Tips on taking Kids to the Beach

many moms probably feel like going to the beach is a big ordeal and a lot work. i actually love going.  and to make it a lot easier i find it is best to pack your car for the summer.  meaning keeping all your beach gear in the car all the time so you can pretty much put on a swim suit, pack a lunch and go.  here is what i leave in the car:

in a large beach bag:
• sunscreen
• towels (one per person, plus a couple extras)
• magazine
• sunglasses
• baby powder (tip: it instantly takes off sticky sand when we are leaving)
• camera
• quarters (if i am going to a beach with parking meters)
• anything that i need to keep away from sand
i also pack:
• umbrella
• beach chair (one that has backpack straps and a pocket on the back, perfect to keep my keys,    cell phone and purse)
• sand toys (i fill the large buckets with the shovels, molds and small buckets)
i don’t keep my cooler in the car, i get it ready before i go with plenty of snack, juices, water and treats.
now this is a lot of stuff for one mommy to carry, and of course the kids never want to help.  so how do i get all this stuff down to the beach?
the Wonder Wheeler!  i never go to the beach without it.  i have been using it for 3 years and it is great because it carries everything at once.

i try to keep all this stuff packed nicely in my trunk all summer long.  it sure helps getting out the door a lot easier since going to the beach is my most favorite thing to do in the summer.  and you will definitely find me there once or twice a week.
happy beaching!
Jill, jack & kyle

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