back to school: questions answered part 1.

with back-to-school around the corner, i thought it would be wonderful for Faye to answer some school related questions. i don’t know about you, but i am always trying to figure out the best way for my child to thrive in school. and i sometimes am not sure what is the best way to communicate with the teachers and principal. so, as part of my back-to-school series, Faye will be answering some questions that i feel are important to starting back to school.

Q: i want to make sure that my child is not “pre-labeled” with his new teacher. how much information about my child should i tell the teacher during the first few weeks of school?

A: school is a place for your child to safely explore, test, and identify new and exciting aspects of self. allow your child to decide what information about themselves they feel comfortable in sharing with the teacher and classmates. very young children convey information about themselves very effectively through body language. the information a teacher gains from being with your child during the first month of school is the foundation used to design academic and socialization techniques customized to best reach and teach your child. teachers are trained not to rely only upon first impressions, and fully understand that learning about your child is a wonderful year long adventure. if there are special needs, the school must be informed well in advance so that the teacher and room are prepared prior to your child’s first day at school.
~ Faye Georgette Yee M.A. Education, M.S. Family Counseling

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  1. Anonymous says

    hi! My daughter is 4 1/2, and misses the Kindergarden cut off for this year. We can not afford preschool and I am wondering the best way to plan to help her not be bored at home. We are always having play dates etc, but are there specific work books, activities I should be doing to prepare her better for kindergarden? SHe does know all letters, numbers and is starting to learn site words….what else should I be doing?

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi there! I have a question for Faye… my daughter (age 7 – Grade 3) is stronger in her math skills and weaker in reading/writing. This year she is supposed to read 20-30 minutes daily. While she enjoys math-related homework, it can be frustrating to try to get her to read a longer (chapter book) by herself.I’d love to hear your thoughts on motivation techniques or recommendations on a specific series of books that she might enjoy… Thanks!

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