Father’s Day Gift: Star Wars Kit

i have been so excited to share this…and finally i am having a chance to post. our father’s day gift for our daddy! this is what we’ve been up to.

this year for father’s day, the boys and i decided to make daddy his own Star Wars Jedi kit. they had so much fun thinking up ideas for snacks and treats that we could make into a Star Wars theme.  since i know very little about Star Wars and the boys know practically everything, they were very helpful.  their ideas were very grand….and included building a Millennium Falcon to put all the treats in. i had to talk them into doing a Wookie messenger bag. much more simple, and they have already tried to take it to play their Star Wars reenactments.

i was excited to test out my illustration skills and tried to create some semi-cute illustrations of the boys favorite Star Wars characters. i am happy how they turned out.  check out our Daddy Star Wars kit.

first off i made a Wookie messenger bag to put all of the treats in. i made up a super easy and simple pattern that was made from 1/2 yard of felt cut into 4 pieces and sewn together. it is complete with three pockets and an ammo strap which we placed daddy’s favorite gum into.

my favorite, Wookie Cookies.  what would a Star Wars kit be without Chewbacca.
Han Solo’s Rolos. i love Rolos.
Vaderade! aka Gatorade.
 Droid Chips…..a can of Pringles chips!
we got some gummy bears for the Ewoks Gummies.
and you have to have some Honey Buns for Princess Leia’s Buns.  and we wrapped some packs of Trident Gum for our Boba Gum. perfect for the ammo strap on our messenger bag.
don’t forget the soda pop! how about some Yoda Soda.
a jar of nuts made the perfect Jar Jar of Gungan Snacks.  and for the Jedi Lightsabers the boys wanted to make chocolate dipped pretzels. they informed me that we needed 4 colors of lightsabers.
and lastly, we wanted to give daddy a medal, for being the best dad in the galaxy. we got a yard of ribbon and a wooden circle, glued them together and made a little cardstock holder.  apparently, that symbol is for the Rebel Alliance, and the boys say that is good. so that is what we used.
i have to say, i had soooo much fun making this kit. our daddy is going to be very excited. he is a closet Star Wars geek. something i don’t go around telling people. he is going to be impressed that i could make something like this.
and guess what…do you want to make your own Daddy Star Wars kit?  i have made a pdf that includes directions to everything here. stay tuned for the next post. i will put a complete tutorial with the free printables up today!
click here for printables. click here for the messenger bag tutorial.
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  1. Christina Polan says

    I am trying to get the instructions for the messenger bag and it keeps redirecting me. If You could possibly email me those instructions, it would be very much appreciated.

  2. mahi says
  3. I am so excited to use these. Our daughter doesn’t get to see movies in the theater very often but she has taken to Star Wars. We are doing a Star Wars view party for the Blu-Ray release. These will make great snack additions.

  4. Melissa says

    This is so cute..I wanted to download for my son’s birthday but it’s not letting me download

  5. Lolo says

    Love it and thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Oh my stars! (hahahhaha) I found you when I searched “Star Wars Care Package” on Pinterest. My nephew is away at college and we’re doing a Star Wars themed care package for him to celebrate the opening of The Force Awakens in a few weeks. (plus, he loooooves Star Wars) I can’t wait to put some of these ideas to use!!!

  7. Super cute!! I used these printables as part of my hubby’s Father’s Day gift and linked them up on a video on my new YouTube Channel!! (MommyCanMakeIt) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV-FZbc8tRfRpUSyj0OdpIw

    Thank you!!

  8. Jessica says

    I tried to print this at KINKOs as we don’t have a color printer. They can’t because it is copyrighted. How do I print?

    • Really? It said you can use for personal use right on the file. I don’t know why they are doing that.

  9. Belle says

    OMG!!!! I can’t get over how cute these are! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! :)))

  10. Rachel Dodge says

    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful printables. You are so talented, and we printed these for our daughter’s 7th birthday party tomorrow. She and I spent 1 1/2 making all of the treats for her party and for the goodie bags. I explained that a really talented lady designed all of these amazing graphics and shared them online. She was ecstatic. We both thank you for sharing your talent and blessing our family with such a fun kit!!!

  11. Thank you for these cute printables! I’m planning on giving my husband a full-on Star Wars Christmas and I’m planning on using these labels for his stocking stuffers. I’m also contemplating using them for a gift basket auction (charity). So fun!

  12. Megan says

    Thank you so much for sharing! Such great graffics too!

  13. Tina says

    I can’t even stand it. This is the most awesome thing ever! My hubby will love this!!!

  14. Thanks for this. It is Father’s Day in New Zealand today and I made this and it was a huge hit with my husband (my child is only 1, a bit small to contribute too much). I added a few other Star Wars products, but had to make a few changes to some of the food items as the are different here (Gaterade is in different sized bottles and Rolos only come in a giant bar and I could only get tiny pretzel sticks). Such a great present, thanks so much!

  15. Mom to Star Wars Crazy Kid says

    Thanks sooooo much for the FREE printables!! I’ve seen all these cool ideas all over the internet, but I had no idea how to make them!!! So excited for my son’s birthday party!!

  16. Danielle says

    Huge hit at our house! Thanks for helping me make Father’s day special.

  17. Vanessa Norden says

    Thank you so much for this! I’m so excited for my husband to see it. I changed a few things and added a few things so it would be special just for him and his taste. I took some pictures and I’ll try to figure out how to email them to you. Thank you so much again :] God Bless you!

  18. Desiree' May says

    Hello, I loved the superhero cards for Dad. However I sent my e-mail and I didn’t get anything. My husband and I lost our son Tristen 9 months ago and I have a poem that speaks to my husband as a super hero and I just thought this was perfect to write it in. Is there anyway we can still get this. I found you through the dating divas site. Thank You

    • jill says

      Hi Desiree, So very sorry about your son. I am not sure what Superhero cards you are looking for. This post is for Star Wars Printables. Perhaps you are on the wrong site? Let me know.

  19. Tony Segura-Rodriguez says

    You are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing, my hubbie will love it!

  20. Found you over @ TipJunkie now following you, love it, THANK YOU for sharing, my husband is also a closet Star Wars Freak, lol

  21. Christine says

    I am so impressed with this idea. I would buy it if you sold it (hint). My husband would get a kick out of it as a super hero/syfy fan.

  22. This is the cutest thing ever! I may use this for my hubby someday, but for now it’s perfect for the Star Wars package I am planning to send to my missionary. I know it has nothing to do with missions, but he loves Star Wars, and this will brighten his day and go perfectly with a few other little Star Wars things I have been gathering. Thanks so much for the printables!

  23. Thanks for sharing. Definitely have 2 star wars fans in the house and this is perfect!

  24. Congratulations! I featured this post on my blog. You can stop by to pick up your I’ve Been Featured button here


    Amy from Some of the Best Things in Life Are Mistakes

  25. I never comment on these things- but I HAD to. This. Is. AWESOME. Seriously. And you get 1,000,000,000 awesome points for putting it all up for free. THANK YOU. There are going to be LOTS of happy daddies around, Im sure! 😀

  26. Hi I’m having trouble with the link too! It’s so adorable! Please help!

  27. sheri says

    Did you remove the link? I copied and pasted the link above and it says that it cannot find it. Please help.

  28. Anonymous says

    I have been trying to get the printables downloaded and I am still unable to do so. Would there be anyway that you can check the link and try posting again? Thank you!

  29. Anonymous says

    The link to the printabels does not work? Can someone help me?

  30. Anonymous says

    I want this 4 my birthday!!!!!!!!!

  31. I have been searching the internet for the perfect gift and I just found it. Thank you SO much for the adorable printables and gift idea. It is sure to put a smile on my husband’s face.

  32. This is so stinkin’ cute! We are making this for our dad… and I know he will love it!

  33. This makes my guts happy! Can’t wait to put it together 🙂 thanks for being creative and fun!


  34. Just had to say Thank You!!! You’re very sweet to share and dad will be so thrilled!!!!

    Robin W

  35. You’re amazing!!!! I’ve been looking for a great creative Father’s Day idea and this is the best!!! Ever!

  36. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am throwing a big graduation party for my son who is a die hard star wars fan and these will be a perfect way to label the food! You have no idea how much i appreciate this as I am totally overwhelmed with too many parties to throw this month! thank you!

  37. That’s a fantabulous gift! Thank you for sharing.

  38. I didn’t actually see this until Monday morning, but I loved it so much I did it anyways on Tuesday. Thanks for the awesome printables and tutorial!
    Here’s how mine came out: http://www.cuteasafox.com/2011/06/fathers-day-recap.html
    Thanks again!

  39. Mandy says

    Huge Hit at our house! My husband was so impressed and the kids just giggled through the whole thing. Our daughter Laila was a big fan of the Leia Buns, big brother Max thought the Wookie Cookies were his fave and our youngest Spencer ran away with the Vaderade! It was a great morning- thanks again!!

  40. Anonymous says

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! My hubby has passed on his love of Star Wars to our 2 kiddos, Ella 7 & Luke 5 (although we did not name him after the movie, I swear!). I knew when I saw this yesterday we HAD to make it for Father’s Day! I was afraid they might spoil the surprise because I caught them a few times saying “Yoda soda” to each other and giggling. This is just so thoughtful and well done!!! I know when he gets home from golfing he will love it. I considered saving it for next year since I didn’t have time to make the messenger bag but then I noticed the “daddy’s star wars kit” on the first printable page and used it to decorate the front of the gift bag I am putting it all in. Thanks sooooo much for awesome gift idea!!!

  41. argh! This is so cute! I wish I had seen it a few days ago. My hubs loves starwars! I’m printing it out for next year!!!!

  42. Absolutely Brilliant!!!! And your character designs are amazing!! Thank you!

  43. I’m sooooooooo doing this (minus the bag probably). Thank you SO much for sharing! I’m ready to shop!

  44. I love this idea! I am showing it off over on my blog today!


  45. My boyfriend went all out for my birthday, so I’m going to use this an adapt for his! 🙂

    I’m a new follower!:)

  46. I never comment, but this time I have to. This is awesome! So so so well done!

  47. You are amazingly talented, and clever (I want to be YOU!) and so generous to share! I am totally saving this for next year! (or maybe my son’s birthday – because he is totally obsessed with Star Wars!) thank you thank you!

  48. Thank you so much for posting this and making it available to all of us!

    This is so adorable.

    Thanks Danna

  49. This was sent to me by a friend and we’re going to make it for my husband for Father’s Day. But I need the messenger bag tutorial!

  50. Thanks for sharing this, it’s perfect! Last year we made a Super Dad (super hero) kit for Father’s Day. This will be great for this year!

  51. This is awesome! My husband would love to get this for Father’s Day.

    I am linking to your post on my blog.


  52. Anonymous says

    I totally LOVE this!!! Thank you for sharing the printables, can you possibly share how to make the messenger bag? I’m not a sewer, but I want to try this…Ty

  53. This is amazing – thank you so much for sharing – I think it would be perfect for a star wars birthday party. You are amazingly talented.

  54. Love it beyond anything. So cute. Hubby isn’t a huge star wars fan, but my brother is so I’m forwarding the idea to my sil.

  55. Love this! And we don’t even have any Star Wars junkies in the house 🙂
    It would be perfect for a birthday party too!

  56. Ok, seriously this is the best Dad’s Day Gift ever! My son would be over the moon to give this to my husband since they are both huge Star Wars Fans! Amazing creation you’ve got going on here.


  57. This is the cutest idea! I can’t wait for the printables! Thanks for sharing!


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