Confessions of the Real Me: I Kidnapped Someone’s Child

confessions of the real me

Confessions of the Real Me. just a series on my blog where i share the not so perfect bits and pieces of my life. because in reality…our lives are not always the perfect pictures that we share on social media channels. i know mine isn’t….but i’ll take it.

The Time I Kidnapped Someone’s Child

i actually can’t believed this happened. just can NOT. but then again, with how crazy busy life has been lately, i feel like i am walking around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. a perfect analogy of how i felt this particular evening when i took all three boys to the sporting goods store to get baseball gear for the season. having boys who have played baseball the last 7 years, you would think i’d have all the gear i’d need. but no, the boys had to go and GROW AGAIN this year.

now, you already know how i feel about baseball season. i am very vocal about this. me NO LIKEY. but i drag myself through it each year for my boys…who LOVE to play.

so getting back to the story…

last week, the whole family was at the Sporting Goods store. we needed pants, sleeves, belts, socks, and cleats. and i need to get a second job to pay for all this stuff  LOL. my oldest son needed to try on the pants because i just wasn’t sure about the sizing. i had to take him to the opposite side of the store to the dressing room, so i made sure my husband knew he had the responsibility of watching our other two boys.

i am paranoid about loosing my kids in public places (thats other story in itself that i will share with you sometime), so i TRIPLE CHECKED that my husband would watch the other two boys while i was in the dressing room. i am sure that i was very annoying asking him over AND over again. but he assured me not to worry because he was watching them.

i finished up in the dressing room with my oldest son and came out and looked down. THERE WAS MY YOUNGEST SON standing in front of dressing room door. i was so mad, that i blurted out….

“Why is your dad not watching you!!!!!!   Come here NOW!!!!!”  i quickly turned and huffed toward the baseball apparel section. my son followed.

i wasn’t sure if he was following me fast enough, so i turned back to check that he was. except……. 

my son was WEARING A DRESS. a turquoise dress with a ruffled skirt.


O.    M.    GGGGGGGG!!!!!!!  

it wasn’t my son at all. it was a little girl about the same size as my son. but it wasn’t my son at all. how did this happen? and where did my son go?….

i looked ahead and called to my husband. “Do you have the boys?”

“YES he shouted.”

i turned back to the little girl apologizing. she was very quiet, just standing there in the middle of the aisle. her hair was the same color dirty blonde color as my son’s, but it was pretty long. how could i have mistaken her for my son???

then she turned to the side and i realized how i could have done this. she did have long hair, but only on ONE SIDE. the other side was shorter, cut just like my sons. it was an asymmetrical haircut sorta like this one but much longer on one side and shorter on the other.

i started to panic inside. I JUST KIDNAPPED SOMEONE’S KID!!!!!

i got down on my knees and asked the little girl where here mom or dad was, and told her in a very calming voice that i was sorry that i thought she was my little kid. she said she didn’t know where her mom was, so i assured her we would find her mommy….all while thoughts of panicked thoughts swirled in my head. 

WHAT IS HER MOM GOING THINK?  i just took her kid. i can’t believe i just did this!!!!!

luckily, seconds later, i heard a mom calling for her child. i called the mom over to us, telling her where the little girl was. then i apologized explaining the situation and that i had accidentally mistaken the little girl for my son and made her come with me.

the mom was very understanding and told me the little girl had wandered off without her before i had taken her, so i was not the one who had separated them from each other. at the same time, she was upset that the little girl would let a stranger take her somewhere. it was a scary lesson learned by the little girl…that i would have rather not been a part of.

and i learned a valuable lesson that day as well. one, i need to trust my husband better. and two, i need to slow down and and pay attention to what i am doing. sometimes when life gets hectic, we need to take a step back and breath. i definitely need to remind myself to do this. from now on my mantra is to slow down….pay closer attention to what i am doing…..breath….and never kidnap another kid again!

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