Where to Donate Baby Diapers in Orange County

there’s a lot to love about February. besides Valentine’s Day, there is also another very special day. National Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17th! this is a great time to get your family involved in serving our community – and there are many ways that you can do this. i have thought of a bunch of different ways our families can help. we can clean up the beaches, we can have a bake sale to raise money for our local children’s hospital, we can donate toys to the local children’s homes, we can bring food to the local food banks, and what my family will be doing…donating diapers to a local women’s shelter that serves moms in need. that is why i have partnered with Pampers and Sam’s Club to bring you this post.

one thing a parent should never have to worry about, is how they are going to clothe and feed their children. diapers are a necessity and as you know….babies go through a lot of diapers. having had four babies, it has always been important to have diapers that get the job done. i wanted my babies to be taken care of and comfortable. the kids and i want to make sure that other Orange County family’s everyday needs are met with high-quality products as well – like Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Cruisers, and Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes. we found a great deal at Sam’s Club to make buying Pampers product even more affordable.

so baby Dani and i headed over to Sam’s Club to get some diapers and wipes to donate on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

right now, you can get an instant savings of $8 off the purchase of 2 Pampers products at Sam’s Club. PLUS, you can get a $10 Sam’s Club eGift Card when you purchase $50 worth of Pampers.

wow…that’s a great savings!!!!!!

there are many charities in Orange County that accept diaper donations. i have listed some below, but you can also do a web search to see if there is a charity that has a drop off location near you.

Orange County Charities that Accept Baby Diapers

MOMS Orange County
Orange County Rescue Mission
Collette’s Children’s Home
Clear Charity
Laura’s House
Grandma’s House of Help
Thomas House Family Shelter

i feel that it is so very important to teach our children the importance of giving to those in need. with our lives being so busy, it can be easy to let weeks and months go by while just focusing on ourselves. i am grateful for days when i can take a step back and focus some of my time on others. my kids agree that it feels so good to take a break and do a little charity. i encourage your family to get involved with donating some diapers to a local Orange County charity for Random Acts of Kindness Day. it’s a super easy act, and with the great deal happening at Sam’s Club on Pampers, you get a lot more for you money. Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!!!!

p.s. we could leave Sam’s Club without enjoying an apple turnover. she couldn’t even wait to get in the car! LOL

{This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.}

The New Café Nongshim at Pretend City Children’s Museum

last week, miss Dani Kat and i took a trip to Pretend City for the Grand Opening of Café Nongshim. it is the new play cafe that Pretend City changes themes a couple times a year. we love the cafe because it is perfect for little hands to explore and create – and expose children to a different cultures. Nongshim is specialty cuisine of Seoul, Korea. so Café Nongshim has a Korean theme. perfect timing for this year’s winter Olympics.

Nongshim translates to instant noodles in English and they specialize in just that, instant noodles in a variety of different flavors and spices. their most popular dishes are the Kimchi Ramyun noodles and the Neoguri noodles. and all of their products are both tasty and convenient! here are some of Nongshim’s instant noodles…

it was fun taking baby Dani to Pretend City for the first time.  she loved everything about it – the water area, the toddler area, the garden area and Trader Joe’s pretend market were her favorite. and of course she loved the new Café Nongshim. we were there for the ribbon cutting and got to here about the Nongshim company from one of the local Nongshim partners.

Nongshim started in 1965 in Seoul, Korea, and became the #1 noodle and snack manufacturer in the country. they then had successful expansion to the neighboring countries throughout Asia. thereafter, Nongshim America, Inc. was established in 1994 as a part of the global expansion which made their noodles available consumers in North America. they have one of their U.S. headquarters right here in Southern California, in Ranch Cucamonga.

the ceremony included a drumlins with Korean drummers, and the ribbon cutting. then the kids were allowed to go into the Café Nongshim and play.

playing in Café Nongshim was so much fun. Dani thought she was so big playing in the kitchen that was stocked with “pretend” supplies to make Korean food.

there’s an area to assemble the noodles…

and then the Café area where you can “pretend” to be a customer or be a restaurant worker. it was so much fun playing with my girl. there is something about Korean Noodles that gets the taste buds going. YUM YUM.

my little niece from When In Huntington also had fun in the cafe. she served us lots one noodles.

Pretend City is so much fun for little kids and parents alike. it allows you to play with you kids in a magical make believe world. we had so much fun at the Grand Opening of Café Nongshim, and hopefully you can take your kids to check it out too.

{This is not a sponsored post. We were invited guests of Pretend City. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}

OC Family Fun at Monster Jam

last weekend was all about Monster Jam! my boys have been looking forward to going to Monster Jam at Angels Stadium of Anaheim for weeks. last year i just had a baby during Monster Jam season, so we didn’t get to go. this made going this year extra exciting. and we went as an entire family – mom, dad, boys and baby. we even invited my mom and dad to go with us.

first up was the Pit Party, which happens a few hours before the Monster Jam show. it is a separate ticketed event…tickets are $10. the Pit Party is where you can get up close to actual monster trucks and even meet the drivers. there are also booths with hands-on activities, game booths and food vendors. this year, the lines to get into the pit party were extra long due to security, so we only got to enjoy it for a short time. so i suggest getting there early…when it opens. my kids love this part of Monster Jam.

we got lots and lots of photos with many of the boys favorite trucks.

i really wanted to get Dani’s photo with Brianna Mahon, the driver of the monster truck Whiplash. she was the only female driver of the evening. i thought it would be nice to have some photos to show Dani when she gets older…just so she can see that women can do the same things that men can do. unfortunately, we got to the truck a little late and Brianna had to run out. but we still got Dani’s photo with Whiplash!

we all really enjoyed the Pit Party, even the grandparents!  then we headed back to our car for a tailgate dinner….because that is what you do at Monster Jam. i had made a really yummy picnic with sandwiches, chips, dips, pasta salads, cookies and drinks. you can also bring food into the stadium…as long as it is not in bulk. you can bring unopened water, gatorade, and juice boxes into the stadium as well.

after dinner, it was time to head into Angels Stadium. it was all very exciting to see it all ready and set-up for a Monster Jam competition. the show is super loud once the trucks get going, so it is really important to protect those kids ears from the noise…even adults need ear plugs. of course the baby had a really good pair pf headphones to protect her ears.

as i mentioned before, the whole family, even my mom and dad went to Monster Jam this year.

the Monster Jam competition began with a head to head competition race with trucks racing against each other. then they had a new race, called the “two wheel” competition. where trucks tried to do tricks on jut two wheels. it was amazing what some of those truck could do.

there were even a few wrecks…which make the crowd go wild.

this year, the fans were able to vote for the trucks using their cell phones. that was pretty fun for everyone to get to participate. it was pretty interesting to see the scores the boys were giving to the drivers, and hearing their explanations on why they deserved the scores given. this made the show even more fun.

the last race of the night was the freestyle competition. all the trucks pretty much wrecked themselves by going all out on the tricks and speed. almost all the trucks ended up without shells. 3 trucks even did backflips!!!!! it was amazing….the crowd went wild.

by the end of the night, we had so much fun that little Dani was all tuckered out. 

i do have to mention that our family felt that this Monster Jam was the best we had ever been to!  the driving was awesome, the tricks were amazing, the crowd was ecstatic, and the show was very entertaining.  Monster Jam surely didn’t disappoint, i’m so glad that i got to experience it with my boys and my little girl.

there are still 4 more chances to see Monster Jam in Orange County this year! the most ever offered, so if you want to go, make sure to get your tickets soon before they sell out. so much fun!

Tips on Visiting the Tournament of Roses Parade Floats

Visiting the Tournament of Roses Parade Floats – a SoCal tradition.

one thing our family looks forward to doing every year, is visiting the Rose Parade floats after the Tournament of Roses Parade. last year i was pregnant and had my little Dani Kat on January 2nd, so we never made it out to view the floats. this year, i am definitely taking the kids. we are going on Tuesday, the day after the parade, but did you know that you can visit the floats before the parade as well as after?!!!

if you have never seen the floats up close, you gotta try to go. you may think they are beautiful on the television, but seeing them unclose is an experience in itself. they are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!  the craftsmanship and detail that goes into making them is breathtaking. the flowers are vibrant and fragrant…..and they are enormous! plus, there are so many floats to see.

Tips on Visiting the Tournament of Roses Parade Floats

if you have some time today before the parade, or after the parade on Monday or Tuesday, i highly suggest heading up to Pasadena and checking out the Rose Parade floats. it’s a fairly easy trek. they have made it easy to park and shuttle over to the viewing area….or you can try your luck at finding a parking space. i personally have always paid someone near the floats to park at their house. the viewing area is open December 31st from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, January 1st from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm and January 2nd from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but you must get there before 4:00 pm or they won’t let you in. trust me…i have tried.

one of the best things about seeing the Rose Parade floats in person is the beautiful flowers. they a bright and colorful. you will get fantastic pictures, so don’t forget your camera. 

it will be crowded, but the crowds are bearable. there are plenty of areas that are not crowded where you can take a breather and sit down. there are also vendors selling food. make sure to bring cash, a lot of the vendors are local scouting troups and church groups, so they don’t take credits cards. i believe you can take in snacks, and maybe water, but security is strict on bottled drinks, etc.
when taking small children, you will want to bring a stroller or a wagon. with the crowds, kids that wonder can easily get lost. plus there is a lot of walking. i even bring a stroller for my seven year old….gasp!
we always allow at least two hours to view the floats without being rushed. we like to go up and down every street to check out every single floats. a lot of times there are volunteers at each float talking about them and flowers. it’s highly educational. again…there are a lot of photo opportunities!
just check out some of the great photos we got at our last trip to view the Tournament of Roses Parade Floats.

simply gorgeous!

we can wait to go back this New Year….the kids have been asking about it all week.

Best Tips for Visiting the Tournament of Roses Parade Floats

•  Float view takes place at the corner of Sierra Madre Blvd. & E. Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA
•  wear tennis shoes, you will be walking and most likely you will have to park far.
•  bring water, drinks and snacks (kids are always thirsty, also make sure drinks are unopened)
•  bring your camera
•  strollers and wagons are a must for kids who don’t like to walk far.
•  plan to get there by 2:00 p.m., the ticket booths close at 4:00 p.m.
•  carpool if you can, the less cars your group comes in the better because of limited parking.
•  study a map to get familiar with the area…this will help you find closer parking and figure your route to the float area.
• admission is $15 (free for children five and under).  Ticket sales end at 3:00 p.m. – venue closes at 5:00 p.m.  Tickets are available through Sharp Seating Company at (626) 795-4171. Tickets will also be available at the event box office and all Park-N-Ride locations
• click here for Park & Ride shuttle locations if you want to avoid finding parking.
• designate a meeting place to gather if people in your party get lost
•  MOST OF ALL, use this time to enjoy the beginning of the new year! these are memories your kiddies will carry throughout there lives. ENJOY!!!

5 Things to Do at Winter Wonderfest at Discovery Cube

it’s back!  Winter Wonderfest at Discovery Cube OC has come to Orange County! that means, snow. snow. snow!!!!  our OC kids get to play in real life snow….such a treat for our So Cal kids who are used to the warm sunshine.

it’s one of our favorite Discovery Cube events of the year, where snow and science have been combined at Discovery Cube’s Winter Wonderfest! kids can learn about the science behind sledding down ice ramps, how snowflakes are formed and put their knowledge to action with real sledding, tubing, and snow play. this is a GREAT exhibit with lots to do…including things to do not only outside, but inside as well. here is a top 10 list.

5 Things to Do at Winter Wonderfest at Discovery Cube OC

Tubing down a 75-foot ramp! the main attraction at Winter Wonderfest is tubing. grab a inner tube and head up the stairs to a  75 foot long ramp that you can ride down. there were two levels…high…and higher!

all the boys rally loved this, even my husband. the tubes go down pretty fast, so if you have younger kids, they may like the smaller ramp.

Playing in the Snow!  you can throw snowballs, build a little snowman, or make a snow angel. fresh snow is made daily and is fun to play in all day long.

miss Dani Kat didn’t know what to think of the snow.

sledding. there are two fun sledding hills at the Cube. one for the big kids and one for the little kids. grad a sled and head up the hill. the boy thought this was the best.

learn about the science of snow. there are lot’s of activity centers located throughout the exhibit and inside the cube, where you can learn the scientific about

we played for over an hour in a half and enjoyed learning about the science of snow! we will be going back during our winter break to enjoy the fun one more time!

Science of Gingerbread. don’t forget, after you enjoy all the fun of Winter wonderfest, head inside to experience the 12th annual Science of Gingerbread exhibit and all the yummy gingerbread houses. the sweet smell of gingerbread will be wafting through the air.

gingerbread derby racing. you can build your very own gingerbread car and even race against other gingerbread players!

Winter Wonderfest is happening December 16, 2017 – January 7th, 2017, and is great for guests of all ages. Winter Wonderfest is an addition fee on top of the admission price.

a big thanks to Discovery Cube OC for providing snow-fun in the heart of Orange County. so put on your beanie, dig out your snow jacket from the closet, and get ready for winter in Southern California!  your family can create magical memories at Discovery Cube this winter!!!