You Are Special Place Setting

Special Day Platethis Christmas our family received a very special gift from some very special people in our lives. my grandma and grandpa. it was a box titled “You are Special and Loved Today and Always.”

and inside that box, carefully placed and wrapped in bubbles…
Special Day Plate 2
was a sparkling gold china plate, a gold etched goblet, gold flatware, gold napkin and gold plate mat. surely a place setting fit for a king.
Special Day Plate 3
and this place setting of shimmering gold is to be used on a special day. anytime.
any day throughout the year. when someone in our family is celebrating something special.
Special Day Plate 5
whether a birthday, an anniversary, an accomplishment, a good grade….or maybe that person just needs to feel loved.  this special place setting will be used so that……
Special Day Plate 4
any special day each of us is celebrating…..they will be reminded that…
You are Special and Loved Today Always
what a wonderful new tradition our family will have.
thank you grandma & grandpa… are special and loved always too.

Special Day Plate 6


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