Dinner Conversation Hearts Game

one thing i will share about my boys, is that they aren’t the most talkative kiddies. in fact, i am not used to loud talking and screaming (except for normal kiddie tantrums) in the house. my boys….including my husband, aren’t big talkers. i have to pry what little information i can get out of them. don’t get me wrong, they can be loud, and there are times when they talk my ear off….but it’s not very often. even after school i will ask my oldest how his day was, what he did, etc. and all i will get is “good!” if i want any information about what’s going on in school, i have to get it from the other mothers.

so, in effort of getting my kiddies to talk more, i thought i’d make a little conversation heart jar. just like the name….i thought it would be a great way of getting some good conversation going during dinner.
so i cut a bunch of paper hearts out and wrote things like “what’s your favorite song,” “if you had three wishes, what would they be?” and “if you could spend all day with mommy, what would you do?” “what do you dream about” etc. everyone gets to pick out hearts and answer the questions during dinner. it’s been so much fun learning more each day about my sweet little boys.


  1. Such a cute idea! love it.

  2. Kristen says

    I have a cool book titled “201 Questions to ask your kids” and on the flip side of the book it’s titled “201 questions to ask your parents”. We break it out at dinner often and the kids love asking questions of us.


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