Tiny Whales August Tee Shirt of the Month Club


we were so excited to receive our August Tiny Whales Tee Shirt of the Month Club T-shirts this week. it has been so fun for us to be a part of the club. the boys especially love getting mail just for them, and i have had a lot of fun dreaming up photo shoot ideas for their new tees.

the August Tee featured the theme of Be Bold, Go Forth and Blaze Those Trails, and features the artwork of Aaron Talili, a local resident of Orange County California and a freelance designer with a specialty in lettering, design, tribal pattern-work and illustration.  the tee says…

Don’t Go
Where the
Path Leads,
Your Own

boys-fashion-t-shirtthe boys and i headed over to the local nature center and took a few photos on themselves hiking on the trails. it was so much fun.kids-fashion-best-clothestiny-whales-august-tee-of-the-monthtiny-whales-august-t-shirt-of-the-monthmy little trail blazers have a mind of their own and often decide new and exciting paths to take in life….

boys-fashion-cool-shirtsboys-fashion-t-shirtsi can’t help but feel proud of them for being such strong individuals….kids-fashion-clotheskids-fashion-kyleand the Tiny Whales August Tee of the Month speaks to them.
boys-fashion-best-clothesi just love how the photos turned out, and i really love this tee.
tiny-whales-august-tee-of-the-month-2014what a great message it sends to everyone.tiny-whales-august-2014because we should never limit ourselves….we are our own destiny.

tiny-whales-august-tshirt-of-the-monthwe just love Tiny Whales!

what is the Tiny Whales Tee Shirt of the Month Club?

it’s where you sign up to receive a new tee shirt each month designed by an artist or artists. sign up by the 15th of the month and receive it at the beginning of the next month. it’s a limited edition, so if you miss the deadline, you won’t be able to get it again.

next month, Tiny Whales Tee Shirt of the Month Club will feature the artwork of WILL BRYANT of Portland, Oregon. he is a southern transplant, whos work weaves together humor with commerce, fun, and positivity. in his sculptural installations, photographic still lives, and commercial illustration projects, there is always a sense of exuberance at play with a colorful palette. his work has been plastered across T-shirts, record sleeves, posters, magazines, furniture, snowboards, underwear, and also exhibited internationally. he is very interested in Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Michael Jordan, anthropomorphism, 90s basketball, SEC football, pets, pop culture, cookie meetings, and even parts of art history. in 2013 he was awarded as a Young Gun by the Art Directors Club. He works full time in his studio in Portland, OR and teaches part time in the graphic design department at Portland State University.


How to Add Sparkle to Mom’s Back to School Routine

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for me, back to school, is like New Year. it’s when i get my life organized, cleaned up and back on track. i guess you would say that i kind of start “nesting”. but in the sense that get my household ready to start the school year productively. i organize the kids rooms, clean out drawers, get rid of out grown clothes and toys, and stock the cupboards with food and supplies we need for the school year.

this is also the time when i like to add SPARKLE to my life. summer living is busy and by the end, my wardrobe, hair, nails, house and body have taken a beating. taking care of the kiddies all summer is fun…yet very exhausting with very little time to take care of myself. so when school starts up again, i not only get the kids ready, but myself as well.

the first thing i do is clean out the kitchen…making it SPARKLE.  then i buy myself some pretty flowers. this motivates me to continue keeping it clean because i want to enjoy the flowers on a clean kitchen table.


next, i go through my wardrobe and enhance it with a few new items. i don’t want to show up at school with my kids looking great in their new clothes and myself looking drab…like i usually end up looking at the end of the school year, i want to SPARKLE too! this year i treated myself to a new outfit, a couple pairs of cute sandals and some new necklaces (my favorite accessory). now i am excited to show up at school to meet the new teachers and other parents.
mom-back-to-schoolnext is my eating. i don’t even want to explain how crazy my eating get during summer time, however with all the traveling, eating out gets a little out of control. so not only did i get items to fill my boys lunches for school, i bought myself some great choices to get me back on track. i absolutely love these pre packed salads that are so easy to pull out while i am working, and don’t make a gigantic mess in the kitchen to prepare. paired with a Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water, i can feel good about my meal choices while the boys are at school. plus, i love the SPARKLE of the carbonated water…a nice contrast to plain water i drink during the rest of my day.moms-back-to-school-lunchthis year, i am very proud of myself for finally figuring out how to use my google calendar. i now have synced my husband’s, my boy’s and i’s schedules so that we can be on the same page. this is actually the best thing i have ever done and it has already proven to help my organization and my sanity. i am excited to use it for the school year to keep track of the kids assignments, activities and appointments. it definitely has added a ton of SPARKLE to my life. for once i know what going on.
google-calendar-tipslastly, i want to add a little SPARKLE to the lives of others. during the summer, i have been so focused on taking care of my boys, i have missed writing thank you’s and “just because” notes to my friends and family who have helped me. i am going to do my best to write one note everyday to someone special.

thank-you-notesdo you do anything for yourself when the kids go back to school?

and if you are wondering where i found the Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water, i found it at Walmart located by the carbonated water. the Lemon Lime is particularly refreshing.canada-dry

plus, here is a coupon. you’re welcome!

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Cow Appreciation Day 2014


today, July 11, 2013 is Cow Appreciation Day!  Chick-fil-A restaurants all over the nation will celebrate the Chick-fil-A’s annual Cow Appreciation Day event by offering a FREE meal to anyone who visits the restaurant fully dressed as a cow! this has been a family tradition of our for five years now. we LOVE Cow Appreciation Day over here. that means FREE dinner at Chick-fil-A. we already love the food….and getting it free makes it even yummier. you may think you need an elaborate cow costume to participate, but all i do each year is cut some black spots and a yellow bell out of some cardstock and print out these cute cow’s masks.

so get dressed “head-to-hoof” in cow attire and be rewarded with a FREE Chick-fil-A meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner). for those “too chicken” to wear full cow costumes, Chick-fil-A will award a complimentary entree to customers partially dressed in cow attire, such as a cow-spotted scarf, purse, hat or other accessory.

Q: what does “fully dressed as a cow” mean? 
A: “Fully dressed as a cow” means an effort to be dressed like a cow from head to toe. for customers who want to join us in partial cow attire (such as the cow headband, a cow-printed hat, vest or purse) a free entrée will be given.

costume tips:
• here is the printable cow mask we use every year. isn’t it cute! I keep it in a file and re-use every year.
• wear white and then just add cow spots. throw on a white t-shirt with white pants (even sweatpants) and stick on your cow spots using black contact paper. cut spots out of construction paper and tape them to your shirt and pants. if nothing else, you can grab an old white T-shirt and color black cow spots all over it with a magic marker, and you’ll still get a free entrée.
• not feeling too creative? search the internet for “cow costumes!”
• you can also use the cow items provided here. just print them out and tape or pin them to your clothes. you will instantly turn yourself into a cow.

Cow Appreciation Day 2010!
here is our picture from three years ago. even baby has spots!
Cow Appreciation Day 2011!

Cow Appreciation Day 2012!

Cow Appreciation Day 2013!

Farm Fresh Food Delivery by Winder Farms | Promo Code

winder-farms-csa-box copylast week i got a delivery of farm fresh foods from Winder Farms delivered right to my doorstep. this was my first experience of having a home grocery delivery, and can i tell you how much fun it was. it felt so good not to have to go shopping, and receiving produce that i knew was farm fresh made it even better. the boys were so excited when they found the cooler bags and box of fresh fruits and veggies on the doorstep and brought them all into the house to check out.


the organic produce box was especial great because it had a variety of fruits and vegetables that were both familiar and unfamiliar to us. it made it fun to try out things were weren’t used to, and the kids were willing to try them too!winderfarms-organic-orange-county-food-delivery we received things like oranges, lemons and tangerines, fennel, bok choy, kale, avocados and potatoes. it also came with some printed recipes to give you some ideas of what to create with the produce.winderfarms-organic-orange-county-csa we also received some premium meats like this sirloin steak, center cut bacon and some precooked chicken breasts. my husband was pretty stoked and gave himself barbecue duty…yes!

winderfarms-fresh-meatsit was also nice to receive a variety of fresh preservative free juices, smoothies and milk. the boys stocked up their lunches all week long trying out all the varieties….brands we can trust like Stonyfield, Honest, Naked and Winder Farms.

winder-farms-beverages and that’s not all, great things such as fresh baked bread, cut fruit salad, dried fruit and fresh pasta were also included in the delivery. enough food essentials to last all week long.

that evening, we ate in style using only things that came in our food delivery.  steak, fruit salad, kale and shredded brussell sprout salad with lemon vinaigrette and parmesan, and baby dutch potatoes that i sautéed in butter and thyme, made one of the best dinners i’ve made in a long time. everyone gobbled it up. and the hubby was pretty proud of the sirloins he grilled.winderfarms-farm-fresh-delivery-serviceWinder Farms delivers all over California, Nevada and Utah. they deliver weekly farm fresh organic produce boxes, meats, dairy and baked goods. head over to the Winder Farms website to check out all the great foods they offer. you can sign up for a weekly delivery or just a once time drop off, whatever fits your needs. plus check out this great offer…
click here to get $30 off your first delivery of farm fresh Winder Farms foods 

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Getting through Allergy Season with Angel Soft

this is a sponsored post on behalf of Angel Soft.


this year, allergy season has been especially harsh for me and my littlest. we’ve had terrible winds mixed with wild fires, plus, we’ve planted a garden and are outdoors constantly taking care of it, and are also at outdoor baseball games for my older boys almost every day. the dirt, dust and pollen is everywhere. we just can’t seem to catch a break, and it seems like it has been months since we’ve felt normal. sneezing, watery eyes, headaches and the constant nose blowing. that runny, buggery, snotty nose on my babe is starting to wear me down,

angel-soft-allergy-season thank goodness we have stocked up on Angel Soft® Facial Tissue. if i have to see my son wipe his nose with his arm or shirt one more time, i think i will gag, it is so gross. but i don’t have to any more, because he has figured out that using Angel Soft® Facial Tissue gets the job done better…and things are looking up! we love how soft it is, and since we have been using the tissues with lotion built in, his little nose is not as red and raw. and these tissues are made with three layers, the strongest facial tissue, even strong enough to hold up to my boys.  plus it is great value for all of your everyday uses, especially when you use this Angel Soft® coupon.

my little Vann now begs for his Angel Soft®, he has figured out how nice it is to blow your nose on something so soft.


but as much as we love our Angel Soft® Facial Tissues, we are ready for this allergy season to be over.


wanna know how i got Vann to start blowing his nose the right way? most 2-4 year olds don’t know how to keep their noses clean yet…many parents are looking for ways to teach their little ones how to effectiviely blow their noses. i am still working on little Vann, but he is doing much, much better. i have tried lots of ways to teach him how. this little video by Angel Soft® Facial Tissue, shows a fun little game that will help teach little ones the way to blow their noses. good luck…and happy sneezing!


{ disclosure: this is a sponsored post. all thoughts and opines are a bazillion times my own.}