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making family dinner has always been my weakness. i try really hard, but lately, my husband has been working late, i’ve had a lot on my plate, and baseball season is kicking my butt with practices and games for two kids…sigh. so we headed over to Rubio’s for some fish tacos. 
a no-fuss dinner always makes me happy, and everyone could pick what they wanted…yay for no whining. the boys stocked us up on the fresh-made salsas, while mom and dad pretended we were at the beach enjoying the decor.
i could live on chips and guacamole.
hubby enjoyed the fish tacos. he had the original fish taco, a recipe perfect 30 years ago by Ralph Rubio, and the Avocado Corn Fish Taco which was his favorite!  a Rubio’s meal is no complete without their “no-fried” pinto beans and rice. 

it’s been a while since i’ve been to Rubio’s and i forgot how much i liked it. the Shrimp, Grilled Chicken and Steak Tacos were delish and topped with my favorite…avocados, chipotle sauce, bacon and cotija cheese. yummy!


and the boys loved their food. “Best Shimp Tacos” they said.

sometimes you just gotta enjoy a meal out, and we were glad to enjoy the flavorful food a Rubio’s
Things we especially appreciate about Rubio’s:
• Rubio’s menu includes seafood tacos, burritos, salads and quesadillas featuring shrimp, ono, wild salmon, mahi mahi and sustainable Alaska Pollock. 
• Rubio’s chargrills their chicken and steak and the salsas, guacamole, “no fried” pinto beans, rice and chips are fresh-made.
Rubio’s participates in Sustainable Seafood Practices. 85% of their seafood that is certified sustainable or from responsibly managed fisheries that maintain healthy populations and ecosystems. sustainable seafood is fished or farmed using practices that maintain or increase seafood populations without harming the environment. 

as Rubio’s marks its 30-year anniversary and looks toward the future, fans and friends should stay tuned for more details surrounding new menu items, the online merchandise store, upcoming initiatives, and the Rubio’s World Oceans Day celebration.

for more information, visit
there is no better time to try Rubio’s Fish Tacos then now. and now you can try them for free if you win one of (2) $20 “Free Eats” cards. Enter below through Rafflecopter and leave a comment below in the comment field. {if you have problems entering through Rafflecopter, leave a comment below stating so with a way to contact you.}


  1. I absolutely LOVE the fish tacos, especially on Taco Tuesday-yum! :o)

  2. My family loves the fish tacos too, but I’d like to try the Mahi Mahi burrito.

  3. I love Rubios!!!

  4. flori says:

    Love Rubios!!!

  5. I just rediscovered Rubio’s too — now I dream about it!

  6. Love shrimp tacos

  7. I like their fish tacos and shrimp tacos! YUM!

  8. Our family LOVES Rubios too – in fact we often go there after grocery shopping since it is in the same parking lot!

  9. My kids love Rubio’s fish tacos, as well! Yum, yum, and easy for this mom of 3 on a busy day!

  10. seafood tacos

  11. Love Rubio’s fish tacos!

  12. The fish tacos are my absolute favorite!

  13. I definitely want to try those steak and chicken tacos your posted about!

  14. the mango mahi mahi taco sounds right up my alley!

  15. I LOVE their fish tacos!!!! YUM!!

  16. Fish tacos, oh my!!! YUM!!!!

  17. Also, I am having trouble with the rafflecopter. It is saying “we are having trouble with your entry.”

  18. Mango Habanero Pacific mahi mani taco!

  19. I love their fish tacos!

  20. Dana says:

    I would love to try their shrimp tacos. They look really good!

  21. Dionne says:

    Shrimp tacos look awesome.

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