KaBoom! Free Family Event Powered by Disney Parks

kaboom-anaheimyesterday, i only had my two youngest boys since my oldest and hubby were hiking with a Boy Scout Troup. so what did we do? we headed over to the Downtown Anaheim Promenade to participate in KaBOOM!

what is KaBOOM!?

it’s a national non-profit dedicated to saving play for America’s children. their mission is to create great playspaces through the participation and leadership of communities. their ultimate goal is to create a place to play within walking distance of every child in America. and this weekend they are hosting a FREE FAMILY BONDING EVENT at the Downtown Anaheim Promenade.

i wasn’t sure what to expect, but since it was powered by Dinsey Parks, it had to be fun…right?! when we arrived, we checked in and where given a lanyard, a blank flag and water bottles for all of us. for FREE!

kaboom-gree-water-bottlesthe first stop was creating a family flag that you take with your team to each of the family bonding zones.family-bonding-kaboomwe all had a nice time together creating our flag. there were stickers and paint pens to help in our creativity. and i had a nice moment to site a reflect on my boys creativity, and really enjoyed their thought process to creating our flag.
free-kaboom-event-disneyour finished flag!Kaboom-Powered-by-disneyparksafter we finished creating our family flag, we were given a stamp on our flag representing the kind of activity we just completed. then we headed to the obstacle course. there are 5 different zones to the course, all focused on family bonding, teamwork and togetherness.

our first activity was building, and we all had to build a tunnel that our whole family could fit through, go through the tunnel and then have fun knocking it down.

free-orange-county-event-disneythis is our tunnel, but only 1/3 of the way finished. this was my boys favorite part. it was really fun helping them create it.kaboom--family-event-disney the next zone was called HOP. and we got to play a fun game together involving a hopscotch course. Kaboom-disney-family-funand for zone #3, we worked together doing some brainwork puzzles. wow…my boys are so smart.kaboom-disneyparksthen we headed to zone #4 and got to roll a GIANT beach ball through an obstacle course….hoping on one foot mind you…and dancing all the while. it was a blast of giggles and fun.#playfulfamilyour last and final task was to take our family flag and raise it up on a flag pole.kaboom-event-disney it was a moment of pride for all of us, and everyone was quit happy with the tasks we just completed.kaboom-#playfulfamilywe them got to choice special stickers for each player of our family. it was fun to see what everyone got.kaboom-disneyparks-eventit was a fun afternoon and special time to bond with my boys. i only wish we could have had the other boys with us. they would have enjoyed it to.kaboom-disney-parks-event
KaBOOM! travels all over the US and is coming to a city near you. check out their upcoming events, or follow KaBOOM! on
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