Pear Bunnies….made me happy today!

this has been a strange sorta week. i have been feeling down….even though i don’t know why, and i have been uninspired to blog lately. i guess everyone gets burned out now and then, but i am used to going, going, going. i had planned to do some fun things for earth day (didn’t happen), i had planned to do some Easter projects (didn’t happen). and then this morning, i pretty much decided that i should quit blogging (okay, i’m being a little dramatic), just because i usually am full of ideas….and lately….i haven’t been able to think of anything. and all those activities around the OC i like to post about? no time.
so……..i decided to give myself an attitude adjustment. i ironed some clothes to wear and even got dressed. i cleaned up the house. i took the kiddies to the park. and then i made a good dinner. not my usual pull the tortellini out of the freezer canned spaghetti sauce kind of dinners. but one that would make my hubbie happy. steak. cheesy potatoes. and bunny salad.
okay, the bunny salad was not to make the hubbie happy… was more for the kiddies. and i must say, it actually made my day. because they turned out sooo sooo cute. and the cute little bunnies put a smile on everyone at the dinner table. even the hubbie. and that is what i needed. life. is. good.
how to make a bunny salad
what you need:
pear halves
chocolate chips or raisins
lettuce leaf
place a lettuce leaf on a plate. slice a pear half into wedges for the ears. place two on the lettuce leaf. then place one whole pear half on top (a large can of pears made four bunnies). carefully sprinkle nutmeg where the bunny’s mouth will be. for the nose, place 1/4 of the cherry. add pretzels for the whiskers and chocolate chips or raisins for the eyes. and whala! bunny salad.
and i am not going to quit blogging  🙂


  1. Wendy Ciaccia says

    A big hit at Easter this year.!!

  2. Nutty Mama says

    Your mama and your mama’s mama made these but as usual yours is so much cuter! I think by the time you were 7 your designs trumped mine!!! You are so talented my girl!!!!!!!

  3. Those are so cute … I remember making something similar a LONG time ago. My little kids would love them – thanks for sharing!

  4. I just LOVEEEEEEEEEE your BUNNIES they are so CUTE!

    We are hosting a linky for “EASTER Cookies & Treats” on THIS WEEK’S CRAVINGS and we would love for you to link up your awesome recipe!

  5. This is so clever! My kids would love to eat something like this lol. Don’t quit blogging. Take a break if needs be but don’t quit. I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers have burn out this time of year and I have a feeling it’s a lot to do with spring fever. That urge to get out and after spending months crafting and blogging during the winter we deserve to take a break and get out. I am only averaging one post a week right now because darnit I need my daily dose of VIT D! I’d like to invite you to share this at my VIP party this weekend.

  6. Thanks you guys, your so sweet! What nice words of encouragement. Didn’t mean to whine : )

    Yes, life is good.

  7. So cute! defiently making these tomorrow! Please please don’t stop blogging I am always looking to your blog for some inspiration and fun stuff to do with the kiddos! Everyone needs a break now and then. Go out and do something fun to get your mojo back but please do come back!!

  8. I think we all get like this sometimes. In fact I think my day was yesterday. haha!!! DONT let it get you down!!! You are wonderful and I love reading your blog. I truly do. We try and do something from your blog each week ( craft or outing ) because I am a working mom and you know how that all goes.
    You are GREAT! And your bunnies are too!! hehe!

  9. Life is sweet! Don’t stop blogging…
    All my love and blessings.Be happy!Gisela

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