natural Easter baskets.

i really love the idea of natural Easter baskets. tonight i hope to have my kiddies plant real grass to put in their easter baskets. i hate the imitation grass, and i figured it would be fun to have the kiddies water and watch their very own grass grow.

i did a little research, and it seems like it is best to start at least 2 weeks before Easter, but you can start up to a week before Easter. and you can use regular grass seeds, wheat grass or cat grass.

If you only have one week to grow the grass, soak grass seeds in warm water overnight. If you have two weeks before Easter, proceed to the next step; soaking the seeds isn’t necessary.

find a glass pie pan, jar, or other container, to fit inside the Easter basket. put at least 1 1/2 inches of potting soil into the bottom of the container and spread evenly. scatter the soil generously with grass seeds and cover lightly with soil.

gently yet thoroughly water the seeded soil and place in a warm sunny location.

make certain the soil remains moist at all times during germination. (a spray bottle is perfect for kids to keep the seeds watered)

hopefully, this will result in a beautiful natural grass Easter basket.


  1. shelley says

    I love this idea we are doing this this year for sure. Thanks

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