Reminiscing of Discovery Cube in 2015

Discovery Cube Entrance the Discovery Cube OC is near and dear to my heart. i have been taking my boys there since they were just toddlers, and we have created many memories at The Cube. every year we purchase an annual membership to the Discovery Cube so that we can enjoy a year full of awesome exhibits. we never want to miss a single one. this year was especially amazing because i was able to be a Discovery Cube Mom Ambassador. it was such a privileged to work with Discovery Cube and learn all about the exciting programs it has to offer the residents of Orange County. Discovery Cube Yellow Wall this year there were lots of great exhibits…as there are every year. i wanted to share with you all of the memories our family had this past year at Discovery Cube. first up for the year of 2015 were the Lego Travel Adventure and National Geographic Earth Explorers exhibits. you don’t have to ask us twice to play with Legos or ride in a real life jeep through the rain forest. Discovery Cube Lego AdventureDiscovery Cube Lego Adventure ExhibitDiscovery Cube National Geographic ExhibitDiscovery Cube National GeographicDiscovery Cube National Geographic Shark next up was Bubblefest!!! my favorite exhibit of the year. it was the first time that it would be held in Discovery Cube’s Showcase Theater. it was the best show yet. we can’t wait till this year. read our experience here. Spring Break Ideas Orange CountyBubblefest Discovery Science Center 2015 half way through the year, the most exciting thing happened at Discovery Cube…the new expansion was complete and with that, some fun new exhibits opened and the center doubled it size, making the Cube better than ever. read our experience here. The New Discovery Cube The New Discovery Cube Expansion New Discovery Cube Expansion the permanent exhibits that opened with the Discovery Cube expansion are – the Sun exhibit, the Water Center, helicopter simulator, Inspector Training Course, and the Mission Control Center. The Discovery Cube Sun Shadow ExhibitDiscovery Cube Orange County Helicopter Simulator The Discovery Cube New Water Exhibit The Discovery Cube Exterminator ExhibitThe Discovery Cube Vermin ExhibitDiscovery Cube New Mission Control exhibitDiscovery Cube Build a Satelitewe had to say goodbye to Taco Bell, because Bean Sprouts cafe opened, which has some great healthy and fun food choices. The Discovery Cube Healthy Bean Sprouts FoodDiscovery Cube Healthy Food Restaurant my oldest loved the Sherlock Holmes exhibit. it was pretty fascinating and the attention to detail and creating the perfect mystery experience was awesome. Traveling Sherlock Holmes Experience at Discovery CubeThe Discovery Cube Sherlock Homes Exhibit the Hot Wheels: Race to Win was the first exhibit to come to the Cube expansion. it didn’t dissappoint my car loving boys. read our experience here. Hot Wheels Exhibit at Discovery Cube OCNew at Discovery Cube Hot Wheels every year we look forward to two annual Discovery Cube events…Spooky Science and the Pumpkin Launch. it is a tradition of our family to attend each of these events. they never disappoint. read about our experience here. spooky-science-discovery-science-centerDiscovery Cube Pumpkin Launch Eventthis year was the first year we actually entered a gingerbread entry into the Science of Gingerbread gingerbread contest. what a neat experience to share with the kids…and then to see our entry on display inside the center was extra special! read about our experience.

Discovery Cube Science of GingerbreadDiscovery Cube Gingerbread House 9

we ended the year with Winter Wonderfest, Discovery Cube’s first ever snow experience. sledding, snow play, and science of snow exhibits made it one of of favorite exhibits of the year. read about our experience here. Winter Wonderfest at Discovery Cube OCSnow Sledding at the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana what a great way to end a year of Discovery Cube adventures. and there are more to come! this year there are some great exhibits coming to the Cube.

Dora and Diego: Let’s ExploreFebruary 6, 2016 Bubblefest 20th Anniversary – Spring Break 2016 Spooky Science The Pumpkin Launch Science of Gingerbread Noon Year’s Eve and more!!!!!

it’s very exciting for what the future holds for Discovery Cube in 2016!


  1. Hilary Wallace says

    Love this place! I didn’t realize how many cool exhibits we missed last year. My son would have loved the lego one and the hot wheels one. Bummer.

  2. Nicole says

    We had to lt our passes expire and we miss it so much! My kids LOVE Bubble Fest!!!

  3. Bill says

    The Sherlock Holmes Exhibit is our favorite!

  4. Vanessa Rodriguez says

    Went to bubble event last year with my 9 year old son for the first time, he loved it ❤.!!

  5. Carrie Anne says

    We have never been so I can’t wait to take my boys! This is totally their thing & I love to watch them play in their element! The bubbles, the later show, the snow, the Hot Wheels, the hands on experience is all worth while!

  6. Anna Barler says

    I took my kids there for the first time and I’ll have to say it is so much better than 15 years ago, and I was impressed then. I’m just so AMAZED that the Discovery Cube is right here in Orange County. I don’t have to drive to San Diego anymore… Good luck to all who enter!!!

  7. Christi Tucker says

    We love all the exhibits because my son wants to be a scientist! The bubble fest was fantastic!

  8. Amber Romero says

    We’ve still never been but the bubble fest and spooky science look so awesome! My kids and I would absolutely love to win this ♡

  9. Stacey says

    I’m Canadian living in Southern California now and loved showing my boys the hockey exhibit!

  10. Stacy says

    Love that grocery store with the mini carts.

  11. Angela says

    We love the recycling challenge!

  12. Romina says

    This is one of our kids’ favorite museums in OC.

  13. We love the smoke ring thing and the eco/healthy shopping!

  14. Danielle Penz says

    how fun! thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Hope says

    We love the bubbles! I mean who doesn’t love thousands and thousands of bubbles!’

  16. Heather Talley says

    I’m not sure why I haven’t taken my kids here yet, but I need to!

  17. Stephanie Grant says

    My son and I love Mission Control exhibit: )!

  18. Sandra Caballero says

    Dora and Diego event looks fun ! My daughters sure will have a blast if we get to go to the cube with this awesome winning giveaway!

  19. Donelle says

    I’ve never been to the Discovery Cube so we don’t have a favorite yet. I’m hoping to win so I can take my kids and have some awesome experiences like yours did last year.

  20. Shaba Shannon Rezvani says

    We love the Discovery Center. I wanted to check out the Winterfest this year. Maybe I will try again next year.

  21. Winter wonderfest

  22. Rosanne R says

    Bubblefest is my fave!

  23. Carey Bearden says

    Winter wonderfest

  24. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    I loved seeing all the gingerbread houses and the science of gingerbread.

  25. Surbhi Kasbaum says

    Winterfest and bubblefest are awesome!

  26. Jennifer Reighter says

    It’s a toss up between the Winter Wonderfest and the Grocery Store. The kids loved both!

  27. cas p says

    hot wheels!!

  28. I have always loved the DUCKS hockey exhibit!

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