Back to School Messy Party

to celebrate going back to school, or should i say our last day of summer….boo! we decided to have a Messy Party! we invited a few of my boy’s friends over who were going to start school with us….and set up our yard for the party. complete with ice cream, toppings, water guns, a kiddie pool and shving cream. yes…..shaving cream!

and that when things began to get messy!

then we got chocolatey….

and we got messy….


what a great end of summer party! our Messy Party was awesome….and the kiddies will be left with the best summer memories.

p.s. don’t let the mess scare you. we set guidelines at the beginning of the party asking all the kiddies to keep the mess contained within our yard. with a quick spray of the hose, and everyone working together to clean up, the yard was cleaned up in ten minutes flat.

yippee for summer fun!


  1. Erin N says

    Fun!! Did you have any problems with the shaving cream hitting the eyes or mouth?

    • Not any problems in the years past. I make sure to tell the rules before we start getting messy; including staying in my yard, not to squirt stuff in peoples faces and no running.


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