Celebrate National Best Friends Day with LEGO Batman

today is National Best Friends Day! and what better way to celebrate than by building some LEGO Batman sets. my boys are usually pretty nice to each other, but when it comes to playing with Legos, that is when they become the best of friends. it’s so cute to watch them play together and see the excitement in their eyes when they see the creations that each other has built.

lately, our LEGO building has been all about LEGO Batman. ever since we went to see the The LEGO Batman Movie, my boys have been obsessed with collection each and every one of the LEGO Batman mini figures. can you believe it…we manage to find them all!

plus there are a bunch of fun LEGO Batman set….all inspired by The LEGO Batman movie. did you know The LEGO Batman Movie is coming to BLU-RAY and DVD ?!!! it will be released on June 13th!

the emotional core of the The LEGO Batman movie is Batman finally opening up and allowing himself to be part of a family again. he had to push past the fear of losing those closest to him and realize that having friends and family makes life worth living. the main message about the film is to allow those around you to help you be a better person – an extremely important message when it comes to Batman.

i love that my boys are enjoying building the LEGO Batman sets – and building them with your best friends makes it even more fun!

if you’ve seen The LEGO Batman Movie, you’ve probably heard the song “Friends are Family – Oh Hush!” by Will Arnett and Jeff Lewis. you can find it on the LEGO Batman Soundtrack….a perfect song to celebrate Best Friends Day! as the song goes at the end of the film, “You’re my best friend my best friend and friends are family”.

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, we received LEGO Batman LEGO sets from LEGO to facilitate this post.}


Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory in San Francisco Chinatown

last summer we took a road trip up the coast of California and stopped in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in California. there are so many things to enjoy in San Francisco, from the Wharf, to the museums, to the food, to the architecture. there are also many streets or sections of San Fran that are influenced by different cultures – each one lined with stores, restaurants and architecture reflecting it. Chinatown happens to be one of our family’s favorite areas to explore. it is the largest China Town outside of Asia, and there are lots of unique things to see that are different from what we experience at home in our daily lives. we love all of China Town, but the boys most favorite part is visiting the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory – which you can probably guess…is a real life fortune cookie factory.

before i show you photos of the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, i wasted to share some of the other photos i took on our way to it. as you most likely know, most travel around San Francisco is done by walking or public transportation. i really love this way of traveling around this city. that way you can take everything in and enjoy its unique charm. we took the trolley to the main entrance of China Town – which is known as Dragon’s Gate because there are two dragon statues. it is located on Bush Street. you can easily take a bus or trolley there…it’s very well known.
once you are at Dragon’s Gate, you can walk north towards the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory which is a few blocks up. the street is strewn with red and gold lanterns and building decorated in gold and dragons.

we let the boys stop in some of the stores and buy a few souvenir. these kitty chopsticks were one of their favorite purchases.

there are also some beautiful colorful murals painted on buildings along the way. there is also lots of yummy Chinese food. you can find both nice sit down restaurants, and also takeout. since we were on the go, we opted for a quick and easy stop. the boys got all their favorites…of course, noodles too.

and we had to stop at the Golden Gate Bakery for a sweet treat.

the last stop and final destination in Chinatown was the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. it is located in Ross Alley. don’t be shocked if this area looks a bit run down and run down. it’s old…and it’s an alley, but you are in the right place. there will probably even be long lines of people waiting to enter the old original store. it’s been around since 1962. if you look closely, you will see popsicle dad waiting in line!

once you get inside the entrance, you will see fortune cookies being made right in front of you. the sweet smell of baking fortune cookies is incredible. and they give you lots of samples to taste.

you get to see the entire process, from batter to fortune to folded cookie. first, the thin circular cookie is pulled off a hot press. next, a fortune is placed on one side of the hot, flat dough. 

finally, each soft, hot cookie is shaped over a steel rod into the shape of a fortune cookie. all of this has to be done very quickly, otherwise the cookie will harden before it is created into a  fortune cookie shape.

another cool thing – you can have you own fortune cookies made with your own special message put inside.we let each boy make some to give to relatives and for themselves. they thought this was so awesome.

and here is the final product! warm, delicious and ready to enjoy.

it was such a fun experience for the boys…and us adults to see the entire process of making a fortune cookie. they also learned a lot because we ask the store owners to tell us a lot of the history behind the store. it was very interesting.  the eating part was pretty great too!

here is a short video of our time at the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory.

Red Light Green Light Cars 3 Popsicles

This is a sponsored post.

we are very excited that Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 is coming to theaters this June!!! with a house of three boys, we have been watching the Cars movies since the beginning. and to celebrate, we created some yummy Cars 3 inspired Red Light Green Light Cars 3 Popsicles, made with fresh DOLE® Fruits and Vegetables. they are layered red, yellow and green just like a traffic signal! and guess what? they are very easy to make and have no added sugar!

Did you hear? the Walt Disney Company and Dole® have partnered for a multi-year healthy living initiative aimed at helping parents encourage their families to make healthier eating choices. Thursday, May 25th is National Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day, a holiday created to remind Americans about the health, taste and convenience benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables, and to encourage a healthier diet. what better way to celebrate National Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day AND Cars 3, than with these Cars 3 inspired fresh fruit and vegetable popsicles.

Red Light Green Light Popsicles are triple layered in the colors of a traffic signal – fresh strawberry, pineapple-orange, and avocado banana. i know what you’re thinking….avocado banana?!!!!! trust me…it’s really yummy. and all three of these combinations together make a really fun and fruity popsicle. you could also make them with just one of these flavors if you’d like. PLUS, did i mention there’s spinach inside of these popsicles. what better way to get some veggies into the kiddies tummies than in a popsicle! they won’t even know it’s in there.

Red Light Green Light Cars 3 Popsicles

to make Red Light Green Light Cars 3 Popsicles, you will need the following ingredients:`

3 cups Dole® Fresh Pineapple, cut into chunks
2-1/2 cups Dole® Strawberries, sliced
1 Dole® Avocados
2 Dole® Bananas
2 cups fresh spinach leaves
3/4 cups Greek yogurt
1 cup orange juice
2 teaspoons honey

• Freeze pineapple chunks and strawberries. you want the fruit to be slushy consistency after you blend them so that you can layer them in the popsicle molds.

Red layer:
In a food processor combine 2-1/2 cups Dole® strawberries, 1/4 cup Dole® pineapple, 1-1/2 cups spinach, 1/4 cup Greek yogurt, and honey. mix until well blended.

Yellow layer:
In a food processor combine 2-1/2 cups Dole® pineapple chunks and orange juice. mix until well blended.

Green layer:
In a food processor combine 1 Dole® avocado, 2 Dole® bananas, 1 teaspoon honey and ½ cup Greek yogurt. mix until well blended.

• Layer the mixtures into popsicle molds of your choice. Red, yellow then Green, like a traffic signal.

• Freeze for at least 6 hours before removing them from the mold.

• Makes about 12 popsicles

in the meantime, while your popsicles are freezing, you are going to want head over to the “Fuel Up with Dole” microsite to enter the  “Fuel Up with Dole Sweepstakes”, where starting May 25th, you can enter to win a family-fun summer road trip. PLUS, you can check out when the Road to the Races Tour will be we’re rolling through your city and explore delicious recipes that will keep you revved up all the way through your last lap.

Check out these other great Cars 3 inspired recipes
“Lightning Berry Smoothie” (inspired by Lightening McQueen) 

“Crunchy Banana Roll” (inspired by Jackson Storm)

“Buffalo Bites with Pineapple and Chicken” (inspired by Smokey)

{ Disclosure: I am an official ambassador for Dole Fresh Fruit and Fresh Vegetables. Dole provided me with compensation for my time. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are mine.}

Help for the Busy Mom on Saving Money for the Kid’s College

This post is sponsored by ScholarShare.

as a mom, i know all too well that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to get done. so much to do, and so little time. does any mom EVER have a moment to sit down and figure out how she’s going to save enough money for her child’s college? you may have even heard of ScholarShare, California’s 529 savings plans, but have you had a moment to check out what it’s all about? i admit, it’s definitely a hard task to do while juggling  kids, the lunch packing, the laundry, the grocery shopping and the cleaning.

there’s school pick-ups…

there’s swim practice and dance lessons….

and babies to feed…

you can practically forget trying to get any sort of work done!

but before you know it, these guys will be going to college. am i ready???

i sure hope so.

ScholarShare is trying to make saving for college easier on us moms.

you all know how much i love Scholarshare…i’ve written about them many times, and how their  college saving plans work. but maybe you are finding that figuring out how to set up a saving plans for your kids or how the 529 plans work is hard or time consuming. so ScholarShare is here to help!

“529 Crib Notes” Webinar hosted by celebrity Fashion Designer

on Thursday, May 18 at 12:00 noon PST, ScholarShare is hosting a FREE 30-minute webinar.  “529 Crib Notes” with celebrity author and fashion designer Rosie Pope and ScholarShare’s very own Garianne Dashiell. together, both Rosie and Garianne plan to help moms tackle the seemingly insurmountable task of paying for college!

you will learn: what is a 529 plan?how do they work? the different investment options, AND things to consider when selecting a 529 plan. PLUS, there will be a live Q&A session. it will be short and sweet with everything you need to know about your child’s college saving future! so make sure that you register for the “529 Crib Notes” webinar!

and guess what?????

ScholarShare will match your first $50

it’s that time again! ScholarShare is celebrating National 529 Day. this means Scholarshare will be having a special three-day promotion to help families jumpstart college savings for their children. To be eligible for the matching promotion, families must just open a new ScholarShare account between Wednesday, May 24 and 26, 2017 and deposit $50 or more. ScholarShare will match the $50!

this is an AWESOME way to get your child’s college savings account started. it’s all about starting small. every little bit counts. last year, i shared this college savings chart. it thought it would be a great way to motivate us to save a little money each month which in turn would benefit our children greatly in the future. click here to download your own College Savings Chart, and don’t forget to open those 529 Plans from May 24 through 26, 2017 to get the $50 matching promotion. HAPPY SAVING!

Note: The matching deposit of $50 will be made to the eligible ScholarShare account on or before 11:59 p.m. PST on January 30, 2018. Limit: one matching deposit per new ScholarShare account opened for each new beneficiary. Must sign up for a $25 Automatic Contribution Plan for six months. More information and complete terms and conditions here.


Strawberry Picking at South Coast Farms in San Juan Capistrano

a few weekends ago, we decided to head down to South Orange County and check out the U-Pick Strawberries at South Coast Farms. it’s located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano just about a mile from the San Juan Capistrano Mission. quite a few Sandy Toes and Popsicle Blog readers have recommend i check it out, so i just had to. and i was very glad i did. our family had the best time picking strawberries and enjoying the beautiful fields, landscape and OC sunshine. and the best thing is that all the strawberries are organic!we started by grabbing a handful of baskets…you are also welcome to bring your own baskets or sacks, and headed over to the field.we read the rules and headed into the field. but not before we snapped a picture with baby girl and sat in the tractor!

the strawberries were big, red and very juicy. there were plenty to choose from. we spent a good amount of time exploring the fields and hunting out the best and biggest berries.

even Miss Dani had fun picking the strawberries! daddy too.then we headed to the farm store to weigh and purchase our freshly picked strawberries. the farm store has plenty of fresh produce to purchase as well. if you don’t feel like picking your own strawberries, you can purchase a basket or five. there are also lots of different fruits and veggies.Vann really wanted an apple! so he got an apple LOL.

we ended up with four baskets of strawberries to take home. they were prices at just $3 per pound which is great for organic strawberries. they didn’t last long because they were sweet and delicious.then it was time to head home. but first let’s eat an apple hee hee.

we had the perfect afternoon at South Coast Farms in San Juan Capistrano. i see many more trips in our future. we loved the strawberries so much, and it was a great experience for the kids to pick their own food. so much fun.