A Fun Way to send Flip Flops to Your Friends for Summer

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Fun DIY Flip Flops to Make and Mail #TulipNeon

with spring break coming up this next month, and the continuous hot weather here in Southern California, i feel like it’s time to start putting away the winter wardrobe and get ready for spring. and i thought it would be fun to get my friends in the mood for spring as well. so how about mailing them some flip flops! did you know that you can mail flip flops without putting them in a box or envelope?!!  yep…if you place a mailing label and stamps on EACH of your flip flops, you can put them directly into the mail with out any packaging.

and i didn’t want to send just any old flip flops, i wanted to add my own fun touch to them. which i did using Tulip Slick Dimensional Mini 3 Packs in NEON. using neons as bold pops of color are all the rage in the fashion industry. they are a great way to update your neutral wardrobe. whether its adding color to the oh so hot black & white trend or if your all about neon & nude, Tulip has some great products to create some fun DIY neon accessories and even clothing.


you can pick up these exclusively at your local Michaels Arts & Crafts store. for those folks without a Michaels store in their area, you can order the products at iLove To Create.  they are currently offering free shipping on any of their NEON Tulip Products for the month of February when you use coupon code NeonFEB (ends February 28th).

so, i grabbed a few pairs of cheap flip flops from the store, they were 2 pairs for $5.00. what a bargain.  it will cost more to ship them. this is a great project for all ages. even little ones can decorate pairs of flip flops for themselves or their friends. it would make a fun spring break or summer craft project.


i chose a nice metallic brown neutral because i wanted the neon paint to really pop out. i thought that the easiest design would be to do stripes, cheverons or dots…dots was what i was in the mood for…so dots it was.


i carefully added more and more dots in different sizes and neon colors. i kept going until i was satisfied with my design. i think it turned out pretty cool. now i wish i made some for myself.


you will want to let the paint dry overnight. and once it is dry, you can get them ready to mail. you will need to weigh each flip flop to find out how much postage each will cost. it cost me $2.39 per shoe…at almost $5, it cost me more to mail the shoes than buy them. please remember that you have to put postage and a mailing label on BOTH flip flops. 


you can make your own labels, or i have included my labels as a free printable. i have done these labels for “Spring Break” or “Summer” for your personal use. they fit Avery Shipping Labels for copiers 10 per sheets, or you can just print them out on standard paper and tape them to the flip flops with double-sided tape. make sure you tape the label securely so it doesn’t fall off.

Download SPRING BREAK address label here

Download SUMMER labels here

then add your postage to each flip flop and you are ready to send them of in the mail.


wouldn’t it be a nice surprise to find a pair of flip flops in your mailbox. receiving a fun neon pair like this would surely take away the winter blues.

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Would your dad wear a tie like this?

you may think that people would laugh at dad wearing a tie like one of these. however, every year, the boys and i make their daddy a “new” custom tie to wear on Father’s Day and he gets quite the opposite reaction.

it may be because he wears it with pride, or that he just likes the attention, but each Father’s Day my husband makes quite the buzz. everyone comes up to check out his tie, and i hear the words “awesome” “rad” and “look how cute” from those admirers of his special Father’s Day gift.

DIY Father's Day Tie

not only is my husband filled with pride, showing-off his most prized possessions (his boys) displayed on his tie, but so are my kiddies. they are filled with joy seeing their daddy wear something they made…proudly showing it off to family and friends, making them feel loved, and happy that their daddy is happy.

DIY Father's Day Tie Gift Idea

and these ties my husband receives each year…they may be silly, might not be professional looking, and might have glitter a bits of feathers glued to them…but he loves them. because sometimes it’s the little gifts that matter most. Happy Father’s Day.


Teachers Gifts: DIY Magnetic Clothespins

this week is my kiddies Teacher Appreciation Week. i wanted my kiddies to make a special gift for each of their teachers in honor of the week. i had a project in mind that i thought would be fun for them that would be fun, and not to tedious. so i came up with the idea to make decorative magnetic clothespins. by painting wooden clothespins and glueing a magnet to the back, their teachers could use them up on the white board to hold papers and reminders.

what you need
 magnetic tape strips with adhesive back
 wooden clothes pins
 exacto knife
 ruler or straight edge
 sheet of cardstock (optional)
 plastic sandwich baggie (optional)
printable baggie topper, download it here (optional)
step 1 
purchase your supplies.

my kiddies like to paint, but after our Mother’s Day project, i found they also liked to make huge messes. by using Elmer’s Painter Markers, which are actually perfect for this project, you cut down on the mess, plus they are easy for little hands to use.

Walmart now carries Elmer’s Painters Markers in individual colors for only $1.97 each. it’s great because you can pick out only the colors you need, and in the width you would like. i got the pens in medium points, but they also sell chisel tip and fine tip.

i was also able to get the clothespins for $.97 for a 50 pack which was a bargain and also picked up the magnetic tape strips at Walmart. i was very happy about that. all my shopping done in one place.

 step 2

once you have your supplies, you can get started by cutting the magnetic tape strips to fit one side of your clothespins. peel the paper off the adhesive on the back of the magnetic tape and stick it to one side of the clothespin.

 step 3

with your Elmer’s Painters Markers, paint the other side of the clothespin a single color. let dry.

 step 4

using other colors of Elmer’s Painters Markers, you can add designs and pictures to the painted side of the clothespins. you may need to wait for the paint to dry between each color that you use. once your design is complete, let dry completely. here you see my kiddies working so intently on their clothespin designs. awesome!

 step 5 

to package your clothespins, it is nice to cut a piece of cardstock to 2-1/2″ x 6″ or approximate to fit into baggie. place each clothespin neatly onto the cardboard. place into a plastic sandwich baggie. you can tie with a ribbon, or print out the bag topper i created and glue or staple it on. here is the link to download it.

 step 6
give it to your teacher! we just love how it turned out.
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if you would like to see more photos from my shopping trip to the Walmart craft department, click here.

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Homemade Bubble Wands

baby loves bubbles…actually, i think all kids love bubbles. they can go from screaming and crying to giggling and laughter with the “pop” of a bubble. in fact, bubbles also have many developmental benefits such as gaining eye contact, learning patience, hand eye co-ordination when you pop them, developing spatial awareness & exercise as little bodies stretch, reach and run to catch the bubbles.

so i’ve been wanting to make some fun bubble wands for baby to make bubble blowing extra fun! bigger bubbles are always better in my book. and since it is Earth Week this week, i wanted to show my kiddies that you can

things, instead of throwing them away.

so, i had a bunch of wire hangers just sitting around….about to be thrown away. i thought, why not make bubble wands from them instead of filling up a landfill.  so, i did. and here is how you can make your own handmade bubble wand:

what you need:
• needle nose pliers
• wire hanger
• beads with holes big enough to string onto the wire (optional)
• spray paint (optional)
• glue gun (optional)

step 1
using needle nose pliers, untwist and straighten out a wire hanger. (the whole bending process of the hanger was a bit harder than i thought, but the job got done.)

step 2
using needle nose pliers, twist the wire hanger into the desired shape. make sure one end is at least a 12″ long straight length for the handle, and the other end has a 1″ straight length that you will connect. to make curved shapes, it helps to use a metal canned food can to shape the hanger around.
step 3
connect your shape together like the picture below. use yourneedle nosed pliers to twist the wire around, making sure that there are no sharp edges sticking out.

step 4

if you would like to spray paint your bubble wand…now is the time to do it. once dry, move onto step 5.
step 5
string beads onto the handle of your wand. i found these great colorful painted wooden beads at Michael’s Craft Store.
step 6
using needle nosed pliers, twist the end of your bubble wand into a spiral to keep the beads on. make sure the end is not poking out too scratch anyone. see the picture below.

step 7
if you put beads onto your bubble wand, it’s a good idea to glue them down….or at least the top one so they done slide up and down the handle.  i just lifted the beads up, put some hot glue onto the handle and slid the beads down again. then they were stuck.
step 8
tada! you are finished. now enjoy your bubbles. you will need quite a bit of bubble solution though. i bought a huge jug at Target for $3.50.  even two would be better.  you can make your own solution by finding a recipe online though too. and when your done blowing bubbles, use a funnel to pour the unused solution back into the container.
wrapping a pipe cleaner around the entire shape on the top of your bubble wand can allow the bubble wand to hold more bubble solution. which = more bubbles.

Little Gifts: Mini Polaroid Picture Tile Magnets

i had some tile squares left over from fixing up our house. i was deciding whether to return them to the store, when i got the idea to pull them apart and make some mini polaroid pictures out of the 1″ tiles. then i thought….how about making them into magnets to put on my fridge.  so there you have it. thats how i created polaroid picture tile magnets!

i am so happy with how they turned out. i just recently got some fabulous pictures of my boys by one of my good friends and uber talented photographer Tonya Joy, and what a fun way to display some of them on my refrigerator.

now i am for sure going to make some more sets of these for gifts this holiday season. i’ve been thinking up some creative packaging ideas. i think everyone will love them. super easy. super inexpensive. but oh so super cute!

wanna make some of your own?!?!
Mini Polaroid Picture Tile Magnets:
what you need:
• 1″ white tiles (i got mine for $2.49 per sheet at Home Depot, it made 25 magnets)
 photos printed out on photo paper or cardstock
 3/4″ magnets
 Mod Podge (or other all-in-one glue, sealer and finish)
 E-6000 industrial strength adhesive
 prepare 1″ tiles by scraping any glue off of the back and sides. (old scissors did the trick)
 glue magnet to the back of each tile with E-6000 industrial strength adhesive. let dry.
 cut your photos out to size 3/4″ by 5/8″
 brush Mod Podge on the back of each photo and glue onto the top of each of your tile magnets. let dry.
 brush Mod Podge over the top of the photo and entire top of each tile to seal photo. let dry
 whala! you now have polaroid picture tile magnets!

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