Plans for Valentine’s Day

honestly, i haven’t spent much time thinking about what i was going to do for Valentine’s Day. so i am sorry that i don’t have any grand plans to share with you all….i just figured i would do some of your ideas you all left me during the giveaway! thanks again for all of those.

i am room mom for my oldest’s class, so i have been working on plans for that. we will be having a class Valentine’s Day breakfast with pancakes, juice and fruit, and also be making secret cards for another person in class. i am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a success!

and, i actually have been hoping that there would be some way my husband and i could get out to see a movie since we haven’t been to a movie that wasn’t made for kids in years! but since it is a school night, i don’t think that it is going to work out. so…..

i am thinking we will just make it a fun family night.
a Valentine’s pizza dinner. idea from here.
hearts Yahtzee. instructions here on the idea room’s blog.
homemade red hot popcorn. recipe here.
and the movie A Charlie Brown Valentine which i recorded this week on my DVR.
so simple….but i think the kiddies will enjoy. then they will be off to bed at 8 o’clock and the husband and i can enjoy the rest of the evening, which hopefully will include a yummy….and chocolate dessert from Claim Jumpers.

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