8 Tips to Getting to Sleep at Night

Tracking Pixeltips on getting to sleepgetting to sleep at night has been a problem for me as long as i can remember, i am just one of those people that would rather be doing things than sleeping. late at night is when my mind races, thinking about new ideas, projects i would like to do, or things that need to get done. when it’s finally time for me to go to sleep, no matter how tired i am, i feel wide awake. if this has happened to you, then you know how terrible this feels. tossing and turning all night just trying to finally drift off into a sound sleep. that is why i am excited to have partnered with P&G’s Try it & Love it program.

when it comes time to go to bed each night, i have found that there are a few ways that actually help me get a more restful night. when i skip any of these methods, i usually pay the consequences in the morning and wake up not feeling rested. here are some tips that have help me capture the sleep i need each night:

1) nicely made bed – starting my night in a clean and tidy bed is so much better than getting in a bed with twisted and mangled sheets. i like the smooth cold feel of laying in a nicely made bed. the pillows need to be flat, and one foot outside of the covers. i know this may sound weir, but having one foot out keeps my body temperature just right…not to hot and just a little cool.

2) putting down the phone, tablet or computer – when i work late on my computer or play on my phone just before shutting my eyes to go to sleep, i find it very difficult to fall asleep. the bright light keeps my mind awake. i usually try to put down the devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

3) watching television – when my mind is racing with thoughts and ideas, i never get to sleep. when i watch a show on television, i tend to focus on that instead of my thoughts. if that isn’t working, i make sure the show is boring or a rerun, so i get bored and fall asleep.

4) meditation & relaxing – laying in a comfortable position, breathing deeply, wiping my mind clear of all thoughts and imagining that my body is completely relaxed and sinking into the top of my bed is one way i try relaxing and falling to sleep. this is usually my first method of trying to fall asleep. if this doesn’t succeed, i usually resort to the boring television method.

5) making the room dark – turning off the lights in every room of the house, closing the window blinds, and covering the lights on the electronics in my bedroom, and making it as dark as possible is the best thing i can do to make my sleep environment sleep-friendly. sometimes i even wear a sleeping mask.

6) exercise – whenever i exercise, i tend to be more tired at night because i used more energy during the day. even just taking a walk after dinner seems to help.

although i find it hard to go to sleep most nights, did you know that Sunday is often the night of the week Americans find it the most difficult to fall asleep? after a fun weekend of exciting activities, many people lay in bed hoping for a good night’s sleep so they can wake up refreshed Monday morning for the start of the new week, but struggle to actually fall asleep. according to a survey fielded by Febreze and ZzzQuil in partnership with the National Sleep Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans struggle more to fall asleep on Sunday nights compared to any other night of the week.

try it and love it program

P&G’s Try it & Love it program has created a Sleep Soundly Sunday program with products that can make falling asleep on Sunday nights easier (or any night for that matter). with the help of trusted brands, Febreze and ZzzQuil, Americans suffering from occasional sleeplessness can fall asleep more easily for a peaceful night’s sleep.

7) Febreze Sleep Serenity collection is the first line developed by Febreze for the bedroom to create a peaceful environment that promotes sleep. advanced technology eliminates odor and long-lasting calming scents fill the bedroom for an ideal sleep atmosphere. it comes in two calming scents; Moonlit Lavender which features sweet vanilla and a hint of sandalwood, and Warm Milk & Honey that fills the senses with hints of a warm glass of milk swirled with honey and a touch of creamy vanilla, the perfect recipe for sweet dreams.

8) ZzzQuil, a non-habit-forming sleep-aid helps you get exactly what you need—a good night’s rest so you can wake up feeling refreshed. it is available in liquid and LiquiCaps®. ZzzQuil is meant to be used for relief from occasional sleeplessness, not everyday, and helps people fall asleep easily and sleep soundly on those particularly hard to sleep nights.

i am very excited about these products, and am looking forward to using them on occasion for the nights when i just can’t get to sleep. when i don’t get the sleep i need, the next day is usually really hard. not only do i suffer, but my family as well. i get frustrated easier with the kids, and my husband usually has to pick up the slack of what i don’t accomplish because i am too worn out.

i look forward to sharing with you how my sleepless nights have been going in the next few months. and hopefully, if you suffer like i do with restless nights, some of these tips can help you as well.

sleep tips

{ This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of P&G’s Try it & Love it Program.}



Little League Survival Kit for Mom

I’m sharing my Mommy Little League Survival kit featuring BROOKSIDE Crunchy Clusters as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #DISCOVERBROOKSIDE

little league mom gift basket #DISCOVERBROOKSIDEthis week, i got a little taste of what the next 4 months is going to be like for myself and my family. it is the first week of Little League baseball season, and i am now the proud mom of THREE Little Leagers. my littlest just began T-ball and my other two sons will be in machine pitch and the Majors this season.


yesterday was the first day of practices, and it was rough. i picked up the boys from school at 2:30 and immediately began shuttling them around to all their activities and practices. we didn’t end up getting home until 8:30pm. sheesh. as i finally got home to wind down, i started to feeling sorry for myself. as much as i love seeing my boys happy and playing their sports…i just am not a fan of Little League….especially the driving back and forth.

most of my days will be spent like this…..sitting in my mini van waiting for practice to end, or running back an forth to drop off and pick up boys from Little League practice. my Saturdays will be spent on the field watching their games. this year with 3 boys playing, i will end up being on the field most of the day. its going to get pretty crazy. if you have kids in sports, i bet you can relate.

little league mom taxi1

but really, i need to stop feeling sorry for myself and just make it work. there has got to be a way to make this season FUN!

so what did i do?

i decided to bribe myself with an awesome gift pack and made myself a Mommy Little League Survival Kit. don’t i deserve some treats as payment for being a MOM TAXI for the entire spring season???

why yes i do!!!!

during baseball season, i often find myself stuck in the car for long periods of time when there isn’t enough time to get home and back between games and practices. being the unorganized person i am, i usually don’t have the things i need to enjoy myself during these times. the car is usually filled with random toys, and clothes from the boys changing and trash…i can never find anything. so the first thing i did was clean out the car and go and get myself a cute and durable basket that would fit by my car seat. then i filled the basket up with items that i often need during games and practices. plus some treats for a little pampering!

mom little league treats #DISCOVERBROOKSIDE

check out what i included in my Mommy Little League Survival Kit

mom little league survival kit #DISCOVERBROOKSIDE

Day Planner – to keep track of games, practices and obligations.
Hat and Sunnies – for sitting out on those sunny fields
Mini First Aid Kit – someone always needs a bandage
Baby Wipes – cleaning dirty hands and faces
Magazines – to read during waiting
Portable Phone and Device Charger – awesome to have when your batteries are running low
Cash – the kids always want to go to the snack bar and they only accept cash, which i rarely have.
Spray Bottle or Mister – for hot days (or to keep kids away LOL!)
Special Water – just for mommy
• BROOKSIDE Crunchy Clusters – special treat for mommy…and ONLY mommy (and her friends).

why did i pick BROOKSIDE Crunchy Clusters as my special treat? well, when i first got them to try out, i thought they would be a great treat for myself and the boys. but after i tried them, i found out how good they were. how could i share a treat this delicious with my kids?!!!! i know they would eat them all…so i’m not sharing….hee hee.

BROOKSIDE Crunchy Clusters are a delicious blend of crispy multigrains, fruit-flavored centers and smooth dark chocolate. i am not a fan of all dark chocolate, but this is the perfect dark chocolate. not too bitter and still sweet.

brookside crunchy clusters best snack #DISCOVERBROOKSIDE

the little clusters are crunchy and chewy, a great combo. i especially love the little pieces of fruit such as raspberries, cranberries and blueberries. they are balanced perfectly with the crispy multi grains. i don’t drink wine, but i could see theme pairing nicely with it, and they would definitely compliment a nice dinner or dessert.

brookside crunchy clusters #DISCOVERBROOKSIDEBROOKSIDE Crunchy Clusters is the perfect go anywhere snack that feeds your passion for discovery and is there perfect treat to add to my Mommy Little League Survival kit, because i know that during those times when i am stuck in the car or at a game, they would cheer me up. they travel easy and aren’t messy at all.
brookside crunchy clusters berry medley #DISCOVERBROOKSIDE

now that i have my Mommy Little League Survival kit, i actually feel like i can take on this Little League Baseball season. if you are a mom in the same boat (or should i say infield) as i am, i highly recommend making yourself one too!

mom baseball survival kit #DISCOVERBROOKSIDE

for more information on BROOKSIDE, visit their Facebook page.

Tips for Visiting Monster Jam

mohawk-warrior-monsterjam-angel-stadium-anaheima couple of weeks ago, i wrote about Monster Jam coming to Anaheim on January 10th, 24th and February 7th. the boys were thrilled to attend the show this past weekend. the had an absolute blast…as always. Monster Jam is the event they look forward to all year long.
monster-jam-angel-stadium-anaheim they started their adventure at the Party in the Pits, the pre-party where you get to get up close to the trucks and even meet the drivers. (this requires a separate ticket in addition to the Monster Jam ticket)#monsterjam-angel-stadium-anaheimthis is an awesome experience for any monster truck lover. the boys were able to get autographs from the drivers and even sign a truck.
monsterjam-angel-stadium-anaheim-pit-passthey also took pictures with lots of their favorite trucks. it is really cool to see them in person and not just on television or the computer.monsterjam-anaheim-pit-passand then it was the time everyone was waiting for…the Monster Jam show!!! the boys are always so excited to see all of their favorite trucks perform, race and even do stunts.tips-for-monsterjam-angel-stadium-anaheim during the show, the trucks have friendly competition, crush cars and to amazing stunts. this year the boys witnessed two truck do a back flip! just amazing.tips-for-monsterjam-anaheim

i highly recommend Monster Jam if you are a fan of mud, dirt and racing cool trucks….and even if you don’t you will still have a good time. the show is full of energy and the crowd goes wild with excitement. it is fun outing for the entire family.


Tips for Visiting Monster Jam
wear layers. since the festivities (Pit Party) begin at 2pm (1pm for VIPs) and Monster Jam begins at 7pm, the temperature can fluctuate greatly, and sometimes the wind pick up. bring a jacket, hat and mittens.
bring protective ear gear for children. the trucks are VERY LOUD. i also recommend ear plugs for the adults.
bring cash for parking
tailgate. thats the thing to do at Monster Jam. arrive early and serve food out of your trunk….it’s fun.
go to the Party in the Pits! this is a separate ticketed event where you can meet the drivers and see the trucks up close.
bring your camera. there are lots of photo opportunities especially if you go to the Pit Party.
get to Monster Jam early (around 5:30-6pm) to see smaller races before the main Monster Jam event.
$3 Off Adult Discount Coupons are available at participating Jiffy Lube locations while supplies last

Farrell’s Football Themed Menu Items

farrells-super-bowl-foodFarrell’s Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants are celebrating everything delicious about football by introducing Gridiron Grub!  for a limited time, the Tailgate Burger and fry combo and the 4th & Goal football themed sundae are available at Farrell’s Restaurants, and you are definitely going to want to try them out.

farrells-tailgate-burgerthe Tailgate Burger is a one-of-a-kind burger that slams two stadium favorites together into one special burger. this juicy football inspired meal is a delicious cheeseburger and nachos in one! it all starts with a fresh (never frozen) 1/2 lb. Angus patty with melted Pepper Jack cheese and lettuce. on top of that is a pile of nachos built with a crisp heaping helping of Doritos® nacho chips, melted cheddar cheese, sour cream, black olives, fresh guacamole and house-made salsa.  wow!!!! just look at that burger. they boys just love burgers and the hubby and them had a fun time eating this monster of a burger.
farrells-seven-layer-dip-burgeralong with this giant burger, you get Bleu Buffalo waffle fries on the side. crispy fries drizzled with zesty buffalo sauce and tangy bleu cheese…..yum, i LOVE bleu cheese.farrells-tailgate-friesthe buffalo and bleu cheese waffle fries we me and my Kyle’s favorite part. i just love Farrell’s loaded waffle fries.farrells-buffalo-blue-cheese-waffle-friesnext up is Farrell’s 4th and Goal Sundae. it is a 4-scoop sundae with two scoops of Vanilla, a scoop of Chocolate Malted Crunch, and a scoop of Cookie Dough ice cream dripping. all my favorite ice creams! it is topped with warm caramel and chocolate topping, dairy fresh whipped cream and a cherry. under your limited edition, souvenir Farrell’s helmet you’ll find a pile of Oreo® crumbs and more chocolate fudge. my boys devoured it…and i barely got a bite in. but i can tell you it is very, very delightful!!!!!!

farrells-gridiron-sundaeand guess what! after you finish your sundae, you can keep the souvenir helmet. so fun!farrells-gridiron-sundae-big-game

having a “Big Game” party? Farrell’s can cater your party and serve up your guest some really yummy grub. call your nearest Farrell’s to order or for more information.


A Visit to the Endeavor Space Shuttle at the California Science Center

Endeavor Shace Shuttle California Science Centerlast weekend, we made an impromptu trip to the California Science Center to check out the Space Shuttle Endeavor. we haven’t ever been to the California Science Center before and have been trying to get over there to see the space shuttle ever since it arrived here from Florida. it ended up being such a nice family outing, the California Science Center is a really neat place. did you know admission is FREE?! the center is an awesome resource for us California residents, it has lots of unique hands-on and informative science exhibits. (parking is $10)

if you want to visit the Space Shuttle Endeavor, you must make an appointment and schedule your time of visit. it costs $2 per person, unless you are purchasing a ticket to one of the Special Exhibitions, then it is included in the cost of that ticket. by limiting the exhibit to those who make appointments, it keeps the space from getting too crowded and makes the exhibit more enjoyable. the Endeavor exhibit includes hands-on and informative kiosks, and also entrance into the Samual Oschin Pavilion where you can see the shuttle.

walking into the Samuel Oschin Pavilion for the first time and seeing the Space Shuttle Endeavor was an amazing experience. it is much bigger than i imagined.

Endeavor Space Shuttle California Science Centermake sure to give yourself enough time to check out all the information centers around the Endeavor exhibit. you can learn informative facts about the different parts and areas of the Space Shuttle. if you don’t take the time to read them you will be missing out on some really cool information.
Free things to do in Southern Californiabeing able to see the Space Shuttle close up is very different than seeing it on television or in pictures. the outside is made up of unique materials all with special functions.Endeavor Space Shuttle Solar PanelsEndeavor Space Shuttlejust look at the size of those rocket boosters.
Endeavor Space Shuttle Rocket Boostershere is one next to my little guy just to give you some perspective of their enormity. Free things to do in LA Endeavor Space Shuttlethe Space Shuttle Endeavor has been through some really amazing missions. can you believe that is has been in space 25 times! Best things to do in Los Angeles Endeavor Space Shuttlesurrounding the space shuttle, a timeline board with the history of space exploration lines the wall. pretty cool…all the accomplishments made in space exploration.
Endeavor Space Shuttle Field Tripin addition to viewing the Space Shuttle, there is an exhibition hall that has exhibits showing different space stuff. here we are checking out the microwave that was in the space shuttle, how the astronauts stored their belongings and also some of the items the astronauts brought with them into space.
Endeavor Space Shuttle Informationof course my boys were fascinated by the space shuttle toilet. have you ever wondered how astronauts use the bathroom? it definitely is much harder than it is here on Earth where we have gravity. it makes me so thankful for gravity.
Endeavor Space Shuttle toiletthere is also a replica of the Mission Control Center where the crew here on Earth communicated with the astronauts and the Space Shuttle.
Endeavor Space Shuttle control centerand check out this SpaceHub, tent-like rooms that attach to the space ship to give the astronauts more room to use and enjoy while they are working in space at the space station.
Endeavor Space Shuttle SpaceHubfor $5 you can take a ride in a Space Shuttle simulator and see how it looks to fly in space.Endeavor Space Shuttle simulatorand make sure and take the time to watch the short movie on how they transported the Space Shuttle from LAX to the California Science Center. the footage is really neat to watch. what a task it was to get it there.
How did the Endeavor Space Shuttle get to LAbeing able to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor in person made the space program seem much more awesome. unfortunately, it is no longer funded by the government. you get a sense of pride knowing the accomplishments that were made in the exploration of space by the United States and also how awesome it is to go beyond Earth’s atmosphere and look back on Earth.
Endeavor Space Shuttle Ticketi highly recommend taking a trip to the California Science Center and checking out the Endeavor Exhibit. the rest of the California Science Center is really cool too. you could spend an entire day at the center, there is that much to do.Endeavor Space Shuttle Samuel Oschin Pavilion  visit the California Science Center’s website to find out more information.

Free things to do in Los Angeles Endeavor Space Shuttle



Family Dining: Elbows Mac ‘N’ Cheese

elbows-mac-cheese-orange-county-restaurantduring the winter break, the boys an i headed over to Elbows Mac ‘N’ Cheese, one of Orange County’s newest restaurants. and you can probably guess by the name, that they serve macaroni & cheese. they do! and not just your average mac and cheese.


Elbows Mac ‘N’ Cheese has two locations here in Southern California, one in Brea and the other in Cerritos. it’s a quick dining restaurant without formal servers, so you can eat quickly or relax for a while and enjoy a slower meal. of course you are going to want to come for the macaroni and cheese. there are over 20 different macaroni and cheese dishes to choose from including traditional macaroni and cheese to seafood or bacon macaroni and cheese. if you are looking for comfort food, then Elbows Mac ‘N’ Cheese is the place to go.

elbows-mac-cheese-restaurantwe tried a few of the Elbows Mac ‘N’ Cheese favorites, including “When Pigs Fly”, which has bacon in it, and “Living Fajita Loca”, fajita inspired macaroni and cheese. this happened to be my favorite because i loved the added flavor the fajita spices brought to the cheesy mac and cheese. elbows-mac-cheese-living-la-vida-locawe also really enjoyed their breakfast inspired creation called “The Hangover,” which had breakfast potatoes, eggs and onions…..elbows-mac-cheese-breakfastand the “Don’t Be Afraid Doe,” alfredo inspired mac and cheese with yummy white sauce, chicken and broccoli.elbows-mac-cheese-alfredo as you can imagine, my boys enjoyed the food! most kids love macaroni and cheese, so you don’t have to worry about this restaurant being kid-friendly. it’s family-friendly, adult-friendly AND kid-freindly.mac-cheese-orange-county-restaurantelbows-mac-cheese-family-restaurantElbows Mac ‘N’ Cheese also offers other menu items such as appetizers (get the Truffle Fries) and pizzas. we had to try their Mac ‘N’ Cheese Pizza.
elbows-mac-cheese-pizzaplus, their salads are good as well.
elbows-mac-cheese-greek-saladif you are in the mood for dessert, the freshly made beignets are Heavenly.

if you are a macaroni and cheese lover, then be sure to check out Elbows Mac ‘N’ Cheese. the food is made fresh to order and the service is great. ooey, gooey, yummy mac and cheese makes anyone happy. head over to their website for directions and menu options.elbows-mac-cheese-pizza-orange-county{disclosure: we received our meal complimentary in order to facilitate this review. all thoughts and opinions are a bazillion times my own.}

Family Travel: Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel

Point-Lobos-Reserve-Northern-California-Family-Traveli just recently wrote about our stay at the Hofsas House in Carmel, CA, and how much we enjoyed it. the stay was wonderful, partly because the landscape of Carmel is so breathtaking. the rocky ocean views are a little different the the ocean views you see here in Southern California. and it was such a treat to experience another set of ocean views in Carmel and Monterey.

of the three days we were in Carmel, we spent the good part of one of the days at the Point Lobos Reserve. it opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes 1/2 hour after sunset each day, and we arrived at the reserve mid morning. a single day-use parking pass runs $10.00.Point Lobos State Park Beachwhen you arrive, you can visit the information center and have one of the rangers steer you towards the trails you are most interested in walking and exploring. there are a lot of different areas that offer scenic views and interesting landscapes for you to enjoy. you could spend an entire day…maybe even two enjoying all that Point Lobos Reserve has to offer. they also offer guided tours and nature walks.Point Lobos State Park Informationthe first area that we explored was the Sand Hill Trail and Sea Lion Point. the trails are nicely manicured and it is a very easy hike (more like a walk) for this area. there are even handicap accessible areas along these trails.
Outdoor foundation spfwe were able to hike around, climb some of the rocky areas and look out at the different scenic landmarks. at Sea Lion Point you can look out and see hundreds of sea lions sun bathing on the little islands off the point. i suggest bringing binoculars with you so you can look out and see different wildlife such as the sea lions, birds and even whales.Point Lobos State Park MontereyPoint Lobos State ParkPoint Lobos State Park HikeCarmel-By-The-Sea-Point-Lobos-sea-lion-pointpoint loboswhile we visiting, one of the rangers had set up a few tables with informational books, different kinds of animal pelts, bones and footprint castings of the local wildlife. the boys enjoyed learning about the animals that lived around Point Lobos Reserve. the rangers are very helpful with any questions you have about the reserve. he recommended we head over to Bird Island, hike the trails around the that area and visit Pelican Point, China Beach and Gibson Beach.
Carmel Point Lobos Animalsit was lunchtime so before we headed over to Bird Island, we hiked over to one of the picnic areas and to have a picnic lunch. no we didn’t eat mushrooms, but we discovered these and many other cool nature finds alone our walk to the picnic area.

Point Lobos State Park Northern California Family Travelfor lunch, we had picked up some deli sandwiches, fruit salad, pasta salad, quiche and treats from the 5th Street Deli in Carmel. there were lots of yummy and unique food items to choose from, including pre packed picnic boxes, so i highly recommend stopping by the 5th Street Deli and getting some lunch or snacks to enjoy while you are exploring Point Lobos Reserve. (expect to pay $8-15 per lunch with a drink at 5th Street Deli)

Carmel 5th Deli Picnic Lunch Carmel 5th Deli Rainbow Popcorn
the Bird Island area didn’t disappoint, the landscape was just like a painting. the water was emerald green and the contrasting white rocky cliffs were so beautiful.

Carmel By The Sea Point Lobos Bird Islandwe enjoyed looking down to China Beach and seeing a family of seals bathing in the sun. China Beach was closed, but the view was still awesome.
Point Lobos State Park Sealswe then hiked down to Gibson Beach to check out the white sand and crystal green water.
Point Lobos State Park Gibson Beachit was a bit of a hike down the steep staircase, but the beach was quiet and calm, and a fun place for the boys to run and play on. since the water seemed a bit rough, so we did not enter the oceans around Point Lobos Reserve.

Point-Lobos-Gibson-Beach-Bird-Islandwe absolutely loved our time at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. it is outstanding for sightseeing, photography, painting, nature study, picnicking, SCUBA diving, and jogging. not only is it’s natural beauty breathtaking, nearly every aspect of its resources is of scientific interest. you get a chance to witness rare plant communities, endangered archeological sites, unique geological formations, and incredibly rich flora and fauna of both land and sea.

point lobos carmel

if you plan on visiting Point Lobos Reserve, head over to the Point Lobos Foundation website to plan your visit, check out trail maps and get any information you may need. i highly recommend this area for anyone who love the outdoors and the beauty of nature and the ocean. it is great place for families and all skill levels. just remember to respect the power of the ocean, help avoid a disaster by keeping at a safe distance. and please remain on the designated trails within the wire guides, and stay away from the rocky cliffs as rock climbing is absolutely prohibited.

check out some of the fun we had on our family travels to Carmel-by-the-Sea
Dennis The Menace Playground – Monterey, California
Hofsas House Boutique Hotel in Carmel, California

Knott’s Berry Farm for the Cure 2015

knott-for-the-curelast weekend, i was tickled pink to be able to celebrate the kick-off of Knott’s Berry Farm for the Cure Event. it was an even bigger treat to celebrated this special day at Knott’s with my sweet grandma who is a breast cancer survivor herself, and also with my dear blogger friend, Jaime Jenkins, who is in the midst of her battle with stage 4 breast cancer. you can only imagine that this is a cause near and dear to my heart.

i am thrilled that Knott’s has once again partnered with Susan G. Komen Orange County this year, to raise money for breast cancer awareness, services and research. this year, from now through March 27th, Knott’s Berry Farm is offering a special “Pink Ticket” and limited edition “pink” merchandise with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Susan G. Komen Orange County.  and you can be sure that the funds raised will be going to a great cause! 75% of the funds will be used to provide services in our community of Orange County such as education and early breast cancer detection, information and support for breast cancer survivors and families, funding for free mammograms for the underprivileged and uninsured, and the other 25% will be sent for national research to discover the cure for breast cancer.


at the event, Jaime was able to speak to the media and tell us her story. she is a very courageous women….and i am so happy that Knott’s is helping bring awareness and support to her, and other women (and men) who are battling breast cancer just like her.


 these lovely women are all either breast cancer survivors or battling it at this time.

orange-county-breast-cancer-survivorsduring the kick-off event, the survivors were able to ride one of the Knott’s roller coasters together and celebrate their courage and the battles they have won during their fight of breast cancer.susan-g-komen-orange-county

right now, during the Knott’s for the Cure campaign, Knott’s guests will have the opportunity to enjoy Knott’s world class entertainment, attractions and specially-themed “pink” decor, while supporting an important cause that touches many women. throughout this campaign, guests can purchase “Pink Tickets” for theme park admission only online. a portion of these “Pink Tickets” proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen Orange County!

also available is a limited edition, Knott’s Berry Farm for the Cure t-shirt starting at $10.00 (plus tax) for adult sizes.


and there is also other pink Knott’s for the Cure merchandise. proceeds will benefit Komen Orange County. purchase any of these items to show your support for this worthy cause…plus, they are REALLY CUTE!knott-breast-cancer-awareness-merchandise

i hope that you can join Knott’s and Susan G. Komen in their efforts to raise money for a cure. run on over to Knott’s for a day full of pink fun! thanks Knott’s Berry Farm for helping this important cause.


{disclusure: this is not a sponsored post. i received admission to attend the Knott’s for the Cure event from Giga Savvy.}