what’s ahead.

as summer slowly way to quickly comes to an end, and the new school time routine will soon be in place, i have debated on whether to keep sandy toes & popsicles going throughout the year or just finishing up at the end of summer. this blog has been a great way of helping me entertain my kiddies and at the same time staying frugal and just enjoying the little pleasures in life. especially my little ones and their sweetness.

each day i look at my boys and many times say to them as i tuck them in at night “please don’t grow up tonight,” where then my 6 year old reminds me “mom, that’s just part of life.” no i scream inside, that’s not something a little boy would say, he’s already grown up. this can’t be. * tears * and with school starting soon, with a first grader at that, things will be different this year. just one little boy to enjoy while we wait for the school day to end. season’s change, and with that, so does life.
at this point, sandy toes & popsicles’s future is undecided. if i can continue and still be able to keep up with the never-ending energy of little boys, i sure will try. i still have so many adventures, ideas and thoughts to share. it’s been SO much fun sharing with all of you. thanks for reading!
happy reading,
jill, jack & kyle


  1. I just started reading a few weeks ago. I enjoy it. Don’t stop now!

  2. Noooooo…don’t stop, I just started reading. Love your great frugal ideas! I have 4 kids, I can use all the ideas i can get

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