DIY: Designer wooden clothespins

a while ago, i promised to share how i made these cute clothespins for my sister’s baby shower for favors here. well, with this crazy pregnancy and all the last minute work i had to get done….i never did. so now i am.

they are very easy to make…and inexpensive. i use them for all sorts of things: bag clips, paper clips, holding gift cards on gift bags, or i put a magnet on them to hold stuff on the fridge.
supplies needed:
scrapbook paper
wooden clothespins (i got them at Walmart by the ironing boards)
Semi-gloss Varnish/Sealer
– like Anita’s Water Clean-Up Polyurethane or Mod Podge
paper cutter
paint brush
trace or measure clothespin and cut scrapbook paper to fit onto clothespin.
brush varnish onto clothespin, then place paper over it.
finish off with 1-2 more layers of varnish to seal and protect the paper.
when dry, repeat on opposite side of clothespin.
if you want, glue a magnet or thumbtack to the back.
whala! you now have cute clothespins.

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  1. They are fab!

  2. Very cute!!

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