Keeping Skin Healthy During Winter with Aveeno

I recently shared how I have partnered with Aveeno® as an ambassador and how much their products mean to me and my family. This week I am sharing how my son and I use Aveeno® during the winter months to save our skin. 

Aveeno Lotion for Winter Skin Careif you peek into my sons room, you will see a couple of items that you will always find atop his dresser. a stack of library books, a box of trinkets (aka, things he thinks are really cool), and a bottle of Aveeno® Active Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion. he uses this lotion EVERY night before bed, and has ever since we started to solve his problem of severe eczema.

when my son was just a toddler, his skin problems began. cracking, bleeding skin on the back of his knees, arms, and legs. we tried everything to get rid of it, but many lotions burned, some did nothing, some made things worse. we resorted to prescription steroid cream…and although it helped, it never really solved the problem. through trial and error, i finally found that Aveeno® lotion helped relief the pain and moisturized his skin enough without irritation to let it start healing.  we have been hooked ever since.

this is what happens to my son’s skin when we forget to use moisturizer every night. it gets itchy and dry, and he starts to itch it, causing it to bleed. winter is the worst time because of the cold dry air. once we start using Aveeno®’s Active Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion, his skin starts looking really good, and he forgets to use it every night. that is when the eczema comes back. that is what happened here.  he usually is really good about keeping his skin healthy, but he got used to the humid weather we were having and then winter came and dried out his skin and put us back in this situation.

Aveeno for Kids excema

luckily, i got him back in the routine of using moisturizer every night, and we should be back to having nice, soft, healthy skin very soon.

Aveeno Lotion for Dry Cracked Skinduring the winter months, is it important for him…and i to moisturize our skin daily. we have dry dry skin. and the winter air is not our skin’s friend!

other ways we control his eczema besides lotion, is by limiting showers to a couple times a week. too many showers dry out his skin, and by also washing his clothes and bedding in natural, fragrance free detergent. when we are able to keep his skin in check, he is definitely much happier. i don’t have to worry about him itching his skin while he is sleeping or infection from the bleeding cracks.

Aveeno Lotion for excemai want to keep his skin as soft and sweet as it was when he was a baby, and i thank Aveeno® for helping me do that. Aveeno® Active Naturals products not only empowers me to take a holistic approach to skin care health, it naturally keeps it moisturized throughout the winter months and all year long.


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