A Year of Fun at Knott’s Berry Farm

have you thought about getting a season pass for Knott’s Berry Farm? well now is the time because prices for Knott’s annual passes go up july 1st! affordable family fun is what Knott’s Berry Farm is all about. a season pass to Knott’s Berry Farm offers 160 acres of rides, shows, attractions and hugs from Snoopy at an affordable price!
Knott’s Season Passes
 $69.99 for adults and $64.99 for seniors (62+) & kids (3-11)
plus, for just $25 more, you can upgrade to include Soak City!
(payment plans available)
Knott’s Season Passes also offer:
• Discounts on Knott’s delicious food including the Famous Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.
• Discounts on Knott’s merchandise including all Snoopy plush and Peanuts character merchandise
• No blackout dates. That’s right, no blackout dates.
• Bring A Friend Discount Days
• Invitations to special Season Pass holder events.
• exclusive season pass holder collector pins
don’t let the summer pass you by….some of the best memories i have had this year, have been with my kiddies at Knott’s Berry Farm. we have had the chance to enjoy every season at Knott’s!
we got spooky at Campy Spooky during Halloween time.
we enjoyed the Christmas festivities during the Christmas holidays. twice!
love was definitely in the air this february at Knott’s!
i got to celebrate Mother’s Day at Knott’s with Knott’s Mother’s Day Brunch at the Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant. yum!
and we even kicked-off this summer at Knott’s Soak City!
(an additional cost from Knott’s Berry Farm)

and by getting your own season pass, you can enjoy every season at Knott’s too!

{disclosure: i was given these tickets to do a giveaway on this blog.}


  1. My favorite part about knotts is the chicken dinner restaurant. Best chicken soup ever!

  2. Once per day entry…also love that Knott’s is so much less expensive than Disney!

  3. once per day entry…

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  6. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Knott’s but I really like their bumper cars!!

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  8. I also twittered about the contest

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  10. I also like the fast rides at knott’s 🙂

  11. My kids have never been to Knott’s, only Soak City. They really want to go!!! I also follow your blog and liked Knott’s on Facebook.

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  16. Dana M says

    I love Christmas time at Knott’s! The decorations are beautiful and so festive!

    dana.lbc (at) verizon.net

  17. Marie says

    I love that it is closer, cheaper and less crowded than Disneyland!

  18. Daily entry…I also love the Chicken Dinner Restaurant!

  19. I now follow your blog 🙂

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  22. My favorite thing is that there are a ton of fun rides and things to do and that the lines are never as long as some of the other parks

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  25. My favorite thing about Knotts is the roller coasters! Oh and Halloween time there :]

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  30. It has been a REALLY long time since I have been to Knott’s but my favorite part about it was the food. HEHE.

  31. janetcrystal says

    I love Camp Snoopy for my little guy. He can go on all the rides! 🙂
    I LOVE Sandy Toes & Popsicles on FB already and already a subscriber to the blog 🙂

  32. Anonymous says

    That’s so easy! The food! The rides are great…but the food there is amazing. The chicken…the funnel cakes. YUM and Double YUM


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  35. The food and Snoopy of course! 🙂

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  40. I love the preserves, so yummy.

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  43. One of my favorite things about Knotts is the ride, Ghost Rider and the Log Ride!

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  45. I’ve actually never been before so I can’t say what my favorite thing is…
    winning would be awesome though so I could take the kiddos and check it out!

  46. Kayla says

    My favorite thing about Knotts is you can go there and still see things that you saw as a kid.. The carousel has been the same for years!! They changed a lot of the rides but the park has a lot of things that takes me to my childhood.. I love it!!

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    I like the fun rides and Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner restaurant


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  58. I love WindSeeker! So freaky, but so fun!

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  61. Yea! I want to win the passes! 🙂 my favorite thing about knotts is my memories of my dad taking me every year for veterans day ( he could get in free because he is a veteran). I love those memories!

  62. Dionne says

    The log ride!

  63. I “liked” Knotts on Facebook.

  64. My favorite thing about Knotts is the Wild Wild West show! We attend everytime we go! We also love the scavenger hunt they do for kids around Halloween time!

  65. This is so cute!! You have experienced a whole season of Knott’s.

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    Jen s.

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    Love the chicken and boysenberry pie at knotts!
    Jen s.

  69. I also tweeted about the contest! How do I add a permalink in the comment form? Is this how?

    Elizabeth Frazier ‏@boofrazier

    So there is this great giveaway going on at http://sandytoesandpopsicles.blogspot.com for free tickets to Knott’ Berry farm! Check it out!

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  72. My favorite thing about Knott’s is that it has things for all ages. Adult fun rides and kids corner rides.

  73. The truth is I don’t know what my favorite thing is because I’ve never been! It’s one of my goals this year =)

  74. I followed knotted on twitter

  75. I LOVE Knotts because I have so many memories visiting as a kid with my family. To then venturing in the scary mazes as a teenager with my friends and now as parent I would love to take my son and build new memories with him.

  76. I havent been in a long time, but everytime we go, one stop we make is the “graveyard”. You can stand on one of the graves and feel the heartbeat under your feet. Love it still to this day and would love to take my kids to see it!!

  77. I already liked knots on FB

  78. I love the characters in the park.

  79. sean solomon says

    i dont know why my previous post was posted as anonymous.
    my name is sean solomon.

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    my favorite thing about knotts is the pan for gold. i have followed sandy toes on twitter and liked them on facebook. i have followed knotts on twitter and liked them on facebook.

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