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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Angel Soft® because sometimes #SheetHappens.


a few weeks ago i shared about Angel Soft’s new funny #SheetHappens videos which are hilarious BTW. and if you have been following me on social media, you saw that i filmed my own #SheetHappens at the BlogHer ’14 conference in San Jose last week. it was kind of funny filming because i remembered all those times i have found myself #SheetOutofLuck…actually, sometimes it’s not so funny.


it’s happened to everyone…’re sitting there and go to grab the toilet paper and….IT’S ALL GONE!  don’t forget that Angel Soft® has you covered for moments like this. their rolls have 60% more sheets than Charmin, so the roll doesn’t run out as fast, something i think everyone can appreciate. and one of my readers won’t have to deal with moments like this….because one of my readers is going to win a YEAR SUPPLY OF ANGEL SOFT® Toilet PAPER! just continue reading to the bottom of this post to enter….


and if you are looking for a laugh, check out all of the Angel Soft® #SheetHappens videos…they re pretty funny.

be on the lookout for my personal #SheetHappens Moment video, the boys and i will be sharing it soon! 

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  1. Montrice Minor says

    My #Sheethappens was that I was at an outdoor event, and having to use the RR to take a dunk, and the only thing to use was a Port o Potty, and thought I saw tissue in their prior to squatting,which there was ONLY exactly TWO sheets on the roll! So no, NO toilet tissue after your done taking care of your business and by the time you’er done, what do you do?

    Me personally I used my cell phone and called my mother whom was with me that some Tissue in her purse, what a Life Saver,you are Mom! They’re always prepared!

  2. Marisela Lua says

    #sheets happens . When ur out and ur cuz and drunk and gotta pee and asks you for tp. You say you don’t have none and offer her a clean shirt lol

  3. meredith says

    Ive had a few #sheethappens moments – but my best was when i was little and pottytraining – and used a display potty very proudly to my mothers significant embarassement

  4. Amanda Sakovitz says

    My #sheethappens is just about everytime I go to the bathroom in a public restroom. It takes me awhile to go and I have to cover the entire seat with toilet paper each and every time.

  5. Madonna says

    the closest thing I have to a #SheetHappens moment is when the pups got the tp and shredded an entire package in my living room. There was paper every where.

  6. Greg says

    My best #sheethappens moment would have to be while using the bathroom in the airport which I almost never do there ended up being no toilet paper in the stall and I had to ask the stall next to me to pass some underneath the side. Sooo embarrassing

  7. Ran out of toilet paper while taking care of business. Had to waddle out to the kitchen with my pants around my ankles to grab paper towels. Thankfully I lived alone… #SheetHappens

  8. Carolsue says

    The only one I can think of is when I got food poisoning awhile back and … well, I won’t go into the gory details but it was definitely a #sheethappens moment. LOL.

  9. Sarah Hall says

    When my #SheetHappens time comes, I yell at the top of my lungs for my husband to bring in more toilet paper.

  10. Shannon says

    Just running out of TP and having to ask a stranger to spare a square #SheetHappens

  11. Birdiebee says

    Yes, have had many #SheetHappens moments to mention. I’ve also been caught with a toilet paper tail hanging out of my pants at the airport.

  12. steve weber says

    #sheethappens moment: when we toliet papered our neighbors house, cars, trees, etc..

  13. I try not to have a #sheethappens moment but when it happens, its always embarrassing!

  14. Dawn Keenan says

    No, I haven’t really had a sheet happens moment, but I did have a student who made a toilet paper needed alarm for a project one time. It was awesome!

  15. surbhi says

    The worst #SheetHapppens moment is when you are at a date’s house!

  16. Laura J says

    Oh we just had a #SheetHappens moment at our county pair port a potty! Was not fun with lines of people waiting!

  17. janetfaye says

    #SheetHappens Many times when my 2 year old grandson loved to unroll the toilet paper.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot)) com

  18. latanya says

    I have more #SheetHappens moments than I care to say

  19. #SheetHappens anywhere in our household!

  20. Amy Orvin says

    No, I don’t have any #SheetHappens moments off the top of my head.

  21. Julie says

    I’ve got a bunch of crazy roommates so sheet always happens

  22. Nicole Millheim says

    SheetHappens when i stock the wrong bathroom with tp

  23. Jessica To says

    I don’t think we ever had a #SheetHappens moment until I had my son!

  24. shelly peterson says

    Oh there has definitely been some #SheetHappens moments in our house, mostly because the kids do not replace roll of toilet paper..

  25. Elena says

    I had a few #SheetHappens moments when my son was a little baby

  26. Karly F says

    With 5 peeps in my house, we are always running out of TP! Hope I win!

  27. Kelly D says

    My #SheetHappens moment is when my kids use the rest of the roll and don’t replace it.

  28. Carrie K says

    Sheet happens for sure in this house living with 5 guys! At home we holler & someone comes running with ANGEL SOFT which is what we use because it’s SEPTIC SAFE! Very important to us! In a public restroom, we go for the toilet seat covers as the back up & that’s just not so comfy soft like ANGEL SOFT!

  29. Vera K says

    Haven’t had any SheetHappens moments since the kids got older…

  30. Ashley Ponder Richards says

    We are an Angel Soft using family. It’s great that it is affordable and durable.

  31. Denise Taylor-Dennis says

    #SheetHappens moment when you realize the roll is empty and you can reach a new one.

  32. Jessica F says

    of course but I don’t want to share them here!! 🙂

  33. Nicole dz says

    Yes i have a #SheetHappens moment, after going to the bathroom in a public restroom a few weeks ago i realize there is no toilet paper in the stall, and no one else in the bathroom, lucky i had my purse with me, since i had some tissue inside my purse.

  34. Danitza Vasquez says

    When #sheethappens I call on my preschooler to get me more because well he’s always outside the door waiting for me to get out ☺️

  35. Donelle Anderson says

    Oh man..too many times to count in my house. Boys have no idea…. 😉

  36. Linda Grimm says

    What can I say about those #SheetHappens moments!

  37. Debrah says

    Always when I finally have a relaxing moment to myself, I take that awkward, holding it in forever, super stinky, leisurely reading books and slowly dropped stanky mess. That’s when I know…. sheet happens. No toilet paper in site or hidden away in a cabinet. My choices are limited. Do I jump in the shower? Do I pull up my clothing and secretly sneak around the house like a cat burgler in the night? Do I scream help me to anyone who cares to save me?

  38. Aira says

    #SheetHappens every time when you have active kiddos and a newborn baby. At home and outdoor! lol

  39. Aira says

    #SheetHappens always when you have active kids and a newborn baby.

  40. Those #SheetHappens moments aren’t strangers in our house.

  41. Kristen says

    Not at home, but I’ve had that in public bathrooms 🙁

  42. Fortunately for me, I don’t have a #sheethappens moment, but with a toddler in the house… I’m sure it’s bound to happen soon!

  43. Stephanie P says

    Those #sheethappens moments are usually when its the most inconvenient! Lol 🙂


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