Popsicle Blog’s Most Popular Posts of 2015 | Giveaway

best-of-popsicle-blog-2015another year gone by….and wow, it has been a fun one over here at Popsicle Blog. i love how this space i created so many years ago has evolved from a little blog where i would share free and inexpensive things to do around Orange County, into what is now a place where i share my best adventuresmy favorite recipe creations and even some of my most embarrassing moments. i have gotten to know so many of you readers on a more personal level, and met some awesome bloggers along the way. i have gotten to partner with brands i love, and travel and spend magical moments with my boys. who knew that when i created Popsicle Blog 8 years ago, it would still be here….and it is because of you, my beloved readers…which i thank from the bottom of my heart.

when i write a blog post for this site, i never know how popular it’s going to be with my readers. sometimes i am surprised at the popularity of a post. like this post i wrote about getting my arm stuck in a museum exhibit….i guess people just need a good laugh. you just never know. as i did last year, i wanted to share my top 10 posts of 2015. funny thing….a few of them were favorites of last year…and some of them i didn’t even write in 2015, but just recently became popular…revived by pinterest or google or i’m not even sure!

so, here is Popsicle Blog’s Best of 2015…….

for the second year in a row, my post of 101 Things to Do with Kids in Orange County was a big hit. i updated it just before summer to make sure it was up-to-date and ready to help families find lots of fabulous things to do in the OC, and it delivered! i especially enjoyed all the emails and messages from locals and vacationers thanking me for this list. and just plain happy that it has been such a great resource for so many people.

Fun Things to Do With Kids in Orange County List

Easy Sour Cream Enchiladas Your Family Will Love…there have been a lot of comments on this post. people really seem to love them…but disagree on whether or not you should use parsley, which is called for in the recipe, or cilantro. the trick is to make them however you like them! so there is no wrong or right way. this recipe is super forgiving, so it is hard to make these enchiladas wrong.


DIY Rainbow Doormat Tutorial. i am so excited that this post made the list. my rainbow doormat is one of the things that makes me happy when i look at it. i also hope it brings a smile to those who come to my door. which reminds me that it currently needs some touch up…and i may want to make a few more for my backyard doors.


Daddy’s Zombie Survival Kit. inspired by the Walking Dead and the popularity of Zombies, i am happy that this post helped some people make their father’s a killer father’s day gift for their spacial day.daddy-zombie-survival-kit
10 Orange County Outings for $30. sometimes you need a break from spending lots of money on activities in Orange County. so how do you have fun in the OC while staying on a budget? check out this list.

Best Family Outings in Orange County

How to Pack the Perfect Picnic. this is how i do it.

How to Pack the Perfect Picnic Lunch for Kids and Moms

Easy Strawberry Scone Recipe. i actually was given this recipe from a friend who i met on instagram. i owe all the credit to her for this post. and a shout out to instagram…for creating a space where you can meet people you would have never met in real life.



70 Places to Have Birthday Parties for Kids in Orange County. this is a great resource to parents looking for places to have their kids parties. sometimes it’s hard to remember all the great places that are available, so i knew this list would become a favorite for OC locals.

Best Place to Have Kids Birthday Parties in Orange County

DIY Valentine’s Day Banner. another oldie but goodie. it’s been a favorite of Popsicle Blog readers for a few years. so simple to create, but oh so cute. a perfect decoration for Valentine’s Day. i know it’s popularity will continue in the near future as the Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!


finally, 7 Family Friendly Tidepools in Orange County. this one also appearing from last years favorites. but it is a welcomed one, as the beaches in Orange County are near and dear to my heart. some of my best memories with my boys have been made there. this has got to be one of my all-time favorite posts as well.


and those my friends are Popsicle Blog’s top blog posts of 2015. it looks like my readers love food, printables, family travel and/or fun things to do in SoCal. and that’s just how i like it….thank you.

i wonder what the future holds for 2016?  


since i am so grateful to all of you, i decided to hold a giveaway! one random winner will win a $100 gift card to a store or website of their choice. just answer these two questions in the comment section below and you will be entered! contest ends January 17, 2016 at midnight! gook luck.

what was your most favorite Popsicle Blog post of 2015? 
what would you like to see more of in the 2016 new year? 


  1. Genevieve Larson says

    Born and raised in California. So many things I need to see and share with my children. Thanks for your post 101 Things to do with Kids. So much stuff I never knew about.

    Keep `on posting your yummy recipes. This mama of four gets burnt out on cooking and love your recipes. The sour cream enchiladas are the bomb!

  2. Wendy M says

    I loved the 101 things to do with kids. I love getting ideas from other moms on their experiences and it definitely helps to know where to go on a budget. I hope to see more articles like these as I have visited places based on your blog. Thanks for all your info and suggestions, it really does help.

  3. Joscelyn Wu says

    Love all your posts!!! 101 post was super helpful but i also learned about the wholesale Popsicles and the winter activities. Also I have wolf lodge and the retreat in laguna on my list of vacations because of you. Looking forward to your future blogs and you keeping it real like you always do!

  4. Heather Birdsell says

    I loved the Family Outings for $30 and the Birthday Party Locations posts. I’d love to see more inexpensive or free things to do to get my crazy energetic boys out of the house, especially over the summer for 2016.

  5. Amy Hellewell says

    Love the outings under $30. Would lo very to see volunteer opportunities such as Izzy’s Corner that are kid friendly and local to OC. One of my family’s goals is to give back to our community more in 2016.

  6. Denise May says

    My favorite blog post would have to be any of the travel posts. We love finding new places to go.
    For 2016 I would love to see a few posts about some volunteer opportunities for kids or ways they can give back to the community.
    We love your blog, it is my favorite. You are so very relatable. Thank you!

  7. Shannon says

    Love your blog! What I liked most in 2015 was the info on tide pools. I have lived here all My life and felt that was useful
    Information. Two things I would like to see in 2016 are
    1- tween/teen outing places to go
    2- fitness places for entire family

  8. Barbara Reinmiller says

    Congratulations on creating such a great blog! It’s definetly my favorite one!!
    My favorite are the blog post about the tide pools ?
    I would like to some post on parks and things to do with infants.
    Thanks for all the information ?

  9. Lindsay says

    I love all the things under $30 you find and I can’t wait to see all the fun adventures you and your boys go on this year.

  10. Rosanne R says

    My favorite post of yours was the things to do in Orange County for $30. It helped me to think outside the box!
    As far as posts for 2016, I’d like to see more food ideas, foods you make at home, and foods you go out for. Thanks for having such a great blog!

  11. Rachel says

    I loved the tide pool post! My kids had a blast! I’d love to see more adventures in OC since I have 3 kids to keep busy too. I need activities for ages 10 to 3!

  12. Rachel V says

    My favorite is your tide pool guide!! We’ve used it many times and some of the beaches have since become our favorites! I’d love to see more family outing ideas in the new year. 🙂

  13. Julie Schweers says

    Favorite post was the family outings in oc. I love your blog and posts, especially when they share local events that we can do as a family.

  14. Melissa says

    Love your blog! I loved the 10 things to do for under $30. Gave me great ideas. Would love to see you visit and tell us about more free things to do in OC.

  15. Sara says

    My favorite post I used a TON was things to do in oc w kids!!! This year more of .. favorite products..Maybe from small businesses!!

  16. Brooke says

    I love so many of your posts but I love the rainbow door mat. I can’t wait to see more about the great kid stuff to do in Orange county

  17. You have so many good ones! How does one choose?? I love the tide pool ones, and of course all the foodie ones… those Strawberry Scones and those Enchilladas… YUM!!!! 🙂

  18. Sarah CHaney says

    I love your blog, having two little girls I appreciate all the posts you make that are family friendly and involve family outings. My favorite post is 101 places as I am always looking for places to have some great family fun. Thank you for all that you do, I hope in 2016 to see more family oriented posts of great snacks and places to go. Thank you

  19. Kelly Carland says

    My favorite was your trip to Homestead Crater. Its been added to my bucket list for future vacations! I love everything you do- especially appreciate the budget friendly and nearby trips but would like to see more travel budget trips to for weekend vacations on a budget and new places to see!

  20. Amber Romero says

    Thank you for this opportunity first, second my favorite would definitely have to be the 101 things to do in OC it’ll probably always be my fav honestly. I should’ve memorized all that’s on it by now lol thank you for all you share it’s such amazing and helpful info my whole family loves it! Hope to win!

  21. Lesley says

    I love your blog! While I enjoy most all of your posts, the one I loved and uses right away was the guide to OC tide pools post! My boys and I had a great adventure visiting them. I’ve grown up in OC, but hadn’t visited all of them myself, so it was a great idea and we certainly appreciate the great ideas and information! Thank you for always pointing out fun stuff to do–especially the free things! Many thanks and wishes of continued success to you and your family!

  22. Amy Gray says

    I like the things to do for $30 post, and seeing all the fun places you go to! In 2016 I think I need to see YOU, let’s make that happen :>)

  23. My favorites are always your lists–best Christmas lights, etc. I also love reading about new places or events in OC and would love to see more of them in 2016! Although I think you do an amazing job of covering them already. 😀

  24. Ellen S. says

    I loved the 101 things to do post. I look at it all the time! Maybe for this year, I’d like to see more posts about things to do in Los Angeles and its surrounding area. Thanks!

  25. Carolsue says

    My favorite post was Disneyland Holidays at Night. Actually ANY and ALL posts about Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm or other OC activities. That’s what I’d like to see more of — things to do in OC (and contests for them, of course!). Also, restaurant reviews in OC are good!

  26. mike says

    the tide pool article was the best and so helpful! thanks for your site.

  27. Lisa says

    We just discovered your blog and loving it! We loved the winter activity posts. And I just saw your past post on tide pools and making a note to take my girls once the weather warms. Can’t wait to see more posts on outings and to try some of the crafts you’ve been posting too!

  28. marilyn says

    My favorite blog post and one I reference frequently is the 101 things to do… We recently moved to the OC this past June. We are from Chicago so a list like that is really helpful in trying to figure out what’s out there! So I have to thank you for that and your other helpful posts! I’d love to see a post about thrifty or even free fun outdoor activities. I feel like I still have a lot of exploring to do and look forward to your future posts.

  29. Anna Barler says

    After much thought, my favorite blog posts were all of your Knotts Berry Farm posts. We have passed to KBF and your posts helped us venture out in new areas in the theme park. Also, we actually went to many of their events and we normally don’t attend. 101 things to do in the summer led me to your blog and I’m so grateful I found it. You’re super fun and are always making me laugh! God Bless you in 2016…?

  30. cas p says

    I love your holiday guides: 70 events for halloween and 100 christmas events. they are a great place to see everything in one handy place. I love hearing about new places on your blog. Would love to discover more places to visit with kids! And keep the giveaways coming 😉

  31. Joyce says

    I found your blog when I was researching for things to do with kids in the OC. We were there for a vacation and I referred to your 101 post a lot. Since we live on the East coast and can’t really go to all those awesome places you blog about, I would like to see more general topics — like tips on traveling with kids, ways to cut costs, etc. Thanks for your great website!

  32. Lisa Brown says

    Q) What was your most favorite Popsicle Blog post of 2015? A) The Spooky Halloween Juice Sparklers post was a fun one. An easy recipe to make and the eyes just made the drink look so cute.
    Q) What would you like to see more of in the 2016 new year? A) I would like to see more crafts of any kind. I like to get more ideas for myself on easy-to-do craft projects.

    Thank you for the opportunity and happy new year 🙂
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  33. I love all of your list posts! The ones for Halloween, Christmas, etc are so helpful! I live in Tustin and sometimes don’t even know what’s going on here unless i see a sign or read your post. Keep recommending great places for us to take the kids for holiday fun!

    As for 2016, I’d love more recipes or more info on local parks. I’m always interested in trying a new park out but like to know what I’m getting into before I go there.

  34. Krista says

    I loved your visit to the Great Wolf hotel- hard hat and all! We booked a room using your discount code and so for 2016 I would love to encourage more posts with discount codes again! Love everything that you do and love following your blog, thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  35. Tina says

    I enjoyed your tide pools blog and look forward to more blogs about free activities.

  36. Michelle Thomas says

    Best tide pools!

  37. Mindi Hoffman says

    My favorite blog post was the 101 Things to Do With Kids in OC. So many great ideas and new places for me to take my two sons too. I appreciate all your time and energy you put into this.

    More in 2016- you just being you. I look forward to reading whatever you write. I relate to you and get inspiration from your posts!

    Here’s to 2016! Keep blogging!

  38. I’ve referenced your “70 places..” and “tide pool” posts more than once. Not just for me, but for friends too. Its hard to pick between them! I would like to see more posts geared towards activities/events/venues that tweens would enjoy.

  39. carey says

    One of my favorite posts from 2015 would have to be when you did the chemical peel at cosmeticare. Not only was it awesome that you would show your readers your natural beauty but I too am interested as a mom aging getting something like this done so this was Very informative to me. I would love to see more beauty tips and tricks on a budget in 2016.

  40. Sarah A says

    I love all of the fav places to go in OC. Also your posts about fav hiking in OC. I would love to see more outdoor ideas in OC and even day trips out of OC. Thanks!!!!

  41. Hope says

    My favorite are your printables! You’re so creative and talented that I love to see what you’ve created. I’d love to see more of those in 2016.

  42. Jen F. says

    So hard to choose just one, but I keep going back to your post: 101 Things to Do with Kids in Orange County. I love that all of our posts are so colorful – just makes me happy!

    I’d like to see more recipes for healthy dinners, but I know that’s not your focus. I also really enjoy posts on easy/inexpensive gift ideas for teachers, friends, etc.

    Thanks for all your hard work, and enjoy focusing on YOU this year!

  43. Cynthia Espinoza says

    All of your blog post of 2015 were my favorite, it’s hard to chose, but I would say your winter activities post. Since I lived in L.A all my life when I moved in the O.C area 3yrs ago I had no idea were to go or check out, you helped me out find new places I thank you for that. What I would like to see in 2016 is more recipe ideas, and money saving activities for family and money saving items for kids. I cant want to see new blog post for the 2016 i look foward to checking Them out Thank you for your amazing blogs, I love them all.

  44. Carrie Anne says

    Having 4 active boys I love everything you share with us!ii do especially love new beach finds that you post since the beach is my second home but your post on 10 activities under $30 in the OC is one that stands out. I think if you could add in some for other areas in the future that would be great! Maybe the Inland Empire? Thanks for doing what you do!

  45. Donna says

    My favorite post of 2015 was the winter activities of all the cites, it was really helpful to know what was going on around town. Thank you! I would love to see more things to do and places to go and visit and I am always looking for things to do! Thanks again. I love your blog!

  46. My favorite posting was the 10 family outings under $30. As a new Mom, I’m just learning all of the different options we have, and am certainly on a budget. I would love to see more pocketbook-friendly things to do, including hikes and outdoor activities.

  47. Meri N. says

    We are fairly new to Orange County, so I find myself returning to your blog over and over again for family outing ideas. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions and well written posts. My favorites are the ones involving no cost/ low cost ideas for family adventures, but wouldn’t mind seeing more easy and quick recipes in the future. Thank you and hope your 2016 is a good one!

  48. Sunny s says

    My favorite post had to be the family outings for $30 or under. Thought the recipes were yummy as well. It’s a tie. Thank you for pouring your time inland heart into this blog it really shows. I would like to continue to see the great local places you find. I also have enjoyed your traveling posts. It is nice to see where someone has actually been rather than read reviews online.

  49. Kristin Gonzales says

    We love you and all your blogs and posts! My favorite would have to be 10 OC outings for under $30! Love budget friendly and of course FREE fun! More of that in 2016 please! I also loved your find on the wholesale Popsicle place in Fullerton. We went there this summer and stocked up! Thank you!

  50. Esmeralda Garcia says

    My favorite blog posts are your Father’s Day, free printables! Men are so simple it makes gift shopping so complicated! Your Father’s Day gift ideas/ printables are ADORBS & so convenient.

    In the future I’d love to see some fashion ideas for boys. I always see the cutest outfits for little girls, but finding fashionable clothes for boys is almost impossible!

    All in all, I love your blog! Excited to see what the New Year brings!

  51. Georgia English says

    Thanks for the give-away and for the information on your blog. My favorite would have to be 101 things to do in OC. Living here my whole life, I am still in awe that you find places that that I wasn’t aware of. I would love to see two things pop up on the blog for 2016…one, more of fun but money saving things to do in OC, and I would love a list of the best parks in OC complete with what they have for kids to interact with, bathroom availability, and a link to directions. That would be awesome. Thanks again!

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