Homemade Sandcastle Kit.

when i was little i loved to build sandcastles. not the prefab kind you make from sand pails, but the ones you carve with tools. my mom got me some metal spatulas and knives and i would carve away. i never quite made the magnificent castle i had planned out in my mind, but i always ended up with a pretty little sandcastle.

so i wanted to bring some tools on our trip so that i could teach my boys some sandcastle building techniques. 8 days at the beach can get pretty repetative, so i thought i would get a little sandcastle building kit. i didn’t want to get anything sharp because they are still young and a little careless. here’s what i got.
bucket: a definite must have…but wait! what happened to the bottom? ….my hubbie cut it out. large buckets of sand are hard for kiddies (an adults) to flip over, so this way you can fill it up with the wet sand and then slide it right off. $3.00. (this bucket was perfect because there was a lip around the bottom. my hubbie cut the inside out leaving the nice smooth lip, and sanded around the inside sides)
painters spatulas: a must have. they help you carve into the sand, making perfectly smooth sides, walls and stairs. they also help you level the sand. knives are also good for carving….but nope….not good for little kiddies…and definitely not for my boys! only $2.95.
measuring cups and spoons: when a saw these, i thought they would be great for making different sizes of circles. the smaller measuring spoons would be good for carving. only $1.00.
funnels: they would make great roofs for the castles. $ 2.49.
brushes: to help get sand out from the cracks and places we have carved into. $ .87 each.
flags: what a castle without a flag? i made these from a wooden dowel, fabric and double-sided fusible interfacing.
of course, you could search the internet for prefab sandcastle kits….but these are just as good for the kiddies…and affordable too!
gotta go build some sandcastles! see ya soon.

jill, jack, kyle and baby vann.

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  1. Cute ideas! My tools wouldn’t look that nice after one use in the sandbox, but I love that you covered all the bases for must-have building materials 🙂

  2. cute idea! love how cheap it is 🙂 plus, it has so much more character than the pre-made kits.
    Amy @ http://www.themombot.com

  3. This is a way cute idea – I love it! I am your newest follower.

    I found your site through Creation Corner. Feel free to check out my blog here: http://www.utahcountymom.com and become a follower too!

  4. Home Depot!….I spray painted them. Not a good idea because it chipped right off. But it looked good for photos LOL!

  5. Very cute. Where did you get the painters spatulas? I’m assuming just the paint store?


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