Confessions of the Real Me: Fix Your Clothes or Throw Them Out

confessions of the real me

Confessions of the Real Me. just a series on my blog where i share the not so perfect bits and pieces of my life. because in reality…our lives are not always the perfect pictures that we share on social media channels. i know mine isn’t….but i’ll take it.

Fix Your Clothes or THROW THEM OUT!

with the boys in school, i have made it a mission for myself to get my life in order. this is the first time in twelve years that i have had all my kids in school. it’s a NEW LIFE FOR ME! i have plans to clean out the house, clean out my emails, and for once in my life, finally get my life organized. i am determined, and i know this is the time to do it. however, so far, not much has gotten done. i broke my arm, and now things are moving a lot sssssllllooooooowerrrrrrrr than planned.

today, i was pulling out some clothes from my overflowing dresser, and realized i can’t wait any longer to organize things in my home.

i came across “THE PANTS”

OMG!!! these pants just brought back one of the most embarrassing moments in my life! why are they STILL in my drawer????  didn’t i learn my lesson????

they are still in my drawer because, i thought i would fix them. but no, they aren’t fixed, and they’ve been sitting in that drawer for at least four years. probably seven. yep….i really can’t keep living with so much stuff. i need to declutter ASAP. 

NOW…..let me tell you about these pants…

once upon a time about four years ago, there was a knock at the door. it was mid-morning, and i was home alone for some unknown reason i can’t remember. i was hanging out in bed working on the computer in only a shirt.

i had no pants on…AND no underwear.

I KNOW!!!!  TMI.

but that is all i had on. so the story goes.

i heard another knock on the door, so i jumped up and rummaged through my dresser to find a pair of pants. i saw a pair of colorful rainbow pajama bottoms folded in the drawer. “hmmm, where have these been?” i thought to myself. i hadn’t worn them for a long time, and that was strange, because i really quite liked them.

i threw the pajama bottoms on, and ran downstairs to answer the door. i opened it up to find one of my very best friends who was just stopping by to say ‘hi’ on her way through town. we chatted for a moment at the door, but quickly moved the conversation to the driveway. her car was running with the baby in the car, we didn’t want to leave her there all alone.

i looked like crap. messy hair, messy clothes. but that was okay, we’re totally comfortable around each other in that way. no need to hide the clutter, or put on makeup, or get dressed up. there is no need to impress good friends…or anyone for that matter.


there are things that don’t need to be shared, EVEN with your best of friends.

like….down ‘there’.

yep. during our engaging chat on the driveway that had gone on for at least twenty minutes,…her eyes suddenly glance down towards my crotch. in shock, she let out a huge, O MY GOSH!!!!!!!! JILL, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING!!!!!!

i looked down, only to see a huge, i mean HUGE gap in the front crotch of my pants. and then i felt the breeze! how did i not notice? it was at least 10 inches long. the seam of my pj bottoms was ripped from the front waist band all to way to the back. a giant gaping hole exposed my hoohaw to the world.  OMG!!! i screamed!!!!!  talk about embarrassing.

NOW i remembered why i hadn’t worn those pants for a long time. but too late now.

of course, we laughed it off. and i seriously regretted the fact i didn’t put on any underwear in my rush to put on ‘THE PANTS’. (don’t worry, i usually do wear them.)

it was definitely one of my more embarrassing moments in life. but at least it was my friend who i shared it with. it would have been quite an awkward moment if it had been the UPS guy. sheeeesh!

the moral of the story is…

Fix Your Clothes or THROW THEM OUT!

get rid of the clutter. unless you want to have drawers full of useless clothing. unless you want to have an embarrassing moment like me. it’s so much better to live without clutter, and extra unless stuff. BUT HEY!!! maybe your friends need a laugh. i’m still ‘semi-laughing’ today.

ha. ha.

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