Confessions of the Real Me: Crazy Hair Day

confessions of the real meConfessions of the Real Me. a series on my blog where i share the not so perfect bits and pieces of my life. because in reality…our lives are not always the perfect pictures that we share on social media channels. i know mine isn’t….but i’ll take it.

Crazy Hair Day at School

now you may think that i’ve got it together, but as i have written before, i don’t. we live in happy chaos, which seems to be okay with the whole family. some how, some way, we get what needs to get done.

some may call my methods procrastination. however, i call it, doing things in order. when you have so many things to get done, sometimes things don’t get done early…things get done the night before…and even minutes before deadlines.

let’s talk about Crazy Hair Day.

once a year our school has a week long spirit week for Red Ribbon Week to celebrate saying “No to Drugs.” i’m sure many of your children’s schools do the same. this is torture to me, as every morning i either forget to make my boys wear their pajamas to school, or i have them wear a Team Jerseys on hat day, or vise versa. i mean…i’m all for saying “No to Drugs”….but my mom brain just can’t handle all of the extras.

and that brings us to Crazy Hair Day.

my sons were super excited about Crazy Hair Day….which was surprising to me, as they have never wanted to participate in it before. this is a big step for him, he was finally confident enough to to look silly…something he could never do before.

i promised them i would go to the store and get some colored hairspray for Crazy Hair Day. they wanted to wear their hair as they normally would, but have their hair be fun colors like blue and yellow.

my sons reminded me every day to get the colored hair spray, and i kept promising that I WOULD HAVE IT in time for Crazy Hair Day.

but, i never made it to the store.

the night before Crazy Hair Day, i was reminded sweetly by my son about my promise to get the colored hairspray. i told them i would run to Target once they went to bed. but as the night went on, i got busy….and forgot.

5:00 am


no problem, i would just get the kids ready early, and we will stop by the drugstore and get some….PRAYING THE DRUGSTORE HAD SOME. it was Halloween time, so hopefully i would be in luck.

we left for school with barely enough time to get the hairspray. we all ran into CVS and to our happiness, there was colored hairspray. except….

it was all clear glitter colors. the boys wouldn’t have it…no glitter for them. we searched and searched and were able to find one can of white. DARN! but it would have to do….unless….

LET’s RUN NEXT DOOR TO VONS. maybe, just maybe will have some.

we ran inside…over to the Halloween section. and YES! they had some…in lots of colors. i let the boys pick out two each and we ran over to check out, urging the cashier to hurry because we were almost late for school.


we got into the car and headed to the school. when we got to school, i parked and had the boys run over to my side of the car. i heard the first bell ring….we were  almost late. AHHH!

i told the boys to start shaking the cans to get ready for me to color their hair. then i opened the lid and started to spray.

i was so happy…i did it…my boys would think i was the awesome mom who let her kids color their hair for Crazy Hair Day.

UNTIL….i started spraying.




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  1. heather says

    this made me laugh! i can just picture the silly string surprise… nice try, mama, nice try 🙂

  2. mayraella says

    Fun story and remember……the kids will remember silly string day, much more than they would have remembered crazy hair day. So the “Cool Mom” still reins supreme!!!


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  2. […] Mom?  |  Free PrintableThe Day I Got Stuck in a Museum Exhibit The Best Meal I’ve Had All Year Crazy Hair Day The Hottest Week of the […]

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