with your friends in the morning….don’t worry, Dunkin’ Donuts’ full menu, including breakfast items, are available all-day. i guess you could call it breakfast whenevs. Dunkin’ Donuts knows their guests don’t always have time to sit down and enjoy a complete breakfast, so they have made sure to create menu options that provide delicious choices that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time of day. breakfast is not just for breakfast any more. so i guess that means some evening meet-up with my besties after the kiddies go to bed soon. wouldn’t that be fun!

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The Kids Are Back to School and I’m Thinking About College

This post is sponsored by ScholarShare.the_best_back_to_school_photosthe boys are finally back in school. it has been a long summer of fun and lots of activities, so it has been bittersweet to send them back. they’re so ready to begin learning again…but at the same time, we would love to have some more summer adventures. but it was time. i need to start getting ready for our baby girl, and with the holidays quickly approaching, time is getting short.

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Vann started first grade this year. where did my baby go? he is excited to be reading and to be able to play on the BIG KID playground and the grassy field. he also gets to see his brother on campus more often now that he is a first grader.

cute_back_to_school_photosvann_back_to_schoolKyle is in 5th grade this year. he got the teacher he wanted, and says she is really nice. he loves to be creative and be with his group of friends that he’s been friends with since kindergarten. this year he will get to play an instrument. he chose the cello, which going to be a fun watching him develop this talent!

balancing_a_pencilJackson, my oldest is now in 8th grade. he has worked so hard to get to where he is today. i am so proud of this guy. he does all his homework every night, mostly without complaint, and still manages to go to swim team and water polo practice every day. i can already tell this is going to be a great year for him…probably the best year of school so far. it just hit me that this is the last year before he heads of to high school!!!! i can hardly believe itjackson_back_to_school

but do you know what also hit me?

time is getting shorter and shorter to start saving for my kids’ college. i will now have FOUR kids who will most likely be attending college….that is going to equal A LOT of money.

with the realization that my oldest, will be heading off to college in less than 5 years, i really need to be serious about saving. luckily, this year i have partnered with ScholarShare, which has been an awesome experience. i have learned that saving money for college doesn’t have to be painful at all. in fact, by saving in small realistic steps, you can end up saving big in the end. by simply giving up your morning latte once a week or eating in instead of going out once a month…you could put that money away for your kids’ college. we have created ScholarShare…saving plans for each of the kids, which are California’s 529 plans. they are GREAT!!!! and saving has really been easy. friends and family can even buy gifts card to add to their accounts for special occasions. we are so excited to have these plans for the kids. and you can get them too!!!!

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note: this sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the State of California who are at least 18 years or age or older and have a social security number or federal taxpayer identification number; and have not won a prior sweepstakes with ScholarShare in the past 12 months.


time is short. soon our kids will be saying goodbye to us and heading into the grown-up world of college and careers. as parents, we love to give our kids the best, an not have them worry about the struggles of funding school and having to pay off huge student debt loans.


one day they will look back and thank you for what you have done for them!


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We’re Having a Baby!

Popsicleblog_baby_girl_gender_reveali just realized that i never shared the big news here on the blog. guess what?!!!


and even bigger news…IT’S A GIRL!!!! we just can’t believe it! i shared the news on the Sandy Toes and Popsicles Facebook page, but not over here on the blog. sorry about that….hopefully you are all fans on Facebook so you already knew. but i haven’t shared too many other details about my pregnancy, and there have been a lot of questions. so i thought i better write a little blog post.

anyways, i found out in April that i was pregnant, right after a blog conference i had attended. i kept getting really carsick, more than i usually do, so i thought something was up. but i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. but a few days later, i was feeling worse….took the test again and POSITIVE!

wow. i wasn’t expecting to have another baby, after all, my youngest is almost seven. i was a bit overwhelmed with the news because i felt like i was too old to have another baby…i am not as in shape as i used to be and also in the process of trying to get healthy and lose all the weight i have gained these past 5 years. plus, my past three pregnancies were awful. i get sick the entire 9 months…could i handle this? but i guess we were meant to have another little one and now WE COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED. or should i say shocked! i mean….i guess i can’t really say shocked, because we all know how these things happen. and yes, this is what can happen from a night of trying to be spontaneous LOL! but nonetheless, we figured we were done having babies and were onto the next stage in life with our boys. not so much now.

we didn’t tell anyone our big news for a while, it was our little secret, in fact, we didn’t tell any friends until we found out the gender of the baby at 14 weeks. it was hard to keep a secret since i had been sick and not feeling like doing much. i felt bad not hanging out with friends or going to family dinners. but once we shared the news, everyone figured out why and were pretty shocked and super excited.

The Day We Found Out the baby’s gender

first of all, it was the fourth of July, we weren’t expecting to find out the gender of the baby for another week or so. but it was one of those days when the boys were feisty and fighting, and the hubby and i really needed a break. so we decided to go on a lunch date before heading out with the boys to the family 4th of July party. on the way to lunch we got to thinking…maybe the ultrasound place is open and we could find out the gender and reveal at the 4th of July party. to our surprise…it was! why is an ultrasound place open on the 4th of July? kind of ridiculous…but definitely in our favor. i guess it was meant to be….so we headed down and found out.

i laid on the table, with warm goo on my belly and watched the ultrasound tech do her thing. i had a feeling that it was a girl…but just couldn’t believe it when she said the words…IT’S A GIRL! i was crying with joy inside. after 3 boys, i still can’t even wrap my head around the news, and until i get another confirmation, i’m still in disbelief. what exciting news. we are thrilled that we will be adding a little girl to our family…and the boys really wanted a sister. God has a plan and i guess this little girl needs to be with our family and probably will need to have those three older brothers in her life. what a blessing this is.

we drove home and decided that we would fill balloons with pink confetti and pop them at the party to reveal BABY GIRL. here are some photos from the day we found out and shared the news with our families.

here is the hubby getting to work on the balloons.

chad_parkin_preparing_for_baby_gender_reveal getting_ready_for_the_gender_revealhere is the family before we passed out the balloons to reveal the baby’s gender. everyone was super excited. we had planned to have flying balloons, but the confetti was too heavy, so everyone had to just hold them.getting_ready_to_reveal_gender then 3….2….1….pop!!!!popsicleblog_gender_reveal_partyIT’S A GIRL!!!! everyone was so excited.  the next day we revealed it to the world.surprise_its_a_girl

i am due in early January, right after the holidays. my first winter baby. i am very fatigued and my stomach is always sour, but other than that, i can’t complain. this has been my easiest pregnancy so far. as soon as the boys go back to school i will have a couple of months to prepare for her arrival and get everything ready for the holidays so that once i am gigantic, i can take it easy. at least that’s what i am planning.

i can’t wait…i love love love the baby stage. it’s just been a while, so i hope i remember everything. can you believe it?!!!! four kids.  i love being a mom!

here is the video of baby girl’s gender reveal…

My Mom Confessions: When Parenting Gets Tough

confessions of the real meparenting can be tough! i would never want to sugar coat the life i live with my family. it’s not always pretty blue skies with rainbows over here. my kids don’t always eat their veggies, they throw tantrums just like everyone else’s kids, and my house is more often messy than not. we can’t always be the perfect parents. sometimes, i need to catch my breath and take a break. so i am partnering with Children’s Advil® to bring you this post about my “Mom Confessions.”

see! my house gets messy….really messy.

Messy House

want to know some of the secret solutions that i use to cope when it’s not easy being a parent? i’ll tell you… anything goes when you are trying to get through the day. like in the morning, when we are getting ready for school, i tell my kids that if they don’t hurry up, i’ll take them to school in their pajamas. and if they are tardy, they’ll have to repeat the school year again next year – anything to make them actually get ready in a timely matter.

Kyle and Vann Walking to School

my youngest is so picky when it comes to food. the only meat he’ll eat is turkey. so now everything i cook for dinner is “turkey,” even if it is really hamburgers or steak. sometimes after big grocery store trips, i tell the kids that i have to use the restroom really badly, so that they have to unload the car without me and i get some time to myself, alone in the bathroom. when it comes to screen time, i tell my boys that if they play too many video games, their brain cells will start to die off. and my best hack???

Summer Cell Phone Contract

after my little sweeties go to bed, i get out the good snacks that i’ve hidden from them and eat them without sharing, while watching my favorite shows on television.


i confess that these little parenting hacks help me stay sane…and if these little hacks help our family run smoother, i’ll take ‘em. i have created a few short videos sharing a couple of my biggest mom confessions. please tell me i’m not alone with these!

“Swimming in the pool during summer counts as giving the kids a bath. Right?!!”

“I pretend I have to go to the bathroom so my husband and kids have to unload and put away the groceries.”

“I’ve done my kids homework when I’m too tired and want it done fast!”

now, please share with me some of your mom confessions. i want to know!!!! And don’t forget to check out the Children’s Advil® Facebook page, where you can share your own confessions, too!

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