Build Your Own Tart Station

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Fun Food Ideas for Easter or Mother's Day

spring events are coming up – Easter, Mother’s Day and bridal showers. it’s my favorite time of year to host parties because there are so many possibilities of yummy food to serve. fresh fruit and vegetables are in abundance – which i love to serve in beautiful arrangements. i’ve had the idea of having a “Build Your Own Tart Station” for a while now, and when i was asked to create a recipe that uses C&H® Honey Granules, i knew it was the perfect opportunity to finally create it.

i am so glad that i did, because my “Build Your Own Tart Station” turned out adorable. but what i didn’t expect, was how much fun and yummy it would end up being. my boys especially love it. they made the cutest little tarts with fruit patterns, sprinkled with toppings..they looked like they belonged in a bakery. i am now definitely going to create this again at my next party. let me share how i set it up – it’s really easy to do and your guests are going to be impressed.

first, i purchased a bunch of different berries and fruit that would taste great in a fresh fruit tart – raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, kiwi and bananas (which you will want to cut at the last minute to prevent them from turning brown). i found these great berry baskets at my local craft store to display them in.
Easy Fruit Dessert RecipePie Barnext, you will need the pie shells for the tarts. you can make them, or grocery stores sell these mini graham cracker pie crusts ready to go. they are perfect for a “Build Your Own Tart Station”. i placed them on a cake stand under a glass dome just because i thought it looked pretty.

Desserts with Graham Cracker Crusts

for the tart filling, pudding works great. i just made boxed banana and chocolate pudding. but any flavors you like would be great…lemon curd or jam would also make great fillings.

Build Your Own Pie Station

then i included toppings. i chose C&H® Honey Granules, shredded coconut and sliced almonds.

Easter and Mother's Day Dessert Ideas

what i love about using C&H® Honey Granules is that it let’s you Sprinkle a Taste of Honey!  which is the perfect amount of sweetness to add to the tarts. C&H® Honey Granules is a free-flowing mix of granulated pure cane sugar and honey that can easily add a sweet honey taste to teas and cereals, or can be measured for recipes. it also comes in an easy-pour canister with a recloseable flip-top lid, but for my tart station, i poured it into a decorative bowl. did i mention how good it tastes? it’s really yummy. the sweetness of C&H® Honey Granules is equal to 1 ½ x that of honey – 1 ½ tsp. of Honey Granules = Sweetness of 1 tsp. honey. and it can often be substituted for fluid honey by using this conversion: 1 cup liquid honey = 1 cup C&H® Honey Granules + ¼ cup additional recipe liquid.

C&H® Honey Granules is sold where i live, but if they don’t sell it in your area, look for Domino® Honey Granules, the sister brand of C&H®.

C & H Honey GranulesHoney Granules

and finally, don’t forget the whipped cream. i made homemade…which i love best. but you can also use whipped cream in a can.

Build your own Pie Station idea

i’m thrilled with how the “Build Your Own Tart Station” set-up turned out!

Build your own Tart Station idea

and for the tart making…it’s easy. have your guests fill their pie crust with their favorite filling…

Fun Dessert Ideas

then add some fruit…

How to make a Fruit TartEasy DIY Fruit Tart

then, they can add a sprinkle of C&H® Honey Granules.

C&H Honey Granules Recipe

top with whipped cream, and some of the toppings.

Tart with Graham Cracker Crusts

Mini Fruit Tart Recipe

your guests are going to have so much fun making their own tarts. my boys are already begging me to do it again, and being as easy at it was to set up, i can see many more “Build Your Own Tart Stations” in the future.

Fun Mini Tart Station


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Fun with PEEPS – and a free printable Easter gift tag

Free Printable Peeps tagwhen it comes to Easter and springtime, Peeps® are an iconic candy brand. when we received a big box in the mail this weekend labeled “PEEPS” on the outside, my kids were over the moon. we figured it was full of the traditional colorful chicky and bunny Peeps®, but we had no idea that we would find such a variety of Peeps® candy as well as some fun PEEPS inspired gifts and other candy from the PEEPS & Company brands such as Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales.

all these varieties made me want to head over to the Peeps & Company® website and check out what they offered. WOW. i was excited to see not only candy, but fun gifts, toys, home decor, and apparel. and not just for Easter. now you can enjoy PEEPS all year long. there are peeps and candy for all occasions and also in every color scheme. so if you are looking to match a certain color, i highly suggest checking out everything peeps has to offer.

to celebrate my love for Peeps®, i thought it would be fun to make a fun Easter basket to give to one of my “peeps”. i just filled a spring bucket with some paper grass and a bunch of varieties of Peeps® including Peeps Chick Ear Buds and a Peeps® Bunny Plush and attached a cute tag that says “to my PEEP!” i wanted to make sure i included the free printable for you to use if you decide to make a Peeps® gift for one of your peeps. click here to download the Peeps gift tag.

Fun Peep Easter PrintablePeeps Gift BasketPeeps gift basket

click here to download the Peeps gift tag.

just for fun, i also wanted to share some of the Easter PEEPS that i think would be fun for the kid, tweens, teens and even adult Easter baskets or for a fun spring treat. check them out below!

Fun Peeps Gifts for Everyone

1. Peeps Chick Earbuds |  2. Chocolate Dipped Mousse Flavored Peeps | 3. Peeps Bunny Socks and Candy Sets | 4. Peeps Plush Bunnies | 5. Rainbow Pops Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Chicks | 6. Peeps Decorated Marshmallow Eggs | 7. Peeps Rainbow Pops  | 8. Orange Creme Flavored Chicks  | 9. Party Flavored Marshmallow Chicks | 9. Peeps Keychains | 10. Party Cake Peeps | 11. Peeps-a-liscious Cookbook  |  12. Peeps Socks

and don’t forget about Peeps & Company’s other fun brands – Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike. there are lots of fun candies in different flavors and themes to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Hot Tamales and Mike and Ike1. Mike and Ike Zours  |  2. Hot Tamale Juniors  |  3. Hot Tamales Licorice Bites  | 4. Mike and Ike Jelly Beans |  5. Mike and Ike Easter Treats6. Mike and Ike Minion Mix  |  7. Hot Tamales Earbud Gift Set  |  8. Mike and Ike Lollipops  | 9. Mike and Ike Jurassic World  |  10. Mike and Ike Cotton Candy

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How to Make Easter Resurrection Rolls

How to make Easter Resurrection Sweet Rolls

baking with my boys is one of my all-time favorite things to do, and since they were home for spring break, we had plenty of time to enjoy some baking fun in the kitchen. each year around this time, we like to make Resurrection Rolls to celebrate Easter. some people call these Empty Tomb Rolls. we make Resurrection Rolls to illustrate the story of Christ’s resurrection. before you bake the rolls, you place a marshmallow into the center of the dough and wrap the dough around it. the marshmallow represents Christ’s body, and the dough represents the tomb where Christ’s body was laid to rest. when you place the rolls into the oven to bake, the marshmallow melts inside. when the rolls are done baking, you can cut them open and reveal the empty space within the roll where the marshmallow once was. this represents the resurrection of Christ and the empty tomb. making Resurrection Rolls is a nice way to spend time as a family and also brings the spirit of Easter in our home.

making Resurrection Rolls is super easy. you just need an oven, a baking sheet, refrigerator crescent rolls, marshmallows, cinnamon & sugar and melted butter. if you want frosting on your rolls, powder sugar and a dash of milk will do.
Easter Resurrection Rolls Ingredientsthese rolls are easy enough for kids to make all by themselves. i usually tell the boys what to do while incorporating the story of Christ’s resurrection into what they are doing.

first, have the kids lay out the dough on a baking sheet.
Easter Resurrection Rolls Lessonnext, dip marshmallows in to the melted butter and roll it in cinnamon & sugar. this represents the people preparing Christ’s body with oils and spices for his burial.Easter Sweet RollsEaster breakfast Ideasplace a cinnamon and sugar covered marshmallow in the middle of each piece of crescent roll dough. drizzle a little more melted butter over each marshmallow and sprinkle them again with the cinnamon & sugar.
Easy Easter breakfast Ideas for Kidslastly, wrap each of the marshmallows up securely with the dough, making sure that there are NO HOLES. if you leave holes, the marshmallow and sugar will ooze out while baking, making a mess.
Easter Sweet RollsEaster breakfast Ideas for Kidsplace the rolls into the oven, following the baking directions on the package of rolls. once they are finished baking, when they have cooled, you can frost them if you would like. i just made a quarter batch of royal icing and drizzled it across the tops of the rolls.
Easter Empty Tomb Rolls RecipeHow to make Resurrection Breakfast Sweet Rolls then, serve them up.  carefully cut each one open with a serrated knife and reveal the empty space inside. the marshmallow (Christ’s body) is gone and the roll (tomb) is empty. He is Risen!How to make Resurrection RollsHow to make Empty Tomb Rolls

we had such a lovely time baking these Resurrection Rolls together. not only were the result very delicious…we also were reminded of what Easter is all about. this has been a tradition for the past few years, and i am sure we will continue the tradition for years to come.
Easter Empty Tomb Rolls

Unique Varieties of PEEPS Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies

Unique Varieties of PEEPSwhen we received a big box in the mail this weekend labeled “PEEPS” on the outside, my kids were over the moon. we figured it was full of the traditional colorful chicky and bunny PEEPS that we always see during Easter time. we had no idea that we would find 15 different unique varieties of PEEPS. the boys went to town checking out all the different varieties and claiming which ones they had dibs on. luckily, i claimed them all, so the boys didn’t have to fight over them *wink*. the brightly colored PEEPS brought a rainbow of smiles into our home. they were just what we needed to get in the mood for spring.

since i had no idea that there were so many varieties of PEEPS,  i decided to check out the PEEPS website, and found there are even more varieties than the Easter and Spring ones we received. there were PEEPS for every season.  i also saw that on their website they have a whole gallery of PEEPS crafts and projects submitted by people all over the world. there are some great ones on there, and anyone is allowed to submit their own to be featured.

just for fun, i wanted to share some of the Easter PEEPS that i think would be fun for the kiddies Easter baskets or for a fun spring treat. check them out below!


1. Marshmallow Bunny Peeps |  2. Chocolate Dipped Mousse Flavored Peeps | 3. Yellow Chick in a Chocolate Egg | 4. Vanilla Creme Flavored Marshmallow Peeps | 5. Rainbow Pops Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Chicks | 6. Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Chicks | 7. Orange Creme Flavored Chicks  | 8. Party Flavored Marshmallow Chicks | 9. Peep Peepsters | 10. Marshmallow Bunny Peeps

Hash Brown Station for Easter Brunch with Free Printables

This is a sponsored post.Hash Brown Brunch Idea with Free PrintablesEaster is just around the corner and it is time to start planning what to make for Easter brunch. one of my family’s favorite foods is hash browns, so i wanted to find a really good hash brown recipe for my brunch menu. but then i came up with an even better idea. it would be really fun to make a hash brown bar, where guests could add different toppings to their hash browns.  i decided to do a test run for my kids to try them out this week during their spring break, and it was a complete success.

since the Easter holiday is a really special day for us, i want to make the the hash brown bar really pretty. i love making printables as you know, so i made some pretty tent cards to label all the toppings. then it was time to do all the food shopping.

i picked up a more than a few bags of Ore-Ida Shredded Hash Brown Potatoes at Walmart. i really suggest stocking up now, because when holiday come around, they are hard to find. everyone buys them up because they are the best kind of hash browns in my opinion. for the hash brown toppings, i decided to buy; shredded cheese, bell peppers, bacon, tomatoes, sour cream, chives and ketchup. when i serve brunch on Easter, i am also going to add a platter of scrambled eggs, because those would be marvelous atop hash browns.
i put all the toppings into pretty serving dishes, and put the hash browns on a nice platter. i decorated the table to match the tents cards that i made earlier, and also made a 5 x 7″ sign to label the Hash Brown Station. flowers, a blue mason jar, Easter eggs, Easter grass and a colorful table mat made the set-up especially perfect for the Easter holiday. however, i even think this would be pretty for a baby shower or bridal shower brunch as well. ( i have included the printable at the bottom of this post)

WOW. i just love how it all turned out. and i really think my guests will love it too.

Hash Brown Brunch Idea with Free PrintablesHash Brown Brunch Idea with Free Printables Hash Brown Brunch Idea with Free PrintablesHash Brown Brunch Idea with Free Printables

not only did the table set-up turn out amazing, the food did as well. YUM! hash browns make the perfect base for all those toppings. the perfect amount of crispy, tender, and savory with the freshness of the veggies. my kids and i had the best time filling up our plates and gobbling it down.

Hash Brown Brunch Idea with Free Printables

i can’t wait till Easter morning, where i will be creating this yummy hash brown bar again. i have a feeling it is going to be a big hit with everyone.

Hash Brown Brunch Idea with Free Printables

Free Easter Brunch Printable Cards
click here for the free printable tent cards and 5 x 7″ sign. i have also included blank cards if you need them for any additional toppings i didn’t have. enjoy!

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