Celebrating Every Season at Knott’s Berry Farm


as I’m sure you already know, we are big fans of Knott’s Berry Farm. over the last few years we have celebrated the start of many seasons in the park. we love the little changes they make each time to get everyone in the spirit. whether it be beautiful flowers and butterflies to ring in Spring…


or Christmas trees, ornaments and gingerbread houses that make Winter merry and bright.


of course it wouldn’t be an amazing Summer without a few trips to Knott’s Soak City to stay cool!


we’ve also celebrated amazing accomplishments such as my grandmother’s breast cancer journey.Read More…

Super Silly Fun Land at Universal Studios Hollywood

super-silly-fun-landif you’re a Despicable Me fan or are looking for a “happy” place to have fun with the kiddies, then we have found the place! Super Silly Fun Land has just opened at Universal Studios Hollywood, and it really is SUPER FUN!  we had the chance to check it out last week and were delighted to be in the midst of Minion Mania.
despicable-me-minions-universal-studiosSuper Silly Fun Land is Universal Studios’ first interactive kids play area made just for the little kids…(although all my kids and myself loved it). and it is literally an interpretation of the seaside carnival that is in the movie “Despicable Me.” every detail of Super Silly Fun Land is magical, and the Minions are everywhere.
super-silly-fun-land-minion you can ride the Silly Swirly ride…

play carnival games such as “Super Silly Space Killer” or “Minion Mishap.”

minion-games-universal-studios-#minionrideor hang out at the Super Silly Playground. super-silly-fun-land-playgroundsuper-silly-fun-land-playground-universal-studiosdespicable-me-land-universal-studioson the other side of Super Silly Fun Land, there is a water play area with over 80 different water features. we made the mistake of not bringing swim suits and towels. you will want to bring your so that the kiddies can enjoy all the fun waterfalls and water squirters. happy-silly-land-waterpark-universal-studiosthe kids ended up going in their clothes…it was too fun to resist, and they had so much fun! minion-land-waterpark-universal-studioswater-park-universal-studiosRead More…

The New Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland


we finally broke down and bought Disneyland pass again, we really missed going the past few months. we also wanted to try out the newly remodeled Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, that has been closed for quite sometime. it is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland, so i was really excited to see what improvements has been made….plus, none of my kids have ever riden it before.


it was also exciting that my littlest is now tall enough to ride this roller coaster. being 40″ tall changes everything at Disneyland, the height that allows kids to get on more of the thrilling rides. the bigger boys love going on the “bigger” rides, so i am very very happy about this. here we are waiting to board our train. (don’t my boys look handsome in their shirts from The Children’s Place)


then to take a quick selfie before we take off.  IT’S THEIR FRIST TIME TO RIDE!!!!


then off we went, up down and all around….



we even took another selfie (weirdos) as the train dropped down the mountain. the kids were loving it so much, i just had to capture their smiles and laughter.


and now the ride has some awesome special effects, like robotics, explosions, and sound effects. it was pretty cool.


the new Big Thunder Mountain Railroad rides smoother than ever…Disneyland did a great job of keeping the nostalgic of the old Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride and updating the track to make the ride not as rickety and jerky. it looks fresh and clean and the special effects added some modern flair to this beloved roller coaster.


as we headed back to the loading area, the kids were already asking to go again.


i am so thrilled that there is now another great family ride open at Disneyland that the whole family enjoys. and it better than ever…woo who.


facts about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
• geared for kids, teens and adults (great family ride)
• kids under 7 must be accompanied by  adult over 14 years of age.
• must be 40″ tall to ride
• it has small drops, and is semi-fast. there are areas of darkness during the ride.
• you can get a FASTPASS to bypass part of the line
• it’s a fun ride!

now go ride it!

Legoland Holiday Snow Days


i probably mentioned a few hundred times about how much my boys LOVE legos and Legoland. i would have to say it is one of their favorite places on earth. so getting to hang out at Legoland California to check out Holidays Snow Days was a day in Heaven for them.legoland_christmas_tree

the boys loved running around and seeing the larger than life LEGO structures everywhere.


and they couldn’t wait to contribute to the weekly Holiday Snow Village. each weekend and daily the week after Christmas, visitors are encouraged to create a miniature setting to add to the village.


santa makes a daily  appearance in Fun Town – right in front of the world’s largest LEGO Christmas tree. stick around after you get a picture because more than likely, you’ll also catch a few “snowflakes” when it begins to snow.


Holiday Snow Days also brings back a classic – tubing. get the whole family in on the fun and take a ride down the snowy mountain.


sometimes, it’s fun to just hang around the candy cane poles.


best of all, the kids get to feel real snow. this is a great treat, especially living in Southern California. gloves are optional.


LEGOs are in abundance – even in the snow. take them for a spin and try to build an igloo!


practice makes perfect when throwing a snowball. targets are set up against the wall and the kids go crazy throwing their handmade snowballs.


take some time and make the perfect snowman! don’t forget to add the LEGO accessories so he feels right at home.


the Fun Town holiday food truck offers an abundance of traditional foods including churros, pretzels, mashed potatoes, etcetera. it makes for a great treat with their affordable prices,


take a walk through minicity and see how it’s decorated for the holidays too. how cute is this mini Rockefeller Plaza?


uh oh. looks like Santa is in trouble. the kids get a kick out of this setup.


the world’s largest LEGO Christmas tree is the perfect place for a photo opp. stop by as it nears dark for its nightly lighting.


spend the day at Legoland California Resort during Holiday Snow Days and enjoy the season decorations, events, treats, nightly fireworks (december 26-31) and lights. it all comes to a close on december 31st. visit http://california.legoland.com/en/holidaysnowdays/ for more information and ticket prices.


This is not a sponsored post. I received complimentary tickets to facilitate this post. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

Star Wars Days at Legoland are our FAVE!

there is no question that we love Star Wars AND Legos over here. with a house full of boys, there’s no getting around it. and when my boys heard that there was a full scale X-Wing Fighter built of Legos coming to Legoland in Carlsbad, they about flipped out. yes…a 1:1 scale, over 5 million piece Lego Set has been built, replicating a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter. You can read a little more about it here.

this weekend, June 15-16, 2013, Legoland is having it’s annual LEGO® Star Wars Days…perfect for Father’s Day. guests can dress up as their favorite Star Wars character, have a meet and greet with Darth Vader, the 501st and Rebel Legion, search for mini Yodas in Miniland and participate in a variety of Star Wars adventures.

Star Wars Miniland is no doubt my boy’s favorite place to be in Legoland. every time we go, we spend a long time enjoying the Star Wars models and miniature lands built of LEGOs. it really is amazing.


check out this life-sized LEGO R2 D2. my littlest was in love.


many models of our favorite Star Wars Heroes line the paths at Star Wars Miniland.


my boys spend a lot of their time checking out the different scenes of the favorite Star Wars movies replicated in LEGOs. i love how the LEGO Brickmasters have brought in natural elements to bring each scene to life.


i’m no expert on Star Wars, so i can’t exactly tell you what Episodes these Star Wars scenes are from, but any of my boys could tell you in a heart beat.


if your kiddies love Star Wars, they would absolutely love Star Wars Miniland.


and beginning this weekend, the life-sized X-Wing Fighter will be on display until December 31st.


i have got to get my boys back to see this. weighing in at more than 45,000 pounds, it is the world’s largest LEGO model. this 1:1 replica X-wing model is 11 feet tall, stretches 43 feet long and has a wingspan of 44 feet.


going to Legoland to check it out is definitely on our summer to-do list. Legoland is my kids happy place. if you haven’t been…try to get your kiddies their. you won’t be disappointed.

What part of Legoland is your kiddies favorite?