Healthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery Cube

Healthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery Cube if you don’t know that Discovery Cube OC has kids cooking classes…you do now! my kids LOVE to cook, and ever since we started watching Master Chef Junior as a family, they’ve wanted to learn how to be little chefs. so we certainly were very thrilled that the Petersonville Healthy Kitchen has opened at Discovery Cube OC.

the Healthy Kitchen offers 1-hour long kids cooking classes at Discovery Cube with a new recipe each month. there are multiple time slots offered on certain days of the week. you can make reservations or just ask the front desk at the Cube if there are any openings. most classes are $20 for a party of 4, so you can have up to 4 children or children and adults participate together. this includes the class and food that you will be making. the class is in addition to your admission into the Cube.

the class begins with putting on an apron and a good hand washing.Healthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery Cube

an instructor will help the kids with every step of the recipe and teach them not only how to prepare the food, but also the science behind each process. it’s like a bunch of science experiments. i love how the kids can see the instructor in detail on big television screens above and also in person in front of the class. i also like that there are only 6 stations, so the classes are small and intimate.Healthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery CubeHealthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery Cube

i think the class is great because the kids get to learn many different techniques on how to prepare food and also get to prep it, prepare it and eat it. at this class, we made Rainbow Wraps! we have also made gingerbread cupcakes in another class. both classes were equally fun.

here are some photos of the boys cooking up their food…

Healthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery CubeHealthy Kitchen Kids Cooking Classes at Discovery CubeOrange County Kids Cooking ClassesKids Cooking Classes at Discovery Cubeyes! they learned how to use a blender…Kids Cooking ClassesDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OC

kids not only learn how to cook, but also how to use real kitchen tools.

Discovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OCDiscovery Cube OC Cooking Class

and the best thing is….that they are usually willing to taste what they made. i probably would have never been able to get Vann to eat a Rainbow Wrap at home. but since he made it, he was willing to try it. AND he liked it!!!!!

Discovery Cube OC Cooking Class

we have been loving the Healthy Kitchen at Discovery Cube OC so much, that we want to go back every month to try each new class. you can click here to get more information and for a list of classes and times. hope you have a fun time!!!!Discovery Cube OC Cooking Class


Irvine Park Easter Eggstravaganza 2017

we are so excited because the Irvine Park Railroad Easter Eggstravaganza has open for the spring season! we headed over there last weekend with a few of our cutie cousins and had such a great time. it is one of our family’s most favorite Easter activities to do in Orange County. there are fun spring activities around every corner such as Easter egg hunts, hayrides, face painting and of course the train.

make sure to bring a basket so your kiddies can join the egg hunt. the eggs have candy or prizes like free train rides or fun wheel rentals. everyone gets the same amount of eggs plus candy.

we had a lot of fun on the hay ride!

there are adorable photo opportunities all around the railroad. our Easter Bunny photo turned out pretty cute this year! can believe all these kiddies were looking at the camera. and the baby loved him!

aren’t the photo backdrops cute! the cousins had so much fun.

and you can’t leave without decorating a giant sugar cookie. YUM YUM

And lots of fun games to play!

and if that isn’t enough, you can visit the OC Zoo, or you can head over to the lake and rent a paddle boat, surrey or one of the many fun bikes at Fun Wheel Rentals. wow…i am already getting excited. before you head over to the railroad, click here for some great coupons!

the Irvine Park Railroad Easter Eggstravaganza is fun for the whole family and just the thing to get you in the mood for spring. looking back through all my photos, we have memories from visiting every spring. my kids have been going since they were babies. the Irvine Park Railroad will always hold a special place in my heart.

Knott’s Boysenberry Milkshake Recipe

the Boysenberry Festival is happening right now at Knott’s Berry Farm. it’s one of Knott’s most loved events of the year. there are over 80 different boysenberry foods to choose from boysenberry pizza to boysenberry cheesecake dipped in chocolate….YUM!!!! we had a great time when we visited on opening day. we started the day with a Fun Bun and ended it with a Boysenberry Icee. you can also buy boysenberry products at the Boysenberry Festival, such as boysenberry soap, boysenberry chapstick, boysenberry barbecue sauce and boysenberry jam. Boysenberry punch is a big deal at Knott’s, and you can buy the boysenberry punch concentrate to make your own at home. there is a lot of great boysenberry products available.

so i decided to create a Knott’s Boysenberry Milkshake with some of the boysenberry products i received. monster milkshakes are all the rage right now….so what way to better celebrate the boysenberry festival, than with a monster boysenberry milkshake. to make it, i used the following items – Berry Market Boysenberry Preserves, Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Punch Concentrate, Boysenberry Cotton Candy, and Boysenberry Honey.

the full recipe on how to make a Knott’s Boysenberry Milkshake is below. here are some easy instructions on how to make it.

first, in a blender, add the ice cream and milk. blend till smooth…

next, add the boysenberry punch concentrate.

also add the boysenberry preserves. you can also add fresh berries at this time, about a handful. boysenberries are usually hard to find, so if you can’t find any, blackberries will work. the boysenberry, is a cross between a loganberry, red raspberry and blackberry, so they go perfect together.

now it’s time to make your boysenberry monster shake. using frosting, frost the rim of a large mason jar or glass container.then you can lightly press the cotton candy around the edge.

the boysenberry honey looks pretty dripping down the sides of the jar. make sure to place the jar on a plate.

pour the milkshake into the glass jar and then top with whipped cream.

top with sprinkles and a fresh berry!time to enjoy your Knott’s Boysenberry Milkshake. it tastes like creamy, frozen boysenberry punch. so good!

Bubblefest at Discovery Cube OC 2017

spring break in Orange County means going to Bubblefest at Discovery Cube, which happens every year during spring break! we always have a tradition of going on opening day…this year was baby Dani’s first time to visit, and we also brought our cousins from England they all loved it. it’s also my favorite event that takes place at The Cube. when you see bubbles, you just have to smile….there’s just something about them. and Bubblefest sure does make a lot of smiles. this year’s Bubblefest runs April 1st – 16th.

here is Dani checking out the bubble show for her first time with my cousin!

Bubblefest at Discovery Cube has two parts to it. first there the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show and then there are the Hands-on Bubble Exhibits. the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show is performed by the talented Deni Yang, a magical bubble show that’s unlike anything we have experienced. this year’s show takes place inside the brand new expansion of Discovery Science Center – in the state of the art auditorium that was especially designed for the Mega Bubblefest Laser Show.

as always, the show was awesome! we enjoyed….The Best Bubble Show in the World

giant mega bubbles….

Southern California Bubble ShowAmazing Bubblefest Show
snow bubbles….

lasers and bubbles….

Amazing Bubblefest Show at Discovery CubeLaser Light and Bubble Show at Discovery Cube
lasers, fog and smoke bubbles…

Bubble OceanThe Best Bubble Show in Southern California

kids inside bubbles…

people of ALL AGES love the bubble show….even my grandma who wanted to come back with us this year since she loved it so much last year.

Grandparents Love Bubblefest

the Bubblefest Show is simply magical. you won’t believe how many bubbles there are. plus there are bubble tricks, a bubble movie, and bubbles dancing to the music…all of it being performed of course by Deni Yang. the coolest bubble show we’ve have seen.
Deni Yang Show at Bubblefest
after the show we headed to the other part of the Bubblefest experience – the hands-on bubble exhibits. everything for Bubblefest is inside The Cube except for the bubble blowing. this is nice because you don’t have to wait out in the hot sun for the bubble spheres. this is a favorite of many of those at Bubblefest.
Playing In the Water Bubble SpheresKids Having Fun at Bubblefest
some of the other interactive exhibits included making a bubble wall, learning about bubbles from the bubble scientist, making shadows on the bubble light wall and trying some cool laser tricks. the boys also enjoyed racing against each other on the bubble house obstacle course.
outside in the Discovery Cube courtyard, the boys had the most fun making their own giant bubbles. they had these great bubble wands with the perfect solution to make enormous bubbles. i was pretty impressed at my boys ability to blow bubble out of the hands. it was so much fun to watch the joy in their faces as they created amazing bubbles.
The Best Bubble Solution at BubblefestFun things to Do During Spring Break in Orange County
and before you leave Bubbliest, be sure to get your photo inside a giant bubble, and if you want to take home some bubble making supplies, there are lots of kits to choose from in the gift shop.
 Bubblefest made for the perfect Spring Break Kick-off for the kiddies and i, and inspired some fun new ideas for my boys to think about. my oldest now wants to design laser shows. thank you Discovery Cube OC for hosting this fabulous Bubblefest experience…it was AWESOME!!!!!!  and if you would like to see if for yourself, hurry. it all ends on April 16th. click here for the details.

Visiting the LA Waterfront at the Port of Los Angeles

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of LA Waterfront. All opinions are 100% mine.

since having the baby, i feel like i have spent way too much time in my bedroom hanging out with the baby. as you know, i like to be out and about with the kids. so last weekend it was time stop spending all my time inside, stop binge watching television, and time to binge-whale-watch! so our family headed out to check out a place we’ve never been before, the LA Waterfront. Since we love the sea we checked out a few places from the curated site: LA Waterfront for Sea Explorersthe LA Waterfront is the happening place to be for all things seafood and ocean water fun. there are great restaurants – you can get amazing seafood, Mexican food and there is a trendy microbrewery. you will also find the aquarium, museums and historical landmarks, a giant indoor craft marketplace, and family-friendly beaches. the LA Waterfront has lots of possibilities for things to do. for us, it was a new place to play, dine, shop, and explore. there’s something for everyone, with activities to enjoy ranging from the Battleship Iowa to enjoying eclectic downtown art. it’s a unique slice of Los Angeles, where the past meets the present at the doorstep of America’s largest trade gateway. if you like boating around the ocean, you can spend your day searching for whales, dolphins and other marine mammals with Year-Round Whale Watching & Harbor Cruises. Los Angeles Waterfront Cruises Sportfishing and Whale Watching are currently running Whale Watching trips every single day. Gray Whales, Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, large pods of Common Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin, California Sea Lions, and Harbor Seals can been seen at this time. if you like Sport Fishing, the Sport King departs daily for a 3/4 day Catalina Island and local freelance trips. during the summer months you may be able to catch Yellowtail, White Seabass, Barracuda, Bonito, Calico Bass and Sand Bass. during the winter months, Sheephead, Whitefish, Rockfish, Sculpin and Salmon Grouper are in season. the Los Angeles Maritime Museum is also located on the LA Waterfront. it’s the largest maritime museum in California and features more than 700 ship and boat models.  a variety of navigational equipment and a fully operational ham radio station the building was designated as Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 146 in 1975, and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

the boys were most excited about visiting the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium which is adjacent to Cabrillo Beach and the Port of Los Angeles. they love aquariums and learning about ocean life, so this was a perfect way to spend the rest of the afternoon. this historic Frank Gehry-designed aquarium displays the largest collection of Southern California marine life in the world. and guess what?!!! it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to visit. admission is actually Free! but a suggested donations of $5 for adults and $1 for children really helps the aquarium operate. here are some photos from our visit… before we headed home, we spent some time at Cabrillo Beach which is located in front of the Cabrillo Marina Museum and near Point Fermin Park. it’s family-friendly and has two separate areas – inside the breakwater and outside the breakwater.

the inside break water is where the water is tranquil and calm, ideal for a relaxing picnic. there is a great playground for the kids, and the water was nice for the boys to run a splash in without getting to wet. next time we will have to bring our swimsuits. and the outside breakwater is where windsurfers and kayakers take on the ocean waves. there’s a fishing pier, which is a favorite destination for whale-watching and especially during grunion season. we have never been to a grunion run. that will have to be added to our bucket lists.

picnics! there may be no area in Southern California that’s better stocked with quiet spots to lay out a blanket and a spread of food: one of the few spots remaining where there are seaside fire pits fitted for grilling. it started to get cold, so while the hubby took the younger kids and baby to the car, Jackson and i took a walk on the north side of Cabrillo Beach to check out the view. we saw the tide pools, wind surfers and sail boats. it was a nice ending for the last, it was time to go home. we had a good time checking out the LA Waterfront. we are always up for a new adventure, and the fresh sea air did our bodies good. back over the bridge we went. until next time!Visit Sponsors Site