Family Fun at the Dodgers Game

a few weekends ago, we took the boys to their first Dodgers baseball game at Dodger Stadium. we had a blast! you know those family outings where everyone is happy, the weather is perfect and everything goes just how you imagined…only better….that was the kind of day it ended up being.
i too had never been to Dodger Stadium, and i was impressed by how cool it was. it was modern with a retro flair, super clean and everyone was so excited to see the Dodgers play.

of coarse you have to get dressed up in Dodgers blue when you go to a Dodger Game. to say the kiddies were excited would be an understatement.

our seats were on field level behind third base. so cool! but i bet we would have fun no matter where we sat.
a baseball game isn’t a baseball game without enjoying a traditional baseball treat. 
(reasonably priced between $4.50-$8.00)

like pretzels…

or nachos.

ice cream is always great on a hot sunny day….

and you can’t go to the Dodgers Game without eating a Dodger Dog!

my kiddies watched the entire game…they were so into it. i was impressed. and they stood in awe at the 7th inning stretch singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”
i would have to say the highlight of the day is when my boys got to run the actual bases on the Dodger  Fielddid you know that after the afternoon home games, kids 14 and under can run the bases on the field! parents and their kiddies can line up at the gates between the Right Field Pavilion and Field Level and take their turn to run all of the bases.
this is my little boy’s dream.
in heaven!
it was special treat that my boys got the opportunity to run out onto the field.  talk about perfectly manicured grass. it was cut perfectly smooth, green as ever…..
and soft enough to take a nap on.
did you know that Dodger Stadium works on the lawn and dirt everyday to keep it so beautiful.
the kiddies were so honored to get to stand where professional baseball players and their heros play baseball.
it was the perfect ending to a day of family fun. there is not much more a momma can ask for!
Thanks Dodger Stadium for the perfect day.

wanna go? here’s the info….
Dodger Stadium
1000 Elysian Park Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012 
click here to buy tickets
click here for dates of giveaways, promotions and “Kids Run the Bases”

{disclosure: we were given complimentary tickets to the Dodger game. all opinions expressed are mine. i wouldn’t recommend this stuff if i didn’t love it! }


  1. Robin Nuttall says

    You have the cutest family,we used to go to Mormon night,and Northrop(Where my parents worked)and I never knew about kids being aloud to run the bases,Blaine would of been in heaven.


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