Egg dying techniques: part 1

rubber band egg dying
wrap hard boiled eggs with elastic rubber bands then put it in the food-coloring dye. remove them and pat dry with paper towel and remove the rubber bands. to get more of a rainbow effect, dye the lightest color first and then then next lightest color, using the darkest color last. adding more rubber band per each color.  you can 
also use thin painters tape in order to get the swirls around the end of the eggs.

note: If you plan to eat your Easter eggs, decorate them only with food-grade dyes. click here for the USDA’s tips on Easter and Passover egg safety.

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  1. Found your eggs over at A TIPical Day and I can’t wait to do these!! I’m hosting 3 teenagers along with my own and I wanted something a little more spectacular besides the usual dipping. Love it ~Stacy

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  2. I love the look of this rubber band dying technique! Just wanted you to know that I am featuring this post in a Easter Egg Round up this week! 🙂


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