On the Red Carpet with Juicy Juice at the Finding Dory World Premiere

The Finding Dory World Premierelast week i had one of the most exciting times on the BLUE carpet at the Disney • Pixar Finding Dory World Premiere in Hollywood! Juicy Juice invited me to attend the world premiere at the El Capitan theater and watch Finding Dory with Ellen herself and the rest of the cast and crew. it was an evening full of excitement and celebrities…a very special night that i will always remember.

here i am right before i drove to the premiere with Dory! it was fun to get dressed up..in blue of course, ready for a night of fun.Driving to the Finding Dory Premierei arrived at the red carpet…which was actually BLUE in honor of the ocean, just in time to see the celebrities arrive to the premiere and walk the blue carpet.

The Blue Carpet at the Finding Dory PremiereDisney's Finding Dory Premiere at the El Capitanhere is the beginning of the blue carpet where the celebrities walk down getting their photos from the paparazzi and doing interviews with new outlets. it was most exciting to see Ellen arrive with Portia, since i have never seen her in person…and because she is the star of Finding Dory. the crowd of course went wild, screaming and calling out to her.
The Finding Dory Red CarpetEllen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi at the Finding Dory PremiereDisney Stars at Finding Dory PremiereEllen Degeneres on the Red Carpet at Finding Dory Premierebefore entering the El Capitan to watch Finding Dory, i took a few photos on the blue carpet. and right before we headed in, i was able to capture a photo of the entire cast of Finding Dory in front of the El Capitan. what a fun treat.then it was time to go inside and watch the movie. watching movies at the El Capitan is a unique experience. the theater is vintage and full of nostalgia. we weren’t allowed to take cameras inside, so i don’t have any photos to share from this part of the night.

Disney Finding Dory Red CarpetThe Finding Dory Cast Photo at PremiereDisney • Pixar Finding Dory was AWESOME!!!! one of my favorites animated movies for sure. just as good as Finding Nemo…or BETTER! i loved it and couldn’t wait to take my boys to see it in the theaters. good thing i didn’t have to wait very long, i took them on opening day. of course, they also loved it! on the way out of the theater, everyone was raving about the movie. i also bumped into Ellen!!!!!! i got to walk out of the theater with her. unfortunately…i was too shy to talk to her even though she was inches away. AND, i didn’t have my camera with me. but once i got my camera back, i was able to get one last photo of her.

Ellen at the Finding Dory Premiere

after the movie, the after party started! there was live music, food, activities and lots of people having a great time. it was pretty exciting to recognize the celebrities from our favorite movies and television shows walking around at the party.

Finding Dory Sand SculptureJuicy Juice Face Painting at Finding Dory PartyDecorations at Finding Dory PremiereFinding Dory CoralFinding Dory Party GamesLive Band at Finding Dory PremiereBeautiful Coral at Finding Dory Premiereand i couldn’t leave the party without enjoying a box of Juicy Juice. right now the Juicy Juice packaging is Finding Dory themed! something my kids would love. and since Juicy Juice is 100% real fruit juice, i love that they love it too.Finding Dory Juicy JuiceFinding Dory Juice Boxes by Juicy Juicei had such an incredible experience and the Disney • Pixar Finding Dory Premiere. it was a night to remember. thank you so much Juicy Juice for inviting me. and don’t forget to see Finding Dory in the theaters. the movie opens June 17th, just in time for summer. i know you are going to love it just as much as i did. make sure you stay and watch the movie all the way to the end of the credits! there’s a fun scene that is only shown after the credits have rolled and you won’t want to miss it. now go see it….and bring some Finding Dory themed Juicy Juice with you too. have fun!!!!
On the Blue Carpet at Finding Dory Premiere

{This is not a sponsored post. I was an invited guest of Juicy Juice. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. }

Our Dad Loves His JORD Wood Watch

Chad Parkin Wearing a Jord Watchone of the best gifts that we have gotten our dad…my husband for Father’s Day, was this JORD Wood Watch. we gave him it as his gift last year and he wears it all the time. it perfectly defines our lifestyle living here in Orange County. he loves that is is made from wood and has that rustic feel, yet it still has the look of luxury. if i had to pick a watch that deskills my husband, it would be a JORD wood watch.

Jord Wood Watches for Men and Women
JORD has some of the coolest wooden watches around. there are lots of styles and color choices – different bevel styles, different face colors, different movements and the wood choices are so cool. they have watches made from ebony, Koa, saddlewood, zebra wood, rosewood, maple and bamboo. you can even get sapphire glass which is amazingly clear and durable.
Jord Watches-Best Wood Watches for Men
JORD focuses on creating timepieces that are modeled after a modern lifestyle. these watches truly are pieces of art. JORD values sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. their watches are for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.

i love when my husband wear his JORD watch…and he always gets a lot of compliments whenever he wears it. my next mission is to get one for myself….because not only does JORD had awesome wood watches for men, but they also have them for women. and they are beautiful.

Best Wood Watches for Men

this Father’s Day, i highly recommend getting dad a JORD watch. check out some of the great luxury styles you have to choose from. and there are many more, so head over to the JORD website and check them out! there is still time to get one for dad before the big day.Good Quality Wood Watches for Men and Women

{disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a watch to review. all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}


Family Fun at Sender City and Sender One Indoor Rock Climbing

Best Rock Climbing Places in Orange County

on friday nights or saturdays, we love to get out as a family and do fun activities around the OC. whether its the beach, the movies or exploring new places, we are always looking for something fun AND that the whole family will enjoy. one of our most favorite places to go is to Sender One in Santa Ana. it’s an awesome indoor rock climbing center here in Orange County.

Sender One consists of two areas – first, there is the main area where pros to beginners come to indoor rock climb, and then there is a second area, Sender City, that great for kids (as well as parents) with brightly colored climbing challenges and obstacles. i have written about Sender City before and how amazingly awesome it is. the only thing that has changed since i wrote that post, is its name.  it used to be called Funtopia, but it has now rebranded itself to Sender City. it still has all the same great attractions and great staff, just a name change.

last weekend, we decided to spend the evening at Sender One, and spent some time in both Sender City and Sender One. we had a great time….as always!

Sender City Summer Camp for Kids in Orange Countyfirst we went to Sender City because it closes earlier than Sender One. the boys and the hubby had fun climbing all our favorites. this evening, i decided just to take picture. i do love climbing…but i also love taking pictures of my boys.Best Summer Camps for Kids in Orange Countywhat i love about Sender City, is that it is a great place to help kids learn confidence. a lot of the obstacles seem scary at first, but it is fun to see them try again and again and gain the ability and confidence to get to the top. it’s hard to believe that little Vann was scared at first..and then to see him climb to the top and jump was amazing!
Kids Rock Climbing Classes in Orange CountyHow to Build Confidence in KidsFun Places For Kids in Orange CountySender City For Kidsand parents have blast too. it’s also great exercise!Fun Date Ideas in Orange CountySender City Fun Zone For KidsFun Places to Go in Southern Californiathen there is the giant slide! half of the family was a bit scared to try it out, but the other half loved it. by holding onto the handle, you get pulled up to the top of the slide. when you let go…..WHEEEEEE!!!!!! you get a un drop down he slide.
Fun Slides for Kids in Orange CountySender City Giant Slidethere’s a new area in Sender City, a toddler area. it’s great for those smaller kids and toddlers who are not quite big enough to climb. this way parents can keep watch on both their kids in Sender City climbing area, and in the toddler area.Toddler Area at Sender City

after we were done in Sender City, we headed over to the main climbing area of Sender One. let me tell you, this place is amazing!!!!! people from all over come to Sender One to climb there amazing rock walls. they offer classes to beginners everyday, and you can come in rock climb for a daily fee that is pretty reasonable. if you are a beginner, head over to the Sender One website to check out the beginner info.

Sender One Climbing Centerthe best way to start climbing at Sender One is by taking our Intro to Climbing package – this includes a 1-hour intro to Climbing and Belaying Class, a day pass for the entire day, and your rental gear. the day pass gives access to the climbing gym, fitness facilities, and even yoga classes all day.

Sender One OCthis was the first time we spent a lot of time in the main climbing area, and we absolutely loved it. there were so many areas to explore and the Sender One team members were so helpful teaching us the prober way to climb.Safety at Sender One Indoor Rock ClimbingOrange County Kids Climbing classes

Rock Climbing ChallengesFun Activities for Families in Orange CountyRock Climbing TrainingDate Night Ideas in the OCOrange County Rock Climbing Lessonsthe boys had such a great time, that they are already asking to go back. i love that they are learning, building their skills and also getting great exercise while they are at it. we have decided to send them to Summer Camp at Sender One because they loved it so much.Southern California Rock Climbing LessonsOrange County Kids Rock Climbing Lessonsthis summer, i hope that you have a chance to get your kids to Sender One or Sender City. it also make a great date night adventure, so don’t think this place is just for kids….because its for everyone!!!! Fun Things to do With Teen in Orange County Rock Climbing


Life is Better With a Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

The Best Ice Cream Sandwichesthe school year is coming to an end, and things have been bit hectic around here. as i’m sure is true with many of you parents, this time of year brings too many end-of-the-school-year performances, too many end-of-the-school-year projects, and lots of events happening all at once. last weekend i NEEDED a break. fresh air and a yummy treat was just what i needed to refresh myself for this upcoming week. so the boys and i headed to Baskin-Robbins and then to the park for some fun and relaxation. since i recently partnered with Baskin-Robbins, i really wanted to try out their new Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. and wow!!!! we are so glad that we did.

Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches are my newest love. imagine two warm cookies with yummy Baskin-Robbins ice cream sandwiched together. it’s really a beautiful thing. there are 4 cookie flavors to choose from including Dark Chocolate Chunk, Double Fudge, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and White Chunk Macadamia. plus, you can even mix it up by having a different cookie on the top and the bottom. pick your favorite ice cream, and if you want a topping, try some rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, or chopped almonds. Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches are completely customizable, so personalize them to your taste!

Warm and Yummy Ice Cream SandwichesFamily Ice Cream Party

it was a beautiful evening and the sky was blue and peaceful. we quickly stopped by Baskin-Robbins to pick up our Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches and then spend time sprawled out on a blanket “Sandwiching”!!!

Ice Cream Party in the ParkBaskin Robbin Ice Cream Party in the ParkBaskin Robbins Cookie SandwichesBlue Skies Smiling at MeFather and Son Bonding Over Ice Cream Cookies

what is sandwiching? when you and a friend take a selfie with a Baskin-Robbins Warm Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. yep! this is #sandwiching

Ice Cream SelfieMother Son Ice Cream Sandwiches

and the best part of the night was hearing how much my boys loved the Warm Cookie Sandwiches. they actually thought we were the coolest parents. its was so much fun for them to get to pick out their cookies, their choice of ice cream and toppings. each individual sandwich had each of my boys’ personalities written all over it.
Eating Baskin Robbins Warm Cookie SandwichesSharing Baskin Robbins Ice Cream
and after the boys enjoyed theirs, the hubby and i got to enjoy our together while the boys went off to play. his and hers!
Ice Cream Sanwiches from Baskin RobbinsRaspberry Ice Cream Sandwichit’s the little things and life that my boys will remember, and i hope that they will remember the special times we have as a family at the park enjoying treats together. because, after all. sandwiching together is the yummiest kind fun.Family Ice Cream Fun

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. }

Managing Your Kids Summer Screen Time with OurPact

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact.

How To Manage Kids Screen Timesummer is finally here! just a few more days till my kids are out of school for the summer. it’s going to be so nice to finally have lazy mornings with nowhere to get to by 8:00 a.m. And although the boys and I have a lot of adventures planned this summer, we are also hoping to have plenty of time to hang around the house for some much-needed downtime. For the boys, downtime means electronics. lots of electronics! They love their tablets and phones. Playing Minecraft and Road Blocks with their friends is their favorite.

Summer Cell Phone Contract

i don’t mind my kids having screen time, in fact, i do feel it has many benefits…however, I don’t like them playing for hours and hours on end. And I especially don’t like it when they are playing on their iPads and their rooms are messy, they’re still in their pajamas and they haven’t done their chores. It’s nearly impossible to get them to do anything once they are playing on their devices. I almost went mad last summer…the screen time felt out of control. no one would listen to me!!!! and all they wanted to do was play their games. It became a habit to just play on the iPad instead of finding other things to do.

i told myself that would not happen again this summer. there are going to be rules set in place so that the boys can still play their electronics, but in exchange, their rooms will be clean, chores done and whatever else i feel is important.

Kids Cell Phone apps

how am I going to do this?

two ways. one, i’ve created a Summer Screen Time Contract. and two, OurPact – an amazing app that empowers parents to guide their children through the balanced use of technology.

here is the Summer Screen Time Contract that i created! if you like it, i have included a free printable so you can use it as well. hopefully, this chart will help keep the house organized and in control this summer. I haven’t set a limit on the amount of screen time as of yet. i figure if the boys have completed everything on this list, then I am fine with them playing. plus, we aren’t home a lot during the summer.

Summer Screen Time Contract

on the printable, i’ve included a place for their name, and a checklist of the jobs I want completed before they can have screen time. there is also a place for their signature so that they can take responsibility for their actions. I plan on hanging a chart on each of the boys rooms.

click here to download the Summer Screen Time Contract printable

and now about the OurPact app! OurPact is an easy-to-use app for your iOS or Android phone that helps parents guide the mobile device habits of their children. The OurPact team, along with help from hundreds of parents and industry experts, has carefully constructed an essential application that keeps the functionality of family life in mind. Not only does this app let parents help control the use of electronics, it also helps teach responsibility through technology. Finally, the tools and resources needed to bridge the gap between parenting and technology are here! OurPact gives families these tools – it isn’t just a parental control tool, but family guidance like never seen before. Best of all, OurPact is Free! You can download the OurPact app here.

this simple app gives parents to power to:
•  schedule internet and app use according to your child’s daily routine, and among the weekdays or weekend.
•  set the number of hours your children spend on the Internet and within apps.
•  block internet access and apps at the touch of a button.
•  allow website and app access, whenever you feel your child “needs more time”, at the touch of a button.
•  block all apps (e.g. Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), as you see fit.

OurPact App for Parents to Monitor Cell Phone Use

in addition, OurPact provides recommendations:
•  based on child research we can recommend the best Internet and App blocking schedules for your child’s specific age.
•  with the help of industry experts and child development professionals, OurPact has the ability to tailor appropriate guidelines and tips specifically for each member of your family, allowing optimal parental control and guidance.

Benefits of OurPact App That Allows Parents to Monitor Cell Phone Use OurPact App Allows Parents to Monitor Cell Phone Usethe fact is, the average child spends almost 50 hours per week in front of screens. This is the average use outside of school. that’s more time than if they were working a full­time job and accounts for more hours in the day than any activity other than sleep. this is approximately 36 hours above the weekly recommendation for screen time set by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

OurPact Logo

the vision of OurPact is to advance the future of parenting and enrich the lives of children through the responsible use of technology. It’s very important for parents and children to be involved children in determining proper mobile device use, which whether we want to admit it or not, is a huge part of their lives, and their future.

i am very excited to see how my Summer Screen Time contract and using the OurPact app helps the boys and I manage the technology in our lives. i know this will help them become more responsible in their usage and cut down on the constant nagging from us parents to put down the devices. i will definitely let you know how it goes!!!!

Controlling Kids Technology

so what do you think about the Summer Screen Time contract and the free OurPact app? how do you control your child’s screen time?

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact.