Word of the Year 2016

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my word of the year….i don’t know why it has been so hard for me to choose one this year?  as i start this post, i haven’t even settled on one yet. when it came to picking out my word for 2015, it practically picked itself…the word UNSELFIE chose me…and what a great choice it was. i had the privileged of spending the year focusing on helping others. and actually, i think i did a pretty okay job at it. i was able to do a lot of things for others. lots of little things, some big things….and hopefully i made a difference in those peoples’ lives i helped.

but honestly, doing so much for others did take a toll on me mentally and physically. it’s really hard to take that little extra time you have and give it to others and not to yourself and your family. there were times when it caused my life to become unbalanced, times when i probably needed to do less….especially when i broke my arm. once that happened, i just couldn’t catch up on life and it ran me ragged. i ended this year feeling completely wiped out.

i don’t want to sound selfish, but this year i need to step back and spend a little more time on my family and i. of course, this doesn’t mean i will stop being UNSELFIE, helping others is always important. but at this time in my life, i need to help my family. and when i think about it…the best way i can do that is by helping myself.

when i am happy, my family and others around me are happy.

when my life is in order, so is my family’s.

when i am well, i have the ability help others.

so in actuality, just because i am focusing on ME doesn’t mean i am being self-centered or selfie. something i was trying to get away from last year. i need to realize and remind myself that helping myself is not a bad thing. when we, ourselves, are taken care of emotional, physically and mentally, we actually have the ability to do much more for others. my family needs this from me. if i can take better care of myself this year, i feel that everyone around me will thrive and there will be more balance around me. so this year, my word is ME. i almost feel embarrassed choosing it…but i know this is what my family needs, and i am excited in the changes i hope it brings to everyone around me.

my word for 2016


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