Family Game Competition with Hasbro

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we’ve had so much fun playing and sharing about some of our favorite Hasbro games, that we thought it would be fun to share the idea of having a family game competition between all three games we shared with you – the Hungry Hungry Hippos game, Monopoly Empire game and Pie Face game. of course, playing all three of these games multiple times is going to take an entire evening…but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Just order a pizza or make a fun dinner, and have lots of snacks and treats on hand. Make sure everyone has their game faces on, because once the games get started…there’s no telling when it’s going end. you tend to lose track of time when you are having a fun family game night!

to make the family game competition legit, I created this fun printable Game Night Score Card to keep score. this is just a fun way to keep track of who wins each round. this way you can have winners. either one winner for each game, or a winner for all the games in total. or both! And then for the prizes, some simple treats…but make everyone share, because it is just supposed to be fun and games.

so you’ve got the food. check. you’ve got the games. check. you’ve got the scorecard. check. you’ve got the whipped cream. check. and the family. check. now it’s time to play!!!!!

what I love most about these games is that each is good for a different age range, and each family member is going to have their favorite. my youngest, Vann, LOVES the Hungry Hungry Hippos game…I too love this game. This one is quick, so playing it five times in a row will not take very much time. you might even want to play it more.

next you’ve gotta play the Pie Face game. My middle son, Kyle, loves this one…actually, everyone loves it.

after you are done playing the Pie Face game, it’s time to play the Monopoly Empire game. this is my favorite game. i’ve always liked playing the classic Monopoly game since I was a kid, but sometimes the original version takes a long time to play. but, the Monopoly Empire game can be played pretty fast, and it’s especially cool for the kiddies because they recognize the current brands. it also has some new tricks, with cards that allow you to switch game pieces and block people. and you still get to deal with money!

the boys and i have loved getting back into games and also finding more favorites. we have been having a lot more game nights, which has been great bonding times for our family. summertime is coming up, so i see many game nights in our future…plus with the neighbors! how fun would a game night be with friends…. maybe a family against family competition!!!! yes. that would be “AWESOME” says the kids.

click here for you FREE printable Game Night Score Card. i’ve also included a version without the games written in the spaces, just in case you have other family favorites. enjoy!

Mother and Daughter Hydrafacials for Mother’s Day

a couple of months ago, i wrote about my experience of getting a fabulous hydrafacial at CosmetiCare. i’ve been loving the hydrafacials so much, that i really wanted my mom to experience one too. every mom needs a little pampering, and with Mother’s Day coming up, i knew it was the perfect time to treat her to a day of fun and relaxation.  so i set up a Haydrafacial appointment for her and i at CostmetiCare, and told her that we were having a girls day together while the kids were at school. i know she was excited, but i might have been a little more excited. one because i love getting hydrafacials, and two, i couldn’t wait for my mom to try one.

a hydrafacial is a step by step process that i wrote about here. it’s a safe, non-invasive procedure that combines the benefits of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and moisturizing. the process is a quick and painless, and the procedure takes only 15 to 30 minutes to complete. not only does it benefit the skin, but it is also very relaxing and leaves your skin feeling dewy smooth and full of moisture. celebrities often get them right before they walk the red carpet to help their skin look glowing and lifted. it was fun to watch my mom getting pampered and enjoying the hydrafacial.
here we are post treatment…no makeup, but our skin is feeling amazing and hydrated. it is safe to say my mom loved it.

after our hydrafacials, it was lunch time. so we headed over to Fashion Island, which is just down the street from CosmetiCare, to get a bite to eat. it was such a beautiful day…the sky was bright blue and the weather perfect. we ended up eating at a little bakery cafe called Pain Du Monde. it was perfect, the food was tasty and the bread so fresh. i’m already craving to go back. i am so happy that i got to spend this time with my mom. it ended up being the perfect outing, and something that we don’t get to do very often, especially without the kids. she really loved getting her hydrafacial, her skin was glowing after the treatment. i hope that this bit of pampering shows her how much we care for her, and that we love her very much. Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!!!!

if you would like to get your mom a Hydrafacial gift certificate for Mother’s Day or any other time of the year, contact the CosmetiCare offices. they offer special gift packs and you can also book one for yourself. trust me, you will love it.

Taste of ALDI Event in Santa Ynez

This post is sponsored by ALDI.

a couple of weeks ago, i wrote about how ALDI Food Markets are coming to Southern California and shared what makes ALDI unique and what to expect when you go shopping there. that was a popular post! looks like many people are really excited for the ALDI Food Markets to open here in Orange County. besides being able to tour one of the new ALDI stores before it opened, i was also invited to a special “Taste of ALDI” event a couple of weeks ago to learn more about ALDI. it took place in beautiful Santa Ynez – Central California’s wine country, and at the event, i was able to experience more of what ALDI will be offering us Southern Californians. i’m now even more excited for the stores to open here in the OC!

to set the scene, the Taste of ALDI event took place at the beautiful Bridlewood Estates Winery a working vineyard and wine tasting estate with a track for horse racing located on the property. the reason this location was chosen, is that ALDI has partnered with many California vineyards to bring some of the best wines to their stores. the new California stores will have an even larger selection of local wines to choose from than stores on the East Coast and Midwest because ALDI brings in locally made products. we are lucky to live in California where fresh produce is abundant. Bridlewood Estates Winery was the perfect place to get to learn more about ALDI.

after exploring the vineyard and doing a little wine tasting…a sparkling non-alcoholic drink for me, we began the evening being treated to a sunset dinner. an absolutely fabulous meal from beginning to end.

we started with appetizers – mushroom crostini, prosciutto wrapped asparagus, mini caprese salads, the most tasty cheese and meat platter

the salads and main course were just as wonderful. kale with avocado and lemon-yogurt salad, seared Specially Selected Jumbo Scallops, USDA Choice Flat Iron steak and seared cauliflower with red onion jam.

the meal ended with the most scrumptious and rich chocolate layer cake with almond-cream cheese filling and berries.

it was one of the nicest and tastiest meals i have had in a long time. we were all surprised to find that everything served to us during the meal was bought from ALDI. and what was even more amazing was that this entire gourmet meal was created for less than $15 per person!!  i found it very exciting that such a wonderful and detailed meal could be create from products found at ALDI…because the prices there are much lower than other grocery stores….up to 50% over the national brands! plus, the quality and selection was definitely there, and i can see myself creating  many dishes and entertaining with the food served to us that evening.

the next day, we got down to business tasting and comparing the ALDI brand products to national brands. from yogurts, to almond milk, to chips, to cheeses…we were all surprised to find that for significantly less money, you could get practically the same products as the ones you currently shop for regularly. they either tasted the same or better…which is very cool.

i also found that i am an excellent blindfolded taste taster, and managed to win the taste testing contest. so much fun.

next up we were treated to a cooking demonstration by the adorable Chef Brigitte Nguyen who made a grapefruit, avocado and blue cheese salad with pecans that was to die for. it is always fun to get inspiration to create more tasty dishes…and this salad is going to be made by me on a regular basis from now on. and of course, the entire thing was made with ingredients from ALDI. doesn’t it look amazing? you can get lots of recipes like these on the ALDI website.
then i was able to experience something that i have never done before. learn about the art of wine tasting from Sommelier Leslee Miller. and although i do not drink, i found this to be very interesting. we learned everything from how to taste wine to how to pair it with foods. Leslee also shared with us how impressed she was with the selection and quality of wines sold at ALDI….especially for the low prices they are sold for. i can tell you from what she was sharing with us, that if you are a wine drinker, you will want to check out the wine at ALDI. it will probably become your new favorite place to shop for wine. she even told us that she likes to guess the prices of each bottle of wine before she finds out the true price – usually guessing at least $7-14 more above the true price of each of the bottles of ALDI wine.

finally, we ended the day with more food of course. a lunch with a beautiful view of the vineyard. all the food again being from ALDI and oh so yummy. and if you have notice all the pretty flowers in my photos, do know that they too are also from a local grower that supplies ALDI flowers. yes, ALDI also sells flowers from local growers – and they are fresh fresh fresh. i took some home from the event and they are still alive two weeks later.

i left the ‘Taste of ALDI’ event feeling inspired and excited. i look forward to shopping in a new way and finding new products that my family loves. i also want to tell everyone i know about ALDI. you really need to give these new California stores a chance. i am confident that you’re going to love them and their products just as much as i do. not only because of the savings, but because of the quality and freshness you will find. so be on the lookout for a store and hopefully pop in a check it out. and because ALDI saves you money by renting the carts for 25 cents and by having customers bring their own bags, don’t forget a quarter for the carts and your reusable bags!

The Most Hilarious Family Game – PIE FACE!!!!! ad#

I’m sharing the #PieFace game in my life as part of a paid Hasbro series for Socialstars
i am happy to say that the boys and ihave been doing a great job of playing more board games and having less screen time. it makes me happy to see them all playing together and having a fun time with something other than electronics. i have recently shared our love for the Hasbro games – Hungry Hungry Hippos and Monopoly Empire games. now, i just have to share the Pie Face game with you!!!! if you are looking to have a hilarious time of belly laughs and smiles bigger than your face…then you are going to want to play the Pie Face game.

if you haven’t heard about it before, the Pie Face is a game of whipped cream roulette. this wacky game allows you to get messy with a face full of whipped cream. and may i add that it’s also yummy as well. All you need is the game and a can of whipped cream (whipped cream not included), and you’ll be ready to play. start by filling the hand with a dollop of whipped cream.

now, each player will take turns passing around the apparatus, spinning the spinner as they rest their face on the game piece.

this is the fun part! anticipation is at an all-time high, as each player turns the handles as many times as the number they spun on the spinner. who will get smashed???? you never know until it’s your turn. 1…..2…..3…..4…..???? and smash!

and smash!

we have played this game at parties, after school, for family game night. i don’t think we have laughed so hard playing a game before. It may be simple, but you’ll play over and over again. plus, you can also get creative with the Pie Face game! like how about using it to decide who has chore duty in the household. whoever gets smashed has to do the dishes or take out the trash!

the Pie Face game is meant for children ages 5 and up and is great for kids and adults alike. spring and summer get togethers are coming up, and the Pie Face game is a great game to have on hand for entertaining.

are you ready to get you game on?

{Disclosure: This is a paid post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. }

Summer Finds That Will Make Summer Awesome!

summer is just around the corner! there is nothing i love more than spending summer here in Orange County there is so much to do – the beach, the pool, the parks, nature centers and hiking trails. if you like the sunshine, the OC is definitely where you want to be. at the same time, i also love having great products to enhance the fun my kids and i have during summer time. i’ve had my eye on a bunch of fun products this year. some for fun, some for style, some tomato life easier. here are some of the summer finds i think would make the summer even more awesome!  some i already have, some i want, and some are just plain cool. check them out!!!!!

1. Zinka  | Zinka introduced the first ever colored zinc oxide sunblock! i remember wearing it when i was a kid. i thought i was so cool. but parents beware…..Zinka is messy and colorful, so it is best to use at the beach where it can’t get on stuff.  Zinka offers a wide range of broad spectrum UVA and UVB blocking products that are safe for all ages.

2. Fun Pool Floats  |  Cool down with a popsicle or pretzel-shaped pool float. or choose one of the other fun treat pool floats that Crafted from heavy-duty vinyl and easy to inflate.

3. Zoku Mini Pop Molds  |  you can’t enjoy summer without popsicles in my opinion! you can create up to nine different mini pops at a time with the Zoku Mini Pop Molds instantly – it only take a few minutes from pouring the juice until they are frozen, ready to eat. forget fighting with the tray to get your pop, when your pops are frozen, simply pull out your mini pop and enjoy! they are the perfect size for children, and super cute.

4. Surfer Dudes  |  we just got some of these and they are so much fun. my boys spent hours tossing these little surfer dudes into the waves at the beach. they come right back to you when the waves come. AWESOME! this award winning surf toy comes with gnarly graphics and an unsinkable board. 6 Surfer dudes and Surfer gals to choose from!  no batteries needed. 

5. Sombrilla Beach Canopy  |  i’ve been in love with these darling beach canopies for the past few years, and i am finally going to get one. elegant & sophisticated, the Sombrilla is made from 100% cotton, so breathe & relax while enjoying superior sun protection. you can now indulge in those long summer days at the beach blissfully unaware of the heat as you enjoy yourself under a cool canopy of natural shade. lots af great colors and patterns to choose from.

6. Traveling Mess Laundry Hamper  |  how great would this mess laundry hamper be to carry sand toys

7. Surf Brush  |  grab this insanely popular Surf Brush to have on-hand after sandy days at the beach. this All Purpose Beach Sand Brush quickly brushes away unwanted sand on toys, beach gear and kids!!!! it’s super soft bristles won’t hurt went you use it.

8. Campfire Fishing Rod  |  cook over the fire in a cool unique way! by using these cool fishing pool campfire roasting sticks.  a great way to roast your campfire foods like peppers, hot dogs, shrimp, and much more. they feature a stainless steel line and roasting hooks, a fixed steel line, and a heat resistant wooden handle. kids will love using these easy to use campfire cooking tools! simply, place your hot dogs and marshmallows on the roasting hooks, gently shake the pole over the fire like you would jig an actual fishing pole, and watch as your snacks cook to perfection.

9.  Round Towel  |  i’m in love with round beach towels, they are all the rage right now. there are lots to choose from out there, but i thought this one what one of the prettiest! the party is wherever you toss this circular cotton beach towel featuring a bold monochrome print and finished with soft fringe.

10. Quut Scoppi Beach Toy  |  dig into fun! this great Scoppi sand shovel has an exciting and iconic design. kids can use both their hands and their feet to move sand around with ease. it comes with a detachable sand sifter that will double the fun as they build forts, moats and castles in the sand.

11.  Kalorik Stainless Steel S’mores Maker  |  now the fun of roasting marshmallows over an open campfire can be brought to the comfort of kitchens everywhere with the Kalorik S’mores Maker! use it with the kids in the backyard under the stars, at parties, gatherings and other occassions to create fun and tasty desserts and snacks. a tray with four storage compartments stores graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate squares and other treats. Includes four stainless steel forks for roasting marshmallows over the stainless steel heating element.

12.  Torpedo Dive Toys  |  these are some of my kids favorite pool toys. they glide super fast through the water for long distances, and kids can dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve them. each Package includes 4 brightly colored numbered Dive Rockets. Fun way to improve swimming skills. 

13. Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill  |  you can travel light with the only charcoal grill that becomes a briefcase! this versatile Briefcase Barbecue Grill lets you cook wherever you go. just unfold the case and follow the simple instructions and you’ll be cooking in no time! ideal for beach, campground or picnic. features a convenient mess-free ash bin and locks for safe and easy transport.

14.  Big Dig Ride-On Sand Digger  |  my son has this and it’s a hit! overtime we take it to the beach, a crowd of kids hover over us trying to see the fun. you can sift sand and shovel dirt!  two-handed controls help kids learn manual dexterity and improve hand-eye coordination.  handle moves and the seat pivots on this kid-sized working crane.

15.  Giant Sized Jumbling Tower | this jenga inspired game is super-sized and perfect to play on the lawn.

16. Log Joust Pool Toy Set  |  just add kids, water, and let the fun begin. the kit includes 2 inflatable logs, 2 inflatable log boppers. ready for some pool fun? someone is gettin’ dunked!!!

17.  Can You Dig It Sand Castle Kit with Tools  |  hopefully you will be spending lots of time at the beach this summer. this is the perfect sand sculpting kit for people who’ve never sculpted sand before. everything you need to help you create anything out of sand is included! each kit contains a set of the original, award-winning “Can You Dig It” Sand Tools, a “Can You Dig It” Sand Tools Bucket & Form Set, and a “Can You Dig It” Sand Sculptor’s Brush. kids will love learning to build more intricate sand sculptures.

18. Hydro Launch by Discovery Toys  |  my boys had this when they were young and it was the best toy. they played with it for hours! the Amazing Hovering Water Splasher! control water pressure to raise and balance the rocket on a stream of water. just attach the easy-to-use thrust controller to a garden hose. it’s also a great learning toy – helping learn experimentation and trial & error as you vary the speed and height of the rocket, and to learn about center of gravity and balance. keeps kids engaged and playing outside. 

19. Jumbo Connect Four Game  |  games are better in jumbo size! kids will love the life-size version of the classic ring-dropping game. great for two players or with teams for championship matches. perfect lawn game for a summer day or bbq party.

20. Beach Thingy  |  the beach thingy is an instant beach chair. just stab it into the sand and you can lean your back against it while you are sitting in the sand.

21. Slimline Giant Ring Toss Game  |  have a blast in the pool with this giant ring toss game. includes target buoy and 5 giant tossing rings – great fun for floating in the pool too.


and those are my awesome summer finds!
what do you think? what do think looks fun? what products do you love for summer time?