Halloween Onion Ranch Cheese Ball

Halloween Appetizer Cheese Ball

this Pumpkin Shaped Onion & Ranch Cheese Ball made the perfect appetizer for my Halloween party. the kids and adults devoured it, they liked it so much. i love cheese balls, and had the idea to make one in the shape of a pumpkin. i decided that carrots would make the perfect coating to give it the right color, and since my boys like ranch flavor, i decided to make it with ranch dressing mix. i just love how it turned out. and the flavor was perfect. nice and flavorful with the ranch and green onions, but nice and mild so it was a crowd pleaser. i will be making this again and again.

to make this Pumpkin Shaped Ranch & Onion Cheese Ball, all you need is 2 cups cream cheese, 1-1/2 cups shredded cheese, 3/4 packet Ranch Dressing mix, and 1/4 cup chopped green onions.
Onion Ranch Cheese Ball Recipecombine all the ingredients until fully combined.Onion Ranch Cheese Ball

then scoop the cheese filling onto a piece of plastic wrap. wrap it up, an place into the refrigerator until it has chilled and hardened a bit.How to make a cheese ball next, chop some shredded carrot up into small pieces.Halloween Onion Ranch Cheese Ball recipe carefully unwrap the plastic wrap from the cold cheese ball, and place it on the bed of carrots. with your hand, coat the carrots onto the cheese ball. then roll the cheese ball around in the carrots to make it nice and round and to full coat it in the carrots.Halloween Onion Ranch Cheese Ballthe finishing touch will be to place a small piece of celery on the top of your cheese ball pumpkin. serve with crackers or chips….i prefer Wheat Thins.
halloween-appetizer-cheese-ball-recipeenjoy! this festive pumpkin shaped cheese ball is perfect for any Halloween or Thankgiving party, or anytime of the year. you can coat it in cracker crumbs, or nuts if you would prefer it not look like a pumpkin. it’s really yummy!halloween-pumpkin-cheese-ball-recipeHalloween Appetizer Cheese Ball recipeto make it, all you need is 2 cups cream cheese, 1-1/2 cups shredded cheese, 3/4 packet Ranch Dressing mix, and 1/4 cup chopped green onions. mix all the ingredients together and form a ball on plastic wrap. wrap it up and place in the refrigerator for a few hours. once chilled, roll in shredded carrots and place a piece of celery in the top for the pumpkin stem. keep chilled until ready to serve.  and make sure to serve it with Wheat Thins, they make the best dippers and taste great with this dip.


You’ll Never Want To Waste Jelly Beans Again

Celebrate Christmas with the Magic of Northpole by Hallmark | Giveaway #NorthPoleFun

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Hallmark North Pole Collection

the holidays are quickly approaching, and in the blink of an eye, they will be here. for our family, we have Christmas traditions that we begin as early as the 1st of December. so i am feeling like it is already time to get prepared.  some of the current traditions our family has for the Christmas holiday season are…

getting the house decorated for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving…

Christmas Decoratingbaking Christmas cookies….Baking Christmas Cookiesworking at local charities to make Christmas happen for children in our community….

Los Angeles Charities

 and getting the boys Christmas pajamas at the beginning of the month so that they can enjoy them all month long.

Christmas Pajamas

of course we love to also do activities such as looking at Christmas lights, getting hot cocoa and riding the Christmas Train. i don’t do the elf thing like many families do, i find it difficult to have to come up with something creative every day during the busy holiday season. but i do love the idea of doing something special like an advent calendar or reading a Christmas book each night. so this year we are going to start the tradition with the new Northpole Line by Hallmark, a keepsake line of holiday toys based on the new NORTHPOLE movie coming out on the Hallmark channel.

one of our favorite items in the Northpole line is the Northpole Communicator. each night from December 1st through December 24th, push the button and turn the knob to have a conversation with Santa, the elves and some of his Northpole friends. it’s a fun way for your family to connect with Santa and Northpole.

Hallmark Northpole Traditions
North Pole Communicator plus we received the book “Once Upon a Northpole Christmas” with the special “Find me Santa! Snowflake”, a story that peeks into the secrets of Northpole magic.Once Upon a Northpole Christmas Book by Hallmark

Once Upon a Northpole Christmas

if you add your name and hang this lighted snowflake in a window, on a doorknob, or wherever you like,  to ensure that Santa finds you—no matter where you are. on Christmas Eve, the snowflake will glow for four hours until the jolly guy arrives.
Christmas Decorating with Hallmark Northpoleplus there are other fun Northpole items to make the holidays more magical!

Hallmark Northpole toys

these special Northpole by Hallmark items and more, can be found online, the special book and ornament gift pack will be sold exclusively at Walmart, and will be available beginning November 1st. the boys are really excited to start new traditions with the Northpole items, and so am i! i love the holiday season, and anything that makes it more magical. to find out more about the new Northpole line from Hallmark, click here.

Giveaway+one lucky reader with win a special Northpole Hallmark gift pack. just leave a comment below AND enter via rafflecopter. one winner will be randomly selected. good luck!

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Make a Wintery Holiday Wreath with Sparkle® Towels with a Hint of Color

Tracking Pixelblue kitchen decori received a special delivery from Sparkle® this week. they just launched their new line of Sparkle® towels with a hint of color, paper towels with pop of blue color. inside the box were their new paper towels and a fun light that changes colors with an app on your phone. cool huh!

sparkle hint of color giftas you can probably guess from my colorful blog, and my many colorful craft posts, I LOVE COLOR!

ALL COLORS. in my home, the more pops of color, the better. when i see color, it makes me feel happy and joyful. my kitchen is bright and white with the walls and cabinets being neutral colors…, but the decor, that’s another story. wherever i can add some color, i do it. whether it be a cookbook, a stack of colorful dishes….

fun kitchen design

even kitchen utensils. wherever i can add some colors, i do it.

pops of color kitchen decor

that is why i really like these Sparkle® towels with a hint of color.  they are the answer for those for who think white towels are a little too plain, but prints don’t always match the décor. having subtle pattern of a single color, they deliver just the right amount of color to add a touch of style to any kitchen. and Sparkle® towels are made and priced to offer the right mix of performance and value to consumers.

sparkle hint of color

the new blue design of the Sparkle® towels with a hint of color reminds me of a winter wonderland, and a certain ice princess my nieces are always singing about.

sparkle hint of color blue pattern

so i thought these hint of color paper towel would make a perfect wintery “frosted winter” wreath.

frozen inspired decor

to make this Wintery Holiday Wreath, you will need Sparkle® towels with a hint of color, a foam wreath, hot glue, and glittery snowflakes, embellishments and ribbon.

winter wreath instructions

first you will cut the Sparkle® towels with a hint of color into a bunch of 4-5″ circles. the amount you will need depends on the size of your wreath. i found a canned food that was the perfect size and used it as a template. then i stacked 7-8 sheets of paper towels and cut them all at once.

how to make a winter wreath instructions

you will need a lot of these circles…you will probably use close to an entire roll. you will end up with these.

how to make a winter wreath

next, take one of the paper towel circles and pinch it in the middle to make a pretty flower like blossom. make sure the blue design is on the inside.

how to make a holiday wreath

hot glue the point of the paper towel flower to the wreath. place each one about an inch apart all over the front of the foam wreath.

paper towel wreath

you will do this over and over until the entire wreath is covered.

paper towel wreath instructions

finally, add the snowflakes, embellishments, ribbon or anything you would like to make it sparkle and wintery.

frozen christmas decor

what you will end up with is a fun, “icy” wreath that is perfect to decorate for the upcoming winter holidays. using the new  Sparkle® towels with a hint of color is key to getting this fun “frosted winter” look.

frozen christmas decorations

frozen decorations

if you like the new Sparkle® towels with a hint of color as much as i do, then you are going to want to print this coupon for a $1 off “Sparkle® towels with a hint of color!” your own hint of color is just a click away!

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Disneyland Halloween Food and Treats

Disneyland Halloween Treats

you know how much i love Halloween Time at Disneyland, and one of the reasons is the fabulous Halloween food found at Disneyland Resort. Disney does Halloween food and treats like no one else. so creative and fun and not to mention yummy, every time i visit the park during Halloween Time i have to get one….but there are so many to choose from.

first of all, check out these amazing Halloween themed caramel apples, crispy treats and marshmallow pops. these are just a few of the Halloween designs Disneyland offers. i just love them all.

Disneyland Halloween Candy Applesbut my personal fave is found at the French Market, so that i could pick up this sweet and spooky dessert featuring Sally from Nightmare before Christmas. the Oreo mousse and Oreo cookie crumbs are the main reason i love it so, and i was lucky to get a few bites, as my boys also loved it.
Jack Skellington Chocolate Tomb and if you are looking for some more Nightmare Before Christmas fun, get a Halloween drink filled with these ghostly light-up Jack Skellington glow cubesJack Skellington Ice Cubesduring the week of Halloween, Disneyland will offer some special menu items that are to die for! you can get the ooey, gooey, cheesy, Munster Chicken Sausage Sandwich at Carnation Cafe. it is covered in muenster cheese, onions, red bell peppers, and mushrooms and all the yumminess that comes along with it.

Disneyland Muenster Chicken Sausage Sandwich how about this Zinfandel Spaghetti with roasted golden beets, pine nuts and golden raisins. you can find it at Storytellers Café at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. the pasta gets its “seasonal” color from wine and it’s only available the week of Halloween. so fun!

Disneyland Zinfandel Spaghettiand vampires will stay away with this delicious slice of Anti-Vampire Garlic Chicken Flatbread pizza. its cheesy goodness is from Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta. this Halloween pizza delight is topped with roasted garlic sauce, chicken, smoked gouda, mozzarella, roasted red peppers and a tomato harissa sauce drizzle.

Disneyland Halloween FoodPumpkin Seed Brittle? oh yes!!!!

Disneyland Pumpkin Seed Brittle
another one one of my favorite treats of the Halloween bunch were these Pumpkin Twists…it’s flaky, pumpkiny and cinnamony, covered in sugar crystals. stop by Maurice’s Treats for these fantastic Pumpkin Twists.

Disneyland Pumpkin Twistsif you like pumpkin and cheesecake, then be sure to try one of the yummy pumpkin cheesecakes. you can pick one up at the Jolly Holiday Bakery or at one of the sit down restaurants inside Disneyland.Disneyland Pumpkin Cheesecake

throughout the Disneyland Resort, you will find so many fun souvenir Popcorn Buckets. i love these because you can keep the containers after the popcorn is finished.
Halloween Souvenier Popcorn

Disneyland Halloween Popcorn

Jack Skellington Souvenier Popcorn

or how about this Malificent Souvenir cup!

Maificent Souvenier Cup

over at Disney California Adventure,  you can get pumpkin-shaped sourdough bread. the pumpkin shape is perfect for a Halloween dinner and a warm cup of soup. be sure to pick one up on your way home.

Disneyland Pumpkin Shaped Sourdough Bread

you can get all of these Halloween foods and treats AND MORE during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resorts. but hurry, because they will only be available until November 2nd. what are you faves?


Mummy Snack Pack Pudding Cups | #SnackPackMixins

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Mummy Snack Pack Pudding Cupsevery year i end up being the room mom for one of my boy’s classes at school. with that, i take on the duty of planning the class parties for each holiday. i am always looking to do fun themed treats….but the key is that they must be easy to make as there are 30 kids in each class….who has time to get super fancy with these big class parties!  these Snack Pack Pudding Cup Mummies are fun for Halloween and actually really easy to make. i also like that you can do prepare the mummy details far in advance of the party and just add the mix ins or toppings the day of.Snack Pack Pudding Halloween Recipeto make the Snack Pack Pudding Cup Mummies, you will need: Snack Pack Pudding Cups, white crepe paper streamers, googley eyes, hot glue gun with glue or tape.

Halloween Mummy Snack Pack Puddingsfirst, with a serrated knife, slice the crepe paper in half as shown. this will make the crepe paper the perfect size to start wrapping your Snack Pack like a mummy.How to make Mummy Pudding Cupsto start making your pudding cup mummy, glue the end of the crepe paper to the Snack Pack with hot glue or tape. i have found that you can do this entire project with just using hot glue and no tape.
Snack Pack Pudding Halloween Recipe Instructionsnow you can start wrapping the crepe paper around the Snack Pack Pudding Cup. you don’t need to keep the crepe paper smooth, in fact it looks more like a mummy if you let it twist and fold as you wrap it.Snack Pack Pudding Halloween Instructionsonce you have wrapped the Snack Pack completely, stop wrapping. DO NOT break the crepe paper off yet, let it hang down. glue two eyes onto the Snack Pack with hot glue.Snack Pack Pudding Mummys Halloween Instructionsthen continue wrapping the mummy with the crepe paper allowing it to creep over the eyes on the top and bottom to make it look like the mummy’s eyes are peeking though. when you feel that you have wrapped enough, break off the end of the crepe paper and glue it to the back. simple as that, your mummy is complete!Easy Halloween Room Mom Ideaslook how fun the mummy look.How to make Halloween Mummy Pudding Cups and if you want to add even more fun to your Snack Pack Pudding Cup Mummies, how about adding some mix ins. crushed Oreo cookies and some and some gummy worms will make your mummies a little more creepy.Mummy Snack Pack Pudding Cups Ideasor for a fun class activity, let the kids add their own mix ins. Reddi Wip, Crunch n’ Munch Popcorn, Orville or ACT II Popcorn, Nutter Butter Cookies and Oreos Cookies make great mix ins and taste great with Snack Pack Pudding Cups. and kids like creating their own treats, so they will think this is really fun.
Room Mom Halloween Party Ideas

Snack Pack Pudding Halloween Mummies Recipe

you can find all your Snack Pack Pudding Cup needs at your nearest Walmart store. look for the festive Snack Pack Mix Up Spooky Fun display.
Halloween Snack Pack Pudding

Find more Halloween and Fall snack creations on Pinterest


Halloween Fun at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour

farrells-halloween-frankenburgerlast weekend it was the hubby’s birthday, so we decided to celebrate at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour.  i have written about our love for Farrell’s before, and a special occasion like dad’s birthday call for another visit. PLUS…Farrell’s has two fun Halloween specials on their menu for the month of October. we definitely wanted to check them out.

first up on their Halloween menu, is the FRANK ‘N’ BURGER. it’s a culinary monstrosity dreamed up and stitched together by a demented scientist. this burger  is a MONSTER! it packs a 1/2 lb. fresh Angus patty, 2 beef franks, 2 strips of bacon, American cheese, a fried egg, jalapeños, onion strings, Farrell’s sauce and a pickle Jacobs ladder.


it really was a monster….but really good too! it tool three of us to finish it, but the flavors were great and it lived up to it’s name.farrells-halloween-burger

then there is The Walking Sundae of the Dead. even the dead are making their way back to Farrell’s again this year to get their decaying hands on this tasty treat! it’s chocolate “Haunted” crunch and vanilla ice cream buried under oozing strawberry goo and hot “sludge” – with gummy worms squirming through whipped cream mud and Oreo cookie dirt…and topped with a big shiny cherry of doom!! farrells-day-of-the-dead-sundae

farrells-day-of-the-dead-halloween-sundaeit’s no secret that this was a hit with everyone in our family. the boys devoured it….and i may have had some too. leave it up to Farrell’s to make a special day even more fun! farrells-halloween-birthday-party
AND…during the month of October, Farrell’s has some special things beside the Halloween menu items. first of all, Kids Eat Free at Farrell’s in the month of October on select days and times, and you can join Farrell’s on Sunday, October 26, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., for the 17th Annual Trick or Treat Festival at the OC Market Place in Costa Mesa. there will be lots of family fun, like free trick or treating, a scary car show, an exhibition of snakes, spiders and other creepy creatures, face painting, food and more. click here for more details.

PLUS, check out these great Farrell’s Coupons.


Not-So-Scary Crush Halloween Event

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our family celebrates Halloween all month long, we love it. the costumes, the fun food recipes and the decorations. but we don’t like things too scary! we prefer the fun side of Halloween. that’s why Crush Soda has teamed up with Harry the not-so-scary Scarecrow and the adorable YouTube kids from KittiesMama to help create a family-fun Halloween experience. the kids worked hard at finding the perfect co-host, and Harry passed the test! check out this ADORABLE video.


you can join Crush Soda and Harry the not-so-scary Scarecrow at a fun not-so-scary family Halloween event…stop by the festive Lombardi Ranch for family fun, that is perfect for kids of all ages.

#CrushHalloween event
10:00 am – 5:00 pm on Oct 23rd & 24th
Lombardi Ranch is located at 29527 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91390


don’t worry,  if you can’t make it out to Lombardi Ranch, you can still join the #CrushHalloween Twitter Party with Someday I’ll Learn!

when: October 28th at 3pmEST/12pm PST
hosted by: @somedayilllearn
prizes:  (5) $100 Visa gift cards and Halloween Fun Kits from Orange Crush
rsvp: click here to sign up. make sure to use #CrushHalloween as your hashtag to be eligible to win the prizes.

Harry the Scarecrow on Crush Facebook

Check out more family-friendly Halloween fun at facebook.com/crushsoda