Bob the Builder Breakfast at Discovery Science Center

join Bob the Builder for this exclusive early morning event, the Bob the Builder Breakfast! guests will be able to enjoy breakfast and be one of the first to experience the new Bob the Builder exhibit – Project: Build It. plus, you will have an opportunity to meet the star of this exhibit, Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder Breakfast
September 15, 2012 
 breakfast will be served from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
(first come first serve)
 first 250 kids will receive a yellow construction hat photo opportunities with Bob the Builder

Family Fun at the Dodgers Game

a few weekends ago, we took the boys to their first Dodgers baseball game at Dodger Stadium. we had a blast! you know those family outings where everyone is happy, the weather is perfect and everything goes just how you imagined…only better….that was the kind of day it ended up being.
i too had never been to Dodger Stadium, and i was impressed by how cool it was. it was modern with a retro flair, super clean and everyone was so excited to see the Dodgers play.

of coarse you have to get dressed up in Dodgers blue when you go to a Dodger Game. to say the kiddies were excited would be an understatement.

our seats were on field level behind third base. so cool! but i bet we would have fun no matter where we sat.
a baseball game isn’t a baseball game without enjoying a traditional baseball treat. 
(reasonably priced between $4.50-$8.00)

like pretzels…

or nachos.

ice cream is always great on a hot sunny day….

and you can’t go to the Dodgers Game without eating a Dodger Dog!

my kiddies watched the entire game…they were so into it. i was impressed. and they stood in awe at the 7th inning stretch singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”
i would have to say the highlight of the day is when my boys got to run the actual bases on the Dodger  Fielddid you know that after the afternoon home games, kids 14 and under can run the bases on the field! parents and their kiddies can line up at the gates between the Right Field Pavilion and Field Level and take their turn to run all of the bases.
this is my little boy’s dream.
in heaven!
it was special treat that my boys got the opportunity to run out onto the field.  talk about perfectly manicured grass. it was cut perfectly smooth, green as ever…..
and soft enough to take a nap on.
did you know that Dodger Stadium works on the lawn and dirt everyday to keep it so beautiful.
the kiddies were so honored to get to stand where professional baseball players and their heros play baseball.
it was the perfect ending to a day of family fun. there is not much more a momma can ask for!
Thanks Dodger Stadium for the perfect day.

wanna go? here’s the info….
Dodger Stadium
1000 Elysian Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012 
click here to buy tickets
click here for dates of giveaways, promotions and “Kids Run the Bases”

{disclosure: we were given complimentary tickets to the Dodger game. all opinions expressed are mine. i wouldn’t recommend this stuff if i didn’t love it! }

The Elephants are Coming!

disclaimer: i apologize in advance if any of this information is wrong…..i will update as information becomes available. 

if my prediction is correct, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus elephants are arriving on the circus train tomorrow, wednesday, july 25, 2012! this is called the “Elephant Walk.” and since the circus begins in the OC on friday, they gotta bring all the circus animals and equipment by train to the Honda Center. well….the elephants have to get from the train to the Honda Center somehow, so they walk them down the street from the train drop-off to the Honda Center. people can sit along the curbs and watch!

the reason i haven’t posted it until now, is because it is hard to find information about this event. plus Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus doesn’t publicly announce when the train will arrive, especially because traveling with animals can be unpredictable. and because a lot of times PETA does protesting when the circus comes to town. (which is sad because a lot of these elephants have been rescued from circus’ around world that were abusing them.)

however, if the schedule is as years past, then the “Elephant Walk” is tomorrow! and the elephants walk down Cerritos Street and Douglas Street to the Honda Center. i know that the train can arrive as early as 11:30…but you know what happened a few years ago year. there are parking lots near by, so if you want to try and go, bring some treats and a book to past the time.

 i will post any updates i learn on facebook, so check there tomorrow.
here are directions. and here is a link to last years elephant walk.

Scooter’s Jungle in the OC

now that summer is halfway over, some of you may be running out of ideas of what to do with the kiddies. if your kids are like mine, then they are constantly asking “what are we going to do today mom?,” even when we have done tons of fun things everyday. i have to admit…i am worn out. so here’s the solution…
take the kiddies to Scooter’s Jungle, one of the OC’s fun bouncy house places.  they have two locations in Orange County: Aliso Viejo and Placentia. they offer open play times for all ages, including toddler time, family fun night, special events for families with special needs and different packages for birthday partys!
what i really love about Scoooter’s Jungle is that i donn’t have to worry about running around after the kids. the are totally entertained and contained in the two bouncy house rooms, and are easy to keep track of. the whole place is air conditioned and there are benches to sit on if you would rather watch than play.
Scooter’s Jungle has 2 giant rooms where you can bounce….
zip and climb!
Scooter’s Jungle has 2 gigantic slides….
and the staff is super nice….they help the kiddies to have extra fun.
and you can wrestle with your brother and not get in trouble!
there is something fun for everyone at Scooter’s Jungle….even air hockey and ping pong.
moms can have fun too!
and there are plenty of fun things for the little ones to do….
like a room devoted just for the really little ones.
and what are these neon bouncy balls for?
only a super awesome black light glow room, where you can bounce glow balls in the dark.
Scooter’s Jungle has family fun nights where the entire family can enjoy a night of fun together. it costs $10 per kid/adult included. it was one of the best things we have done as a family this summer!
and you can buy slices of pizza for dinner at family fun nights. Scooter’s Jungle has pizza made-to-order, so it fresh and hot! you can get a slice for $2 or a whole pizza for $16. lemonade, water and snacks are complimentary…yay!
wanna go? here’s the info….
Scooter’s Jungle Aliso Viejo

25 Journey Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Scooter’s Jungle Placentia
921 Via Rodeo Placentia, CA 92870

{ disclaimer: we were invited as guest’s to Scooter’s Jungle. all opinions expressed are mine. we had an awesome time. thanks Scooter’s Jungle }

What been happening over here.

wow, how time flies. i feel like i have been in turbo mode until this week, and now i am ready to relax and enjoy summer!

my kiddies have been super good this week…i’m really impressed. i have worked hard to get them on a schedule: get dressed, make their beds, clean rooms and do one chore each every morning. then we go out and do something fun and try to get back in time for baby’s nap. the boys have to read for at least 30 minutes, then they are free to do whatever they want. let’s keep our fingers crossed this schedule sticks for the rest of summer. it’s been great.

here is the craziness that led up to this awesome week of summer vacation!
first off….we had our year-end baseball season party. i made cupcakes, but dropped them before we got there. (they WERE cute though)
we visited the new Lego Store in Downtown Disney.
and school ended, which made us very happy.
i made 61 of these for the kiddies classmates.
and batches of fresh rolls and homemade strawberry jam for the kiddies teachers and special people.
my dear grandpa was laid to rest with military honors. my grandma was given his flag. he was an awesome man and i miss him terribly.
father’s day came, and daddy got to wear the customary decorated father’s day tie. all day long.
he was also lucky because we made him these yummy cinnamon swirl pancakes.
 they were super good and turned out like this!
and all our father’s lovde their father’s day gifts we made them. which i posted about here.
i got to sneak preview Wendy Bellissimo’s new baby clothes line. you can see them here. super cute! almost makes me want to have another baby.
took a trip to our favorite splash pad.
and we ended the crazy week with a trip to Casey’s Cupcakes. where all i got was a tiny taste before this little cutie devoured the entire cupcake.
then i collapsed…hee hee. it certainly was a crazy week. but full of good stuff too!
we are looking forward to sharing an awesome summer of fun with all of you too. any suggestions of fun places or things to do? we are always looking for new things or ideas to do.
be back soon,
jill, jack, kyle & vann