what we have been up to….

we have been swimming, camping, to the beach, at the park….anywhere to get the kids out of our temporary home because they are practically climbing the walls. above is baby’s new friend Gavin who we spent the week camping at the beach with.

it’s been rough being out of our home…..and it has been rough getting it put back together…..

but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. i am so excited that this is the week we are finally moving back into our house! 15 weeks is a long time…especially for little boys who want to to play with all the toys and friends they left behind.

i feel so blessed that our home has been repaired and maybe even better than before. i will finally be able to get our lives back on track…yippee! because there is no place like home!
so….hopefully, by the end of this week, i will be back to normal. i am ready!

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