Where to Donate Baby Diapers in Orange County

there’s a lot to love about February. besides Valentine’s Day, there is also another very special day. National Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17th! this is a great time to get your family involved in serving our community – and there are many ways that you can do this. i have thought of a bunch of different ways our families can help. we can clean up the beaches, we can have a bake sale to raise money for our local children’s hospital, we can donate toys to the local children’s homes, we can bring food to the local food banks, and what my family will be doing…donating diapers to a local women’s shelter that serves moms in need. that is why i have partnered with Pampers and Sam’s Club to bring you this post.

one thing a parent should never have to worry about, is how they are going to clothe and feed their children. diapers are a necessity and as you know….babies go through a lot of diapers. having had four babies, it has always been important to have diapers that get the job done. i wanted my babies to be taken care of and comfortable. the kids and i want to make sure that other Orange County family’s everyday needs are met with high-quality products as well – like Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Cruisers, and Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes. we found a great deal at Sam’s Club to make buying Pampers product even more affordable.

so baby Dani and i headed over to Sam’s Club to get some diapers and wipes to donate on Random Acts of Kindness Day.

right now, you can get an instant savings of $8 off the purchase of 2 Pampers products at Sam’s Club. PLUS, you can get a $10 Sam’s Club eGift Card when you purchase $50 worth of Pampers.

wow…that’s a great savings!!!!!!

there are many charities in Orange County that accept diaper donations. i have listed some below, but you can also do a web search to see if there is a charity that has a drop off location near you.

Orange County Charities that Accept Baby Diapers

MOMS Orange County
Orange County Rescue Mission
Collette’s Children’s Home
Clear Charity
Laura’s House
Grandma’s House of Help
Thomas House Family Shelter

i feel that it is so very important to teach our children the importance of giving to those in need. with our lives being so busy, it can be easy to let weeks and months go by while just focusing on ourselves. i am grateful for days when i can take a step back and focus some of my time on others. my kids agree that it feels so good to take a break and do a little charity. i encourage your family to get involved with donating some diapers to a local Orange County charity for Random Acts of Kindness Day. it’s a super easy act, and with the great deal happening at Sam’s Club on Pampers, you get a lot more for you money. Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!!!!

p.s. we could leave Sam’s Club without enjoying an apple turnover. she couldn’t even wait to get in the car! LOL

{This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pampers at Sam’s Club. The opinions and text are all mine.}

The New Café Nongshim at Pretend City Children’s Museum

last week, miss Dani Kat and i took a trip to Pretend City for the Grand Opening of Café Nongshim. it is the new play cafe that Pretend City changes themes a couple times a year. we love the cafe because it is perfect for little hands to explore and create – and expose children to a different cultures. Nongshim is specialty cuisine of Seoul, Korea. so Café Nongshim has a Korean theme. perfect timing for this year’s winter Olympics.

Nongshim translates to instant noodles in English and they specialize in just that, instant noodles in a variety of different flavors and spices. their most popular dishes are the Kimchi Ramyun noodles and the Neoguri noodles. and all of their products are both tasty and convenient! here are some of Nongshim’s instant noodles…

it was fun taking baby Dani to Pretend City for the first time.  she loved everything about it – the water area, the toddler area, the garden area and Trader Joe’s pretend market were her favorite. and of course she loved the new Café Nongshim. we were there for the ribbon cutting and got to here about the Nongshim company from one of the local Nongshim partners.

Nongshim started in 1965 in Seoul, Korea, and became the #1 noodle and snack manufacturer in the country. they then had successful expansion to the neighboring countries throughout Asia. thereafter, Nongshim America, Inc. was established in 1994 as a part of the global expansion which made their noodles available consumers in North America. they have one of their U.S. headquarters right here in Southern California, in Ranch Cucamonga.

the ceremony included a drumlins with Korean drummers, and the ribbon cutting. then the kids were allowed to go into the Café Nongshim and play.

playing in Café Nongshim was so much fun. Dani thought she was so big playing in the kitchen that was stocked with “pretend” supplies to make Korean food.

there’s an area to assemble the noodles…

and then the Café area where you can “pretend” to be a customer or be a restaurant worker. it was so much fun playing with my girl. there is something about Korean Noodles that gets the taste buds going. YUM YUM.

my little niece from When In Huntington also had fun in the cafe. she served us lots one noodles.

Pretend City is so much fun for little kids and parents alike. it allows you to play with you kids in a magical make believe world. we had so much fun at the Grand Opening of Café Nongshim, and hopefully you can take your kids to check it out too.

{This is not a sponsored post. We were invited guests of Pretend City. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}

The Legoland Castle Hotel is Coming to Southern California

earlier this month, i had the chance to check out the construction progress of the new Legoland Castle Hotel that will soon be opening at Legoland California Resort in Carlsbad. i have a bunch of boys who can not wait for it to open this April 27th…the are VERY EXCITED! let me tell you, it’s going to be amazing. if your kids love Legos, they will be in Lego Heaven. and i wanted to share with you some photos of the hard hat tour i took to give you an idea what to expect.

if you have ever stayed at the current Legoland Hotel, then you have some experience of what it will be like to stay at the Legoland Castle Hotel. although it is similar, there are also many unique features and cool improvements that you will only experience at the Castle.

here is a sneak peek of the lobby. it will be set up separately from the rest of the hotel and will of course have Legos and fun things for the kids to do while the parents are checking in.

here is what it looks like right now…but don’t worry, it will be complete very soon. use your imagination to envision the Lego slide that will be built next to these stairs. fun!!!!

next up, we headed over to where the new restaurant will be located in the hotel. the Dragon’s Den, is a first at LEGOLAND California Resort. it will be the resort’s first full-service sit down restaurant. the head chef explained how the restaurant would be set up and how the food will be locally-sourced, creating a unique dining experience.

it will include an open kitchen for guests to watch chefs preparing their food. plus, it will be decorated with amazing LEGO models, and LEGOLAND entertainers will interact with guests. breakfast will be included with each guest’s stay and includes made-to-order items along with a buffet. here is what is will look like…

located next to Dragon’s Den restaurant, there will be a play area for kids and also Jester’s Bar. i am sure this will be a favorite area for adults and kids alike.

then we headed over to where the The Royal Courtyard will be locate. this is where hotel guests will be able to sit and relax, children will be in a fairy tale of their own creation with a DUPLO play area for the younger kids, larger play structures for the older kids, giant movie screen for nighttime movies, and a stage for live plays and shows.

there will also of course be a pool area! it will host a gradual incline pool and hot tub, plus a pool bar and grill that will offer smoothies, sandwiches and salads prepared fresh to order.

oh!!!! if you have been to the LEGOLAND Hotel, then you totally know what i am talking about when i tell you my kids favorite thing to do is ride the elevator. as with all things Lego, there are surprises at every turn. that goes for the elevators as well. when i say the construction of the elevators, i wanted to hop in a see what cool thing happened inside, but i guess i will have to wait. they did tell me that is will be a wizard theme. how exciting!

finally, we were able to check out the rooms!  there will be 250 premium LEGO Castle themed rooms with your choice of Knights & Dragons, Royal Princess or Magic Wizard. i personally can’t wait for a princess room. after years of all boys, i want to share this room with my little girl. my boys are hoping to stay in a Magic Wizard room. and unlike the current LEGOLAND Hotel that offers standard and premium rooms, ALL of the rooms at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel will be premium. they will be fully decked out with Lego sculptures and themed deco, a separate kids’ area with LEGO building tables and scavenger hunt in every room, and bathrooms with a tub, shower and toddler toilet seats.

doesn’t this all look like an amazing family-friendly hotel!!! i can definitely tell you it is 100% family-friendly. they have thought of everything.

it was a fun checking out the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel construction, it only made me more excited and i can’t wait to experience it in its finished form with my kids…they are going to love it. just a few more months and we can!!!!!

and guess what?!!!!  you can already book your stay. the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel will be ready before you know it. Southern California is so excited for April 27th.

{ This is not a sponsored post. I was an invited guest to check out the contruction. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}

A Weekend Road trip to Los Angeles with Chevy

This is a sponsored post.

last month, Chevy invited our family to take a road trip anywhere we wanted in Southern California. i immediately knew that i wanted to head up to Los Angeles for a weekend of exploring and enjoying the LA sights and sounds. because, although it is only 30 miles north from Orange County…it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours+ to get there. it makes me sad that it isn’t easier to get to L.A. on a more regular basis. so spending a weekend in Los Angeles was the perfect solution for some bulk L.A. adventures. PLUS…Chevy outfitted our family with a brand new Chevy Traverse to enjoy during the weekend to make our road trip a lot more comfortable. it had all the latest gadgets and gizmos, plenty of room for our family of six AND all our luggage, a stroller and baby gear.

let me tell you…the road trip was so much, and i wanted to share some of the great spots we visited. next time you are in L.A….be sure to check some of these out.

Universal Studios

we started our road trip at Universal Studios Hollywood. it’s one of my favorite Southern California amusement parks. it’s very family-friendly if your kids are over 42″. a baby makes it hard, but you can still find it enjoyable if you have little ones.

since we went during December, Universal Studios was decorated for the holidays. Grinchmas is a favorite of ours, and visiting Who-ville, meeting the Grinch, and playing with the Whos is a tradition we have done every year. Universal does a great job of creating a real-life Whoville. there are shows, treats, photo opportunities, crafts and character meet-and-great happening all day long during Grinchmas.

then we headed over to the Studio Tour which takes you through the backlot where they make movies and television shows. this is the boys absolute favorite thing to do at Universal Studios Hollywood (besides the Jurassic Park ride). it’s very nostalgic and has some great attractions along the way such as King Kong, Earthquake, and the Fast and Furious. you even get to wear 3-D glasses.

and Dani got to meet Marilyn Monroe!

we spent time in the park checking out Simpson Land and some of the stage shows, then headed to our most anticipated land – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. if you are a Harry Potter fan, then you definitely need to make a visit. you feel like you have been transported into Hogsmeade. you can visit all the stores, taste some Butterbeer (we recommend the frozen Butterbeer), and use your wand around the village to cast some spells. during the holidays, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is decorated for Christmas.

check out Hogwarts castle during the day. pretty spectacular! but during the holidays, it gets even more spectacular at night with Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. the iconic Hogwarts castle is transformed into a dazzling light projection spectacular.as the sunsets, a light show is play on the Hogwarts castle with themed graphics and magical music. it plays multiple times every evening and lasts about 10-15 minutes. it was FANTASTIC!!!!!

after the show, everyone was tired after a full day of fun. we headed to our hotel. we stayed at the Boulevard Hotel which is conveniently located near Universal Studios.

apparently, there have been many stars who have stayed here!

The Griddle Cafe

the next morning, we wanted to have a breakfast experience, and check out a Hollywood breakfast hotspot. we decided on The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Boulevard. they are know for their giant pancakes and french toast….and boy are the BIG!

you know you’ve picked a popular breakfast spot when there is a long line at 8 am on a weekend morning.

check out this menu! wow…it was super hard to choose what to get.

so we ordered A LOT!!! we decided on Cap’n Crunch Pancakes, Banananana Pancakes, Cream cheese french toast, hot chocolate, cheesy omelet with avocado and pico de gallo. YUM YUM and while we waited for our food to arrive, the boys had so much fun watching the fancy cars race down Sunset. i think they saw about twenty Lamborghinis. i highly recommend sitting outside if it’s a nice day.

woahhhhhh!!!!! you think we ordered enough?

at the end of breakfast, we had only made a tiny dent in our food. our eyes were way bigger than our stomachs. we definitely ordered way too much, but still…it was so so good.

after breakfast, we hopped into our Chevy Traverse, and took a drive down Melrose. if you are looking for cool art our wall murals, you will find a bunch on Melrose Avenue. the “street art” is amazing in Los Angeles, and the boys love to get their pictures taken with it. as we drove down Melrose, if someone saw something they liked, we stopped to take a picture.

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Easy Super Mario Cereal Bars

as you have seen on my social media, we are huge Nintendo fans. the boys asked for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, and everytime they’ve earned screen time, they’re playing it. actually, you will find the whole family playing it, especially in the evenings. i like to make a big bowl of popcorn or a special treat, and anyone who has finished their homework and has a clean room can play until bedtime. speaking if treats – check out these Super Mario Cereal bars that i recently made! the boys spotted the new limited-edition Super Mario Cereal in the store, so we decided to make some thing special with it.

the new limited-edition Super Mario Cereal from Kellogg’s has just hit store shelves nationwide! each box has collectible Super Mario Odyssey™ art on it, and also functions as an amiibo™ accessory. my boys LOVE amiobos. you can use these ones to collect in-game coins and check out other fun features.

it’s really easy to make these Super Mario Cereal Bars. just heat 1/4 cup of butter and 4 cups of marshmallows in a saucepan on the stovetop using medium heat. once they are melted, combine one box of Super Mario Cereal and the melted marshmallows in a large bowl. mix until the cereal is completely coated. next, pour the mixture into a greased 8 x 8″ baking dish. cool completely and cut into squares.

i recommend reserving a bunch of the marshmallows in a cup before combining the cereal with the marshmallow mix. then, once the cereal and marshmallow mix is placed in the 8 x 8″ baking dish, decorate the top with the reserved marshmallows. this will make your bars look extra fun!

my kids thought i was the coolest mom for making these Nintendo treats. they we so excited to try them, and loved them so much….especially because they tasted different from your average marshmallow crispy treat bar. Super Mario Cereal is filled with colorful power-up marshmallows and a blast of mixed berry flavor. they made the perfect treat for our Nintendo Switch family game night.

you can find Super Mario Cereal for a limited time at your local grocery store. we found our at Target! if your kids love Nintendo or Super Mario, they would love having a Super Mario Cereal breakfast surprise. or if you have a party coming up, make sure to try making these easy Super Mario Cereal bars. they will be a crowd favorite. power up!

{this is not a sponsored post. we did receive a box of cereal from Nintendo. all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. }