Adventures in Potty Training with Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants

with Thanksgiving being a long weekend, i figured, what better time to start potty training then now. at least i’d have the help from my husband, and not have to worry about getting work done.

with this being my third child having to potty train….you’d think that i would have the whole thing down to a “T”. but not so much with this little one.  he has a personality all of his own. he is only 2-1/2 but i know he can do it.

i have had it easy in the past. my first boy was potty trained by two. he was pretty easy with few accidents.  my second boy was tougher in the fact that he just loved his diapers, so he would refuse to even wear underwear. until the day when i wrestled him into a pair….and that was that. no accidents at all. pretty lucky with that one.
this little guy does. not. want. to. potty. train.  he too loves his diapers. he says no, no, no. and i can tell that if i push him too hard, he’s gonna rebel. so when i got the chance to try out Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants, i thought….this might be the answer. they are still kind-of like a diaper, but we can use them like underwear.
so i ran to Walmart and got some Huggies Pull-Ups Training pants. i also had him pick out a treat and some stickers. i even printed out this customizable potty chart on the Pull-Ups website.
now we are set to potty train. 
i showed him the Lightning McQueen themed Pull-Ups….and he was actually excited.
and he even put them on.
and played with his toys while wearing them.
i set up the potty all nice with his treats and stickers and a child-sized potty seat.
but….getting him to sit on it….no. such. luck. at least he likes the Pull-Ups!
please….wish me luck in this whole potty training business. i can tell i’m in for it!


  1. Adorable! He certainly looks delighted with his new Pull-Ups!

  2. OMG!! He is so cute!!

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