LEGO Juniors Bridges the Gap From Duplos to LEGO

LEGO JuniorsPlaying LEGO® at our house is an everyday occurrence. All of my boys LOVE legos, which i frequently write about over here. Today I wanted to write about LEGO Juniors. It’s LEGO’s new line of building sets that bridge the gap between LEGO Duplo and big kid LEGO sets. The LEGO Juniors are designed especially for children aged 4-7, to give them a great first experience with LEGO bricks through easy to build models. they have quick start elements and numbered pre-packed bags to make building easy and organized. kids can practically create them without help from anyone.

My 4 year old Vann, was so excited to build his LEGO® Juniors. He was able to build them all by himself with the easy to understand instructions. and even though they are the little lego pieces, they are less complicated than the big sets his brothers build.
lego-junior-legojuniormakers I also like that LEGO Juniors sets come with extra packages of legos and instructions so that kids can take the initial big set apart and build other sets within that set. So kids can either play with the initial set, or build more things. this build and rebuild concept is great, especially for creativity and fun. LEGO Juniors bricks set kids up for successful, non-frustrating, experiences for them to Make and re-Make.
lego-junior-contruction-set-reviewMaking and playing are a critical part of a child’s development as it is how he/she discovers and learns about the world. Making is the simple act of doing. It is both a physical experience—being hands on—and awareness that the world is constantly being built and rebuilt.In order to develop as creative thinkers, children need opportunities, stimulating environments and engaging materials to Make. Offering young children age-appropriate supplies is an important part of the journey.

see how easy the instructions are to understand. lego-juniors-easy-instructionsJust to show you that kids as young as 4 years old can build LEGO Juniors sets, check out this time-lapse video of Vann building a complete LEGO Juniors set ALL BY HIMSELF!

my proud boy with the completed set!lego-junior-stable-legojuniormakers

LEGO® is one toy i hope to see my children play with for years to come. as children make things, they gain confidence in their ability to bring their ideas to life. LEGO Juniors is the perfect way to introduce legos to my little one, to inspire him and help him develop confidence in his building skills.

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  1. My son just turned two in July and we got him some of the Lego Duplos. He’s LOVING playing with them, but when he gets a little older, can’t wait to transition him to these!

  2. Amber Esquibel says

    I have been curious about these! My Son is about to be 4 and he is OBSESSED with Legos, but refuses the duplos, which are more “age” appropriate. We buy him boxes and he does ok following the directions, but he definitely needs help. I will check these out!

  3. Vanessa Magdaleno says

    Thank you for sharing this. I had no idea Lego came out with these

  4. Cindy H says

    Thank you for sharing this info. My kids enjoy legos, my 4 year old will enjoy putting this together by himself.

  5. courtney b says

    how do you take such great pictures ? your blog is so colorful and happy! i love it :!)

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