Homemade puffy paint.

we made homemade puffy paint. i remember seeing the recipe somewhere…not sure. and have been wanting to try it. so we did. it is super simple.

1 Tablespoon self-rising floor
1 Tablespoon salt
Food coloring
Enough water to make a paste
then you mix them all together and whala! you have your paint. use paint brushes or cotton swabs to paint on cardboard. it works best brush paint on thickly. when you are finished microwave your painting for 5-10 seconds, do not microwave for to long. (i may or may not have started a fire) and that’s it. homemade puffy paint.
hmmmmm….not sure if my kids are going to be artists. but we had fun trying it.

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  1. Could you please contact me at maryann@brightring.com? I have a project with art that I’d love to invite you to participate in!

  2. http://Nefertari says

    We did it last day, my kid enjoyed it painting with it, but she didn´t matter when growing at microwave, i was fascinated. Thank u for the post

  3. http://Anonymous says

    What is self rising floor?


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