Cookie Advent Calendar

hey everyone! it has been a while since i have shared any crafts. blame it on mommy responsibilities and an active baby who lives in a house that has not been baby proofed. (i just gotta get all these little toys from my big boys put away….or at least get my playpin back!)

so, i thought i owed it to everyone to do a month of holiday crafts. now…..i am going to call it the
sandy toes and popsicles
12 days of crafts!
i really think this is going to be fun!
today i am sharing craft #1:
Cookie Advent Calendar
(which can just as easily be a candy advent calendar….or anything else you would want to make into an advent calendar)
i actually like to make this for my kiddies about two weeks or 12 days before Christmas because the cookies start to go stale. but you could just as easily use candy….or make it countdown to the new year.
Here is what you need:
Plastic Wrap
Safety Scissors
Candy Cane Wreath (hard to find, but i found them at Michael’s)
Cookies (my choice is the Pepperidge Farm Ginger Family Cookies)
step 1
roll out plastic wrap long enough to layout your cookies with 1-1/2″ between each….plus you need about 3″ of overhang of plastic wrap on the top and bottom.
step 2
lay your cookies (i used twelve) down the center of the plastic wrap. (remember to leave 1-1/2″ between each)
step 3
carefully fold each side of the plastic wrap over the cookie. try not to make a lot of wrinkles. if you can. this will make a tube of cookies.
step 4
fold the top overhang of plastic wrap around the candy wreath. tie the ribbon around it to create the top hanging part of your cookie advent calendar.
step 5
continue to tie ribbons between each cookie and at the bottom
step 6
tie your safety scissors to the candy wreath
step 7
whala…you have your cookie advent calender. now, hang it up, and enjoy a cookie each day till Christmas or the New Year!


  1. Great idea! I was looking for something quick and easy to share with our homeschool group. Thank you for sharing!

  2. We do a similar one with candy. Love the cookie idea, and the loop ring at the top. So cute!


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