101 Places to Find the Best Treats in Orange County

Where_to_find_the_best_Treats_in_Orange_Countyfrom ice cream to donuts, to shaved ice to cupcakes, Orange County has its share of yummy places to get unique and tasty treats. i am often asked where to go to get a decadent desserts or fun places to take the kiddies to get a special treat after school. so i thought, why not make a gigantic list of 101 Places to find the Best Treats in Orange County.

i’ve scoured the internet. local OC Foodie Instagram accounts and also through my own blog to make this awesome list of the best places in OC. some i have tried, some are recommendations, and some are on my bucket list to try. hopefully this list will inspire your sweet tooth to head over to your nearest treats store or bakery. let me know your favorites…and if i need to add something to this list. enjoy!!!!

101 Places to find the Best Treats in Orange County

Ice Cream and more
à la Minute (Orange) – made with nitrogen
Afters Ice Cream (Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Tustin, Chino Hills & Long Beach) – home of the famous Milky Bun

Afters_Ice_Cream_Milky_Bun Churned Creamery (Tustin)
Cloud Poke and Snow (Fullerton)
Coldstone Creamery (Multiple Orange County Locations)
Creamistry (Anaheim, Brea, Cerritos, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Tustin & Corona ) – made with nitrogen
Dad’s Donuts & Ice Cream (Newport Beach) – Famous Balboa bars and chocolate dipped bananas
H2 Snow (Orange)
Honey & Butter (Irvine)

honey_and_butter_irvine Honeymee (Buena Park, Cerritos, Irvine & Westminster) – natural milk ice cream with pure honeycomb
Honeymee Milky Snow Bar (Garden Grove)
Nitrolado (Garden Grove) – made with nitrogen
Scoops N Scoops (Irvine & Chino Hills) – made with nitrogen
Scoops N Scoops Ice Creams Shaved Ice Ice Baby (Lake Forest)
Snow Heaven (Lake Forest)
Snow Monster OC (Huntington Beach, Tustin, Westminster, Long Beach & Mini Monster at Anaheim Packing House)
Snow Station (Anaheim, Los Alamitos, Tustin & Westminster)

Snow_Station_in_Tustin Snowy Village (Buena Park)
N2 Creamery (Villa Park) – made with nitrogen

Donuts and more
Crafted Donuts (Fountain Valley)
Dad’s Donuts & Ice Cream (Newport Beach) – Famous Balboa bars and chocolate dipped bananas
DK’s Donuts of Orange (Orange)
DK’s Donuts of Tustin (Tustin)
Dunkin Donuts (Garden Grove, Irvine, Santa Ana, Villa Park, Westminster & Yorba Linda)
Krispy Kreme (Orange & Mission Viejo)
Poqet Donuts (Irvine) – customize your own donuts

Orange County Gourmet Donuts The Donuttery (Huntington Beach)
Sidecar Donuts (Costa Mesa)
U Jelly (Fountain Valley)
Zombee Donuts (Fullerton)

Zombee Donuts of Orange County

Bakeries and Cupcakes
Beverly’s Bakery (Fullerton & Yorba Linda)
Creme & Sugar (Anaheim Hills) – Known for their lavender cake, lavender lattes and cookie butter lattes.

Creme_and_Sugar_Lavendar_Cake Casey’s Cupcakes (Irvine, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach & Riverside)
Cream Pan Bakery (Tustin)
French’s Pastry (Costa Mesa, Irvine, Mission Viejo & Orange) – Since 1965
Hapa Cupcakes (Fullerton)
Mama’s Mediterranean (Lake Forest) – Mediterranean bakery….baklava!!!!
Nothing Bundt Cakes (Mission Viejo)
Porto’s Bakery (Buena Park)
The Sugar Me Bakery (Orange) – Giant cupcakes
The Great Dane Baking Company (Huntington Beach & Los Alamitos)

great_dane_baking_company Simply the Cupcake Store (Mission Viejo)
Sunmerry Bakery (Irvine) – Asian Fusion style
SusieCakes (Costa Mesa, Laguna Niguel & Newport Beach)
Sprinkles Cupcakes (Newport Beach & Disney California Adventure)
Wonderland Bakery (Newport Beach)
85ºC Bakery (Buena Park, Cerritos, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Irvine & Chino Hills) – Taiwanese fusion

Cookies and more
Cookie Connection (Irvine)
Cookies by Jess (Orange)
Honey & Butter (Irvine)
honey_and_butter_irvine_macarons Stax Cookie Bar (Irvine)
The Dirty Cookie (Tustin) – Cookie shots!
The Sweet Shot Company (Irvine) Cookie shots!

Chocxo Bean to Bar (Irvine) – Chocolate factory tours
Luisa Chocolatiere (Laguna Niguel)
Too Sweet (Newport Beach) – Chocolate dipped bananas and Balboa Bars


Frozen Yogurt
Ice Cap (Placentia)
Menchies (Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Rancho Santa Margarita & Corona) – fresh made waffle cones
Yogurtland (multiple Orange County locations)
Frozen Custard & Italian Ice
Confetti Italian Ice & Custard (Costa Mesa)
Joe’s Italian Ice (Anaheim)
Kups (Westminster)
Rita’s (multiple Orange County locations) – frozen ice with frozen custard
Stickland’s (Irvine)

Eiswelt Gelato (Westminster)
Mochilato (Irvine) – Japanese fusion – gelato, mochi, macarons, shaved ice and more.


Shave Ice
Haole Boys Shave Ice (Huntington Beach)
Hula Girls Shave Ice (Huntington Beach) – fresh made syrups with no preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup

Hula_Girls_Shave_Ice_Huntington_Beach Oahu Shave Ice (Yorba Linda)
Snow 2 Go (Mission Viejo)
Snowy Village (Buena Park)
Sticky Fingers (Irvine)
Wiki Wiki Shave Ice (Tustin)

Dee-lite Distribution (Fullerton) – Wholesale to the public
Front Porch Pops (Santa Ana & Tustin)
Pop Bar (Anaheim & Huntington Beach)
Paloma’s Paletas (Corona Del Mar)

Candy Stores
Balboa Candy Store (Newport Beach at the Balboa Fun Zone)
B.Candy Store (Corona Del Mar)

b_candy Marceline’s Confectionary ( Anaheim in Downtown Disney) – They have Disney treats!
Powell’s Sweet Shop (AlisoViejo)
Rocket Fizz (Irvine & San Clemente)

Pies and more
The Pie Hole (Orange)
Marie Callender’s (Multiple Orange County locations)

Coconut Cream Pie

Allergy-friendly Treats
Sensitive Sweets (Fountain Valley & San Clemente)

Unique & Specialty Treats
Bagels & Brew (Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest & Mission Viejo) – known for their rainbow unicorn bagels
Bagels and Brews Unicorn Bagels Cha2O (Fullerton) – Tea House, Java, Smoothies, Specialty drinks and more
Hello Kitty Cafe Pop-Up (Irvine)
7 Leaves Cafe (Cypress, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach & Irvine)
The LOOP (Westminster) – handcrafted churros
The_Loop_ChurrosWow!!!!! now that’s a lot of yumminess. have i missed any must-go places? let me know in the comments….

I Tried Google Express and I Loved It!

Delivered to your doortoday i would like to share with you how i was given an opportunity to try Google Express, and how they saved my Saturday plans and also made it possible for the boys and i to have our annual Messy Party. every year the boys and i like to throw a messy party to celebrate the end of summer….even though we wish summer would never end. and if you don’t know what a messy party is, then i must show you…

Messy Party

yep…a Messy Party lives up to its’ name, and is all sorts of fun – it involves ice cream sundaes, shaving cream, water balloons and everything else you can dream up to get messy. it’s a kids dream come true, and we always have the best time with our friends at our annual messy parties.

well, with us being so busy this summer and me being sick with my pregnancy lately, we were going to have to start canceling certain plans because there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done. it was either shop for supplies to have our annual Messy Party, or go to the OC Fair…also a family tradition. i just couldn’t see how we could do both. i don’t have a lot of energy at the moment, so we’d have to choose.

(there’s an awesome offer below, so be sure to keep reading!)

then i remembered that i had a credit and a free trial to try the Google Express delivery service. where you can get super quick delivery from popular stores like Target and Costco, all in one place on the Google Express website. all you have to do is add items to your cart, choose when you want delivered from each store and check out! your order is then processed in the store and a driver will bring it to you. how helpful is that! plus, with a Google Express membership, you can get fast and free delivery on eligible orders.

Google Express discount code

so i tried Google Express! and it was super easy, and the prices were the same as in the store. i was able to see my price total before i purchased and also add, delete and increase quantities of the items in my cart with the click of a button. and using the search bar, i was able to easily search for the items i was looking for within the store i wanted to shop from.

since Target is usually my go-to store, that’s the store i chose to shop from. i found everything i needed for the messy party. and since i am familiar with Target, it pretty much felt like i was in the store….except i was in bed! all the items i usually buy at Target were on the Google Express website. here is what my cart looked like…

My Google Express Order and Review

and here is my delivery….so impressed, and it didn’t even cost me anymore than if i had shopped in the store. i think i am gonna love this.

Google Express Delivery

a Google Express Offer Just for you

now you can try Google Express for FREE! just head over to Google Express and use the promo code FREE TIME to redeem a free  six-month membership (includes free shipping, $54 value). then come back and enter promo code NTA52233R to receive $15 off your first Google Express purchase. how awesome is that!

According to Google Express: you must use the FREETIME coupon first. click on “TRY IT FREE”, the membership page already has the code FREETIME applied, so go ahead to BECOME A MEMBER. then, do your shopping and enter promo code NTA52233R at checkout for $15 off first purchase. 


We got to go to the OC Fair!!!!!

and since i now longer had to spend time going to the store to get supplies for our Messy Party, we didn’t have to choose between having the party and going to the OC Fair. we just went to the fair and had a great time.

OC Fair 2016OC Fair Souvenier CupOC Fair PigsOC Fair Euro SlideOC Fair Barbecue

i am so happy we made it to the OC Fair this year. thanks to Google Express, it gave me a “New Saturday” away from doing errands. i found Google Express to be so helpful and know that it is going to cut down on repeated shopping trips. i honestly see myself using this service often, by saving my weekend for fun. after all, i can shop from bed in my jammies…where i have been spending a lot of time lately. and if you decide to try the Google Express service, be sure to post a photo of your Saturday with the #MyNewSaturday and the #GoogleExpress hashtag.

happy shopping!

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and does include affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}

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We’re Having a Baby!

Popsicleblog_baby_girl_gender_reveali just realized that i never shared the big news here on the blog. guess what?!!!


and even bigger news…IT’S A GIRL!!!! we just can’t believe it! i shared the news on the Sandy Toes and Popsicles Facebook page, but not over here on the blog. sorry about that….hopefully you are all fans on Facebook so you already knew. but i haven’t shared too many other details about my pregnancy, and there have been a lot of questions. so i thought i better write a little blog post.

anyways, i found out in April that i was pregnant, right after a blog conference i had attended. i kept getting really carsick, more than i usually do, so i thought something was up. but i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. but a few days later, i was feeling worse….took the test again and POSITIVE!

wow. i wasn’t expecting to have another baby, after all, my youngest is almost seven. i was a bit overwhelmed with the news because i felt like i was too old to have another baby…i am not as in shape as i used to be and also in the process of trying to get healthy and lose all the weight i have gained these past 5 years. plus, my past three pregnancies were awful. i get sick the entire 9 months…could i handle this? but i guess we were meant to have another little one and now WE COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED. or should i say shocked! i mean….i guess i can’t really say shocked, because we all know how these things happen. and yes, this is what can happen from a night of trying to be spontaneous LOL! but nonetheless, we figured we were done having babies and were onto the next stage in life with our boys. not so much now.

we didn’t tell anyone our big news for a while, it was our little secret, in fact, we didn’t tell any friends until we found out the gender of the baby at 14 weeks. it was hard to keep a secret since i had been sick and not feeling like doing much. i felt bad not hanging out with friends or going to family dinners. but once we shared the news, everyone figured out why and were pretty shocked and super excited.

The Day We Found Out the baby’s gender

first of all, it was the fourth of July, we weren’t expecting to find out the gender of the baby for another week or so. but it was one of those days when the boys were feisty and fighting, and the hubby and i really needed a break. so we decided to go on a lunch date before heading out with the boys to the family 4th of July party. on the way to lunch we got to thinking…maybe the ultrasound place is open and we could find out the gender and reveal at the 4th of July party. to our surprise…it was! why is an ultrasound place open on the 4th of July? kind of ridiculous…but definitely in our favor. i guess it was meant to be….so we headed down and found out.

i laid on the table, with warm goo on my belly and watched the ultrasound tech do her thing. i had a feeling that it was a girl…but just couldn’t believe it when she said the words…IT’S A GIRL! i was crying with joy inside. after 3 boys, i still can’t even wrap my head around the news, and until i get another confirmation, i’m still in disbelief. what exciting news. we are thrilled that we will be adding a little girl to our family…and the boys really wanted a sister. God has a plan and i guess this little girl needs to be with our family and probably will need to have those three older brothers in her life. what a blessing this is.

we drove home and decided that we would fill balloons with pink confetti and pop them at the party to reveal BABY GIRL. here are some photos from the day we found out and shared the news with our families.

here is the hubby getting to work on the balloons.

chad_parkin_preparing_for_baby_gender_reveal getting_ready_for_the_gender_revealhere is the family before we passed out the balloons to reveal the baby’s gender. everyone was super excited. we had planned to have flying balloons, but the confetti was too heavy, so everyone had to just hold them.getting_ready_to_reveal_gender then 3….2….1….pop!!!!popsicleblog_gender_reveal_partyIT’S A GIRL!!!! everyone was so excited.  the next day we revealed it to the world.surprise_its_a_girl

i am due in early January, right after the holidays. my first winter baby. i am very fatigued and my stomach is always sour, but other than that, i can’t complain. this has been my easiest pregnancy so far. as soon as the boys go back to school i will have a couple of months to prepare for her arrival and get everything ready for the holidays so that once i am gigantic, i can take it easy. at least that’s what i am planning.

i can’t wait…i love love love the baby stage. it’s just been a while, so i hope i remember everything. can you believe it?!!!! four kids.  i love being a mom!

here is the video of baby girl’s gender reveal…

My Mom Confessions- When Parenting Gets Tough

confessions of the real meparenting can be tough! i would never want to sugar coat the life i live with my family. it’s not always pretty blue skies with rainbows over here. my kids don’t always eat their veggies, they throw tantrums just like everyone else’s kids, and my house is more often messy than not. we can’t always be the perfect parents. sometimes, i need to catch my breath and take a break. so i am partnering with Children’s Advil® to bring you this post about my “Mom Confessions.”

see! my house gets messy….really messy.

Messy House

want to know some of the secret solutions that i use to cope when it’s not easy being a parent? i’ll tell you… anything goes when you are trying to get through the day. like in the morning, when we are getting ready for school, i tell my kids that if they don’t hurry up, i’ll take them to school in their pajamas. and if they are tardy, they’ll have to repeat the school year again next year – anything to make them actually get ready in a timely matter.

Kyle and Vann Walking to School

my youngest is so picky when it comes to food. the only meat he’ll eat is turkey. so now everything i cook for dinner is “turkey,” even if it is really hamburgers or steak. sometimes after big grocery store trips, i tell the kids that i have to use the restroom really badly, so that they have to unload the car without me and i get some time to myself, alone in the bathroom. when it comes to screen time, i tell my boys that if they play too many video games, their brain cells will start to die off. and my best hack???

Summer Cell Phone Contract

after my little sweeties go to bed, i get out the good snacks that i’ve hidden from them and eat them without sharing, while watching my favorite shows on television.


i confess that these little parenting hacks help me stay sane…and if these little hacks help our family run smoother, i’ll take ‘em. i have created a few short videos sharing a couple of my biggest mom confessions. please tell me i’m not alone with these!

“Swimming in the pool during summer counts as giving the kids a bath. Right?!!”

“I pretend I have to go to the bathroom so my husband and kids have to unload and put away the groceries.”

“I’ve done my kids homework when I’m too tired and want it done fast!”

now, please share with me some of your mom confessions. i want to know!!!! And don’t forget to check out the Children’s Advil® Facebook page, where you can share your own confessions, too!

GIVEAWAY!!!! head over to my Facebook page to enter to win an assortment of Children’s Advil® product samples.

{disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}

Our Visit to Knott’s Ghost Town Alive and GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Knott's Ghost Town Celebration 75th Anniversaryit’s been a fun summer so far, but i have to say that our summer wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of our favorite places, Knott’s Berry Farm. right now, Knott’s Ghost Town Alive is going on, a new interactive entertainment experience. hopefully you read our first experience visiting Knott’s 75th Anniversary of Ghost Town, but if you haven’t, let me tell you that is is pretty awesome! throughout all the years that i’ve been taking my boys to Knott’s, this is the most fun that we have ever had in Ghost Town. this one-of-a-kind experience brings the Old West to life as guests of all ages—including the littlest of kids—become part of the action. the residents of Ghost Town involve everyone in the magic of Calico.

Knott's Cowboys

the boys ran all over the town, delivering notes, helping the citizens of Calico find the bad guys, handing out newspapers, participating in an elections, enjoying a hoedown celebration and more. we spent a good three hours+ playing make believe in all the Ghost Town Alive adventures.

Ghost Town Alive in the Old School HouseGhost Town Alive CelebrationMen in Ghost TownKnott's Stream Train Driver

they even got to do things live wash laundry at Wing Lees Laundry Mat….

Washing Clothes in Knott's Ghost Town

visit Sad Eye Joe in Jail…

Knott's Sad Eye Joe

and who else’s kids insist on pumping the old water pump!

Knott's Water Pump

you just have to get down to Knott’s Ghost Town Alive this summer, as the celebration will end on September 5th. but good news, there is a chance to win a family four-pack of tickets to Knott’s!!!! so read to the end of this post and then enter to win the GIVEAWAY. Good luck!!!!!

top twelve activities at Ghost Town Alive

below, i have assembled a list of the top twelve activities families should experience while visiting the beloved town of Calico. these are some of our favorite….but of course, we love everything!

Livery Stable – Meet Calico’s friendly equestrian team along with Betty and Brutus, the resident donkeys that enjoy taking an occasional stroll through town. Learn more about each horse while petting them and chatting with their handlers.

Knott's StablesPlaying in the Knott's StablesKnott's Berry Farm DonkeyRead More…