My Small But Powerful Story

Jill PArkin Familyi’ve been writing here at Popsicle Blog for over nine years! its hard to imagine that a simple blog that i’d started writing to help my friends find fun things to do with their kids, has turned into a career for myself. it began small…but now it has become so much more than i could have imagined. i have partnered with Tide to share my #SmallButPowerful story. because even though while small, Tide Pods are incredibly effective.

Jill Parkin of Orange County

the original goal of Popsicle Blog was to empowered parents and get out in beautiful Orange County and enjoy life with their kids. there is so much to do in the OC, and i wanted help parents find exciting things to do. as the site evolved, i began to also include bits and pieces of my life, a recipes and crafts, and also travel. Popsicle Blog became a lifestyle blog.

Popsicle blog sunset

throughout the years of writing on the blog and on my social media channels, i have found myself having personal connections with my readers, and now consider a lot of them friends. it makes me happy that by sharing my personal life, it can other mom like me not feel like they’re the only ones with a messy house, or kids who won’t eat their veggies. i would’ve never thought that i would have moms writing to me for advice. it pretty cool that i am able to help them in anyway.

whether it be sharing a fun park to take the kids to

Bluebird Park in Laguna

or and easy family recipe….


or sharing a picture of my messy kitchen…

Messy Kitchen

it makes me happy when i receive comments from readers such as….”I am so GLAD that I am NOT the ONLY one” or ” This makes me feel so much better!!”  or “I so appreciate this. Real life!”  or “This is precisely why you are one of few mom blogs I follow. Thanks for confirming that this is what a real family kitchen looks like. Haha”

just knowing that by posting a simple picture or story about my life on to one of my platforms can help another mom, makes all the hard work i spend on the site worth it, and in turn, also leaves me feeling amazing. the comments and messages from my readers may be small…but to me, the are so powerful – they mean the world to me.


this year, Tide is an official sponsor of the NFL and has partnered with a number of athletes who are sharing their own #SmallButPowerful stories. i was especially excited to see that Danica Patrick is one of them. she is the most successful women in American Open-Wheeled racing and has been winning amazing titles in Nascar and Indy car racing. you can check out her see her #SmallButPowerful story below.

It’s hard to hear the critics when I’m going 200 mph. Daniel Bryan, they say no but we say YES! #SmallButPowerful Tide #ad

Posted by Danica Patrick on Sunday, February 7, 2016

you can follow along with the small but powerful moments of Danica Patrick here.

( This post is sponsored by Socialstars and Tide, however all opinions are my own. #SmallButPowerful)

Pizza Making Parties at Naples Ristorante in DownTown Disney

Naples Pizza Ristorante in Downtown Disneylast weekend my family was invited to a Pizza Making Party at Naples Ristorante e Pizzaria. it’s one of the fabulous Downtown Disney restaurants here in Orange County at Disneyland Resort. we were all very excited to attend because, besides loving pizza, we were going to get to make them ourselves. the boys have been obsessed with Master Chef Jr. and now have been begging for cooking lessons. so a pizza making party was right up their alley. i might’ve been just as excited as the boys!

Naples Ristorante e Pizzaria is an elegant, upscale, two-story Italian eatery and pizzaria, yet it’s casual enough to enjoy lunch or dinner every day of the week. it has the charm of Italy but the magical feel of Disney, with charming decor and a vibrant atmosphere. the first floor is a classic Italian pizzeria that features an open kitchen where you can actually watch the chefs assemble your pizza, there is a two-story glass enclosed wine cellar, and a spacious outdoor patio. the second floor features gorgeous views of the Downtown Disney promenade and our balcony offers an unexpected touch of elegance with its market lighting and a water fountain. Naples Ristaurante Mosaic EntranceNaples in Down Town DisneyNaples Ristorante PlatesNaples Ristorante Stone tile

Naples Ristorante e Pizzaria Hand-On Pizza Making Parties are private events which anyone can book. they are great for all ages and for parties up to 50 people. we arrived excited to get making some pizza! but first the kids and adults got outfitted in some genuine Naples pizza aprons. you don’t want to get your clothes dirty during all that pizza making.Lemon Stairs

then we were served italian sodas, with our choice of flavors like raspberry and vanilla cream. YUM!!!!! i have never had a true italian soda before…let me say…GAME CHANGER!!!!!Itallian Soda BarItalian Sodas at Naples RistoranteMaking an Italian Sodaafter we got our drinks, we all sat down and got a pizza making lesson from two of the talented Naples Ristorante chefs. we learned how to stretch the dough and even toss it in the air. that was the part i was ready to learn. i never seem to have luck with pizza dough.

Learning How to Make Pizza at Downtown DisneyPizza Sauce at Naples PizzariaDrinking Italian Soda with a Crazy Straw

while the boys and i waited for our turn to toss our pizzas, we enjoyed some yummy fresh bread and salad that was perfectly seasoned. it was nice to sit back and relax, watching the people of DownTown Disney off the balcony of Naples. it was such a nice day, and it was nice to enjoy the breeze and sunshine since we were sitting in the open air part of the restaurant.Parties at Downtown DisneyNaples Ristorante Salad

then it was our family’s turn to make our pizzas! time for some fun. the boys did great, and the chefs were right by our sides to teach and help us with our dough.

Vann making a pizzaThe Parkin Family Making FamilyKids Birthday Parties at Naples Ristorantei just HAD to try throwing the dough in the air like a true pizza chef. the Naples chefs actually encouraged me to try it. and if i happened to drop it on the floor, there was plenty more dough where that come from. it was so much fun….even though this happened!!!!!Funny Mom Making PizzaPizza Throwing Party at Down Town Disneyjill


then we put our dough onto a wooden pizza tray and filled our pizza crusts with toppings. cheese straight from Italy, fresh veggies, gourmet meats, only the best toppings are served at Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria.Pizza Making Party at NaplesPutting On Pizza Topping at Naples PizzaFun Pizza PartyNaples Pizza RestaurantFresh Naples Pizza
and then into the oven they went. you should see the size of this stone-fire pizza oven. it was spectacular.

Naples Ristorante Pizza Ovencooked to perfection! the pizzas came out with melty mozzarella cheese and perfectly crisp crust. everyone was thrilled to eat the pizzas they had made themselves.

Naples Ristorante Build Your Own PizzaKyle Parkin with a PizzaChad Parkin Making PizzaFamily Pizza Restaurant
finally, after all the yummy pizza we had…we had to figure out a way to fit some italian desserts into our tummies. not hard at all. traditional cannolis, tiramasu, and dark chocolate brownies – pure Heaven!

Naples Restaurant DessertsNaples Canolli
i would have to consider the time we had at Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria was the perfect afternoon spent. this sort of activity is right up my alley. now i have been trying to think of all the pizza parties i want to have in the future. my birthday is coming up…so there’s at least one excuse to have a pizza party.

now it’s your turn to come and make a pizza. if you would like to schedule your own Hands-On Pizza Making Party at Naples Ristorante and Pizzeria, head over to the Naples website. they will be happy to go over the details and help you set up the perfect party for your family and friends. i know i will be, i’m now a customer for life!

Popsicle Blog Makes Pizza

{ The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them. I have a relationship with Gigasavvy, for whom I create original editorial content.}

Taking Control of Your Own Happiness with Uber

Woman Uber Driver Storybeing self-employed as a blogger and graphic designer, i often get comments from others telling me how lucky i am to be able to stay home and have the freedom to take care of my children and household whenever i need to. and although being a work-at-home mom is not easy, i wouldn’t have it any other way. i really do love having the freedom and flexibility of scheduling my own hours and my own jobs. i love being my own boss, and am so thankful that i have the skill set that i do, so that i can live the life that i currently live. it makes me smile just thinking about it. i have always though that we all have the power to control our own happiness, something i tell my children daily, and i feel like i have done this in my life. i am so passionate about this, that i have partnered with Uber to share the story of another woman who has also changed and took control of her own life and happiness.

google-calendar-tipsjust like i have taken control of my schedule as a work-home-mom, Jan has done the same for her life. this past weekend, i had the pleasure of chatting with Jan. she lives in my community and is one of the many Uber partners driving here in Orange County. i wanted to hear her story of why she decided to sign-up with Uber, and her experience of using the Uber platform. i didn’t expect to hear the story that she told…Interview with a Female Uber DriverJan’s story goes like this….

she decided to sign-up to become an Uber partner a few years ago when she began to have struggles at her job. with her position in sales, she had to change areas, which left her with less clientele, which in turn meant less income. it takes time to build up new contacts in new areas, and while she was working on this, money became tight. she was and is an empty-nester, her two children are grown and her husband is retired. she is the sole source of income for her and her husband and being a sales person in a new area took a toll on her financial as well as emotionally.

Safety for Women Uber DriversJan’s niece told her how she had been earning money partnering with Uber, and that maybe Jan should also take the opportunity to partner with them. at first she didn’t think this was the best idea for her. she was worried about being a female driver, that it would be dangerous, and that it wouldn’t be worth the time. however, when her nice explained how she could set her own hours, be her own boss and set her own rules of when and where she could drive, and that she would be able to make money at her own will, Jan decided she would go ahead and try it.

Jan promised herself, that she would create a set of rules to abide by while she was driving. she doesn’t drive at night, and set limits on where she will drive to. she has always loved driving and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. she started driving with Uber as a trial, just to see what kind of earnings she would make, but what Jan didn’t expect, was how much she was going to LOVE driving on the Uber platform and how it would make the difference of happiness in her life.

Uber Baseball Capshe thought that she was becoming an Uber partner because she needed the money. and yes, it was great to be able to receive earnings weekly that could pay her grocery bills. but she quickly found out that the earnings were second to social interaction she received meeting new people every day. she found that driving put her in a good mood…after stressful days at her sales job, she turns on her Uber app and takes a few rides before heading home. this helps her to destress and arrive home each day in a happy mood. just those few hours of driving, lets her unwind and meet new people. for her, being a driver-partner has been one of the best choices she could have made, and it has been a great experience.

Calling an Uber DriverUber Sticker on a Carshe told me…

“what other job would you have the opportunity to meet new people everyday, and learn about their lives or make them happy with good conversation. you get to drive to new places that you never knew existed – beautiful, hidden gems in Orange County Los Angeles and San Diego. everyday is different, and you never know what kind of adventure you will be taking. one day you might be driving up to Los Angeles where life is bright and exciting, and the next day you might drive down to La Jolla where it is relaxed and beautiful. during your break, you can eat lunch on the sand and look at the ocean, take a stroll in the park, or check out one of the hot places to eat in a new city.”

talking with Jan, you feel like she’s an old soul. full of life experience, with good sound advice and easy to talk to. she told me how happy it has made her when Uber riders told her she is the best driver they’ve ever had. or when they have told her she just made their day by listening to their problems are simply just chatting with them.

Tips for Becoming an Uber DriverWalking in the Park with UberTake Control of your Life with Uberand although, now times have shifted, and Jan doesn’t necessarily need the money she receives driving with Uber, she continues to do so because it makes her happy. yes…the extra money is nice, but the joy of social interaction has made the difference in her life.

Taking Care of Your Financial Destinywhat makes me happiest about Jan’s story is that she was able to solve the problem of needing to make enough money to support her family on her own, as well as creating her own happiness and finding that the benefits of meeting new people while driving with Uber was just what she needed. i have always had the outlook on life that we can all do this for ourselves. i was inspired by Jan’s story, and i hope that you are too.

if you think that Uber might be right for you, then go sign-up on the Uber app. it’s easy and is available in more than 300 cities around the world. with the freedom to hit the road whenever and wherever you want, Uber puts you in the driver’s seat of your schedule. you can turn on the app whenever the kids are at school, or you have time before or after work, or on the weekends. whether you have the need for some extra money for family or a to pay off a loan, need the flexible hours of being your own boss, or and outlet to get out of the house and interact with adults, Uber may just be your answer to taking control of your life and your happiness. 

Jan the Uber Driver

{ This post was sponsored by Uber. }

Popsicle Blog Goes to Monster Jam at Angel Stadium in Anaheim

Popsicle Blog Goes to Monster Jamthis weekend was all about Monster Jam! my boys have been looking forward to going to Monster Jam at Angels Stadium in Anaheim for months, it’s become an annual tradition. this year was a little different for all of us because it was my first year going. usually the boys have a night out and i get an entire night to myself. but i thought that it would be fun to join them this year.

i am glad that i did!!!!

first up was the Pit Party, which happens a few hours before the Monster Jam show. it is a separate ticketed event, where you can get up close to actual monster trucks and even meet the drivers. there are also booths with hands-on activities, game booths and food vendors.

Welcome to Monster JamSelfie at Monster JamMonster Jam Pit PartyMonster Jam Entrance SignPlay N Keeps Monster JamQuads at Monster JamGrave Digger at the Pit PartyHot Wheels Fun at the Pit PartyHot Wheels Photo at the Pit PartyHot Wheels Monster Truck
we all really enjoyed the Pit Party, even both grandpas!  then we headed back to our car for a tailgate dinner….because that is what you do at Monster Jam.Monster Mutt Dalmationafter dinner, it was time to head into Angels Stadium. it was all very exciting to see it all ready and set-up for a Monster Jam race and freestyle competition. it also is super load once the truck get going, so it is really important to protect those kids ears from the noise…even adults need ear plugs.
Monster Jam at Angels Stadium We Love Monster JamPopsicle Blog Goes to Monster JamJill and Jack at Monster Jamthe first half of Monster Jam is the racing portion. the monster truck dual for the top spot. there are also a few quad races between monster truck races. El Toro Loco won this part of the competition and it was great to see him drive all over the field snorting smoke in celebration.Racing at Monster JamEl Toro Loco at Monster Jamnext up was the freestyle competition, probably the crowds’ most favorite part of the evening. all of the monster trucks perform their best tricks for the audience, who seems to love it when they crash or flip over. the tricks they do are pretty awesome as well…can you believe that two of the monster trucks did a 360º back flip?!!!!  it was pretty amazing. i was especially excited to see Monster Mutt Dalmation who has a girl driver. i’m all for girl power. in the end, it was Hot Wheels who won. he was one of the trucks that did a back flip and also a bunch of nearly tricks. the crowd went wild.Watching Monster Jam at Angels StadiumHot Wheels at Monster JamGrave Digger at Monster Jam Truck upside down at Monster JamMonster Mutt Dalmation at Monster Jam in AnaheimFireworks at Monster JamMonster Jam sure didn’t disappoint, i’m so glad that i finally got to experience it with my boys. and there is still one more weekend left this month to see Monster Jam, so if you want to go, make sure to get your tickets soon before they sell out.Monster Jam_Enjoy the Show

Fun Giant Slides at Santiago Park Nature Preserve in Santa Ana

Parks With Slides in Orange Countyit’s always fun to find fun hidden gems in Orange County. these giant slides can be found tucked into the hillside of Santiago Park Nature Preserve in Santa Ana. they are super long and probably some of the last old-school playground slides left in Orange County. Santiago Park Nature Preserve is a fairly large park located in the northeast corner of Santa Ana near the Discovery Cube, you can even walk there from The Cube. so if you are ever in the area, stop buy and check out these fun slides.

Santiago Park Nature Preserve is right across the street from my son’s orthodontist, so we are able to stop by every month or so and play. the slides are pretty awesome. the park is also large, with hiking and bike trails, a few playgrounds, a couple of run-down areas, and the Santiago Creek Wildlife and Watershed Center. there is also a large watershed that divides the reserve. most of the time, it is dried up, but when it rains, the water gets flowing pretty good, so be careful. a bridge near the lawn bowling center can help you get across to both sides of the reserve.

we visited the park during winter break, and had  pretty fun time exploring. the boys love checking out nature part of the park, so this time we didn’t go to the main playground. we decided to climb around on the old trees and check out what is left of the old playground that has been there for ages.

Santiago Park in Santa AnaSantiago Creek Park TreesExploring Santiago Creek Park in Orange CountyFun Santa Ana Park PlaygroundsOld School Playground in Orange CountyExploring Santiago Creek ParkOld Orange County PlaygroundSantiago Creek Park in Orange County

then we headed over to the giant slides. you will find the giant slides next to the Santiago Creek Wildlife and Watershed Center on the east side of the park. i just loved the beautiful natural landscape and large shade trees growing all over the reserve.

the best way to visit the giant slides is to either park near the center, where the slides are located, or you can take the hike over to them on the hiking trails and over the bridge. it is easiest to just drive into the Santiago Creek Wildlife and Watershed Center off of Memory Lane and park though.

Trails at Santiago Parkhere is the Santiago Creek Wildlife and Watershed Center.Santiago Creek Nature Centerand here are the giant slides!  there are two of them…and oh so much fun.Giant Slides in Santa Ana
there is a staircase between the two slides, and once you reach the top, it’s time to SLIDE!!!!

Epic Slides in Orange County
some people like to bring pieces of cardboard to slide down on. i think it makes you slide a little faster. but we always have fun without. the boys went again and again, and even the hubby enjoyed them a few times.

Best Parks in Orange County Big Slides at Santiago Creek ParkFun Santa Ana Parks Fun Parks in Santa Ana California Fun Slides in Orange County

the giant slides at Santiago Park Nature Preserve are super fun, and i recommend stopping by when you are in the area. they are something that we look forward to visiting when we are in the area. so fun!!!!!

Valentine’s Day Wishes from Don Roberto Jewelers

lately, i’ve been dreaming about pretty jewelry. i have been busy cleaning out the house, and noticed that a lot of my necklaces and jewelry needs to be replaced. it’s either out-dated, worn-out, or has been broken by little boys who think necklaces are for jump roping. and since i have been slowly working on my New Year’s resolution, i think is the perfect time to freshen up my jewelry box. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…the perfect time to pick out some new jewelry pieces. so i have partnered with Don Roberto Jewelers to go window shopping and give the hubby a few hints of things i really like.

i want to add some new style to my outer appearance, and feel good about myself. i guess you could say, spring cleaning for mom. jewelry always seems to do that for me. and if the hubby wants to pick up an extra piece for our 16th anniversary the following week, i promise to act very surprised! check out some of the items i would love to have….

Valentine's Day Gifts From Don Roberto

gold and silver is what’s hot right now, as well as layered and geometric necklaces. i also love the trend with beautifully simple pieces like the open-circle pendant below or the infinity necklace. believe it or not, i don’t have my ears pierced anymore. i let them close up when i was having trouble with them in my teens. but lately, i’ve been wanting earrings again. so i think if i got a nice pair of white gold studs i would go out and get them done again. plus….did you see the Hello Kitty Pendant and the rose colored Juicy Couture watch!

here are the links to the above jewelry pieces i window shopped for on the Don Robertos website….

Rose & Diamond Rose Gold Earrings | Rose Shapped Two Toned Gold Ring | Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace | 14K Yellow Gold Layered Duo Triangle Necklace | Yellow Gold Circle PendantJuicy Couture Watches14K White GoldDiamond Earrings |  Yellow Gold ID Bracelet with Cubic Zirconia | Hello Kitty Crystal Pendant

you can get any of the jewelry above at Don Roberto Jewelers. it’s available in their stores across Southern California or online. they are offering a 25% discount off your first purchase online when you use promo code BP25FP at checkout. Don Roberto also has financing with Easy Credit or layaway options are available when you visit their store.

{ The opinions in this article are my own. I do not work for, or with, any brand mentioned in this article, nor do I have any official relationship with them. I have a relationship with Gigasavvy, for whom I create original editorial content. }

Fun Ideas for Hosting a Kid-friendly BIG Game Party

This post is sponsored by Target.

Football party food ideas

this one was pretty fun!!!! i needed to stock up on items for the BIG Game—everything and anything that would make watching the football game more fun and exciting. we watch football with kids, so i wanted to make sure everything i got was kid-friendly. and although i personally prefer to watch the BIG Game for the commercials (don’t you?), i still need to make sure that i have enough snacks, food and treats to get the adults, kids and wives through the evening. this year, i am especially excited because all my boys are old enough to enjoy the game and also learn about the different plays of football. i plan on making it a fun, kid-friendly gathering with coloring sheets and games for the kids, comfy couches for the adults and lots of great food for everyone.

i did all my shopping at Target, as it is always my go-to place for everything party. not only can you get the party goods, but they’ve got great food choices as well.

Target Run for Superbowl

so what did i get at my #TargetRun this week????

first up, i got some plates and a fun banner in the party section and some decorative baskets from the home goods area to display the food in, because it’s all about the presentation. i decided to go with a green and natural color scheme, and thought that i would use a piece of artificial grass for the table covering. this would be fun for the football-themed table. Plus, i’m loving the green polka dots and stripes.

Target Sprite Paper Goods

you can’t have a football party without chips. lots of them. so I got a nice variety of Archer Farms chips in fun flavors like grilled cheese and habanero ranch. I also got some Simply Balance Tortilla Chips and salsa, because that’s a given. plus, my boys are big fans of chili, chips and cheese—a few cans of chili and some bags of Fritos made it into my cart.

Target Archer Farm ChipsTarget Organic ChipsChili and Fritos

next up were the drinks. going with my color scheme, i got green Gatorade and root beer. for the kids, juice boxes. i love that Target offers the Simply Balanced organic juice boxes.

i wanted to make the drinks football themed to liven up my tablescape, so i wrapped them all with brown paper, and then glued strips of white paper on them to look like footballs. i love how they turned out.

Big Game Football Party IdeasFootball Juice Box ideasGreen Gatorade

delivery pizza is usually backed up on the BIG Game day, so i was excited to see some great choices of frozen pizza. i’m really excited to serve this Greek-inspired artisan pizza—and the kids will be happy with pepperoni!
Target Archer Farms Frozen Pizza

i also want to make sure to have some fresh food available for the crowd, so i picked up some sugar snap peas, carrots and celery strips. in the Target refrigerator section, i found some great, fresh Archer Farms dips that would be perfect to serve them with: buffalo chicken and spinach. yum! i’ve already taste tested them for you.

Target Fresh VegetablesTarget Archer Farms Vegetable Dips

for the football party, i plan on putting the dips and salsa into individual serving cups so that everyone can easily snack in front of the television. it’s a pet peeve of mine to have a bunch of sticky kid hands in the salsa dish, so these cups will come in handy—cute and fun too! the veggies can be served in these kraft paper baking cups. i was thinking they would be cute tied with some green baking twine.

Party Hosting Ideas

finally, i got some cookies as a sweet treat. i plan on using some white frosting to put some football laces on them to look like footballs.

Target Market Pantry Cookies

now that i completed my Target Run and got everything i need for my football party, i wanted to set up the table to see how i would display everything on BIG Game day. i love how it turned out. what do you think?

Big Game Party IdeasTarget Archer Farms PizzaHow to Host a Superbowl PartyTarget Super Bowl FoodTarget BeveragesVegetable Appetizer IdeasFootball CookiesFun Superbowl Party Ideas

now, i am so excited to watch the BIG Game commercials…i mean the football game. food, fun, family and football. GO TEAM!!!!

 What does your Super Bowl look like?


check out some of my other Target Runs. let’s just say…i think Target is pretty awesome!!!

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Customize Your Own Donut at Poqet DONUTS in Irvine

Poquet Donuts in Orange County

for that past few weeks, the boys and i have been staying low and hanging out at home. but we decided to get out one day after school, and check out one of Orange County’ newest donut stores, Irvine-based poqet DONUTS. it’s the first doughnut shop around here that offers costumers the chance to customize their very own doughnuts. we really liked the idea of this, so we knew we needed to try it out.

Poquet Donutsthe name poqet, pronounced “pocket,” is derived from a folklore story of two best friends who met on a park bench daily to share doughnuts, which were kept in their pockets. the story of these “pocket donut” friends is placed on the wall inside the shop to provide a simple explanation of the name’s origins to guests.Poquet Donuts Menuof course the boys we excited to find out how the whole process of “customizing your own donut” worked. you get to pick out a plain donut, there are a variety of choices. then you can choose to fill it with homemade vanilla bean custard or strawberry jelly….or not! next you choose the frosting. maple and strawberry were the boys’ favorites.
Orange County Donut Store in IrvineFilling Donuts with Vanilla CremeCutomizable Donut StoreFrosting a Donutfinally, you definitely need to top your donut. there are lots of toppings to choose – from chocolate shavings to nuts to sprinkles!Customize your donuts in Orange CountyDonut Toppings

it was fun to taste the donut creations everyone made. all my boys thought it was pretty cool to get to customize a donut….even if i personally thought some of their choices were somewhat questionable….like strawberry frosting topped with peanut butter cups and marshmallows. if it makes them happy, LOL!!!

Orange County Donut StoreMake your own donuts Orange County

and, not only can you customize your own donut at poqet DONUTS, but you can also chose from some of their unique signature flavors that include fun combinations such as Peanut Butter & Jelly, Burnt Pistachio Creme Brûlée, Blueberry Cake, Pumpkin Spice, Nutella, Green Tea, Butter Salt, and special vegan options! 

this blueberry cake donut is one of the favorites of customers that come to poquet DONUTS

Blueberry Donut
and it was a first of mine to try a cherry candy coated donut. very unique!

Poquet Donut Store in Irvine
we couldn’t leave without taking a box of these fun flavors home to dad.

Orange County Gourmet Donuts
my favorite was the Burnt Pistacio Creme Brûlée….Pistachio Creme Brulee Donutand the Lemon Meringue.Lemon Meringue Donut we also got a Peanut Butter & Jelly…Peanut Butter and Jelly Donut vanilla custard filled…Vanilla Bean Custard Donutand a Campfire S’more Donut with a simple syrup drizzle.Smore Donut

we enjoyed all the donuts after dinner and everyone had fun tasting them all. they were good and the combinations were fun. it was a fun experience, so that is what was best about our day getting donuts. if you wanna get some donuts at poquet DONUTS in Irvine, visit their website for more information and directions to their store.